Thursday, June 14, 2007

Abbas declares state of emergency, dissolves government - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Abbas declares state of emergency, dissolves government - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

This is bad news for everyone, especially the Palestinian people who are in
for more misery. In the coming weeks I suspect we will hear quite a lot of
discussions about not only the failures of Abbas but also the failures of the
US, EU and Israel in working together. Putting Abbas in impossible situations,
doomed to fail, has only provided benefit to the extremist Hamas. We do not need
posturing, we need a pragmatic plan but such ideas never seem to fit with this

It looks like the Palestinians are headed into more conflict. This reminds me of "The Life of Brian". There is a great scene where they are sitting in the auditorium talking about the different groups of Resistance. One of the best lines of the movie, "the only people we hate more than the Romans, is the People Front of Judea". It is hard to believe that there is going to be peace in that area for a long time. I know that some people are pointing fingers back at the Americans for shutting off the aid. However the reason that the aid was shut off, was that the government was effectively taken over by terrorists. Why provide aid to a group that is just as likely to use that aid to attack Israel, as not. If the Palestinian leaders want to do something for their people, they can accept the simple requests by Israel and the international community. Renounce violence, accept the right of Israel to exist and abide by past agreements.

I used to have much more sympathy for the Palestinians, they lost a lot of that when Israel pulled out of Gaza. Instead of creating a homeland, they used it as a base to launch attacks against Israel. What is in the best interest of the Palestinians is peace, and the leaders seem bent on conflict.

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