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I’m Not Obsessed

I’m Not Obsessed:

"Although his identity remains in question, one thing’s for sure: During a
romantic dinner at Santa Monica’s One Pico restaurant in the Shutters Hotel on
Saturday, he had the actress’s undivided attention.
At 8 p.m. the pair
slipped into the beachfront eatery with Aniston’s man gently rubbing her back as
they waited for a table. For the next three hours the duo talked by candlelight
over a bottle of San Pellegrino, leaning in close and, at one point, even
holding hands across the table. (Her rep had no comment on the dinner date.)"

This is good news, this means an end to the Jenn and Vince stories I hope and also an end to the Jenn and Brad stories. Though honestly I think that some tab will be running those stories forever. Honestly though, I hope that is really is a good relationship for her, she has had a hard couple years and deserves to be happy.

The Journalist And The Prostitute: Barbara Walters Inspires Hookers Everywhere - Gawker

The Journalist And The Prostitute: Barbara Walters Inspires Hookers Everywhere - Gawker:

"Even if this weren't an incredibly touching story, this clip from 'The
View' would be worth it solely for the way Barbara says the word 'hookers' about
three hundred times in twenty seconds. "

I got into my limo, and I looked at the hookers and the hookers looked at me - and I gave them hope. Who the hell is she kidding, what is she talking about?

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Hayden Panettiere & Rumer Willis in Terror::By Fred Thompson in Terror::By Fred Thompson:

"Let me ask you a hypothetical question. What do you think America would do if
Canadian soldiers were firing dozens of missiles every day into Buffalo, N.Y.?
What do you think our response would be if Mexican troops for two years had
launched daily rocket attacks on San Diego -- and bragged about it?
I can
tell you, our response would look nothing like Israel's restrained and pinpoint
reactions to daily missile attacks from Gaza. We would use whatever means
necessary to win the war. There would likely be numerous casualties on our
enemy's side, but we would rightfully hold those who attacked us responsible. "

For me I changed my opinion on this after the Gaza pull out. For the first time the Palestinians were given land of their own. Granted it is a small space and it has its problems, some of which can be pinned on Israel. However, once they got this land, did they go about attempting to create a peaceful prosperous place for the citizens to live in. No they immediately used this to increase its offensive against Israel proper. Gaza has not become the base for a larger state for Palestinians, but a base for larger attacks on Israel. There are facts that are certain in this world, and I think that one of them is that Israel has the right to exist. The only question I see that the Palestinians have to ask themselves is if they want to live with Israel peacefully or not. It looks like those with the power right now, are choosing not.

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Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters:

"In an interview with USA TODAY, however, the former Tennessee senator not only
makes it clear that he plans to run, he describes how he aims to do it. He's
planning a campaign that will use blogs, video posts and other Internet
innovations to reach voters repelled by politics-as-usual in both parties. ...
Thompson could reshape a GOP contest in which each of the three leaders has
significant vulnerabilities and none of the seven second-tier contenders has
broken through. Without formally joining the race — he's preparing to do that as
early as the first week of July — Thompson already is placing third and better
among Republican candidates in some national polls.
Dissatisfaction among
one-third of Republicans with the 2008 field has opened the door for the
candidate, whose folksy tone, actor's ease before an audience and conservative
credentials drew comparisons to Ronald Reagan at the annual Connecticut GOP
dinner here. Thompson addressed the dinner last week to a sold-out audience.
'People listen to him and see someone who's very comfortable with who he is
and confident about what he believes in,' state Republican chairman Chris Healy
says. 'That's a skill that, obviously, Ronald Reagan took to great heights.'"

Am I now working as a part of the Fred Thompson campaign by posting this? I don't know, but it looks like he has a solid chance of making it through the primaries. My guess is that a number of the stars that are leading the pack now will sink in the polls as the voting gets closer. I think that as voters start to think more about who they want to elect they will think more about serious candidate and less about those that are leading. McCain hopefully has a good chance too, I think he would make a good president.

Teri Hatcher's Beauty Secrets! Amy Fisher's Back! Dear Candy

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 05-31-07

Crooks and Liars » Rachel Maddow On TB Scare: Weapons Of Mass Infection

Crooks and Liars » Rachel Maddow On TB Scare: Weapons Of Mass Infection:

"On Wednesday night's 'Countdown,' Air America Radio talk show host Rachel
Maddow discuss the recent TB scare. Maddow points out that the CDC literally had
no plan in place for this kind of dangerous situation and the abysmal way they
dealt with it. Hmm, a Bush appointee with no plan to deal with a potential
crisis…I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. "

This is a story that has been developing in the media. It turns out that an individual was located in the United States with an extreme form of TB that cannot be treated by drugs. He was put into a hospital, where convicts that need hospital treatment are normally held. He is being held to avoid contamination of the virus into society. If there is a spread of this form of TB that is more common in Russia, which is where this one comes from, it brings up questions of how to deal with it. How should we treat people who have done no wrong other than being sick with a disease that is contagious and cannot be cured.

Ethanol trickle down continues - expect higher costs - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Ethanol trickle down continues - expect higher costs - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Hutjens and others said higher gasoline prices have increased the costs of
moving milk from farm to market, and corn — the primary feed for dairy cattle —
is being gobbled up by producers of the fuel-additive ethanol. The USDA projects
that 3.2 billion bushels of this year’s corn crop will be used to make ethanol,
a 52 percent increase over 2006.

Ethanol has increased the average
American's grocery bill $47 since July, and Iowa State University study

While I find the finger pointing silly, it is interesting to note how this has effects on the market that spread. As corn is taken out of the food market, the price of corn goes up. The price of other grain crops go up because land that was growing wheat and etc. is turned to producing corn. Also as beef producers and others switch from corn to wheat and oats to find lower prices it increases the demand for those staples. In the end everything from the price of milk, and cheese to bread will increase.

White House Officially Recognizes Homosexual Unions and Parenting?

White House Officially Recognizes Homosexual Unions and Parenting?:

"The official White House photo caption indicates the child’s “parents” are
Mary Cheney and her homosexual partner, Heather Poe.

Stephen Bennett, a
pro-family advocate who left the homosexual lifestyle and now has a ministry to
convince others of its dangers, expressed his concern about the White House’s
decision to caption the photo this way. “What is extremely troubling is the
official White House caption that appears underneath the photo on the official
White House website,” said Bennett.
Rather than merely stating that the
child is the “child of their daughter Mary Cheney,' the White House photo
caption states, “... His parents are the Cheney's daughter Mary, and her
partner, Heather Poe.” "

I understand that people have different views of what is right and wrong in terms of the gay lifestyle. What I don't understand is why those who oppose it can't just allow those who want to live their life that way to do so. I am not even suggesting that they have to support it as being right, but you don't have to support something or oppose it. Not to mention that being so concerned about something as little as a caption seems silly.

While there is the right to believe it is sin, and I would even grant that this means that a faith as the right to choose to grant them the right to marry in their church or not. What I question is where does the right to dictate the lives of others, who don't touch your own come from. If they are living in sin, it is their sin and a personal issue between them and god.

Poll: Hillary And Obama Both Trouncing Rudy In New York | TPMCafe

Poll: Hillary And Obama Both Trouncing Rudy In New York TPMCafe:

"Clinton (D) 52%, Giuliani (R) 39%
Obama (D) 50%, Giuliani (R) 40%"

While I still don't know for sure who I am going to vote for, I am sure that anyone would be better than Giuliani. I think either Clinton or Obama would make good presidents, maybe not the best - but good.

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Michael Lohan's Bad Attempt at Reconciliation

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Michael Lohan's Bad Attempt at Reconciliation:

"E! Online reported Wednesday that Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael,
says she suffers from multiple addictions, including alcohol and OxyContin. 'I
spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was
getting the right care,' Michael Lohan told E! Online. 'And I'm satisfied they
are doing the right thing for her, helping her detox from the painkillers and
things. That's a very important step.'"

It looks like Lohans dad is cut from the same publicity seeking cloth as her mother. Why would you talk to the press about things like this. If you really care about someone you must know that this kind of media attention doesn't help them. It does however get your name in the press. From the rumors it appears that Michael Lohan may be looking for a movie deal.

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Will He Take Her Last Name?

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Will He Take Her Last Name?:

"Super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been dodging wedding rumors for
a long time, but the rumors are back. And this time a source from Grazia
magazine suggests the wedding will be huge, twice the size of Brad and
Jennifer's wedding. "

Why get married, it is easy to get press for themselves now. All they have to do is allow a few rumors to float around every once in a while that they are getting married. If they ever do get married, it will mean the end of these rumors. We know that once the marriage is over, the divorce rumors start.


The whole show of Democracy Now with Cindy Sheehan is now posted here...

Cindy Sheehan on Democracy Now- Wed. May 30, 2007


WHAT I Update: Nicole Richie Responds

WHAT I Update: Nicole Richie Responds:

"'You know what, it (message) rhymes... Are we really going to take an
email that rhymes that seriously?'

'It's a private email... to my
friends, I was joking and I don't think there's anything wrong with it... I
think that it's funny. It's not like I went and posted it on some blog or
something; I didn't mean to make it public, and I have every right to say
whatever I want to my friends.'

'It's not that deep... I wanted to write
something that rhymes and that was funny. That's it... I do it for every single
holiday. I'm really confused as to why everyone is so shocked that I wrote a
joking email to my friends.' "

Like I said, it was a joke. The tabs are going to be hard pressed for news over the next couple weeks with Hilton and Lohan out of the picture. I think we will be seeing lots of these kinds of stories.

Paula Zahn Is Fred Thompson the Man

Marilyn Manson Muses On Lindsay Lohan, Firecrotch - The Hollywood Gossip

Marilyn Manson Muses On Lindsay Lohan, Firecrotch - The Hollywood Gossip:

"In a video over on TMZ and AOL, the new man of Evan Rachel Wood broke into a
bizarre, philosophical rambling about Lohan’s “firecrotch.”
“How much would
it suck that, forever, you’re going to be a ‘firecrotch,’” Marilyn Manson mused.
“You’re gonna have to shave or just roll with it.”
Marilyn adds that it’s
his theory that the drunken mess went blonde for precisely this reason, trying
to pull a little “slight of hand.”"

Having the prince of the dead talk about your fire crotch is enough to push anyone over the edge. Really he looks almost as dead as his career.

Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush Get to First Base - The Hollywood Gossip

Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush Get to First Base - The Hollywood Gossip:

"Reggie Bush is known for his moves on the football field.
Kardashian is known for her moves in the bedroom.
Put them together and what
do you have? The following unpleasant image of a Heisman Trophy winner swapping
spit with a sex tape star."

For those of you interested in the B list dating scene.

Scarborough Discusses Iraq & Elections

Posh Has No Patience for David's Sentimental Goodbyes | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Posh Has No Patience for David's Sentimental Goodbyes POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.:

"David Beckham was more than happy to train with his old soccer team in
Hertfordshire this week after his Real Madrid teammates threw him an emotional
goodbye party. While Posh seems to have no trouble diving into Hollywood life,
apparently David is starting to have a bit of anxiety about the move. It seems
that David is more of a quiet homebody and would just as soon stay in Madrid
where he's made some real friends, while Posh is ready to move on. "

I give these two less than a year in the Hollywood relationship meat grinder and they will be the new Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Katie Couric’s Ratings Woes, As Told In Pictures / Jossip

Katie Couric’s Ratings Woes, As Told In Pictures / Jossip:

"TVNewser may have the news, but HuffPo gets the award for best photo montage on
word that Katie Couric’s news broadcast has dipped below 6 million viewers."

Looks like Katie is sinking even lower in the rankings. To set this in perspective, I think that all of the nightly news shows are losing viewers. The problem I believe for Katie is not that she is a womyn, but that her viewers were mostly womyn in the morning - now they are mostly men. It isn't an issue of men not wanting to watch a womyn give them news, they expect different things from their news, and the show is still aimed at an audience of womyn.

FOX News Uses Al Qaeda Tape To Whip Up Anti-Muslim Feelings Lindsay Lohan Tried to Kill Herself Twice Lindsay Lohan Tried to Kill Herself Twice:

"A week before her May 26th car accident and subsequent DUI arrest, sources
are saying that Lindsay Lohan attempted suicide at least twice. One of those
times she locked herself in the bathroom with a knife screaming she 'just wanted
to end it all.' Star Magazine reports: "

Lindsay may be in a worse place that it appeared. She really needs some help, she needs to learn to love herself again.

History Repeating: Al Gore Victimized Once More By Questionable Metrics Tool - Gawker

History Repeating: Al Gore Victimized Once More By Questionable Metrics Tool - Gawker:

"Tough news for Al Gore from popular blogger Matt Drudge: ''THE REAGAN DIARIES'

I wonder if he is going to demand a recount.

Compulsory BFFs: Paris Hilton And Future Cellmate Dreading Her Arrival In Equal Measures - Defamer

Compulsory BFFs: Paris Hilton And Future Cellmate Dreading Her Arrival In Equal Measures - Defamer:

"Time is quickly running out for Paris Hilton, who has until June 5 to turn
herself into authorities, relinquishing all the luxurious little conveniences
from her vastly privileged life--the expensive handbags, the fine automobiles,
the tree-dwelling marsupials--in exchange for a standard-issue orange jumper and
anonymous prisoner number. "

Paris in jail, Lindsay in rehab, Britney is going to have a hell of a summer. With her two competitors for attention being put on the sidelines all the cameras in Hollywood are going to be focused on Britney. If I were Britney I would take a vacation. She needs one anyways.

Celebrity gossip - see it our way | Jake and Reese still going strong |

Celebrity gossip - see it our way Jake and Reese still going strong :

"Even tho they are trying to keep the low profile we hear their three months old
relationship is still going strong and for what it looks like it’s gonnna stay
like this for a while. "

I needed to read some good news like this. I don't know how long they will last as a couple, star couples don't last long, and it is even worse when they are both A Listers. I think that they can have a good relationship while they do though. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing them together for a while, they are both good actors.

This video is so wrong.

natalee,mom -beth holloway on the record 5-30-07 - Britney Lets It Allllll Out - Britney Lets It Allllll Out:

"In the wake of Lindsay Lohan returning to rehab, our thoughts turn to OG
rehabilitator Britney Spears and her emotional and physical well-being. How is
she? According to a source quoted in The Sun, maybe not so hot, as she was seen
in the men's john at L.A.'s Sky Bar, vomiting 'uncontrollably.' As opposed to
vomiting in a controlled fashion."

What can be done? Honestly what can be done, these young people are sick and they are not getting any better. Lindsay Lohan is in rehab again and Britney Spears is drinking again. The only ones that are getting anything out of this is the rehab centers, and the bars of Hollywood.

new clues on holloway mystery on hannity & colmes 5-30-07

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Looks Like Calum Best Is A Coke Head Too

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Looks Like Calum Best Is A Coke Head Too:

"Lindsay Lohan's new boy toy, Calum Best, is real winner. Not only is a
womanizer, but sources say he has a coke problem himself. According to The Sun ,
Calum was recently filmed snorting loads of cocaine and having sex with two

I think that cocaine is the new producers couch in Hollywood these days. If you aren't on it, than you are no one. It is a sad culture, and isn't just Hollywood. We live in a very drug dependent and accepting culture. Our culture is growing more lazy, and unwilling to face difficulties, we don't want to work for our happiness so we take a pill, or do a line. This isn't just Hollywood, and it isn't just coke.

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: And Now, a Moment with Rosie...

Cavuto Asks: Would TB Scare Hurt the Stock Market?


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