Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Europe getting a universal cell-phone charger - CNN.com

Europe getting a universal cell-phone charger - CNN.com

Universal cell phone chargers seem like a win-win for almost everyone. Well, except for the cellphone companies I guess. But even they could save money in purchasing chargers, since they wouldn't all need individual and unique models.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » NYT: Blogosphere lags behind big media — except for Hot Air

Hot Air » Blog Archive » NYT: Blogosphere lags behind big media — except for Hot Air

Hot Air and Talking Points Memo lead the news cycle according to a recent study of news online. Does that mean news makers pick up big stories from these sites and push them into bigger circulation - or does it mean that these two sites are good at spotting stories before they go big?


PTL... Who knew Kelly was so funny...

"PTL": Kelly Osbourne Coins New "OMG" Replacement | Best Week Ever

Read through this, it is pretty funny. Also she is right about Nancy Grace, she does say that a whole lot... kind of absurdly a whole lot now that I think about it.

LiLohan isn't looking her age at all...

Lilo in West Hollywood | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Shock campaign-Graphic Content

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Wrap

Murdoch papers paid out £1m to gag phone-hacking victims | Media | The Guardian

I hope this story isn't true. As a journalist I can understand the hunger for information, and the rush to get something that no one else has. However, breaking the law and invading privacy are not the right way to do this.

Betty White Dead? 'Today' Makes Grave Mistake | TMZ.com

She does look like she is almost dead, doesn't she. Well, honestly I hope she isn't going to be dying anytime soon.

Consumerist - Comcast Installer Robs Check Cashing Store - Comcast

Yeah, I don't have much to say about this. It seem pretty clear that when you go to do a crime you should do everything you can not to be identified.

Consumerist - People Trust Stuff They Read Online More Than Nearly Any Other Medium - Trust

Again, I hope this isn't true. Not that newspaper, or TV are bastions of truth - see above. However there is soo much junk on the internet, and so many people who don't care a bit about truth. They pass on rumors, and scandal with little concern for accuracy.

Google Announces PC Operating System to Compete with Windows | Epicenter | Wired.com

People have been waiting for this for a while haven't they. I have. Bring it on Google...

Consumerist - Top 10 Ironic Ads From History - History

There are a number of funny ads here.

A vs B - Biscuit Holes at Hardee's

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Palin circus goes on...

Dallas Police Chase Ends In Nasty Crash 6-29-09

Shep Smith does the best play by play on car chases doesn't he?

The Wrap

Sarah Palin story sparks Republican family feud - Jonathan Martin - POLITICO.com

Wow, could the fighting be any more intense and open than it appears to be within the republican party right now. They are bitter about losing the election no doubt and still looking for people to blame. Silly republicans... it isn't people but ideas that are to blame.


OK Mag is getting flack for the use of a photo showing Micheal Jackson on a stretcher, probably on his way to the ambulance. We are talking about someone who was one of the most public figures in the world, so if the picture was taken there is no doubt it would have been seen. I don't know if it needed to be on the cover though.


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