Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elena Kagan's Opening Statement

It is time to leave Afghanistan

There is simply no good reason for us to be there anymore.

On ABC's This Week, CIA Director Leon Panetta was asked by Jake Tapper how many al Qaeda are left in Afghanistan. "I think the estimate on the number of al Qaeda is actually relatively small," said Panetta. "At most, we're looking at 50 to 100, maybe less."

Fifty! That means there are more Kardashians in Los Angeles than al Qaeda in Afghanistan. According to Panetta's figures, we now have 1,000 to 2,000 soldiers for each and every al Qaeda fighter who didn't get the change of address cards bin Laden sent out -- and we're spending $1 billion to $2 billion per terrorist this year.

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"THE BORDERS ARE QUITE SECURE". Congressman Pete Stark's Town hall meeti...

S.E. Cupp's "Pep-skeet"

Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On and Off the record.

It does seem doubtful that many of the things in the story were on the record. There are items "on the record" and items "off the record" and then there are casual remarks that occur during normal conversation which aren't clearly either. It would be my bet that most of the problematic quotes are of the more casual nature. Hastings broke a big story, got a general fired and put his magazine into the news cycle, but he probably also damaged his own career. Who is going to trust him now?

in reference to: Hot Air » Pentagon official: “Rolling Stone” made McChrystal’s staff think they were speaking off the record (view on Google Sidewiki)

Toronto Community Mobilization Network Press Conference - Q&A

Geraldo Rivera Compares Rolling Stone Writer To Al Qaeda Terrorists | NewsBusters.org

Geraldo Rivera Compares Rolling Stone Writer To Al Qaeda Terrorists | NewsBusters.org

Biden Embarrased By Custard Stand Owner: "Lower Our Taxes"

Hey Wall Street tabloid reporter...

Will he let people live with him...

When they follow his advice and lose their homes. I don't agree or disagree with his central points, well actually I do. It wasn't just the bankers that caused this problem. It was the bankers, the government and yes people who took out loans they could not afford. There is a good amount of greed and dishonestly at all levels of the melt down.

in reference to: MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Urges Homeowners to Stop Paying Mortgages As a Leftist Protest | NewsBusters.org (view on Google Sidewiki)

EPA thinks milk is just like oil...

This has to be one of the dumbest things I have read in sometime. It is hard to understand how anyone can take such an obviously wrong assertion seriously.

The EPA regulations state that “milk typically contains a percentage of animal fat, which is a non-petroleum oil. Thus, containers storing milk are subject to the Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Program rule when they meet the applicability criteria..."
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stupid questions

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How a kid plays a violent video game...

The writer tell how his kid play Grand Theft Auto, and instead of killing people, he saves them. While this does suggest people are not born bad, I don't know you can extrapolate from this that people are born good. It could just be one interesting interaction between one child and one game. It also suggests the impact of the group, and how the group can influence an individuals behavior just by exposure. Given 10 years, this child is likely to play the game more in line with how it was envisioned.
clipped from www.bitmob.com

In all his time with Grand Theft Auto he never once encountered any of the controversy surrounding this notorious title. He didn’t beat any hookers with a baseball bat.  He didn’t deal drugs. He didn’t go on a murderous rampage. He certainly never once had a cup of hot coffee. He didn't avoid these things because I told him he counldn't try them. It just never occurred to him to commit these acts. 

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bebê dançarino

BP Blocking Media Access? New Orleans interview

News is a consumer product...

Which means it shouldn't be a surprise that it is going to be controlled more by the purchaser than the seller.

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"Here is the deepest and, to many serious journalists, most disturbing truth about the future of news: The audience will control it. They will get the kind of news they choose to get. Not the kind they say they want, but the kind they actually choose."
- Nieman Reports | Feeling the Heat: The Brain Holds Clues for Journalism (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I knew it...

Rachel Maddow | Obama Speech - Oval Office | Oil Spill | Mediaite

Rachel Maddow | Obama Speech - Oval Office | Oil Spill | Mediaite

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Shep Smith Mocks BP Oil Exec’s ‘Small People’ Remark | Mediaite

Shep Smith Mocks BP Oil Exec’s ‘Small People’ Remark | Mediaite

I got over this site fast...

It is a collection of perverts and their... well parts of them you would rather not see.

in reference to: It Took People This Long to Turn Their Backs on Chatroulette? (view on Google Sidewiki)

Where's the Beef?

I think this sums up a lot of what I felt about the president's speech. He started off with a history of the accident that everyone in America is familiar with, and ended it pushing what amounts to his personal political agenda. Are windmills a good idea, yes. I just think if President Bush had made a similar speech, he would have been criticized for capitalizing on the catastrophe. That is what I feel like Obama did.
clipped from hotair.com
In the face of a crisis that has unfolded for almost two full months, Obama chose to talk about wind turbines.  A nation waited to see if a leader would emerge from the White House, and instead it got an absent-minded professor desperate to change the subject.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Legacy of Alaska oil disaster

I am not offended...

I just don't understand how anyone can think that Poland or Germany is "home" to the Jews.

in reference to: Robert Gibbs | Helen Thomas | Video | Mediaite (view on Google Sidewiki)

Hot Air � Video: “The stimulus failed”

Hot Air � Video: “The stimulus failed”

RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

How To Park Your Car When There Is Nowhere To Park Your Car

Cameron Diaz’s Fountain Of Youth: “Lots Of Sex…”

Cameron Diaz’s Fountain Of Youth: “Lots Of Sex…”:

Michelle Obama Vogue Magazine Dec. 2010 Cover Girl?

Michelle Obama Vogue Magazine Dec. 2010 Cover Girl?:

Taylor Swift Hosting 13-Hour Meet & Greet With Fans CMA Music Festival

Taylor Swift Hosting 13-Hour Meet & Greet With Fans CMA Music Festival:

Congrats to Jason....

He has made it through some hard times, I wish them a happy life.

in reference to: Jason Davis Photos & Pics | In Case You Care, Jason Davis Got Engaged (view on Google Sidewiki)

This is sad...

Everyone should watch this video.

in reference to: Open Wounds: Bhopal 1984-2009 on Vimeo (view on Google Sidewiki)

Why quit her?

I think she is hot... really hot.

in reference to: We Wish We Could Quit The Progressive Insurance Lady (view on Google Sidewiki)

That's dumb...

Friday, June 4, 2010

The money isn't the problem...

Groups like The Nature Conservancy have taken money from BP in the past. Some are claiming this damages the reputation of these organizations.

I disagree, the donation was between a company that wanted to look environmentally friendly, and non-profits that need cash to protect the environment. Both sides knew what the deal was, and it should be clear to everyone else too.

The real question, is what those groups are going to do now. Are they going to hit BP hard for its mistakes, or are they going to go soft on the company?

in reference to: Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy | NewsBusters.org (view on Google Sidewiki)

Gay McDonald's ad in France:


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