Monday, May 10, 2010

"Clinton Now Means Hillary, Not Bill, Who Stands In Her Shadow." [Clips]

"Clinton Now Means Hillary, Not Bill, Who Stands In Her Shadow." [Clips]: "
60 Minutes's recent Hillary Clinton profile includes a rare look inside her office, plus a question about whether she perceives 'a viewpoint of gender bigotry, so to speak' (just say 'sexism,' it's shorter) when people ask what her husband thinks. More »

This loss will change what it means to be conservative...

and what it means to be liberal ultimately. In the end, I think both sides are going to be further apart than ever and our democracy is going to suffer.

in reference to: 'Tea party' clout: What was learned from Sen. Robert Bennett loss - (view on Google Sidewiki)

McCain TV Ad: "Complete The Danged Fence"

It really is sad

We are losing something as a nation, as we lose our ability to talk to each other.

in reference to: Why I Hate the Politics of Hate - The Daily Beast (view on Google Sidewiki)

Market Crash 05/06/2010

Kagan shouldn't be on the court.

I didn't like Miers for much the same reasons.

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"President Obama has just nominated Elena Kagan, the 
current Solicitor General, to replace John Paul Stevens on the Court.  In 
many ways, Kagan mirrors Miers: a female legal eagle with no judicial 
experience, paper trail, or known guiding legal philosophy."
- » Kagan: THIS Harriet Miers Will Get Confirmed - Big Government (view on Google Sidewiki)

Noam Chomsky on right wing Tea Party protests, " People with real grieva...

That is the problem with a secret trick...

If you share it, you risk it being resolved so it no longer works. But if you don't share it, what good is it to know something cool - if no one else knows you know it.

in reference to: How to Force Anyone to Follow You on Twitter - Twitter hack - Gizmodo (view on Google Sidewiki)

You better watch out...

You never know how the store clerk is going to respond to theft.

in reference to: CVS Employee Strangles Shoplifter - The Consumerist (view on Google Sidewiki)

What a smart guy?

Drew is still hot!

Well of course...

Who doesn't love Betty White?

in reference to: Betty White Scores “SNL” 18-Month Ratings High (view on Google Sidewiki)


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