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American Thinker: Sicko Flatlines and Michael Moore Lashes Out

American Thinker: Sicko Flatlines and Michael Moore Lashes Out:

"Still, after ten days in wide national distribution, Sicko was performing below
expectations. In an interview in Time on May 17, Moore claimed that with Sicko
he was moving beyond the leftist ideology of his previous films and more towards
the political center: 'This film does cut across party lines.' On June 20,
another Time article (like most mainstream media, Time covered Sicko and Moore
repeatedly from every angle) was titled 'Michael Moore: 'I'm Mainstream Now.''
Clearly, Moore and his army of supporters were positioning the film for
mainstream acceptance and hit status beyond Fahrenheit 9/11's-his previous film
and the most successful money-making documentary in the history of motion

But the box office numbers tell the story: In Sicko's
first three day weekend after it opened nationally on June 29 in 702 theaters,
its total gross was $3,600,179 or an average of $5,128 per theater. Fahrenheit
9/11 opened in 868 theaters on June 23, 2004 and grossed $23,920,637 over that
three day weekend, for an average of $27,558 per screen-more than five times the
per screen take for Sicko. Fahrenheit ultimately grossed $119,194,771 during a
114 day theatrical run in the U.S."

Maybe this is why he has been in such a cranky mood lately.

McCain Sings

Crooks and Liars » DC Madam Calls For Senator Vitter To Be Prosecuted

Crooks and Liars » DC Madam Calls For Senator Vitter To Be Prosecuted:

"When Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana confessed to “a very serious sin” on
Monday night, Debra Jean Palfrey was not about to forgive him. Sin is one thing;
but Palfrey believes Vitter — a proponent of the “sanctity of marriage” — should
fess up if that sin was a crime as well. [..]”Why am I the only person being
prosecuted?” she told TIME over the phone. “Sen. Vitter should be prosecuted [if
he broke the law]”"

From what I understand if he broke the law, and she broke the law, they should both be punished by the law. I don't know that this is going to happen or not, but I think it should. I am not talking about a long pointless congressional hearing, I am talking about sending in the officers to cuff him and take him downtown. If he is a john, he should be treated like any other john busted for using a prostitute.


Candidate Total raised Percentage from donors of $200 or less


Tom Tancredo $1.3 million 76%

Sam Brownback $1.9 million 65%

Ron Paul $640,000 38%

John McCain $13.1 million 17%

Duncan Hunter $539,000 16%

Jim Gilmore $204,000 11%

Mike Huckabee $544,000 11%

Rudy Giuliani $16.6 million 8%

Mitt Romney $23.4 million 6%

Tommy Thompson $392,000 3%


Dennis Kucinich $345,000 68%

Barack Obama $25.8 million 22%

John Edwards $14 million 14%

Bill Richardson $6.2 million 10%

Hillary Rodham Clinton $36.1 million 9%

Chris Dodd $8.8 million 1%

A few interesting things about this information. One it shows that Ron Paul is behind in the first quarter, not only behind the big names in the race, but also behind Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback. What I found to be more interesting is the percentages after the numbers, which shows what percentage of their donations are under $200. In this regard he is doing better than the lead candidates, which is to be expected, but at 38%, Tancredo and Brownback are getting more smaller contributions.

This information if from USA Today for the first quarter and the second quarter as it has been pointed out to me may be have different results.


Miss New Jersey Shows Photos On Today Show

Daily Kos: Surprise! Contractors Home from Iraq Afflicted by Combat Stress

Daily Kos: Surprise! Contractors Home from Iraq Afflicted by Combat Stress:

"Contractors who have worked in Iraq are returning home with the same kinds of
combat-related mental health problems that afflict United States military
personnel, according to contractors, industry officials and mental health
But, they say, the private workers are largely left on their own to
find care, and their problems often go ignored or are inadequately treated.
A vast second army, one of contractors — up to 126,000 Americans, Iraqis and
other foreigners — is working for the United States government in Iraq. Many
work side-by-side with soldiers and are exposed to the same dangers, but they
mostly must fend for themselves in navigating the civilian health care system
when they come back to the United States. ...
'I think the numbers are in
the thousands, maybe tens of thousands,' said Paul Brand, a psychologist and
chief executive of Mission Critical Psychological Services, a Chicago firm hired
by Dyncorp International, a major contractor in Iraq, to assess and treat its
workers. 'Many are going undiagnosed. These guys are fighting demons, and they
don’t know how to cope.'
Jana Crowder, who runs a Web site for contractors
seeking help, says she gets new evidence of that every day in phone calls from
desperate workers. "

I am unclear on a number of things, and I just want to be honest about that upfront. However I believe that if these people are in the theater of conflict they should be given better care than there are being given. I don't know if these are contracts that are handed out by the department of defense or if these are contracts that are handed out by other organizations or companies working in Iraq. If the defense department hands out the contracts, they should have as part of the contract, that those who are involved in a conflict situation can be integrated into the existing health care system for vets. If these companies are operating for other organizations or companies they should be restricted from entering a combat theater until they have made arrangements for their employees to be covered with medical services. Ideally again they would be a part of the existing health care system for vets. These contractors in either example could pay a fee to the armed forces to offset the costs of treating their employees.


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Crooks and Liars » Fox News Sunday: Hillary Derangement Syndrome?

Crooks and Liars » Fox News Sunday: Hillary Derangement Syndrome?:

"On Fox News Sunday, Fred Barnes says what we’ve known from the beginning:
Republicans are salivating at the thought of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic
nominee for President. Look how blithely unconcerned Fred and Brit Hume look
when Juan Williams points out that this is ALL the Republicans have in this
election: hate for Hillary. No ideas, no solutions, just hate."

Do we really want to become a nation that votes for the person we hate the least, or against the person we hate the most. It is sad to see politics in this country falling away from great ideas and debates to hatred and argument. While this is a clear example of the right hating Hilary, there is plenty of examples of the left hating Bush or even moderates like Joe Lieberman.

Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters: McCain's Pain -- Fred's Gain?

"The downsizing of Senator McCain's presidential campaign is coming at an
opportune time for Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee senator who is likely to
jump into the race officially any day now and seeking to build a campaign staff
in the early primary states.
Struggling with a shortage of cash, Mr.
McCain's campaign announced last week that it was laying off dozens of staff
members, including about half of his paid team in Iowa and New Hampshire.
While there is no evidence of an outright pillaging of Mr. McCain's departed
aides, Republican sources in those states say Mr. Thompson's emerging campaign
is the likeliest landing spot. Aside from Mr. Thompson's obvious need for staff
— assuming he enters the race — the two are closely aligned ideologically, and
Mr. Thompson even endorsed Mr. McCain when he sought the White House in 2000"

First of all everyone in this very crowded field will gain from McCain falling out of the race. On the Republican side are people like Fred Thompson who will gain by being able to take over McCain's outside role, even though he is far from being an outsider. On the Democratic side, I think some of the more moderate candidates will gain votes from those who had thought about crossing the party line to vote for McCain because he has a strong bipartisan image and record. Who will gain the most of course is yet to be seen. Other than McCain the person who loses the most is the president, as this is widely seen as McCain being punished for sticking to close to Bush on key policy issues.

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Drew Keeps Her Options Open | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Drew Keeps Her Options Open POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.:

"Last week when we heard that Drew was having a summer fling with Zach Braff, we
assumed that things between her and Spike Jonze had cooled off. Turns out, Drew
has more than enough love to go around as she and Spike were spotted kissing and
cuddling in a VIP booth at El Rey Theatre last week. Sounds like Drew is having
fun playing the field!"

I can only wish that she would come and play the field with me for a while. Honestly though she is a beautiful womyn and a great actress and I think probably we will find that some of this gossip is groundless. On the other hand if you hear any gossip about me and Drew, that wouldn't be groundless.

Amy Polumbo Blackmail Photos Released. And Boring. - The Hollywood Gossip

Amy Polumbo Blackmail Photos Released. And Boring. - The Hollywood Gossip:

"On the Today show, Polumbo sat down with Matt Lauer and calmly explained the
motivation behind each of the tame photos below. While the beauty queen is
drinking alcohol in some of the pictures, she says she was over 21 at the
time they were taken. "

I think this is all a giant publicity stunt, and a good one. Who in the world cared about who Miss New Jersey was (ok maybe people in New Jersey might have). Put out the word that some dirty pictures of the beauty are out there and the scramble to discover what they might be and interest in her shoots up due to the Miss America scandal last year. It was done wonderfully, because she then went on the Today show and showed pictures that are so lame, I have done worse things than those - god I hope there aren't any pictures.

Price Is Right host search down to two? - TV Squad

Price Is Right host search down to two? - TV Squad:

"It looks like the long search for the new host of The Price Is Right is down to
two: Sarah Silverman and David Hasselhoff.
Just kidding! The New York Post is reporting that producers have narrowed it down to two contestants: Mark Steines and Todd Newton. Steines is a host on Entertainment Tonight (he'll keep the job if he gets the PIR gig), and Newton has hosted several game shows,
including a PIR show in Las Vegas. The pay for the job is reportedly near $3
million a year. Nice."

Please god don't let it be David Hasselhoff, oh wait that was just a joke.... a scary joke. Well it looks like none of the big names that were put out as potentials for the job have come down to the wire. I wonder if they only put those names out there to get people to talk about the show. Honestly I think that the show will be better with a lesser known host, a star would change the show too much.

Marginal Revolution: Markets in everything: driver's license points

Marginal Revolution: Markets in everything: driver's license points:

"It is the latest ruse on the roads of France: drivers are avoiding
disqualification by trading licence points on the internet. Complete strangers
are taking the rap for speeding offences in return for up to €1,500 (£1,000),
and police admit they are powerless to intervene. Even pensioners who have not
driven for many years are getting in on the act."

I think this is a stab at the carbon trading system that is being discussed as a way of reducing green house gases. While I am not sure I agree with the message that they are attempting to put forward, it does highlight one of the weaknesses of the idea. How you do regulate all this trade, who gets credits and how are they assigned.

Shanna & Travis Split – Again - Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker :

Shanna & Travis Split – Again - Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker :

"On-and-off couple Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker are off again – but
this time, a source insists, it's for good.

'About a month ago, they
separated again,' the source close to Moakler tells PEOPLE. 'She moved out. As
far as she's concerned, it's over. She loves him, but it's one of those
relationships where they keep trying to make it work but it doesn't.' "

Maybe this means we will see Travis try and hook up with Paris Hilton again, and Shanna try and knock her out again. So the great affair is over, and whoever would have known. Are these two even celebs anymore?

Rumer Has It | Dlisted

Rumer Has It Dlisted:

"Rumer Willis is becoming quite the little movie star. She's already signed on to star in a movie with daddy and now she has another gig coming up. Rumer will star opposite
Anna Faris in an untitled comedy from Adam Sandler's production company. Rumer's character is described as an insecure young woman who wears a backbrace even though she could have had it removed years ago. "

Is Rumer the new it girl. She had the role in the movie with her father, then there was the fight outside the SkyBar that resulted in a photographer who was taking pictures of her going to the hospital and an assailant going to jail. Now she has landed a movie with Adam Sandler. She is on the fast track to being the next Lindsay Lohan.

Britney Spears- Please Go To A Mental Institution or College

new shocking info.on natalee aruba case on greta 7-12-07

Emma Watson on Late Show w/ David Letterman 7/11/2007

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A Socialite's Life: "Fashion Disaster: Tara Reid"

Tara, sweetie, the drapes were great when they were hung on the window, but on you?

celebrity nation: Katharine's first movie

celebrity nation: Katharine's first movie:

"Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee has signed on to co-star with Anna Faris in an
untitled comedy. The Adam Sandler-produced flick stars Faris as a Playboy bunny
who is evicted from the mansion and lands a job as den mother to a sorority at a
nearby college. McPhee will play a sorority girl."

It seems to be the case now that you don't have to win American Idol to be a star, you just have to make it on the show. In some cases winning could limit your chances, because I think that the winners are put under contract, where the losers aren't. This sounds like a fun movie, I hope that Adam Sandler will have some screen time in it.

Megan Fox

I’m Not Obsessed: "Megan Fox"

Kelly Clarkson Is Still Miss Independent | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Kelly Clarkson Is Still Miss Independent POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.:

"“They hated Miss Independent on my first album. It was No. 1 for six weeks,
then they got behind it. They hated Breakaway. The song I wrote that they hated
the most was Because of You. I fought and fought for it, it became successful
and they finally got behind it. I’m not complaining, I’ll just say no until I
get my way, and I did.”"

Her new album debuted at number 2, before dropping to number 3 this week. It seems that the trouble that she was having that had some predicting the end of her career were temporary and she is going on as strong as ever. Here she talks about how she had to fight for some of her best songs. I am glad that she fought for what she knew was right artistically. She is looking hot again too.

Britney Spears 'Not Dating' Her Bodyguard - Britney Spears :

Britney Spears 'Not Dating' Her Bodyguard - Britney Spears :

"Daimon Shippen is soft-spoken, strong and good with kids – but his
relationship with Britney Spears is purely professional, sources tell PEOPLE.

'He's her bodyguard and manny,' says a source familiar with Shippen's
employment. 'They're not dating.' "

According to sources that have talked to People Magazine about the relationship between Britney Spears and her new body guard, the are not dating. Which is really disappointing, he looks like he is good with the kids, and he knows how to act like a man. Just because they aren't dating doesn't mean that they shouldn't be.

In the spirit of debate and information

I admit that I seem to have under estimated the support that Ron Paul seems to have in the general population. With that in mind I am extending an offer to Ron Paul supporters, and to all other presidential candidate supporters. If you e-mail me an essay, introducing your candidate, and the ideas that you think should be supported I will publish it on my blog without editing it at all. I am going to do some research myself on Mr. Paul, but in the end I think the best information comes from supporters. You can e-mail that to . Thank you.

Bush shower cam

Britney Talks to God

Talk Back

When all the 2nd quarter fundraising numbers are published (by July 15), I think
you'll find that Ron Paul raised more money second quarter than all bu the top
three candidates, and has more cash on hand than all but the top two.

Paul has a quite a ways to go to catch up with the top media-annointed
candidates, but he is out-fundriaising all the other candidates.


Is he going to have enough to take on the Democrats though? You might be right about those numbers, and I will watch them. Part of my scepticism about Ron Paul is that I don't see his appeal to the broader audience. He is against the war, which is something that puts him in line with what polls say Americans believe. Outside of that, I don't know that he has done a good job presenting himself to America. This is a very crowded, and very loud and dirty campaign season, I think he needs to jump into the fray a little more.

Hollywood Rag - Celebrity Ragazine | Major Movie Star Jessica Simpson Says Her Boobs Are Real

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