Sunday, April 8, 2007

This is crazy...

Paris Hilton

Ambulance Crash...


Lindsay Lohan looking HOT in photoshoot
Oh My MANDY MOORE looking beautiful in May Issue of Elle Magazine
Anna Nicole Smith's baby Danielynn, will find out who her Father is on TUESDAY!!
Joss Stone pictured with a rooster for her new PETA ad
Courteney Cox gives the paparazzi the finger
Jude Law & Sienna's War of Words
Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Kiss And Cuddle
Stern Will Not Fight for Custody If Birkhead's the Dad
Ashlee Simpson Looking HOT HOT HOT in June edition of Cosmo Magazine
Reese and Kids On an Easter Egg Hunt
Is Catherine Zeta Jones Unhappy with Douglas?
Rumer Willis gets her first feature film
Britney Spears spotted at lipo clinic
Katharine McPhee in Self magazine
Lindsay Lohan and the paparazzi visit the salon
Cruise Ship carrying about 1,500 sinks after hitting Volcanic Rock
Suri Cruise Gets Clipped
Mary Kate Olsen's Public Affection - Pictures!
Britney hooks up with another loser
“The Simple Life” Gets “Absurd”
Tom Cruise wants to detox September 11 emergency workers
Mary Kate Olsen Making Out With Max Snow
Bald Britney is going to be on CSI
Kate Moss and Pete To Start Family
Enough About Sanjaya…
Jennifer Lopez's View On Size Zero Girls
Never Before Seen Anna Nicole Shots To Appear In Playboy Tribute
Katie Holmes Has Been Replaced By Look-Alike
Hilary & Lindasy - BFF?
Justin Timberlake Hates Gossip Rags
Nicole Richie’s Stupid Excuses Continues
Kelly's Big Bust is a Novelty in Hollywood
Paris Hilton: prison bitch? What will her first day be like?
Have you heard Howard Stern dropped the Dannielynn DNA case?
H&M Chefs Disappointed With Madonna’s New Line
Kate Moss in barely-there shorts
Anna Nicole: True Father to be Finally Revealed by Court
Ryan Seacrest Chooses Jordin Sparks To Win American Idol
Lindsay Lohan's 5 Guys in Less Than A Week
Was There a Drag Beyonce on the Today Show?
Chris Rock Agrees To Take A Paternity Test
Lindsay Lohan 3 Weeks Sober!
Lindsay Lohan and Kimberly Stewart do lunch
Mariah Carey wants to adopt? Just get a cat, girlfriend
Sanjaya to get FREE KFC for LIFE?
Ron Jeremy Cops A Feel And The Cops Come Knocking
Complete 'American Idol' reviews from Tony Bennett night
Kate and Pete's home video a hit on the internet
Halle Berry Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Angelina Jolie dumps Brad & the Kids!!!!
Publicist Dishes On Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears Split
Idol Execs Say Sanjaya Won’t Last!
Hotel Guests Hear Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Getting It On
Ron Jeremy Could Face Charges For Grabbing A Girl's Nipples
Britney Spears re Kevin Federline: “You were my biggest mistake”
37 Famously Stupid Celebrity Quotes
American Idol - Classics with Tony B
Another day, another Courtney Love bikini pic...looking nothing like herself
Mary Kate and Sienna on crusade to bring back the Scrunchie

Scarlett Johansson Not Looking For A Man
Mary Kate Olsen's Public Affection
Lindsay Lohan's New Modeling Contract
Britney's New Man is A Pervert!
Another Rehab Romance For Britney Spears
Lindsay Lohan Desperate To Play Princess Diana
Lindsay Lohan's 5 Guys in Less Than A Week
Aishwarya Rai at "Provoked" London Photocall
Angelina Jolie Likes To Rub Her Body With Lotion

Kirsten Dunst is Doesn't Care if You Don't Like It
Britney Spears is Less Rich
Avril Lavigne Hates Britney Spears
Beyonce Still Looks Like a Drag Queen
Guess What Lindsay Lohan is Doing
Britney Spears is Delicious

Anderson Cooper On Spate Of Man Dates
Madonna To Wrap LES In Little Red Strings
Gossip Roundup: The Anna Nicole Smith Diaries
New York Times Co. Gets A Vote Of No-Confidence
The Little People Weigh In On Tribune Sale
Even The Window Fa├žades In Chelsea Aren't Straight
11 Things You Need To Know About The Tribune Sale
Gossip Roundup: Is Anyone Handling Paris Hilton?
Jane Pratt Isn't The Type To Go Around Telling People She Had Sex With Drew Barrymore
New Website Offers Rich People Opportunity To Buy More Meaningful Rich People Things
How Christina Kelly Changed Jane Pratt's Life

Hollywood MonkeyWatch: One Monkey, So Many Questions
The Boy Who Slayed 'Idol?': A Sanjayamania Round-Up
Kevin Costner Sues Promoter For Failing To Make World Care About His Shitty Band
Today In Second-Hand Office Furnishings Once Touched By Lovable Famous People
A Grateful Halle Berry Invites Her Fans To Get All Up Inside Her On Her Special Day
Short Ends: Keith Richards: 'I Did Not Snort My Father'

Jordan is fugly and pregs
JLO could never be a size zero, really!

Lindsay Lohan is Allergic to Clothes
Lohan is not amused. [Flickr]
Kate Moss Loves Pork Rinds, Will Soon Pork Rings
Mariah Carey Heard Babies Make You Look Thin, Plans to Adopt

Cameron in Hawaii again
Hayden and Hilary Party The Night Away
JT Drunk at Parc
Ricci in Player

Britney Spears Currently Making Out With Crappy Singer/Songwriter
GAMES: 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself
Is Lindsay Lohan the Next Princess Di?

MK & Max Snow Do A New York Rangers Game
Celebrity Babies - Who's the Cutest?
Michael Jackson Celebrates His Daughter, Paris' Birthday - Video
Daisy Lowe, Gwen Stefani's Step Daughter is a Cutie!
K-FED's EX Had A Little Surgery
Lindsey Needs To Remember To Breathe
Graffiti Vandals Make Madonna ‘Cry’ in Poster
Halle Berry Gets A Star
Mariah To Adopt?

No, Not THAT Sasha Cohen!
Stern's Girl Rocks On
Hottest Videos -- Week of 04/01
The Z List - This Week's Biggest Losers 04/07/07
A Lindsay and Mischa Feud?
Britney Sure Knows How to Pick 'Em!
O'Reilled Up -- Bill & Geraldo Go Nuclear!
Chris Klein Scores Holmes Look-alike
Cindy Crawford Is Still Smokin' Hot
"Idol" Ratings Down, Sanjaya to Blame?
Mary-Kate Pucks Around
Is There an L.C. Sex Tape?
Another Britney Relationship on the Rocks
Gay Fairy Tale Weddings OK at Disneyland
If Sanjaya Wins Idol...
Sanjaya Buzz In Music Biz
Sienna's Buddies Take Out Photog
Trump Gives McMahon a Britney
Sanjaya: Finger Lickin' Good?
Kelly Osbourne: Little Miss Sunshine
Heather Mills On-Air Breakdown: I'm No Gold Digger!
Virgie Arthur Rears Head -- Again
O'Reilly Blasts O'Donnell, Paper Brands Her "Tokyo Rosie"
Anna Nicole Baby Daddy Couture
Woman Shot in Face at CNN Headquarters
CNN To Miles, Soledad -- Bye Bye O'Briens
Hayden Panettiere: Don't Call Me Lindsay!
Richards: I Didn't Really Snort My Father!
Jessica Simpson and That Guy She's Dating
Ron Jeremy Allegedly Cops a Feel; Cops Called
MySpace Hunger Striker Wanted to "Motivate" People

Lindsay Lohan shows off her bra
Mary-Kate Olsen attracts a guy
Jenna Jameson still skinny
Sanjaya Malakar's sister naked with guitar
Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler don't have a sex tape
Mariah Carey might adopt
Ron Jeremy grabs boobies
John Travolta makes emergency landing
Paris Hilton takes herself too seriously
Jacko Celebrates Paris' Birthday -- Not THAT Paris

Jennifer Garner's Mommy Break
What Sequel Are You Most Excited For?
Naomi and Liev to Tie the Knot?
Ashley Puts in The Long Hours at the Office
Mischa Celebrates Easter! At a Nightclub...
Jen and Violet Slip Sliding Away
Lohan Walks Her Puppies!
Mary and Max Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Jessica Catches Up With Her Second Favorite Man
LL Inks Deal with Jill Stuart
American Idol Season 6 "Incredible" Sanjaya
Kirsten Gears Up for Spider-Man 3
America Ferrera Is Far From Ugly
Tobey's Money Motivation
Another New Man for Britney
American Idol Season 6: Goodbye Gina
Kate Moss is So Normal, She's Unrecognizable
Paris Attacked (by Manhattan Mini Storage Ad)
Cameron Can't Stay Away from Hawaii
Lindsay & Hilary Bury the Hatchet to Celebrate Dignity
Sienna and James Stroll, Sienna and Diddy Party
J Lo is a Good Wife, US Citizen
Marky Mark's Marine Training Made Him Tougher
Lindsay is All Hands on the Turntables

Tabloid Suitors Pissed at Angelina Jolie For 'Going Steady' With People, Refusing to Put Out
It's A Tough Year To Be A Valedictorian With Perfect SAT's And An Impeccable GPA
Sean Lennon Isn't Paul McCartney's Little Girl Anymore
Rita Cosby Talks About Her Unique Brand Of Journalism
Breaking: Shots Fired At CNN Center In Atlanta, Ted Turner Claims He Has An 'Airtight Alibi'
Miles And Soledad O'Brien Booted From Anchoring CNN's American Morning; Duo Will Reportedly Stay On As Correspondents Until 'Something Better' Comes Along
Open Apology To Maria Bartiromo
Jane Pratt Denies Bringing Up Drew Barrymore Sex Thing

All Systems Go for Tuesday DNA Reveal (
Britney gets lippy in Las Vegas (The Sun)
Is There an L.C. Sex Tape? (
Britney Spears Cuts Price on Malibu Mansion (Frank Swertlow/
Sister Wanted Anna Nicole Buried Next To Monroe. (FemaleFirst)
Dita Von Teese on Marilyn Manson: 'We're Not Friends' (Jon Warech/
Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Get Close (
STAR EXCLUSIVE! K-Fed's Younger Brother in Jail for Boozing! (Star)
Hilary Duff & Lindsay Lohan: Mean Girls No More (
Jennifer Lopez: I Could Never Be a Size Zero (Courtney Rubin/
Whitney Houston gets child custody (Associated Press)
Pete Doherty's penis piercing (FemaleFirst)
MORE FACE TIME - LINDSAY Lohan has another modeling contract ... (New York Post)
Lauren Conrad Sex Tape - Coming Soon! (Phil/Egotastic!)
Anna Nicole's partner drops DNA appeal (Jessica Robertson/Associated Press)
Trump Wins at Wrestlemania, Keeps His Hair (Caris Davis/

Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Rumors Heat Up
Cameron Federline, Brother of K-Fed, Jailed
Britney Spears’ Rehab Romance… With Howie Day?
Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Dating For Real!
The Heck With Sanjaya. Meet Shyamali Malakar.
Gina Glocksen Voted Off American Idol, Sanjaya Malakar Lives to Suck Another Week
Katie Rees Lives It Up in Las Vegas
Ryan Seacrest Picks Jordin Sparks to Win American Idol
Sanjaya Malakar Fever Spreads to Kentucky Fried Chicken
Worst Celebrity Feud Ever: O’Donnell vs. O’Reilly
American Idol Top Nine: Sanjaya Malakar Doesn’t Suck
Ron Jeremy Accused of Grabbing Giant Boobs
Thank Goodness: Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan Hug, Make Up
Sanjaya Malakar Has a Fan in Rose McGowan
Hayden Panettiere: Who You Callin’ Lindsay?
Kate Moss Sex Tape May Be In the Works
Shanna Moakler Picks Dancing with the Stars Finalists
Angelina Jolie to adopt again (FemaleFirst)
J.Lo - Jury Duty-licious (
Jessica Simpson's noisy passion (FemaleFirst)
Jessica Simpson hollas bed (Fatback Y'All/Fatback and Collards)
Kate Moss gives Pete's home video the X factor (Daily Mail)
Mariah Carey to adopt? (FemaleFirst)
Ivanka Trump: Smart Is Sexy (Laura Hahn/
Britney says K-Fed her 'biggest mistake' (Jeannette Walls/MSNBC)
Lindsay & Hilary: Burying the Hatchet (Us Weekly)
Richards: I Didn't Really Snort My Father! (
Tori Talks: How Angelina Helped My Birth (Noelle Hancock/Us Weekly)

BMD Focus: MDA`s new THAAD success - Monsters and
Iranaian: UK Can Help Mend Relations - Forbes
Kaspersky Lab Discovers First iPod-Specific Virus - PC Magazine
US unveils anti-rollover rule Ford, GM to beat its 2012 dealine - Chicago Tribune
Report: Global Warming to Change Climate of American Southwest - Washington Post
With British naval crew's return, the questions begin - Los Angeles Times
Vonage can't sign up new customers, judge rules - International Herald Tribune
Giuliani Gets Personal - CBS News
Sunni group condemns Iraq al-Qaeda -
Infamous US feud may be explained by rare disease - Taipei Times
Obama Pushes Housing Plan - Forbes

3 University of Minn. Football Players Accused of Sexual Assault
Bill Richardson Arrives in North Korea
Sisters Arrested After Baby Found in Garbage Bag
Report: Cruise Ship Captain Blames Sea Currents for Sinking
Senate Armed Services Panel Chief Pledges Funds For Troops
Roadside Bombs Kill 7 NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan
Motorcyclist Injured After Hitting Bathtub on La. Interstate
Herbal Supplement May Help Treat Recurrent Bladder Infection
Minister Found Beaten to Death in Virginia Parsonage
Bush Gets Down and Dirty With Fox Nomination
Gingrich: Gonzales Should Consider Resigning
Fire Shuts Down Nuclear Reactor North of New York City
Judge Rules Sex Offenders Can Live Under Bridge
Six Charged With Negligence in Greek Cruise Sinking
Police: 9-Month-Old Baby Killed in High Speed Chase in Texas
Afghan President Karzai Acknowledges Taliban Meetings
Fisherman Pulls in 90-Year-Old Rockfish Off Alaska Coast
Britney Spears Locked Into Deal With Manager She 'Hatess
Supermodel Kate Moss Forthcoming Clothing Line Copies Others
'Girls Gone Wild' Founder Refuses to Surrender
Giuliani Defends Italian Heritage After 'Godfather' Mimickry
Senators Seek to Make Public Documents on Attorney Firings
Child Psychiatrist Accused of Molesting Patients
New Climate Report Could Fuel Response from Congress
The Administrative Burden of No Child Left Behind

Somali pirates free seized ships
Turks held hostage in Nigeria
Pakistan to act on cleric threat
Top US envoy on Somalia mission

A Gandhi presses the flesh to woo India's largest state
Foreclosure's shadow falls across diverse set of US homeowners
Strong hiring hints at stable US growth

Will global warming threaten national security?
The greatest living critic
Injured troops shipped back into battle
Letter from Gaza
John Edwards live
The Fix: China gets its first gay TV show. The Wal-Mart spy story
The Fix: Disney allows gay fairy-tale weddings
Last chance for Mideast peace
The real Fox News Democrats
Another conservative has a change of heart
The Fix: Jailed blogger released.

NATO Troops Take Over Taliban Stronghold
US Troops Battle Shiite Gunmen
Wal-Mart Dog Treats Join Pet Food Recall
Capt., 5 Others Charged in Ship Sinking
Captain of Sunken Cruise Ship Is Charged
'Anarchy' and 'Bull!' on 'O'Reilly Factor'
Best Buy Service Trumps Circuit City
Sex Offenders Live Under Miami Bridge
Suicide Chlorine Bombing Kills 27
Freed Britons Say 'Confessions' Coerced
Forecaster Blasts Gore on Global Warming

WP: Barriers to divorce fade in China
Captain, officers charged in ship sinking
Iranian diplomat alleges torture by CIA
Billionaire blasts off for space station
Vonage can add customers afterall
Few border-crossers prosecuted
More dignified return for slain troops
NBC: Gonzales aide to resign
VP reasserts al-Qaida-Saddam link
WP: Saddam's ties to al-Qaida discounted
Greek cruise ship sinks after hitting rocks
Karzai admits meetings Taliban
China probes tainted wheat gluten

Iranian diplomat says CIA tortured him
Baby killed during police chase
Debate 'warming' over Calif. water supply
Iranians, Britons accuse each other of propaganda
Karzai acknowledges meeting with Taliban
Psychiatrist accused of molesting patients
Pelosi: Mideast Trip strengthened ties
Miami sex offenders living under bridge
Top Gonzales aide resigns
Stricter emission limits get a boost
FDA blocks tainted wheat gluten in pet food
Iranian freed in Iraq after 2 months
Edwards: 'This is what I wanted to do'
Tsunami toll rises on Solomon Islands
1 dead in Atlanta CNN complex shooting
Pet-food contaminant not found in human food
Giuliani makes Iowa debut
Importer: No bad wheat gluten in human foods
Obama raises $25 million, rivals Clinton in fundraising
Chicago police accused in another bar fight
Boys contaminate W.Va. town with mercury
Asia's richest woman dies at age 69

NATO troops take over Taliban stronghold (AP)
Pirates free UN, Indian ships seized off Somalia (AFP)
U.S. denies Iranian claim of CIA torture (AP)
Top US diplomat turns world spotlight on Somali conflict (AFP)
Scientists get last say in climate study (AP)
13,000 Guard troops prepare for Iraq (AP)
YouTube seeks to end ban in Thailand (AP)
Russian rocket carrying U.S. billionaire blasts off en route to international space station
Retailers explore movie download options (AP)
Man from Indonesia's Central Java dies of bird flu (Reuters)
Best Buy service trumps Circuit City (AP)
US acknowledges 'challenge' of climate change (AFP)
Vonage injunction revised in patent spat (AP)
Two missing from Greek cruise ship (Reuters)
Miami sex offenders live under a bridge (AP)
Second Gonzales aide resigns over US attorney flap (Reuters)
Afghan president: I met with Taliban (AP)
U.S., Iraqi troops fight Shiite militia (AP)
Iranian: U.K. can help mend relations (AP)
Iran calls on Britain for goodwill after releases (Reuters)

TXU drops threat to close power plants
110-mph chase ends in baby's death
Freed Iranian diplomat: CIA tortured me
Captain in Greek shipwreck is charged
Report: U.S. to file piracy case against China
Buffett buys big Burlington stake
'Girls Gone Wild' founder ordered jailed
Stores struggling, Wal-Mart reshapes the top
Union group slams Verizon CEO's pay
Gonzales aide who invoked Fifth quits
Prince William mourns female friend killed by bomb
War bleeds Baghdad of its best
Giant, ancient fish reeled in off Alaska
Unemployment makes unexpected dip
Cheney: Pelosi shows 'bad behavior' in Syria
Hugh Hefner: I'm not the daddy
Vonage: Ruling a 'bullet to head'
Child psychiatrist accused of molesting boys
Disney lets gays, lesbians have fairy tale weddings
Author questions famous Cold War spy's guilt

How to win over landlords even with pets or shaky rental record
Jobs report to set weak tone for U.S. shares next week
Corporate profits, prospects dictate unique index fund's strategy
Citi may buy Indian hedge fund to hire director: report
Bush again threatens to veto war-spending bills
Radio address by the President to the nation
Jackson Hewitt begins internal review of fraud allegations
Dollar surges against rival currencies after March jobs report
Grocer Kroger may be buyout target: report
Here's what climate change is really costing us
Google to get boost from changes at Internet traffic monitor
A wave of airline mergers may be on Europe's horizon

Warren Buffett's Priceless Investment Advice

Keeping Your Piece of the American Dream
Wal-Mart Adds Two Executive Posts
FDA Delays Decision on Wyeth Drug

Why are free trade agreements "contagious"?
Corn prices in Mexico

Meet the New Realtor: Google

Neil Cavuto And Guest Bash Bank of America

Ashlee Simpson

Mandy Moore...

Joss Stone...

America Ferrera...

Jennifer Lopez...

Sanjaya's hot sister... well, kind of hot.

Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan...

Geo Leo

Lily Cole

Who Is...

Who is Ann Coulter...

Ann Coulter is a conservative writer and commentator on news shows. She is known mostly for her strong opinions and her strong words voicing those opinions and has been named "Rush Limbaugh in a mini-skirt".

Coulter was born in New York City and moved with her family to Connecticut, her father was a lawyer that Coulter has described as being a union buster. She graduated from Cornell University in 1984 and recieved her law degree from University of Michigan Law School where she was an editor for the Michigan Law Review. In Michigan Coulter founded a local Federalist Society and trained at the National Journalism Center.

After law school she worked as a clerk in the United States Court of Appeal in Kansas. She also worked in the Senate Judiciary Committee when the republicans took control of congress in 1994, where she handled crime and immigration issues for Senator Spencer Abraham. While working for Abraham she was a part of creating a bill that made it easier to deport immigrants who were convicted of felonies. She went on to work with the Center for Individual Rights.

While she in single now, she has been connected to Spin Magazine publisher, Bob Guccione and conservative writer Dinesh D'Souza. She has a place in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida where she is registered to vote. She is reported to like "The Grateful Dead", the Bible, Anna Karenina and true crime stories.

Coulter first appeared in the media in 1996 when she was hired by MSNBC as a legal correspondent. She was actually fired from MSNBC twice, the first time for an insult to Pamela Harriman, while MSNBC was covering her memorial. The second was a result of a conversation regarding land-mines, in which Robert Muller - co-founder of the international organization to ban land-mines - stated that 90 percent of the soldiers in Vietnam were killed by our own land-mines. Coulter responded by saying, "no wonder you guys lost". Her being fired though, freed her to work with CNN and Fox News Network.

She has appeared in three films, "FahrenHYPE 9/11", a rebuke to Micheal Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11", "Feeding the Beast", a documentary on the 24-Hour news cycle and "Is It True What They Say About Ann?" She is a frequent guest on radio shows such as Sean Hannity's, Rush Limbaugh's and Mike Gallagher's.

She has published a number of books, her latest book "Goddless:The Church of Liberalism", debuted at number one on the New York Times best sellers list. In it she talks about how Liberals are against the church, while holding all the qualities of being a religion themselves. She has another book due to be released in 2007, "If Democrats had any brains, they would be republican".

Her column which is publish by United Press Syndicate is published in a number of news papers across the country, at a number of conservative news sites on the internet and at her own internet site. She is said to have a strongly loyal conservative base of readers, which is why many papers run her column.

She has not been loved by everyone though, she had a dispute with the editors of National Review Online over and article she had written after the Sept. 11th attacks, in which she was asked to make changes. USA Today refused to print her coverage of the Democratic Convention in Boston after she referred to it as the spawn of Satan and described some of the womyn present as being, "corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons." She was also dropped by the Arizona Daily Star, after it said they had received complaints about her style and her tone. She most recently made headline for calling John Edwards a fagot, in the wake of which it was reported a number of papers dropped her column.

Coulter has taken a number of roles in public life, from assisting the lawyers of Paula Jones in her lawsuit against President Clinton. She was strongly against a settlement in the case, believing that the case was strong and a settlement would lead to the suggestion that it was based on getting money for Jones. She thought about running as a candidate for congress for the Libertarian party in Connecticut in 2000, to act as a spoiler to republican candidate Christopher Shays. She wanted to punish Shays for voting against the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

She may be best known for her comment on the widows of 9/11:
These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. These self-obsessed women seemed genuinely unaware that 9/11 was an attack on our nation and acted as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them. ... I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much ... the Democrat ratpack gals endorsed John Kerry for president ... cutting campaign commercials... how do we know their husbands weren't planning to divorce these harpies? Now that their shelf life is dwindling, they'd better hurry up and appear in Playboy.

Steve Forbes Endorses Rudy Giuliani


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