Friday, August 31, 2007

Quoted / Jossip:

Quoted / Jossip:

"If CBS were as proud of Kid Nation as the network would have us believe,
then why were such pains taken to shoot in secrecy, and do it in a state that
did not protect children on show-biz sets, and in such a way that guild rules
didn’t apply? Moonves should lift the gag orders on the 40 children and their
parents who signed a 22-page agreement in which a strict confidentiality clause
prohibits disclosure of information about the show and contact with the media
over the next three years. If violated, a $5 million penalty is levied. I say,
if CBS has nothing to hide, then let everyone involved talk freely.–Nikki Finke,
commending the New York Times"

The whole thing is dirty, the more you know about it, the worse it sounds. This show is not going to do well for the network, and it should be pulled. The network is going to attempt to run it and make some of the money production money back. I don't think that is going to happen, viewers will not watch it, and advertisers will begin to pull out.

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