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Will Giuliani's beat-up-on-Democrats strategy backfire? - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine

Will Giuliani's beat-up-on-Democrats strategy backfire? - By John Dickerson - Slate Magazine:

"Giuliani gently chastised the heckler: 'We can't get into this partisan
bickering. The fact is that Republicans and Democrats have the same objectives.
They get very angry at us and we get very angry at them. Somehow we have to put
that anger aside. Democrats are loyal Americans. Republicans are loyal
Americans. I think we have better answers, but we have to respect each other.'"

Unfortunately Giuliani has changed his tone since making this comment. He has since claimed that Democrats want to lose the war against terror, among a number of other accusations. Maybe I should only speak for myself, but I think Americans are tired of the two parties spending so much time fighting in Washington that nothing gets done. It is time for Washington parties to be able to work together.

TOP 10: YouTube Debate Questions

Tuesday on Ellen - Lindsay Lohan

Tuesday on Ellen - Lindsay Lohan:

"“It’s been a dramatic year for actress LINDSAY LOHAN, and today, the teen queen
sets the record straight about her turbulent year in the press. Lindsay also
shares how she manages to handle the intense day-to-day media pressure while
maintaining her career. Then, Lindsay talks about working with two-time Oscar
winning actress Jane Fonda and Emmy winner Felicity Huffman in her latest film,
“Georgia Rule.” Plus, find out why Miss America 1944 is not a woman you want to
mess with when Ellen welcomes 82-year-old Venus Ramey to the show. "

It should be a good show and I hope that some of it will manage to make its way on to the internet so that I can share it with you. It will be good to see Lindsay at last and hear what she has to say about what has been going on. Unlike other members of her family I think she has taken the wise step of staying out of the media for a while. It will also be good to hear what is next for Lindsay.

NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'

NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'

Jude Law Dating Cameron Diaz? | Pop Crunch

Jude Law Dating Cameron Diaz? Pop Crunch:

"Cameron Diaz is reportedly dating Jude Law, her former co-star in the 2006
flick ‘The Holiday,’ after celebrity tattlers spied the British-born actor
flying into the States for a sexy dating with the sometimes blonde/ sometime
brunette ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star. "

My first thought was god no. On further thought they might be good for each other.

Crooks and Liars » Giuliani exaggerating (again)

Crooks and Liars » Giuliani exaggerating (again):

"To arrive at the number he likes to cite on the stump, Giuliani has to
claim credit for tax cuts initiated by others, tax cuts he opposed, and in one
instance, he counts one tax cut twice. Best of all, Giuliani includes a scuttled
tax increase on his list (”We don’t consider not raising a tax a tax cut,” said
Charles Brescher of the city’s Independent Budget Office)."

I think that this is one more example of why Giuliani should not be trusted.

Hitch vs. CAIR

Private Prisons and Family Values - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

Private Prisons and Family Values - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime:

"When politicians talk about “family values,” they rarely mention the importance
of family to prisoners. Most inmates will eventually be released. Some will
quickly return to crime. Those who have been regularly visited by family members
are less likely to recidivate. "

The whole issue around prisons and prisoners is a difficult one I think. If the purpose of the jail system is to reform the prisoner so that he or she may then become a member of society when they are released, steps like this seem counter productive. What you are doing is breaking the bonds that this person has with their family members and replacing it with a bond with other prisoners. It doesn't seem like an accident then that once they are released they are more prone to the activity of the group that they have the closest bond with, prisoners, and not the people that they have been alienated from, their friends and family.

I know in America it is unpopular to talk about prisoners as if they are people. The assumption among most of the population seems to be that they are just paying the price for their crimes. I understand that feeling and have similar feelings in a number of cases. However, many of them will become citizens again, and warehousing them for a set number of years in a violent environment doesn't do anything to make sure that they are better citizens when they get out than when they went in.

For this direct issue, perhaps they could make it the policy of the jails that they would only transfer people out of state if they are serving life sentences and will not be getting out. It doesn't make that much of a difference if they are not going to be released back into society.

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 07-31-2007

My Take on Tancredo's Take

No Justice for New Orleans - The Ag - News Summary - News in Brief - TIME

No Justice for New Orleans - The Ag - News Summary - News in Brief - TIME:

"Two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the buildings of New Orleans and
ripped up the fabric of the city's social identity, authorities are still
struggling to restore a fundamental element of law and order. In one telling
account, the LA Times recounts how the city DA recently dropped charges murder
charges 'against a man alleged to have massacred five teenagers, saying the sole
witness was nowhere to be found' only for a furious police chief to produce the
suspect after just a three hour search. The 'criminal justice system continues
to be plagued by political backbiting, inexplicable communication breakdowns
and, in some cases, outright incompetence,' writes the paper."

I think one of the greatest weaknesses of this administration is that while it focused so much energy into the war on terror and keeping us safe from international threats, it neglected domestic concerns. It has failed time and time again to address issues that needed federal leadership and funding domestically. It is important that we keep the country safe from external threats, but the power of the federal government needs to be used to address internal threats to our security as well.

Rice - Iran is Main Threat to Mideast - The Ag - News Summary - News in Brief - TIME

Rice - Iran is Main Threat to Mideast - The Ag - News Summary - News in Brief - TIME:

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has kicked off her Middle East tour with
some verbal fireworks for Iran. Traveling with Defense Secretary Robert Gates,
Rice told reporters that ' Iran constitutes the single most important,
single-country challenge to... US interests in the Middle East and to the kind
of Middle East that we want to see.' Rice and Gates will be rubber stamping a
series of Mideast arms deals with Israel, Egypt and the Gulf states, including
Saudi Arabia in order to 'counter terrorism and improve stability in the
region,' CNN reports."

I think that arming more of the regions countries creates more of a stalemate. A stalemate is like a mexican standoff, you have a group of people all pointing guns at each other. In this situation bringing more people with guns into the situation on any side does little to change the real balance of power. It just serves to make it that much more deadly if the standoff ends violently.

The only way that there is going to be stability in the region is getting Iran to disarm. Arming its enemies is not going to give Iran a motivation to disarm. It is going to do just the oppposite. I don't believe that Iran is developing nuclear fuel for power, but being out gunned by its neighbors is one good reason it would want nuclear arms. Pakistan developed nuclear arms because it knew that if it came down to a conventional war between itself and India, India could mop it up. It developed nuclear weapons to off set the imbalance in the terms of conventional warfare. Doing the same in the Persian Gulf will have the same results.

Democracy Now Headlines- Tues, July 31, 2007

Crooks and Liars » ‘Fourth Branch’ Cheney strikes again

Crooks and Liars » ‘Fourth Branch’ Cheney strikes again:

"Q: But you are principally a part of the executive branch, are you not?
CHENEY: Well, I suppose you could argue it either way. The fact is I do work
in both branches. Under the Constitution, I’m assigned responsibilities in the
legislative branch. Then the President obviously gives me responsibilities in
the executive branch. And I perform both those functions, although I think it
would be fair to say I spend more time on executive matters than legislative

So tell me again how he is not a part of the executive branch of the government. I think that the simple solution to this would be that since he has two offices, mandate that each serve its own branch. That way what ever is done at the vice presidents office at the legislature will be clear of White House over sight, and what ever happens at the White House office, since it would all be executive functions would fall under the over sight of the executive branch.

BREAKING... Home Depot dumps O'Reilly: "We will not... advertise on the Bill O’Reilly show" - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

BREAKING... Home Depot dumps O'Reilly: "We will not... advertise on the Bill O’Reilly show" - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Home Depot seems to have had a change of heart. They're now unequivocally
telling their customers that they will not advertise on Bill O'Reilly's show.
Oddly, however, they're now also claiming that they never advertised on
O'Reilly's show."

It appears unclear what this means. It could be said to be a victory for the DailyKos, but even if that is the case, the loser is not just Bill O'Reilly. I think that we all lost in this one, free speech has lost in this battle, there really was no way that it could come out of this battle a winner.

O'Reilly's Markos-destroying scoop? A picture of Lieberman fixing George Bush's zipper. - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

O'Reilly's Markos-destroying scoop? A picture of Lieberman fixing George Bush's zipper. - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"The 'big scoop' that FOX News' Bill O'Reilly was going to reveal last night,
the photo that he found on the DailyKos blog that was going to 'destroy' Markos
utterly and totally? It's a doctored photo of Joe Lieberman fixing George Bush's
zipper. I've seen this photo before, it's mildly amusing. But for O'Reilly to
bill this as a shocker that the audience isn't going to believe, something so
outrageous that it is going to 'destroy' Daily Kos, is the kind of totally
unmerited bluster that you'd expect from a desperate first year journalism
student, not from a wannabe-major network. To say that there is no 'there,
there' is an understatement."

This picture is childish more than anything else. Pictures like this, on either the right or the left, make me distrust the source. People will resort to personal attacks because they don't have solid ideas that will be stronger than their opponents. That is true across the board.

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Phoenix Truck Thief Might, Might Not be Responsible for News Chopper Deaths / Jossip

Phoenix Truck Thief Might, Might Not be Responsible for News Chopper Deaths / Jossip:

"It all depends on why you’re running and where you are. In most states, you can be convicted of first-degree murder, even if you didn’t intend for someone to die. These so-called “felony-murders” apply to those deaths that take place during the commission of certain types of felonies, like robbery, burglary, rape, and arson. […]
Does it matter that the reporters in the fatal helicopter crash presumably put themselves in harm’s way? Probably. The county attorney technically can charge the fleeing suspect with four counts of murder, but it’s unclear how strong the argument would be in practice. A judge might decide not to apply felony-murder because the cause of the crash was only
loosely related to the chase. Or a jury might acquit the driver because he couldn’t possibly have foreseen these outcomes. In other words, a reasonable person could expect traffic deaths to result from a car chase. But it might be unreasonable to expect a car chase to cause a collision between choppers pursuing a breaking news story."

It is sad that four news people lost their lives covering a story, and it was dangerous and reckless for Mr. Christopher Jones to attempt to evade the police. However it doesn't mean that he should be held liable for their deaths. It makes a good point, if he had struck another vehicle and killed someone, or caused a traffic accident that caused someones death, then he should be liable for that. The distinction among other things for me, is that other drivers on the road are probably unaware of what is going on, and do not choose to be in the drivers path. The news reporters known exactly what is going on, they choose to follow the story and they know the risks. Again it is sad that these brave reporters have lost their lives, but they made the choice, and took the chance.

Countdown: Worst Person July 31, 2007

Yup, she's definitely thinner | INF Daily

Yup, she's definitely thinner INF Daily:

"Kelly Osbourne has definitely lost some weight for her new role as Mama Morton
in the London production of 'Chicago.' "

One more reason to stand behind my long held belief that Kelly is a beautiful womyn. One that hasn't always been shared with many people I have known.

Courtney Love In Bad Shape

I’m Not Obsessed: Courtney Love In Bad Shape

"Courtney Love doesn’t look so healthy in these new shots of her shopping at
Kitson in LA. What is going on here? She looks disheveled and tired and… "

I hope this doesn't mean that she is headed for another of her special melt downs. She appears to have been doing so well lately, lets hope that it is just stress, or lack of sleep.

Jodie Sweetin Gives Her New Hubby a Lap Dance… » Right Celebrity

Jodie Sweetin Gives Her New Hubby a Lap Dance… » Right Celebrity:

"What ever happened to sweet little Stephanie Tanner from Full House? First
Jodie Sweetin went through a divorce after the cop she was married to found out
about her little meth problem. Then she “busted” back in on the scene with her
new boob job, shortly before marrying Cody Herpin, who she refers to as the man
of her dreams."

What is Britney Spears doing to that man, oh wait that isn't Britney Spears, that is little Stephanie Tanner.

Hollywoodtuna » Blog Archive » Just In! Kimberly Stewart’s Sister Ruby Is Hot!

Hollywoodtuna » Blog Archive » Just In! Kimberly Stewart’s Sister Ruby Is Hot!

I have to agree that she is hotter than Kimberly, we should see more of her.

Oh No She Didn't!!! | Dlisted

Oh No She Didn't!!! Dlisted:

"right now
paula abdul would yell action
and the result would be
what we all see
there r times
u r so broken
love less
so needy for love
the black hole
satan vortex
gains and drains
we brave enuf
or stoned enuf
to allow access
to the swampy crazy
hey paula
we cringe
at r selves
thru u
an interior
top of her game
home maker of the stars
a hairdresser
and nods
yes yes
i know her so
money wasted - time -
no no no
she cries
did u know u were creating for me?
asks the insulted artist
and blah blah blah
good god
the worst of us
all "

I wonder what give Rosie the right to talk about Paula. If I had to choose between watching either Rosie or Paula I would choose Paula any day. What ever Paula's wreckage is, at least she isn't a bitter hag.

White Oprah Really Wants A Trump Fued | Dlisted

White Oprah Really Wants A Trump Fued Dlisted:

"'I've always had a great admiration for your business sense and I've read
all your books and learned from them. Your own brother died of alcoholism and
you own Trump Vodka? You say Lindsay needs new parents? Such a rash statement
without backing it with fact? I am a single mother of four children doing what I
can during this difficult time! Do a background check of both parents and you
will find the truth! Shame on you... so many families suffer from this, yours
included. We need solutions not opinions!'"

This womyn is nuts. Everyone knows that Trump is a bag of hot air that talks too much and understands too little. I am not going to defend the statement that he made, though it is mostly true. The first thing that Dina and Lindsay's family need to do if they want to help her is stop with this blanket of excuses. It is always someone else's fault isn't it Dina, it is your ex husband's fault, it is the media's fault, it is Trump's fault. This family needs to sit down and understand how this circle of placing blame outside creates the problems they are blaming others for.

There are lots of people in Hollywood under the pressure of the cameras and they do not become cocaine addicted drunk driving loons. There are lots of families in Hollywood that have problems, and they manage to deal with them. Dina you are not facing the real problems in yourself and your family, in my opinion. Stop with the constant releases to the media, it only makes you look worse, you all need some time away, take it. Honestly I think we all need some time away from you and Lindsay too.

celebrity nation: Ryan and Sandra to co-star

celebrity nation: Ryan and Sandra to co-star:

"Canadian hottie Ryan Reynolds is reportedly in final talks to co-star with
Sandra Bullock in a romantic comedy called The Proposal. Bullock will play a
demanding boss who is suddenly facing deportation to Canada and makes a deal to
'wed' her young assistant (Reynolds). "

I think that Sandra is one of the honestly great actresses of our time. I can't wait for this movie to come to the theaters. Sandra reminds us all that it hasn't always been all about young bimbos in Hollywood, she has some real talent, and this movie sounds like it will be good.

Owen Wilson Tried To Bang A Hobo

Owen Wilson Tried To Bang A Hobo:

"Mary-Kate Olsen was sitting outside at Opera the other night and the table was
littered with Grey Goose bottles. She was in a good mood and Owen Wilson drifted
over and struck up a conversation with her. A few giggles later they were
getting along so well that he had his arm around her. He asked for her phone
number and she gave it to him."

Maybe there were talking about doing a movie together, or some projects that they could work on together. I mean it doesn't mean that they are going to be dating, it doesn't have to. Wow, I don't know what to say about the thought of those two together, just wrong.

Don’t Kidnap the Tater Tots, Plz |

Don’t Kidnap the Tater Tots, Plz :

"In her declaration, Wasser wrote that the document — which divides custody
50/50 — details the specific timeshare schedule and transportation matters.
Wasser fears if the document becomes public, the media would have “a greater
ability to ascertain the physical whereabouts of the minor children.”
Wasser wrote: “Such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the
media could threaten the safety of the minor children by, for example, causing a
traffic accident or by exposing the minor children to criminals who might target
the minor children for financial gain.” Wasser did not use the word
‘kidnapping,’ but the intimation was certainly there."

Britney is concerned that if the terms of the divorce that provide information on where the kids are going to be when is made public someone might kidnap them. If you are to believe the covers of the latest gossip mags though, that might be a good thing for the kids. I think that she has an honest concern here, the photographers follow her every where, so they don't need that information. It was only a couple years ago that there was a plot in the UK to kidnap the Beckhams for a ransom.

Scarlett Johansson Not Interested in Porno Role |

Scarlett Johansson Not Interested in Porno Role :

"Despite rampant rumors claiming she signed on to play Jenna Jameson in the film
version of her autobiography, Scarlett Johansson said this is completely untrue.
Although Jenna admitted to handing picking Scarlett for the role, Scarlett’s rep
said it will never, ever happen."

First it was shot down by Jessica Simpon, which I thought was strange because she turned the Dukes of Hazard into a porn almost. Now it is being shot down by Scarlett, which is understandable because she doesn't need to do that to win an award. Who will be next to be hit up for the role, let me make some suggestions. Tara Reid would be ok, she is almost a porn star herself, but she would need a full body double for any nude scenes. Lindsay Lohan in the past has said that she would get naked for an award, and her last movie was a stripper so it is in line with what she is doing. Besides she really needs a break though role right now. Hilary Duff would never do it, nor do I want her too. Anyone else that could play that role, you know that Pamela Anderson should do it, but will she.

Orlando may star in Da Vinci Code sequel | Orlando Bloom

Orlando may star in Da Vinci Code sequel Orlando Bloom:

"“Tonight I got an email from a long time scooper who claims that Pirates
heartthrob Orlando Bloom is in talks to join the cast of Angels & Demons
alongside Hanks and [Gisele] Bundchen. Our source is one who has given us proven
information before, and a quick look at Orlando Bloom’s mostly empty
post-Pirates schedule confirms that he has nothing else lined up, which would
mean he’s free to do it, since production is supposed to begin soon (if it
hasn’t started already).”"

Please Orlando, take some time to think about this. Go watch the first movie, and see how bad it was, then go back and watch it again starting at the second half so you can see the part that you slept through. I don't think that this project is something that is going to be good for your career.

Outrageous New Tabloid Covers | Britney Spears

Outrageous New Tabloid Covers Britney Spears

You know at times like these I feel bad for Britney, sure she isn't the best mom in the world, but this has to hurt. While her life as been a moving wreck, we have to honestly say that there has never been any proof that she has hurt her children. I mean other than the emotional damage of just being in a relationship with someone who is so unstable.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "HAYDEN PANETTIERE & her boyfriend STEPHEN COLLETTI at Caffe Primo"

I think she is the new IT girl in Hollywood.

UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK: A Steamy Image of Joan Rivers That Will Last Forever

The only think I can think of when I see Barbara Walters on The View is that one time she kept asking.... "How's the sex?"

Star Jones Finally Admits to Lying About Fat Surgery | Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog

Star Jones Finally Admits to Lying About Fat Surgery Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog:

"I admit that when asked about my obvious weight loss over the past four
years, I was intentionally evasive. Lying was never an option for me, so I
called it a ‘medical intervention,’ which was true, but it was really a pathetic
attempt to tell only the truth I could handle at the time.”
Star weighed 307
pounds on August 19, 2003 — the day she went in for her surgery — and reveals
that as she lay in the pre-op room of the hospital, she went back over her life
to discover how she ended up going from curvaceous to morbidly obese, thereby
requiring the life-saving procedure she was about to undergo."

It is things like this that make me want to give her a second chance. Lets hear it for Star Jones and her husband big gay Al. Oh you didn't think that meant I was going to give him another shot did you? Honestly though, her show on the network formerly known as CourtTV is good news for her and she has been looking great. She even attempted to make nice with Rosie O'Donnell a couple weeks back.

Michael Lohan Continues To Act The Fool

A Socialite's Life: Michael Lohan Continues To Act The Fool

"The Lohan family circus gave its latest performance in Long Island Family
Court yesterday, when Michael Lohan dropped his demand that estranged wife Dina
be tested for drugs before she can have contact with Lindsay's kid sister and
brother, Ally and Dakota. Michael told The Post one of the deciding factors came
when Ally, 13, told him, 'Daddy, I love you. I'll love you more if you'll drop
that motion.' Later, when Michael followed Dina out of the courtroom and tried
to ask her how she was, he was met by an icy silence."

This family is sadly messed up. First of all I think that Dina should be tested for drugs, maybe those pants that Lindsay had on was her mothers pants. Secondly, it is pathetic that Ali would tell her daddy that she would love him more if he did this, and even more pathetic that he caved into it. The whole drama from the father to her sister and Dina just gets sadder and sadder the more we learn.

Reese And Jake Creepin'

A Socialite's Life: Reese And Jake Creepin'

"Guess who's still hangin' out? That's right - Jakey G and Reese! You thought that was over, dintcha? Nope. He hopped in her hoopdee and they sped away. I'm telling you, she's uptight and he's lowkey and showing her how to take three deep belly breaths, and do a body scan and go to her place of gladness."

This is good news, I always thought that Jake and Reese were a hot couple. It could be that the spotlight on he relationship was too much too soon after the divorce. It would be great to see them get back together as a couple.

Smells Like Victory for "Shiloh" Perfumier

A Socialite's Life: Smells Like Victory for "Shiloh" Perfumier

"The woman behind the fragrance named 'Shiloh,' Symine Salimpour, has just won a five-month-long legal battle with Angelina Jolie over the name. Symine claims that the fact that her perfume has the same name as Angelina's baby is simply a coincidence and the courts seem to agree."

While it could be that this is based on Jolie's daughter, how is she going to prove it. I think that Angelina should have let it go, taking this to court only makes her seem petty and controlling.

Nicole Richie Has Had a Baby in the Oven For Four Months

A Socialite's Life: Nicole Richie Has Had a Baby in the Oven For Four Months

"'Yes, I am. We are. I'm almost four months,' Richie told Sawyer."

How the hell is she ever going to have a kid? Ok, well the news in confirmed, which means we move beyond the talk of if and we talk about how. Well I hope for the sake of that poor child that she is going to take it away from Hollywood to raise it. The world already has one to many mothers that act like Britney Spears.

The Spin Zone

I haven't done a spin zone in a while. But I am watching CNN Pipeline, and there is an African-American, talking about the racial aspect of the Michael Vick dog fighting trial. The man on CNN said that black men are most likely to be on TV if they are breaking the law or playing sports. Is it just me, or is it ironic to talk about black people not being on TV, while you are doing an interview for a major news network. I think his presumption is clearly false.

He does on to talk about why the most hated athletes in America are always black men. He goes on to list a number of athletes over the last couple years that have found themselves in legal trouble and gotten a lot of news coverage. He may have a point here, but it should be noted that African-Americans are the majority of professional athletes.

The last thing is that he talks about the discussion that another African-American on the show brought up about African-American culture. The first speaker claimed that you don't have people talking about the culture of while womyn when Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get DUIs. This is false, a number of people have asked what the condition of our young womyn are, and are they in danger.

CNN is claiming that there is a racial divide between those who support Vick and those who are for him being kicked off the team.

Best Night Ever


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