Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Sad Day

Well it looks like we have another sad day in the world. The forces of evil have struck out. And if we are not careful we will feed the flames of hate and violence in response. I'm not sure what we do to stop this terror. I believe you cannot use terror and violence to counter terror and violence. But, at the same time we aren't going to hug this out.
There is not enough love and compassion in the world. What we can do is create as much love as we can. And maybe it won't end the violence. We can't end violence in the world all at once But maybe a smile and a friendly word can change hearts one person at a time. It is in the human heart where acts of hate and love are born. It sounds trite to suggests terrorists blow up airports because no one loved them. It is clearly more complex. But what are the hearts who turn to hate? And are they given the choice of love?
There must be a path which leads us away from doom. One person at a time. We don't know the people we meet on the street. The people we cross paths with on the subway. Smile and send loving energy into the world. Offer everyone a spirit of warmth. If one person can smile and bring some peace to a persons souls. Maybe two people can bring love to their heart. Three people, or four people, or five can chase the darkness out. We are one human race. The clear message of events like this is we cannot isolate ourselves. We are not islands living within our own perfect worlds. We are souls living together in a troubled world. A world which needs healing. What can we do to bring healing to the world today.
Striking back with bombs, terror and violent acts will not heal the pain in our world. Even if not a single innocent person was killed. But in every war inoocent people are killed and hurt. Families are torn apart. Communities left without working men. The bombs falling after one attack become the seeds for the next. We have to find a way to love each other more.
We are talking about people who choose to die. People who go to their deaths to kill others. If we believed we were one? And we made everyone feel a part of the whole. How could anyone choose to blow themselves up? Who would choose to die if they could choose to live? Who would choose hate if they could choose love? Would you?
We are living in a rapidly changing world. On ourside of the map we have Donald Trump. He has became the face of what people fear. Many people who are afraid of the changes in our world turn to him. For them he has become a guiding voice. But he has blamed the others for our problems. It is the fault of rapists from Mexico and terrorists from the Muslim world. On the other side of the world things are also changing. Cultures are being overturned in part by western influence through the internet. People over there like over here may be questioning their place in this new world. Their leaders blame the west. The evil imperialistic west has caused their problems. The bombers who blew themselves up in Europe were puppets. Their strings being pulled by people with their own agendas.
I believe it is isolated, lost, hurt and lonely people who turn to terror. They are being led and direcred by people who fear the changes in their countries. Maybe they believe if they could stop the tide of change the world would return to the way it was before. But they can't turn back the clock in their countries. Anymore than we can turn back the clock in our country. They like us need to find ways to adapt to the new world we are living in today. And it isn't going to be easy for any of us.
We have a choice to make ourselves in this world. We can choose more hate and anger. Watching events on the news makes these easy options. But if we think in our minds about how evil "those people" are, we are not going to be sending them loving energy. Not in the abstract - and not in the concrete daily one on one interactions. If we can try to understand, and have compassion, we are moving in the right direction. Maybe we can see how they struggle in the same world we struggle in to survive. Then we see them as brothers and sisters on the path. And we love our brothers and sisters even when they haven't made the best choices. It will take a total change of our own hearts and minds away from fear and hatred. To love and understanding.
Love and fear cannot exist in the same place at the same time. Remember only love is real. The Course in Miracles tells us everything is either an act of love or a call for love. It isn't easy for me to explain how these acts are calls for love. But I believe it is true.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The latest police shooting in Virginia should be an open and shut case

The latest police shooting in Virginia should be an open and shut case « Hot Air: "The 25 year old female in question attracted the attention of narcotics officers when she was involved in a fight in a parking lot. When the officers approached, the woman was seen to be holding what appeared to be a gun and she brandished it at the cops. What happened next is pretty much what you’d expect. "

I don't think any death investigation should be open and shut. The value of life is more important than rushing through the facts.

Why Hulk Hogan’s victory over Gawker is a stain on the First Amendment « Hot Air

Why Hulk Hogan’s victory over Gawker is a stain on the First Amendment « Hot Air: "Here’s the other reason why the jury verdict is scary: how it can affect future cases and American politics. Hogan defenders like to talk about the fact his privacy was violated because the tape was secretly recorded. But what about news stories involving sources who give out information “without permission” of their bosses? Why was it okay for Andrew Breitbart to get nude pictures of Anthony Weiner, but it’s not okay for Gawker to get Hogan’s sex tape? Why was it okay for Matt Drudge to report on Bill Clinton’s affair, but not Gawker and Hogan? Why is it okay for Fox News reporter James Rosen to use sources to report on the government, but Gawker’s reporting on Hogan is worthy of a lawsuit? Why was Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments okay in 2012, but Hogan’s sex tape isn’t? If what Gawker did isn’t okay, then isn’t it possible more lawsuits over “sources say” news pieces or leaked documents are going to happen? This is why people need to pause before triumphantly cackling at Gawker’s probable demise because it opens the door for future lawsuits, thus stifling press freedom."

Let me be clear, I have no stake in this issue. Beyond the concern as a reporter. The article makes some strong points about why we should worry. Who decides news value? An argument can be made almost anything which involves a celebrity has news value. Not to mention one which has talked about his sex life publicly. I find it hard to imagine a politician trying to follow this same legal logic to defend themselves. But, doesn't this open the door? I'm no fan of Hogan. And I not really a fan of Gawker either. It is tabloid journalism, which in my opinion has little value. But even the National Enquirer has added valuable news stories in the national discussion. They broke the story about John Edwards' affair. Could Mr. Edwards' had claimed a violation of privacy?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Protesters block the road to Donald Trump rally near Phoenix - The Washington Post

Protesters block the road to Donald Trump rally near Phoenix - The Washington Post: "Saturday afternoon, scores of protesters temporarily blocked the entrance to the Tucson Convention Center, chanting “Shut it down!” and preventing supporters from entering a Trump rally there."

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I just don't think this is right. I understand and agree with the importance of free speech. But there is nothing about blocking access to a campaign event which is free speech in my mind. If you must, show up with your friends. Show up with your signs. Wave and chant and sing songs. These are valid forms of free speech. But if you are preventing someone from going to an event they want to attend. You are infringing on their free right to listen to the speech they choose. You are damaging the right of the person putting forth the speech. And yes, Donald Trump has said some mean things. Even something which could be racist. But until a court of law says otherwise, he still has freedom of speech.

This is not democracy in my opinion. You state your opinion at the ballot box. I'd be willing to bet many of those protesting won't bother to take the step of voting.


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