Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joy Behar VS Ann Coulter Pt 2

Ahhh, young love

Celebrity Dirt with Jackson Blue: Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas getting back together!!

That Miley girl is taking another step down the Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan walk of fame every day it seems. I am so proud of her.

Ahhh Married people fight

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are fighting again

Hollywood marriages are never that strong, but theirs seems to be lasting pretty good.

That one isn't very bright.

I want to be the one to walk along and find the open door and all the money on the ground.

Out for a nice drive in your homemade tank?

A head band collection?

Mischa Barton Debuts Her Spring Headband Collection

I bet that was a lot of work, it is too bad Mischa totally lacks a fashion sense.

I hate to say it, but do they really think she is alive

Image shows what missing tot Madeleine McCann may look like -

I don't think this is an OJ Simpson moment of looking for the real killer.

Way to drive buddy!

Don't get tunnel vision in a race

Want to see what it is like to fall into a black hole.

Hey where's the Lindsay Lohan music? ("Have you fallen in black hole?")


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