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Ann Coulter: Basic Instinct #2



SHE'S DEFACE OF ROSIE REVENGE - Gossip | Celebrity Photos | Sightings

SHE'S DEFACE OF ROSIE REVENGE - Gossip Celebrity Photos Sightings:

"May 25, 2007 -- ROSIE O'Donnell left 'The View' with a bang, not a
whimper, following her on-air smackdown with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on
Yesterday, Rosie's chief writer, Janette Barber, was allegedly
escorted from the building after she was caught drawing moustaches on
photographs of Hasselbeck that hang in the 'View' studios. "

Such childish behavior, it looks like Rosie isn't the only one who doesn't know how to have an adult conversation. Rumors are spreading that Rosie will not come back to The View, she is not expected back on the show till Tuesday, we will find out then.

5/23/07Cat Fight on the View, Rosie vs Elizabeth - LONG CUT



Monica Goodling's testimory before Congress

Michael Moore's SiCKO (official trailer)

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form! - Kim

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form! - Jerry

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Rosie O'Donnell butchers Rehab by Amy Winehouse

News about me.

Well, I did it. I got it so that from now on I can keep track of how many posts I put up that are political and how many are gossip and I can keep them balanced. I just want this blog to be about both. I like to think that I have readers who have room enough in their mind for entertaining news, and important news. I would like to point out that you can always use the tags to focus on one subject or the other though.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog. It really means a lot to me. Over the weekend my father is going to be in town, so I will be blogging less a couple days. Saturday is my birthday and I am planning on taking the day off. Also on Monday I am not going to be posting anything. I think that the best way to honor the troops is to refrain from political fights for one day. I just thank them for their actions, and in the climate in which we operate if I post anything political it could be read as a misuse of the day. I also don't think that gossip on a day of such importance is good.

Also, I got to my goal and I want to take a little rest.

Best Night Ever

Geraldo and AEI's Pletka cheerleading Bush

I’m Not Obsessed

I’m Not Obsessed:

"Lindsay Lohan’s father is in a new movie called King Tyrant. Michael is going
to make it with or without the help of his daughter. The movie involves an eight
foot long cockroach with a human skull head. Yeah - it’s that good."

I am confused and alarmed. Is it that easy to get your foot in the Hollywood door these days. I hope this falls flat and we don't have two Lohan movie careers to deal with.

Britney No Bra

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 05-24-07 Lindsay Lohan is Sponsored By Vodka Lindsay Lohan is Sponsored By Vodka:

"Although Lindsay Lohan went to rehab and is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous,
Svedka vodka has agreed to sponsor her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas on July
2nd. Along with sponsors, Pure nightclub and Caesars Palace, Lindsay is set to
earn in upwards on seven figures."

If I were Lindsay I would have my party sponsored by V8, the last thing she needs is something to give people reason to talk about her drinking. I don't know if she is or not, but things haven't looked good for her. I like to believe her, but that isn't always easy.

The Tell-tale Fingernail: Withholding Of Incriminating Evidence Proves Not The Greatest Tactic For Phil Spector's Defense - Defamer

The Tell-tale Fingernail: Withholding Of Incriminating Evidence Proves Not The Greatest Tactic For Phil Spector's Defense - Defamer:

"Judge Larry Paul Fidler made a ruling this morning likely to be heard around
the world -- that famous criminalist Henry Lee withheld evidence from
prosecutors. At issue was a small, white object three people said they saw at
the crime scene. A former Spector defense lawyer, Sara Caplan, and a defense
investigator both said they saw Lee pick up the object in the foyer of Spector's
Alhambra mansion. Prosecutors claim it was a piece of Lana Clarkson's
fingernail, which would show, as Head Deputy Dist. Atty Patrick Dixon said in
court, that Clarkson's hand was in front of her face when the shot was fired, so
'her hands and her fingers were not on the trigger.' [...]"

I have a hard time believing anything other than Spector did this crime. The parts of the story just don't fit together any other way. I hope to be able to spend sometime on the case over at Court TV, and bring some information forward to support my claim. However at this point it is just a feeling that I have, he killed her. - Pam Anderson's Kids Learn About Mommy's Most Famous Film - Pam Anderson's Kids Learn About Mommy's Most Famous Film:

"The sex tape. Actually I did tell them, I said: 'You know, when your dad
and I were first together we used to video tape everything. 'Everybody's naked,
hugging, kissing, all that good stuff and someone stole the tape.' And I
remember when we were watching the film and Dylan goes: 'You mean everybody has
seen this?' And I said: 'Yes.' "

This is something that had to happen at some point. It really makes you think that the choices you make effect more than just yourself. I am sure that the kids will be fine, it is just a sex tape, but it also makes me glad my mother isn't Pamela Anderson.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Interview: The View Future and More - The Hollywood Gossip

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Interview: The View Future and More - The Hollywood Gossip:

"TV Guide: C’mon! Wasn’t it kind of like reliving Survivor but with better
Hasselbeck: It’s very different. Underneath these blonde highlights,
I’m a fighter. I like to have someone who is as passionate about this world as I
am. I found that in Rosie this year. It’s been such a privilege to have the most
bare-knuckled, honest conversations with her. When someone as strong as Rosie
steps in, you either step up or you get disempowered."

Where you hear Rosie insulting and speaking down to others, you hear Elisabeth speaking positively of those she spars with. The interview covers a number of topics related to the show, but I found this interesting. I think this is a great place to be, where you can respect the strength of those who hold views different than your own.

Jordin Sparks Wins American Idol! YIPPEE! IT'S OVER!

ABC News: Attn. Cheaters: Google Cracks the Whip

ABC News: Attn. Cheaters: Google Cracks the Whip:

"Paola DiNapoli, of PromptPapers, said
the Google policy will 'cause us great harm.' Some companies get up to 80
percent of their business from the Google ads.
According to Robert O'Neil,
director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression,
it's not just about money. 'We are entering a new era,' he said. O'Neil believes
it's just a matter of time before there is a court challenge to big, dominant
Internet companies that restrict advertisements from companies that are not
violating the law. "

While the sites themselves seem sketchy and I don't know why someone would need to buy a term paper, they should just do the work themselves, I don't like this. I don't like that Google can shut down sites by not placing their ads on the sites for something that isn't against the law. It could be an easy jump from this to not placing ads on sites that promote smoking, or claim that global warming isn't real, or if you will attack the republican or democratic party. Would Google be within its rights to ad those limits to where it places its ads, or would that be an infringement of Freedom of Speech. I don't know the answer to that.

Democracy Now Headlines- Thurs. May 24, 2007

Rosie Out Early?

The Spin Zone

r blog:

"O’DONNELL: …… I just want to say something. 655,000 Iraqi civilians are
dead. Who are the terrorists?
HASSELBECK: Who are the terrorists?
O’DONNELL: 655,000 Iraqis — I’m saying you have to look, we invaded –
HASSELBECK: Wait, who are you calling terrorists now? Americans?
O’DONNELL: I’m saying if you were in Iraq, and the other country, the United
States, the richest in the world, invaded your country and killed 655,000 of
your citizens, what would you call us?
HASSELBECK: Are we killing their
citizens or are their people also killing their citizens?
invading a sovereign nation, occupying a country against the U.N."

I will tell you why they are terrorists and we are not, and it is a simple answer. The answer is intentions.

I would agree that Iraq has turned into a deadly place for Americans and for Iraqis, I dispute your numbers, but numbers aren't that important. You are claiming in your statement that the American troops in Iraq operating under the orders of the men who sent them there are terrorists. I know you say that it is only the people who sent them, but that would be like saying the Ussama Bin Laden is a terrorist, but the men who flew the planes into the twin towers aren't. Either way, if the leaders are terrorist or the troops are terrorist or both in your view, you are wrong.

When America invaded Iraq, it did so with the intention of setting the Iraqis free and eliminating a threat in the region. There was a concern in a number of countries and the UN about the presence of weapons of mass destruction, the intention of the leadership was to stop Saddam and these weapons from being a threat. I didn't support the start of the war, because I don't think that they went through the right steps. Taking down Saddam was something that needed to be done, not only for American interests, but the region as a whole and Israel. Saddam was sending aid to the families of bombers who killed Israelis. Our intentions were not to go there and create chaos and kill Iraqis. That has happened and it is sad that it has happened.

Now lets look at the terrorists in Iraq and around the globe. What are their intentions. They have said that they intend to extend the rule of Islamic law to all lands that have ever been ruled by Islam. They have strove to create chaos and death in Iraq, so that America will fail. The number of people died not because Americans attacked them, but because they were attacked by terrorists. The intentions of the terrorists when the flew the planes into the world trade center was to kill as many people as they could. The intention of the terrorists reminds me of a line in a Leonard Cohen song, "what eve makes a soldier sad, will make a killer smile". Well the soldiers in Iraq which are American and Iraqi are saddened by the death and the chaos. The killers in Iraq, which are the terrorists are happy about it, they smile, because it makes them feel important, like they are winning.

American stands for freedom, and it does a poor job of doing so sometimes. Terrorists stand for fear and control and the extermination of those who stand against them. I don't see how you can be so blind to think that there is any connection between the terrorists, and American troops. I don't even think that the President of the United States, who I don't agree with, should be called a terrorist because his intentions have never been death and chaos. When you come out with questions of this nature it inflames the public debate and does nothing to assist us in finding truth.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Audio: The pro-amnesty hotline

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Audio: The pro-amnesty hotline:

"The hotline’s number is 800-882-2005, and is answered by a very helpful
recording that instructs its callers to say “Support immigration reform that
protects families and workers” in English. It also automatically tells you your
senator’s name and after a couple of button pushes, connects you straight to
your senator’s office."

Call in and express your feelings about the new immigration bill.

Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters:

"The eruption of Islamist terrorism in northern Lebanon has created a lot
of media coverage but little focus on the refugee camp where it originated. The
Nahr el-Bared camp is one of several run by the United Nations subsidiary
organization UNRWA, which is supposed to keep arms out of the camps to maintain
their refugee, non-combatant status. How did the UN miss this terrorist
infiltration in Nahr el-Bared?
It turns out that they didn't. I explain at
Heading Right that not only did the UNRWA know about the infiltration, they
deliberately ignored complaints from the refugees at Nahr el-Bared."

If this information is true it puts the standing of the UN into question. I would not take from this case and extend a judgement on the UN as a whole, but this needs to be looked into. Allowing terrorists into a camp that is supposed to be for refuges is to turn it into a training camp for terror. Not only do the targets of those terrorists suffer, but the honest people living in the camp suffer.

Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters:

"A pair of 16-year-old girls face hate crime charges after they allegedly handed
out anti-gay fliers targeting a classmate at their northern Illinois high
The girls were arrested May 11 after handing out fliers in the
parking lot of Crystal Lake South High School that depict a male student kissing
another boy and contain hateful language about gays.
Officials say the
fliers targeted a male classmate, who is also a neighbor of the girls. The two
girls had apparently been feuding with the boy.
Earlier today, a judge
rejected bond for one of the girls, citing her home environment and already
lengthy juvenile record — 13 run-ins with the cops. Instead of home detention,
the girl will be held at the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center while the case
is pending, according to the Daily Herald."

Honestly this sounds more like a teenage prank than anything else. Does that mean that they should be given a slap on the wrist and sent home? no. I don't know if charging them with a felony is the answer either. Not knowing the details of the case, and the threat that was present it is hard to say more, but I think this is bringing politics into a school yard squabble and is an abuse of the hate crimes law.

FOX Guest Wants To Attack Rosie "Like A Human Pinata"


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