Friday, August 31, 2007

Celebrity Ramble » Phil Spector

Celebrity Ramble » Phil Spector:

"Five women have testified to his threats during their relationships with him.
Court TV has said that some of the women were credible at his trial, but the
last woman who testified had sold her story to the “Globe”."

Granted just because he threaten and pulled guns on many of the people he had had relationships with in the past, does not mean that he pulled a gun, and threaten Miss Clarkson. It just makes it highly likely.

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JoyceDanelen@YAHOO.COM said...

OMG Phil Spector offered these women $100,000.00 to take a lie detector test and not one did!
That speaks volumes in itself.
Phil Spector is innocent, just look at his jacket. Case closed.
Thank you for your lovely emails and phone calls.
Joyce Danelen at yahoo dot com


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