Friday, August 14, 2009

Fox Decides, Then Reports: Coverage Of Obama Town Hall Clearly Unfair | TV | Mediaite

  • When Sen. Arlen Specter's town hall meeting this morning got contentious, all the cablers were there to cover it live. Fox News spent the most time, giving it 55 uninterrupted minutes (according to TV Eyes). Then there was Pres. Barack Obama's town hall this afternoon, that each cabler again covered live. But Fox News ended its coverage after just 30 minutes. It was the latest, and one of the most blatant, example of the decidedly non-fair and balanced way FNC has covered the town halls, and health care debate.

  • Rupert Murdoch's empire is under siege. The media mogul's latest move -- announcing that he will charge for online news content by July 2010 -- is either visionary or suicidal

  • The General Electric Co. called a Fox News Channel report about the company supplying terrorists with material used in bombs "irresponsible and maliciously false" on Wednesday as a feud between Fox's Bill O'Reilly and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann kept sizzling.

  • Ever find that sometimes when you’re talking with friends or co-workers that a certain word keeps getting repeated over and over again? Maybe it’s a flashy one or just a really useful one, but it just keeps making the rounds in e-mails or chit-chat? Well, you’re not alone – the media also loves to reuse and recycle (not so much reduce). Welcome to Mediaite’s Meme Watch, a compilation of the media’s most talked-about words… literally. This edition? Death panels!

  • There are currently two different Lou Dobbs'. There's Radio Lou Dobbs, who regularly unloads on Keith Olbermann, continues chatting about Kenyan birth certificates and generally causes a ruckus. Then there's TV Lou Dobbs, who hasn't mentioned the birther debate in awhile, hosts a more focused show and only generally gets in trouble when hammering illegal immigration. But several stories this week describe the possibility Radio Lou Dobbs is hurting his TV counterpart.

  • Newt Gingrich offers advice on what Sarah Palin needs to do to keep her presidential options open.

  • January 17, 2006: "So I thank all of you who have spoken out for your courage, your point of view. All of it. Your advocacy is very American and very important."

  • Gathering voices in the journalism industry and on the web to give some thought as to what newspapers should be considering in order to survive and evolve.

  • It's been quite some time since a summer news story high-jacked the national headlines the way the shouting over the Town Hall-Health Care debacle has done in the last few weeks. The ratings gods must be very grateful! The question now, of course, is does anyone actually know what exactly they are shouting about? It's not like the cablers are adding much insight beyond a lot of additional chatter/yelling. You know what would be great right now? Some MSM intervention. Everyone still employed by newspapers and networks is so keen to tell us that newspapers and networks are still relevant, wouldn't now be a great time to demonstrate that fact?

  • Today, in her latest Daily Beast piece, Meghan McCain blasts the divisiveness of Michelle Malkin, explaining that "[Republicans] will not get anywhere by continuing to sell hate and fear." Outside of hatemongering, is there anything worth saving in the GOP?

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