Monday, June 29, 2009

A short Wrap

AP Exclusive: Cheney writes memoir

I'd buy it, he was in government longer than few other people in recent history. I am sure his ideas will be controversial but they will be interesting. His insights, well as much as he will share, about government should be good too.

Will Americans Tune To Al Jazeera? -

Why not watch Al Jazeera, it is a solid news source from what I have seen.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » The Top 10 Ed McMahon McMoments

I posted one of the videos already, but in honor of McMahon's death here is his top ten moments according to Best Week Ever.

Retro software for sale... get your 90's era software here

A Retro Plastic Box

This is funny, but then again I am a big fan of Google Docsm and use it as often as I can.

The Rubber Room

Hot Air » Blog Archive » New York City paying 700 teachers to not teach

NPR did a good show about this. They basically pay people to sit in what they call "rubber rooms" and do nothing all day long. In theory they are there to wait until problems they may have had in the classroom are resolved. In reality some spend more than a year in the rubber room, some quit before they are released.

Young Women beaten in streets of Tehran while protesting

News Busted

Ed McMahon Raps

Monday, June 22, 2009

A wrap up....

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » Pizza Hut Rebranding Itself As “The Hut” To Become Coolest Restaurant Ever, Yo

I kind of like the change from Pizza Hut, to The Hut. I am not sure it will stick though, as it tries to hard to be hip. When you have to try to be cool, and people can see that, you are already failing.

Authors Are More Visible in Google News

I like this change, it will make it easier for writers, and make their names more important. I am sure that newspapers are as happy about it, it makes them less important in content management.

Trans-Atlantic passenger jet lands safely after pilot dies -

I just don't know what to say about this one.

Ahhh J-Love

Jennifer Love’s Good Deed | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

It's Kiki

Kirsten Dunst Does Take Out | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

A cool stop motion video using post-it notes

Skateboarding in the Whitehouse?

The Daily Gut

Ok, I don't know if I agree with this 100 percent, but I think Greg has a point. Read it, at the least it will make you smile.

What's that puzzle

The 10 Dumbest Moments In Wheel Of Fortune History | Content

This is funny, watch people fail at Wheel of Fortune. Of course it is easy for us, we aren't under pressure, on camera and in a strange place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lohan topless pic posted on Twitter

The Superficial - Lindsay Lohan posts topless pic to Twitter

Well it is a boring photo, but you can click on the link and look at it.

Olbermann: Palin's a 'Delusional Lunatic', Letterman's 'The Victim'

Emma for Burberry

Emma Watson gorgeous for Burberry > Fashion Ad Campaigns > Blog

She does look good in this ad, it is a well done ad.

I don't want to see it

The Superficial - Heidi Montag is doing Playboy

I would almost rather look at Amy Winehouse in Playboy than this generic piece of plastic.

Man sues over not getting a sun hat

Jezebel - Whiny Dude Gives Lawyers A Bad Name - Alfred G. Rava

So this is a bit of an old post, but this guy really needs to get over himself. Don't go to a lawyer, go to a counselor.

Nicky Hilton

Nicky’s Katsuya Date | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

I would have dumped him like a bag of dirt.

Heidi & Spencer responds to Al Roker

NewsBusted 6/16/09

Al Roker Ripps Heidi & Spencer To Pieces on The Today Show

Letterman to Make Full Apology Tonight for Joke About Palin's Daughter

Monday, June 15, 2009

Can you find your heart?

Survey: More than half can't find heart on body diagram -

I wasn't as inclined to believe this is true, until I noticed the picture that went with the news story puts the heart in the wrong spot. I assume that beam of light is meant to be the heart. Problem is that it is placed dead center and the heart lays slightly to the left and a little higher up. (I think)

Modern Day PyongYang

Let's shrink the cities

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive - Telegraph

Hey if the cities are too big, why not make them smaller. As long as people aren't forced out of their homes, or the process is done with community involvement.

Danny Devito Drunk on Live TV -Fox Philadelphia Morning Show

Does the Internet endanger foriegn reporting?

Gawker - The Internet Screws(?) Foreign Reporting - Current

A look at how the low cost, celeb focused news sites of the internet has made international reporting harder, and forced news organizations to operate on a smaller budget. This small budget among other things means staff aren't as secure, and don't have as much legal protection.

How to not get a job

Facebook | Logan Chandler

Look at the user name, I don't think this guy ever plans on having a respectable job. It is common practice to look at Facebook and Myspace when hiring now.

How can you not love The Onion

Report: 90% Of Waking Hours Spent Staring At Glowing Rectangles | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

This is what The Onion does best.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

US-Iranians prepare to cast their votes 11 Jun 09

Police: We Weren't Chasing Car Before Crash

David Letterman Responds to Sarah "Russia From My House" Palin Over Jokes

Dude, what happened to my hair?

Are you sitting down?

I think this is the way I will remember Phil Spector...

Fresno police raw video Robbery and Assault

Womyn misses flight and dies in car accident

Woman who missed Flight 447 is killed in car crash - Times Online

Looks like the big news today is about a womyn who missed the Air France flight, but died in a car accident anyways. Those who are likely to believe such things are saying this shows it was her fate to die. I don't know I believe that is true.

Family photo becomes ad on the otherside of the world

Family Christmas photo found in Czech ad - Weird news-

I wonder what kind of things they would use pictures of me to sell.

Plastic surgery... "If you look like this, we can help you..."

CNN gives Joy Behar from The View a news show

Joy Behar in, Lou Dobbs Out at HLN - Media Decoder Blog -

Really, why are they giving her a news show, she is a comedian. I guess being a journalist isn't the right career to be in if you want a news show these days.

Is this the end of Facebook?

The Facebook Land Grab - Page 1 - The Daily Beast

So, I don't think this is going to change Facebook all that much, but I could be wrong. This guy thinks it will be the end of Facebook.

Why eat plants and not animals?

Questions and Answers on the Importance of Vegetarianism

If you ever wondered why it is less wrong to eat plants than it is to eat animals.... here is your answer.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

To meet June deadline, US and Iraqis redraw city borders |

To meet June deadline, US and Iraqis redraw city borders |

"Baghdad - On a map of Baghdad, the US Army's Forward Operating Base Falcon is clearly within city limits.

Except that Iraqi and American military officials have decided it's not. As the June 30 deadline for US soldiers to be out of Iraqi cities approaches, there are no plans to relocate the roughly 3,000 American troops who help maintain security in south Baghdad along what were the fault lines in the sectarian war."

Sounds like cheating to me...

The Daily Gut

The Daily Gut

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Time lapse | Scenes from a rooftop

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Matthews on Palin: It’s “paranoid” to think big government leads to controlling the people

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Matthews on Palin: It’s “paranoid” to think big government leads to controlling the people

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Matthews on Palin: It’s “paranoid” to think big government leads to controlling the people

John Stamos needs to get a job...

Please someone hire poor John before he does something we will all regret for a long time.
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Former Full House star John Stamos is putting together an all-star cast to take the hit U.S. family sitcom to the big screen in a new feature film.

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Who paid for all the tickets

Good job guys...
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New York's Finest: ticketed a van for a month before finding a corpse inside.

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Gawker - In Touch Don't Know Brentwood - In Touch

Gawker - In Touch Don't Know Brentwood - In Touch:

"High-end celebrity weekly In Touch ran a feature this week showing where various celebs live in the tony Brentwood section of LA. They even have a handy map. Only problem? The map is of a different Brentwood, up in Oakland."

Really people, is it that hard?

Gawker - The Latest Montauk Monster Theory: A Compleat Accounting - Mysteries

Gawker - The Latest Montauk Monster Theory: A Compleat Accounting - Mysteries:

"Newsday has supplied a crucial piece of information in the emerging 'Viking Funeral' theory of the Montauk Monster's origin, and we've spent all day going over historical weather records to better assess its credibility. Answer: Maybe! But we're dubious."

Ohh this one again. I say a whole new round of summer Montauk Monster stories is in order... and a fresh round of drinks too.


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