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Who is Mandy Moore?

Who is Mandy Moore...

Mandy Moore, an actress and singer was born New Hampshire and grew up in Florida. She came to the publics attention when she released her first album in 1999, "So Real", she followed that up with albums, "I want to be with you" in 2000, "Mandy Moore" in 2001 and "Coverage" in 2003. She has an album due to be released in 2007, "Wild Hope".

She has branched out into acting, with her first movie a popular teen movie, "A Walk To Remember", which she made in 2002. She has acted in other movies including "American Dreamz" which was released in 2006 and "Saved!" which was released in 2004. She stared along side Anne Hathaway in the popular "Princess Diary" movies as a popular cheerleader opposite Hathaway.

She has received a good deal of attention by the celebrity media, for her relationships with tennis star Andy Roddick, Wilmer Valderrama, and most recently Zach Braff.

Moore toured with the Back Street Boys throughout 1999, the same year that her first album was released, which reached number thirty-one on Billboards top 200. At the time she was considered to be one of the crop of rising and over sold young female singers that included Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. While she reached the main stream radio younger than both Simpson and Spears, she also had less success and her album did not receive great reviews.

She has worked with a number of different companies and non-profits and She worked with Nuetrogena as a spokesperson, appearing in commercials and ads. She had done modeling for Couch handbags in Japan. Moore worked also with the non-profit organization Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

She dated Wilmer Valderramma in the year 2002 for eighteen months, Valderrama later discussed his relationship with Moore on the Howard Stern show, an interview in which he did not mention any sexual relationship though it was widely reported that he had. Moore said that Valderrama was a gentleman and a "good guy" after the interview aired. Between the year 2002 and march of 2004, she dated tennis star Andy Roddick. She dated Zach Braff between the years 2004 and late 2006, during which time there was rumors that they were engaged. Since the split from Braff, she has been connected to DJ AM, who was formerly engaged to Nicole Richie.

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