Friday, April 13, 2007

Is Bush an

O'Reilly 9/11 Challenge

A Talk with Steven Colbert.


Avril Lavigne Looking Hot Hot Hot in Lucky Magazine
Reese & Jake, Lindsay & Ryan - Which Couple Will Last Longer?
The Sanjaya Report - Thursday Edition
A remake of Barbarella is in the works
Marc Anthony Ordered To Pay $2.5 Million In Back Taxes
Diana Krall Gets Her First Las Vegas Gig
Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere Caught Licking A Boob
American Idol Sex Tape Exposed
Custody battle for Dannielynn is far from over by the looks of psycho Virgie Arthur
Victoria Beckham boozes it up to gain weight
Rumors False! NO BABY FOR LEO!
Lindsay Lohan Can't Stop Partying in Tokyo
Former home of Johnny Cash burns to the ground - images
"Baby Got Back" (spoof) - Hilarious video!!
Idol Gets Latino Hot
Meet Kate Moss friends !
Paris Hilton models her 'Sportswear' line
Drew Barrymore Has The Face of A CoverGirl
Madonna Adopting Again?
Angelina Jolie on Cosmo May 2007 cover
Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Together Again
Jessica Simpson's A Bit Revealing!

LC on the Sex Tape: "They Went Out of Their Way to Hurt Me" (Us Weekly)
Update: Britney Denies Crush on NBA Giant, Chokes Back Tears (Mayrav/Us Weekly)
BACK TO MALAWI - SOURCES close to Madonna say the pop queen ... (New York Post)
Dangling some 'evidence' that Saddam is still alive (NY Daily News)
Actor Will Plead Guilty to Manslaughter (
Hayden Panettiere: Breast Licker (Phil/Egotastic!)
Jennifer Lopez is Awesome at Marriage (Todd/

George Clooney is not single anymore
Alanis Morissette has humps too!

Reese Has Fallen for Jake

Angelina Hates Shiloh
Paris and Nicole Will Make Ya Crap, Crap
J.Lo to Replace Skeletor with Human Paramour?
Halle & Bruce Are Not Strangers On The Red Carpet

Gwyneth and Her Darling Apple
Jen, Courteney & David Cozy Up for The Tripper
Tom Ford Opens A Boutique
American Idol Season 6 J Lo's Latin Evening
Jake's Latest Dates
Jude & Sienna Battle Royale

Jeremy Gaines Is Very, Very Tired of this Whole Don Imus Fiasco
Duke LAX Players Now Beacons of Legal & Media Reform
Don Imus Has Said Some Really Mean Things, But This Last One Was Too Mean, and That's Why Ana Marie Cox Is Done With Him
MSNBC Drops Imus, Time Inc. Drops
Newsweek's Cushy Relationship With Don Imus Might Possibly, Maybe, Potentially Influence Their Decision Making

Petra Nemcova is (James) Blunt: The Single Life Rules!
Britney Spears Comments On Luke Walton Rumors
America Ferrera Interview: No Engagement to Ryan Piers Williams
Katie Holmes’ Tortured Life Subject of New Novel?
Aishwarya Rai Sends Out Secret Wedding Invitations
Bar Refaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio Deny Pregnancy Rumors
Katie Price: I’m Hotter than Victoria Beckham

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt buy really expensive yacht
Madonna might adopt another baby

April 12th, 2007 - Happy Birthday Claire Danes!
Britney Spears is a Major Fashion Don't
Lindsay Parties It Up In Japan, Meanwhile Her X Harry Deals With A Huge Mess
Another One Bites The Dust
Hayden Panettiere Licks Her Friends Boob
Katherine McPhee Album Shoot Outtakes
Drew Barrymore - The New Face of CoverGirl
Rachael Ray's Rules

KFC Uses Subliminal Beep Only Fat Kids Can Hear
SIZZLER: It’s Not A Celebrity Sex Tape If You’re Not A Celebrity - It’s Just Amateur Pornography

Someone Who Once Appeared On 'Idol' Has Sex In Presence Of Video Camera
Glossies Trying Divide-And-Conquer Strategy To Tear Pitt And Jolie Apart

Upcoming 'Vanity Fair' Issue To Feature Paris Hilton, Ugly Clothes
Gossip Roundup: Drew Barrymore's Natural Beauty
Tim Gunn "Couldn't Be Any More Single"
Accused Duke Rapist Tragically Bereft of Co-op Board Approval
'Playboy' Anna Nicole Smith Celebration Tugs At Our Heartstrings, Weensticks
First Responders: Don Imus

Imus: "There Is No Malice in My Heart"
New Book Hits Too Close to Holmes?
MSNBC: "Sluts" OK, "Hos" Not
TMZ Infiltrates "Idol"
"Idol" Finalist Sex Tape -- "Nastiest I've Ever Seen"
MSNBC You Later Imus
"Malcolm" Star Sues Over Moldy Home

On Imus and Crossing the Line
Extending Tours Is an Admission of Force Mismanagement
Duke Charges Dropped, Now Reputations Need Rebuilding
CBS News Fires Producer, Revamps Procedures After Plagiarism Incident
BASE Jumper Dies When Parachute Fails
Imus Fundraiser Goes on Despite Furor
Duke Rape Case Collapses a Year Later
Could a Google Search Have Helped Prevent the War in Iraq?
Nestle to Buy Gerber for $5.5 Billion
911 Centers Struggle to Keep Up With New Technology

Subprime: Bailouts won't cut it
CBS: Goodbye, Imus ... and $20M
World's 2nd-richest man
Why Google isn't the next Microsoft
The fast-food capital of America
Nestlé to buy Gerber for $5.5B
D.A. apologizes to lacrosse players
Author Kurt Vonnegut dies after fall
Minister's wife murder trial begins
Imus fired; meets players
Ohio man accused of aiding al Qaeda
Birkhead: I won't share custody of Smith's baby
Bush joke blows out of proportion
Planes wait while controller takes potty break
Ford: CEO's Bush 'joke' blown out of proportion
Comcast to buy Fandango movie ticket site

Did birds come from dinosaurs?
Tainted pet food still on shelves
Vatican may shun Holocaust memorial
8 dead in Iraq parliament blast
CBS fires shock jock Don Imus
Nestle to buy U.S. baby-food giant Gerber

6 Missing After Ship Capsizes off Scotland
Wolfowitz Admits Blunder in Friend Getting High-Paying Job
McCain's Presidential Campaign Cuts Some Staff Positions
Israeli Jets Scramble to Intercept U.S. Airliner
Nestle to Buy Gerber Products for $5.5 Billion
Don Imus Raises Nearly $1 Million for Charity
Katie Couric's New Boyfriend 17 Years Her Junior
White House Struggles to Find War Czar for Iraq, Afghanistan
CBS Director Calls for Firing of Imus After Racist Comments
Bush, Democrats Argue Over Location of Iraq Meeting
Pentagon to Stretch Active-Duty Army in Iraq to 15 Months
Homicide Truck Bomber Strikes Major Bridge in Baghdad

CBS to launch online TV network
Pakistan army joins tribal fight
World Bank meets over Wolfowitz
Pakistan sectarian battles rage
Calls for East Timor vote recount
MSNBC drops race row disc jockey
Pakistan sectarian battles rage

Ohio man charged with joining al-Qaeda
N. Korea appears unlikely to meet Saturday deadline
Murder trial of minister's wife begins
Networks call for release of BBC journalist
Fed focused on inflation in March
8 foreigners held by Ethiopia in terrorism hunt
Clinton: Attacks won't scare me off

To keep recruiting up, US military spends more
A US-China trade war? Not yet.
Key step forward on North Korea

UK Navy Resumes Search for Norwegians in North Sea (Update1) - Bloomberg
Dinosaur secrets are a tissue of thighs - Sydney Morning Herald
Gulf states nuclear ambitions to take years: IAEA - Reuters
An early Easter helps egg on US retail sales - San Francisco Chronicle
Saddam Thought Baghdad's Green Zone Was Safe Too - Washington Post
'Fat gene' clue in obesity battle - Manchester Evening News

Qaeda chief's nephew says he sent hijacker money (Reuters)
Tainted pet food still being sold, FDA says (Reuters)
FBI arrests Ohio man for alleged al Qaeda plot (Reuters)
"I made a mistake," Wolfowitz says of promotion (Reuters)
Some W. House e-mails on fired attorneys may be lost (Reuters)
Nestle to buy Gerber for $5.5 billion (AP)
Warming could spark N. American water scramble: U.N. (Reuters)

Research In Motion falls on lackluster outlook
Oil rally weighs on airline sector
RIM sinks on forecast; Vonage shares rally
Gap's surprise: March sales were positive
Google eyes voice search; Net stocks eke out gains
Pier 1 loss widens
CBS drops 'Imus in the Morning'
Iraqi parliament cafe explosion reportedly injures many
Nestle to acquire Gerber unit from Novartis for $5.5bln
Wal-Mart March sales jump, but sees tough April
Gannett to sell four papers for $410 million
Comcast to acquire Fandango movie ticket site
Nestle to acquire Gerber from Novartis: report
Google targets voice searches: WSJ
Citigroup zigs as industry zags; e-mail on insider trading
China's foreign direct investment up 11.6% in first quarter

Think Your Mortgage Deduction Is Safe? Wrong!
RIM Still Aloft: Fool by Numbers
The Easter Bunny Boosts Wal-Mart
Think Globally: Help Build a PlayPump
Google Dials Into Directory Assistance
Stop Listening to the Fed
Plan B for XM and Sirius?
Are You Too Fat to Retire?
What to Do When the Dollar Crashes
The Stocks to Buy in 2007

RIM With a View
Weak Dollar No Help for Gold
Pier 1 Loss Not as Bad as Forecast
Yahoo! Eyes Voice Search Space
Vonage CEO Out
Rite Aid Profit Falls
Google's Girth Boosts Yahoo!
Looking for Light From GE
Comcast Buying Fandango
Fed Won't Rule Out Hikes
Penny Beat for Bed Bath & Beyond
Real Story: Fed Fallout
MSNBC Dumps Imus Program

Area Man Would Put That Meeting In His Top 5 All Time

John McCain: Bush's echo
The dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda

Forum Seeks to Improve International Disaster Response Framework

Colbert on War Czar

War Czar

Definition of progress...

Talk about someone who should be fired

Clown Porn?

Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This

Two Heads on American Idol...

Custody Hearing for Anna Nicole's Baby

Larry Birkhead at custody hearing...

An Audition for Law and Order...

Geek Squad Employee Caught Videotaping a Customer

I really don't understand why a person would invade someones privacy in this way. There is plenty of porn on the internet.

Bill O'Reilly

The easiest way to be consistent in terms of free speech, is to limit it only when it directly threatens someone. Let the O'Reilly's and the Imus's and the Sharpton's of the world use al the hate language they want.

FOX News Attacks Pelosi For Iran Visit She's Not Making

Where is the progress in Iraq? When will we see it?

Shabazz calls Malkin political prostitute

I really think that there are people in the black community that are racist. Some of them should be coming out and admitting they were wrong about the Duke case.


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