Monday, April 2, 2007

Who is... Graydon Carter

Graydon Carter is the current editor of Vanity Fair magazine. He started his career at Time magazine as a writer-trainee, it is at Time that he met, Kurt Anderson, who he started Spy Magazine with in 1986. When Spy closed down Carter became the editor at New York Observer. He worked at the New York Observer until he took over the editor job at Vanity Fair when Tina Brown left to work at The New Yorker. The style of Vanity Fair under his leadership has been a combination of high visibility celebrity stories, combined with in depth journalism. This balance has been something that has leaned at times in one way, and at times in the other.

In his "Editors Letter"s he has taken a strong stand against Bush and this administration. He calls himself a libertarian though, saying that as he gets older he finds it harder to feel like he wants to support either of the major parties. He describes feeling like there is so much more gray now that when he was younger.

He has had a strong connection with Hollywood and been a producer on a number of movies over the last couple years. These movies include the movies, 9/11, Chicago 10, and two up coming movies, Hunter and Surfwise. He is also the author of a book, titled "What We Lost", discussing the changes the country has taken during the Bush Administration, that he does not support.

Carter discusses these topics and many more with great cogency and specificity, detailing what Bush's radical agenda means for America's future--and its future standing in the world. What We've Lost is not the position paper of a policy wonk or a pundit, but the impassioned argument of a concerned citizen in response to the most precarious political crisis of our time.


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