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While I am sure that there are people who are paid well to think about these things, since this is America I have been thinking about them as well and I want to share. See I think that E-Bay is ripe to be merged into a bigger company, but which one. It has fallen a little out of the media as of late, but that does not mean that its growth is down, it is a simple matter of the structure on which it is created only seems to be able to produce so much growth. A merger with Google would create a giant web company, taking the technology that Google has for search and putting it together with the inventory that E-Bay has could be a good success. The problem of course with this, is that they are both very big companies and I doubt that the two corporate cultures would merge well. E-Bay could merge with Yahoo, and this is what I think it should do. The merged company would be able to take advantage of the e-mail resource, the search resource and the product supply resource of E-Bay. I think this is the best option for the company for growth, for both companies. They have no overlapping business interests so the companies would easily merge. A merger with MSN could work, but MSN does not have a lot to offer to the deal, it is not the top search engine and it is losing its market in e-mail to Google and Yahoo and other e-mail services. I think that MSN would only serve to bring E-Bay down, while E-Bay would not pull up MSN all the much from the low that it is in. Another great merger would be between E-Bay and Amazon, they would have a huge inventory of goods, and would be able to pool sellers of a range of items as well as drawing a market of various goods and services.

While I am talking about mergers let me get another idea out there. The satellite radio stations are not doing well, a part of the problem may be that it is hard to get the signal in some places, the other issue is the cost of buying a new unit to receive the satellite radio. The industry is also working to get people to pay for something that they are used to getting for free, so far it turns out the products have not drawn mass crowds. However if one or both of the satellite companies were to merge with a cell phone company, the radio could be offered through the services networks in addition to the satellite network. It would give the cell phone carrier content that could be used to draw customers to their service, and it would bring the service to people who didn't want to buy for the receiver unit, or people who could not access the signal before. Aside from a merger a business agreement could serve the same ends, offering the customers a lower than market price will entice more over to the new service. Cell phone providers are in the struggle for content right now, and satellite radio has lots of content that could help draw crowds to the store seeking their products.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was in San Francisco today, and was welcomed by a crowd that cheered and asked her questions. She praised her husband as being a great fund raiser and talked about how his international policies were so much better than the present president's. While she was interrupted by an anti-war group "Code Pink", when they called for an end to the war in Iraq, she agreed that the war needed to end and noted the anger that it has caused in the country. Supporters defended her against the attacks by a Barack Obama supporting David Geffen, who called her un-electable. A friend note how Geffen was supportive of the Clintons when he was gaining from him, saying "He sucked up every benefit he could when Bill Clinton was president.'' Talk continues to circle about Senator Clinton's pushing her donors not to donate money to other candidates.

Scientists discovered that chimpanzees making of wooden spears and the use of these tools to hunt and kill small animals. This was discovered by scientists researching chimps in West African Savannah, this is the first time that non-humyn animals have been seen making deadly tools. While scientists are using this as evidence that early humyns made tools the same way, I doubt that you can come to this conclusion at all. What you can conclude is that chimps, in the Western Savannah, under the conditions which they lived under, learned how to make tools out of sticks. We cannot assume that early humyns were living under the same conditions or had the same kind of development as modern chimps.

The battle for Anna Nicole Smith's body has moved to Palm Beach, Florida as Smith's mother Virgie Arthur is working to appeal the judges order that Smith's body be released to be buried in the Bahamas. Arthur is fighting to have her daughter buried in Texas, the state Smith grew up in and Arthur still lives in. She arrived in a white stretch limo with her American lawyer and two body guards, having come from the Bahamas where she was meeting with a lawyer attempting to gain custody of Smith's daughter. Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead appeared in court over the on going battle to get a DNA sample from Smith's daughter to determine who her father is, three men are currently claiming to be her father.

A 13-year-old boy that was kidnapped at gun point while waiting for a bus before 9am has been located and secured by police. While no one has been arrested in the case yet, Clay Moore, is talking to detectives in an attempt to gain information about the suspect. He was found about 20 miles away from the scene of the abduction, with only minor scratches to show for the ordeal.

Jury selection in the Jessica Lunsford murder case continued today, in an effort to speed the process the judge had suggest a time limit for each potential jury member, the idea was objected to by the defense attorney. At the end of the day on Friday, 75 people had been selected for potential jury service for the trial, the court will resume on Monday with the next round of Jury selection. Earlier in the week the judge addressed the prospective jurors about the hardships of service saying,
"Heck, I got a jury summons once on a case I was presiding over," Howard said, "I got myself out of it." The judge has also on a number of times called it a service to the country, like fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council is in the process of discussing new sanctions against the country of Iran for its failure to comply with regulations of its nuclear program. This threat comes as Iran has ignored the deadline set by the International Atomic Energy Agengy, and is expanding its program. The United States is pushing for tighter sanctions, such as travel bans and expanded limits on materials that can be sent to the country. These sanctions are expected to be vetoed by the countries of Russia and China, who both have strong economic interests in Iran.

The people behind "American Idol" want to ensure that the supply of bad singers willing to sing before a national audience doesn't run dry. In order to do that they are opening a youth camp in North Field, Mass. It is a non-competitive camp for children ages 12 - 15 and will cost $3000 for ten days. The operators of the camps are saying that children who attend the camp will not gain any special consideration in an "American Idol" audition.

Kirsten Dunst is such a dork - but I love her. TMZ has video of Dunst telling a photographer to go "and find our passion". source

US Weekly is claiming to have evidence that the famous Pitt-Jolie family is about to get bigger. The magazine says that it has papers that show Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the process of adopting a two-year-old male from Vietnam.


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