Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What are people searching for?

This site is too funny....
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Things To Wish On Your Worst Enemy
Everyone’s Afraid Of The Norris
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What kind of trial will it be?

I think it comes down to this, the outcome of the trial is known to the whole world. Do you think there is a chance in hell that Obama would allow them to beat the charges. It could be said, a trial like this will show the world who we really are, and that our system is just. However those who hate us, won't trust the trial - civilian or otherwise. Those who do trust us, do so because of our record. We don't need to prove something to them.
The decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and his fellow terrorists in federal court was a political decision pure and simple. It was an attempt to rebuke the Bush Administration to engage in tribunals, even though quite a few of the detainees will still get tribunals and not trials. It creates significant problems and legal headaches particularly with the prosecution and handling of detainees who do not get access to federal court.
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You would think they would want to go another way

The ship famously taken by pirates last April in a stand-off that resulted in snipers saving it's captain, has been attacked again. Guards on board the ship were better prepared this time, and repelled the attack.
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Somali pirates attacked the Maersk Alabama for the second time in seven months on Wednesday, but guards on board the U.S.-flagged cargo ship repelled the takeover attempt, the EU's naval force said.

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I can see Russia from my house

Palin never said she could see Russia from her house, that was Tina Fey. Now if you can really see Russia from Alaska seems doubtful to me. I remember someone tested the theory, but I don't remember the results.
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Tuesday’s World News with Charles Gibson showed clips of an interview between Barbara Walters and Sarah Palin which will air on Friday’s 20/20. At one point, Walters seemed to allude to the fact that there is a misconception that Palin once claimed that “I can see Russia from my house,” during the 2008 campaign, as evidence of her foreign policy experience. The famous line was, in fact, uttered by Tina Fey playing Palin on Saturday Night Live to parody what Palin had actually said in an interview with Gibson from September 2008. Walters:

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Why Palin can run for president

I would add, that it is possible she could get the nomination because people so often assume that she can't. She can win, because people won't take her serious until it is too late.
1. Enthusiasm.
2. 2010.
3. The other candidates are flawed.
4. The other candidates might not run.
5. The media will be rooting for her.
6. She's tough to campaign against.
7. There are virtually no moderates left in the Republican base.
8. Attempts by the Republican Establishment to neuter her may backfire.
9. Parties tend to nominate more extreme candidates in elections against incumbents.
10. She gets new media; new media gets her.
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They should have thought it through

With all due respect to the people who are fighting for what they believe, they really should have put more time into thinking about their protest. Their ideas are solid, their concerns are valid, but the concept always seemed weak to me. This is just another point of embarrassment. Of course, true believes won't be stopping.
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keith-olbermann-teabag-eve As we noted on Monday, “teabagger” was one of the runners-up for the New Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year. From the start, it threatened to get more buzz than the winner, the trendy/techy neologism “unfriend.” Enter: Keith Olbermann.

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He's a slime ball... really?

Wow, who would have guessed the person behind giving this photo to Newsweek would be a slime ball?
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Runner's World tells Jeff Bercovici that Brian Adams's contract contains a clause stipulating that his photos of Sarah Palin in gym shorts would be under embargo until August 2010. "That leaves the questions of whether anyone at Newsweek knew that Adams was not contractually free to sell the photo, and whether the promised embargo was a factor in Palin's decision to pose for Runner's World," writes Bercovici.
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Do it right next time

What good is "transparency" if the information you are revealing isn't accurate. I don't care if it is a mistake or not, it needs to be fixed - and done right next time.

This should come as no surprise given that independent groups and others (myself included) have cataloged that the website includes billions of dollars going to congressional districts that don't exist and that basic defects in the database render it useless. The head of, Earl Devaney, admits that they can't certify the jobs data.

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