Thursday, November 20, 2008

Citigroup looking for partners

This reminds me of a fat person, who eats because they are depressed, but gets depressed because they eat. I don't think the way out of this mess is to make the companies our economy depend on bigger.
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Senior officials at Citigroup told CNBC that they will have to make a strategic change in the firm's direction, including finding a possible merger partner or raising cash in the coming days to arrest a sharp slide in the firm's stock price.

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Oil Below $50

I bet you never thought you would see oil at lower than $50 a barrel again did you. Don't party yet - or party but do it quick. Oil is bound to go back up once OPEC meets.
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Oil prices tumbled to a three-and-a-half year low below $49 a barrel on Friday, nearing a $100 drop from its July record high, as more distress for the global economy threatened to eat further into demand for fuels.

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World Leaders Refuse to shake Bush's hand

Woman at fire Scene angered by TV reporter


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