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National speed limit pushed as gas saver -

National speed limit pushed as gas saver -
"WASHINGTON (AP) -- An influential Republican senator suggested Thursday that
Congress might want to consider reimposing a national speed limit to save
gasoline and possibly ease fuel prices."

This is going to work because so many people will follow the speed limit. I think this is a bad idea.

Mel Gibson Tried to Hook Britney Spears up With His Son | Showbiz Spy

Mel Gibson Tried to Hook Britney Spears up With His Son Showbiz Spy:

"Mel Gibson tried to play matchmaker between his son and Britney Spears, it
has been claimed."

How clear of a sign do you need that someone is crazy? Now we know how crazy Mel is.

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Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "Kirsten’s On The Right Track"

She's a goddess.

ABC News: Will World End in 2012? Many Prepare

ABC News: Will World End in 2012? Many Prepare:

"All this adds up, Geryl said, to unprecedented catastrophe. First, a polar
reversal will cause the north to become the south and the sun to rise in the
west. Shattering earthquakes, massive tidal waves and simultaneous volcanic
eruptions will follow. Nuclear reactors will melt, buildings will crumble, and a
cloud of volcanic dust will block out the sun for 40 years. Only the prepared
will survive, Geryl said, and not even all of them."

Well, I guess Clinton shouldn't worry about planning her 2012 campaign then. I think I am going to go an pack my bags now. Honestly though, this sounds silly, and if it is true, why prepare for something that is going to kill millions of people. Do you really want to be a lone survivor? » Bob Barr’s Thorny Candidacy » Bob Barr’s Thorny Candidacy:

"Bob Barr’s Libertarian Party bid for the White House is the longest
of long shots, but political experts say he may be able to exploit the unease
some die-hard conservatives still feel about Sen. John McCain, the Republican
nominee-in-waiting. Combined with the spike in turnout among Democrats during
the primaries and a difficult political climate for Republicans, they see what
could be a recipe for trouble for the GOP."

I think Barr has the potential to draw people from the left to his campaign as well. If Obama moves to the center, there will be people who will look for someone else that supports their views. Barr as a third party could draw a wide range of voters who are tired of the two party system.

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » JENNIFER LOVE AMERICA

Simple Beauty.

'Zero' chance lottery tickets stun some players -

'Zero' chance lottery tickets stun some players -

"Hoover, a business professor at Washington and Lee University in Virginia,
wasn't surprised when his tickets didn't bring him the $75,000 grand prize, but
he was shocked to learn the top prize had been awarded before he bought the

While the odds of winning are close enough to zero for me to think of it as zero, this is clearly a scam.

A Blog For All: Solar Prius

A Blog For All: Solar Prius:

"Toyota Motor Corp plans to install solar panels on some Prius hybrids in
its next remodeling, responding to growing demand for 'green' cars amid
record-high oil prices, a source briefed on the matter said on Monday."

While this might be a small step, and it might not mean much right now, it clearly is a step in the right direction. Who knows where the future will take this.

Zimbabwe election: The stolen ballots

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Rasmussen: Libertarians favor Obama over McCain, 53/38

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Rasmussen: Libertarians favor Obama over McCain, 53/38:

"The definition of “libertarian” in this case is even less exact than
usual. They asked voters to define themselves as liberal, moderate,
conservative, or “not sure” with respect to both fiscal and social policy, then
plotted them in a 16-box matrix. If you consider yourself fiscally conservative
and socially liberal, voila — you’re a libertarian."

Sounds shady to me, besided why vote for Obama when you can vote for Bob Barr?

Study: Gays don't undermine unit cohesion

Study: Gays don't undermine unit cohesion:

"'Evidence shows that allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly is unlikely to
pose any significant risk to morale, good order, discipline or cohesion,' the
officers states.

To support its contention, the panel points to the
British and Israeli militaries, where it says gay people serve openly without
hurting the effectiveness of combat operations"

This is clearly unmasks the attempted use of fear by parties on the right to generate opinion against gays. Gays are no more a risk to the army than they are to marriage.

Atlas Shrugs: Sniffer dogs to wear ‘Muslim’ bootees

Atlas Shrugs: Sniffer dogs to wear ‘Muslim’ bootees:

"Police sniffer dogs will have to wear bootees when searching the homes of
Muslims so as not to cause offence."

This sounds like a reasonable deal to me. I think that the Muslim residents would prefer that the dogs were not in the house at all. However, the police have a job to do, and part of doing that job is to employ the use of dogs. It is fair to meet on common ground that allows the job to be done, and to respect the Muslim residents.

Michelle Malkin » Things Liberals Like Which Hurt The Environment

Michelle Malkin » Things Liberals Like Which Hurt The Environment:

"It’s a well established pattern everybody gripes about SUV’s; nobody
gripes about pickup trucks even though they get about the same lousy gas
mileage. I think it’s because environitwits know instinctively that pickup
drivers are immune to their green guilt, whereas suburban SUV-drivers might be
more susceptible to it."

I do think that there is a clear pattern of rejecting some things as bad, but accepting and even praising other things as good. It appears that it doesn't only deal with things like pot, which has a wide range of negative impacts that are never discussed. It also has to deal with what it is trendy to hate, it is trendy not to like cell phones and Starbucks, so laws are passed against talking on the phone and driving. Laws like this are clearly not about distractions from driving because lots of things can be a distraction, lots of things that there are not laws against.

The Strata-Sphere » The Obama “Forged Birth Certificate” Myth Is Busted

The Strata-Sphere » The Obama “Forged Birth Certificate” Myth Is Busted:

"Days ago I looked into the forged Obama Birth Certificate Myth and realized it
was all BS. Basically, we have a lot of people running around making mistakes
and then trying to pretend revelations that destroyed their first claims are
exposing other, new issues. All I see are people making wild claims, being
proved wrong, and then moving onto new wild claims - to be proved wrong again."

Can we now put this crazy idea to rest now. He is not a Muslim, and he is an American.

Talking Points Memo | Wheel of Fortune

Talking Points Memo Wheel of Fortune:

"By our count, BMW raised $400,000 for Fisher during the last election cycle,
but only about $30,000 actually wound up being available for her campaign to
use. The rest was plowed back into paying BMW and its affiliates for raising the
money in the first place. 'They make it seem like each of these people is a
private entity. But as you listen more and more and you get smarter, you realize
they all work together,' Fisher said in the interview with us."

This doesn't sound fair to me, not only to the candidate, but to the people who donated the money. The company has been defended though by people who say this is the nature of this type of fundraising.

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