Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jury Selection Round 2

The second round of jury selection for the Jessica Lunsford Trial continued today, with progress being made in small steps throughout the day towards to goal of 12 jurors and four alternates. While it looked like a jury might not be seated, at the last moment they came to a number that allowed for there to be 12 jurors and three alternates. This is not the goal that the judge had wanted of four alternates, but gaining another juror may require another round of jury summons and could result in losing a couple of the ones that have been seated.

Some people wonder why even have a trial, this man admitted to killing Lunsford, and the evidence proves the case. The jury of course will not hear the confession because he asked for a lawyer and was not given one, big mistake by the police there. However, it seems the tactic of the defense is not going to be to attempt to show the John Couey did not commit the crime, by that he is mentally retarded and should not be put to death. Opening statements could come as early as Thursday morning.

Just a moment to think about what is at stake here as the trial starts tomorrow. On the one hand is a little girl who was raped and murdered, and on the other is a mans life. I don't know that one can really know what it is like to really have to say if a person should live or die or not unless they have done so (I have not). This is going to be a hard trial.

This is crazy....

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