Monday, November 10, 2008

Take care of your workers

Look at the slide that the stock took after they sacked all their good workers for cheaper ones.
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The View talks about Prop 8

and Sherri acts stupid, again. While Whoopi made sense.
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First, Hasselbeck (whose enraged gay stylist dressed her today in a yellow pirate blouse over sushi pajamas) claimed that 62% of California voters said "yes" to Prop 8, a figure that overshoots actual reality by, oh, about ten percent. Then, Shepherd demurred when pressed on the biblical definition of marriage that she had so ardently defended, admitting, "This is what's bad, 'cause I don't even remember." Lest you think she was some sort of bigot, though, she hastened to add that she still hadn't picked out a wedding gift for her friend DeGeneres. Somehow, we think that not nullifying her marriage may go over better than a set of steak knives.

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Inside Story - Reaching out to the tribes - Nov 2008 9 part 1

Ben Stein:


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