Friday, August 31, 2007

Crooks and Liars » Richardson: Get specific on Iraq

Crooks and Liars » Richardson: Get specific on Iraq:

"In the most recent debate, [Richardson] asked the other major candidates a
clear question: how many troops would you leave behind and for how long? We have
yet to hear an answer. All the major Democratic candidates say they are eager to
end this war, and they all say they don’t believe there is a military solution
in Iraq. Why, then, do they maintain that we must leave an indefinite number of
troops behind for an indeterminate amount of time to work hopelessly towards a
military solution everyone says doesn’t exist?"

The war in Iraq is the key difference that I have with Richardson, and the reason why I can't vote for him. He doesn't seem to understand that you can't just end the war, and take all the troops home in the time that he has put on the table. The war was a mistake from the beginning because of the way it was launched and planned. We are where we are though, and the country is moving slowly towards success - it would be immoral to leave now.

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