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Why Can't Fox News Call What Scooter Libby Did a Crime?

Lott on amnesty


Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters: Post Debate Analysis: Giuliani Keeps The Crown For Now

"Giuliani performed the best. He took advantage of a recurring technical
glitch to demonstrate his sense of humor, and he gave great answers on
national-security questions. He attacked Hillary Clinton -- again -- and was the
only one on stage looking to move the debate to the Democrats -- again. He stung
CNN, too, by turning around a Blitzer hypothetical about what he'd do if
Petraeus reported no progress in September by asking Blitzer whether he'd bother
reporting progress if it was being made."

I was watching the debate and I listened to what Giuliani was saying, how he was answering the questions. All the talk against him has been that he cannot win the primary, and it is based on part because of his stand on many of the issues that the base cares about. What I heard when I listened to the debate wasn't a man who was running for the primaries, but who is already running for the general election where your stands need to appeal to a wider body of voters.

Democracy Now Headlines- Thurs. June 7, 2007

American Thinker: Will GOP Infighting Give Dems the Edge in 2008?

American Thinker: Will GOP Infighting Give Dems the Edge in 2008?:

"There are people asking me, 'Why do you think Hillary Clinton's got 80%
chance?' Well, because of what's happening to the Republican Party right now. I
hate to use the word war, but I mean there's going to be a battle within the
Republican Party for who controls it, who defines it and who shapes it. The
country club blue-blood types or the conservatives. Make no mistake about it,
the country club blue-blooders have resented the conservative dominance of their
party for as long as Ronald Reagan brought it about. ~ Rush Limbaugh"

I think this is something that happens to all parties, I would go so far as to say that it happens to all groups. When a group is the under dog it is easy to unite against the group or groups that have the power. When your group takes the power, all those voices that were speaking together each want to being to talk louder. The uniting energy of the group was that their group would come to power, that having been done, the struggle is to find what the next uniting focus is.

American Thinker: Idiot Compassion

American Thinker: Idiot Compassion:

"'Idiot compassion' thinks it is being kind, but it's really being cruel.
If you have an alcoholic friend and you know that one more drink might kill him,
and yet he begs you for a drink, does real compassion say that you should give
it to him? After all, to be kind you should give him what he wants, right?
Giving him the drink would therefore show compassion, yes? No. Absolutely not.

'Real compassion includes wisdom and so it makes judgments of care
and concern; it says some things are good, and some things are bad, and I will
choose to act only on those things that are informed by wisdom and care.'"

This is something that should be thought about, compassion is something that takes action sometimes, always takes thought of what would be best the person, and the hardest thing of all is learning to be couragous to take a stand against a friend.

Dorgan tears the amnesty bill to shreds

Massive cyclone (hurricane) hitting Middle East oil producing countries - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Massive cyclone (hurricane) hitting Middle East oil producing countries - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Considering the region has never experienced a hurricane, let alone a strong
one it is highly unlikely the loading facilities or platforms were constructed
to withstand the forces - both wave action and wind force - that they will
experience. Significant, damage will occur. How much long term damage, and the
volumes associated with it - can not be determined at this time."

This reminds me of another crisis that struck the country of Iran not so long ago. There was this bad earthquake in the city of Bam and many people were killed. There was a country that stepped up to help Iran, a country that honors and respects life and acts to help those who are suffering. I could go on, but I don't want to belabor the point. The point is that country was America. I bring this up to make this point, that while America isn't always as true to its values as it should be, it is founded on values that are strong and deserve to be respected. If we really were an evil nation, who only respected power we would not have extended our hand in aid to a country that we stand opposed to.

Number of Republicans in US hits new low - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Number of Republicans in US hits new low - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"This backs up something I've been feeling in my gut for a while - that the only
remaining people who call themselves Republicans are the Terri Schiavo
Republicans, the loony right-wing fringe. That's why surveys keep showing that
'Republicans' continue to support Bush on Iraq. "

I think this supports what I have been saying for a while, I think that if the right is shrinking - which it may not be shrinking it may be that the base is moving to the right of the party. However if it is shrinking I do not think that this means that the left is growing. I think what this means, or rather I hope what this means is that the center of the spectrum is growing. In a way I think that neither party really represents the center. The center is filled with people who think the war was wrong, but have concerns about Iraq and the state that we are going to leave it in.

Edwards assails Clinton's terror remarks - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Edwards assails Clinton's terror remarks - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Speaking on the New Yorkers' home turf — and not far from Ground Zero —
Edwards dismissed Clinton's comments in Sunday's debate in which she said the
nation is safer now that it was before the terrorist attacks. Clinton's other
top rival, Sen. Barack Obama, also has challenged her claim.

'Today, as
a result of what George Bush has done, we have more terrorists and fewer
allies,' Edwards said at a news conference. 'There was no group called al-Qaida
in Iraq before this president's war in Iraq.'

He never mentioned Clinton by name but the subject was obvious."

Security is one of those things that you don't understand, that you don't see and you take for granted until it is gone. How many people in the days right before Sept. 11th felt like they were secure. There was plenty of reasons to believe that, there had never been an attack on the homeland by anyone that had caused any great damage. There was the first attack on the tower, but that is almost more reason to feel secure than not because of the limited amount of damage done.

Then there was Sept. 11th and people didn't think they were secure anymore. Truth is that they were just as secure or insecure as they were the day before. It could be that the next 10 years there will be no attacks on America, in which it could be said that we are secure. On the other hand it could be tomorrow that we have an attack that kills more people than 9/11. In that case we would say that we are not secure.



Paris Outrage

Democracy Now Headlines- Wed. June 6, 2007

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» Looks Like Salma Hayek Is Having A Girl -

» Looks Like Salma Hayek Is Having A Girl -

"TMZ has learned that very pregnant Salma, dressed in a slate blue jersey
dress and black ballet flats, hit West Hollywood’s trendy Bel Bambini baby
boutique on Tuesday and bought $1,500 worth of pink items for a newborn. La

She is so beautiful and I am sure that she will have a beautiful little girl too. (or in the case that it is a boy a very handsome boy). I wish her the best of luck for her and her family.

Gabby Babble: Mel Came Drunk To AA Meeting

Gabby Babble: Mel Came Drunk To AA Meeting:

"Eyebrows shot up when Mel Gibson walked into an AA meeting near his Malibu
home, stumbled over a row of seats and crash-landed atop them. “He was falling,
tripping and clearly off balance,” said a source. “It was an embarrassing
moment.” Later that evening, Mel stumbled into a petite woman, knocking her off
balance. “And he didn’t even apologize!” said the source. “He looked so out of

Lets see who went to rehab at Promises, Britney Spears - back to drinking, Mel Gibson - back to drinking and now Lindsay Lohan. I wonder if a star can take rehab seriously.

K-Fed Won’t Get Movie Role In “Night Watch”

K-Fed Won’t Get Movie Role In “Night Watch”:

"“This is not true,” a studio rep tells “Kevin Federline was not
cast.” He explains that Federline, 29, was considered for a minor role in the
film, “but it didn’t work out due to his availability and our shooting schedule,
and someone else was cast.”"

I am actually sorry to hear that this isn't true.

Jennifer Aniston Takes Over The Sunset Strip

I’m Not Obsessed: Jennifer Aniston Takes Over The Sunset Strip

"Jennifer Aniston has taken over Sunset Blvd. with her new SmartWater Campaign. "

I know there has been a lot of news about Jennifer tonight, well that is ok because we probably won't hear any for another three weeks after this.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "Kim Kardashian - Ravishing in Red"

What can I say, Buzz Foto keeps posting pictures of Kim and I keep wanting to share them.

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » Paris in Jail, Day 2: The Courting Rituals Begin

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » Paris in Jail, Day 2: The Courting Rituals Begin:

"Some inmates have been coming up to her cell door, mostly to say hi. One inmate
said, “You don’t deserve to be here.” Another made an origami butterfly from a
magazine page and slipped it under her door. Another slipped a drawing book
under her door. The guards, Paris says, have all been nice."

There are mixed stories about how Paris is doing in jail. There has even been a rumor that she has been released tonight. What I would think to be true is that the guards at that jail of hers are watching her like a hawk, and I don't know how much contact with other inmates she will be having. Love it or hate it, she has to be there for now.

Republicans Call for Bush to Pardon Libby

Best Night Ever

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Naked Pictures of Jen's New Man?

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Naked Pictures of Jen's New Man?:

"Splash News Online has obtained what they have called naked pictures of
British model Paul Sculfor, who's rumored to be Jennifer Aniston's new man. They
are not technically naked pics, but he's a male model so real naked pics are
bound to turn up soon!"

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Someone In Lohan's Inner Circle Is Totally Screwing Her

"This week, year-old pictures featuring a knife-wielding Lindsay with
Vanessa Minnillo were plastered all over the Internet and in the tabloids. TMZ
has confirmed that these pictures were stolen from LiLo's apartment -- and sold
to a UK tabloid! Cha-ching! "

If you want to know what it is like to be Lindsay, imagine that your friends sell your secrets and your most intimate things with the media for money. I think that there are things that all of us have between ourselves and our friends that we would not want to be broadcast. Well, when you are Lindsay Lohan it is out there for everyone to see.

FOX News Tries To Equate John Edwards With Hugo Chavez

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Jennifer Aniston's Hot Mystery Man Identified

"'He's a lovely guy,' says his friend and former flame, London socialite Lady
Victoria Hervey. 'A gentleman. Simple things, like opening doors, he does all
that. He'll think of the woman before himself.'"

More details about Jennifer's new boyfriend are coming to light here. It turns out the lucky young man is a model in the UK.

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Nicole Richie Pregnant?

"Richie's rep didn't respond to requests for comment from either L&S or
The Scoop, but on May 30, the star was photographed at a reproductive clinic,
and the mag quotes an 'insider' as saying, 'Nicole's determined to get healthy
for her own sake and the baby's.'"

I don't even think that Nicole can get pregnant, I mean isn't it true that when womyn stop eating they stop having their period. No period - no baby - period. This is just one of those stories that floats around about people from now and then. The top fake stories that are told about stars is that they are pregnant, that they are getting married/divorced, that they are dead or that they are going to be a judge on American Idol.

Celebrity Gossip Gone Wild: Britney Spears to Become American Idol Judge - The Hollywood Gossip

Celebrity Gossip Gone Wild: Britney Spears to Become American Idol Judge - The Hollywood Gossip

The day this actually takes place is the day men stop searching online for Holly
Madison nude photos.

Nevertheless, it’s our job to report on any and all
celebrity gossip rumors. So brace yourself for this breaking American Idol news:

According to the reputable source The National Enquirer, Paula Abdul may
have a lot more to whine about in the near future: Britney Spears will be
replacing her as a judge on the smash FOX reality show.

Rumors keep popping up that this star of that star is going to become a judge on American Idol. All of the rumors in the past, from Michael Jackson to Courtney Love turned out to be bogus and I don't see any reason to believe this one is true. I think the makers of the show have a hit, and you don't mess with a hit.

Is Paris Getting Sprung???!!! (X17 Online)

Is Paris Getting Sprung???!!! (X17 Online):

"We're hearing Paris may be released tonight?! Could it be true? We're
headed over the Lynwood to find out ..."

I will pass this information along as I get it.

Oceans 13 Trailer



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