Monday, July 12, 2010

This sounds like double speak to me...

Are we really there to "balance" the power in the region, and do "many countries" really want us to take on that role. Two things, helping the countries in the region develop their own strength seems like a more sustainable path. Second, an increase in American force in the region is likely to encourage China to increase its force, which would make other countries in the region more vulnerable, not less.
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The Tomahawks' arrival "is part of a larger effort to bolster our capabilities in the region," Glaser says. "It sends a signal that nobody should rule out our determination to be the balancer in the region that many countries there want us to be." No doubt Beijing got the signal.
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Sharron Angle TV Ad: Now

So a rapist walks free...

Because there might be a problem with the request, but they can't find one. Sounds like bogus logic to me, like they were looking for a problem and couldn't find one. If they really want to keep him, they can have him.

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I agree with Mika

It seems pretty clear that Palin will run for the nomination for 2012. Will she win it? Maybe, Bobby Jindal would give her a run for the money.

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