Thursday, April 30, 2009

This sounds like a great idea....

Little Green Footballs - PETA Wants to Set Up a Stinky Hog Farm at the Capitol

Washington is the capital of PORK!

WOW! That is bad.

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This is why I don't like Olbermann

ABC Debunked Matthew Shepard Murder as No Hate Crime, MSNBC Savages Republican for Repeating |

I talked to people who knew Matthew Sheppard, they said he was a punk and a trouble maker. Does that make his death less sad no, is that why he was killed - I don't know I wouldn't presume to be able to say.

The Pizza box of the future.

Hey there Jewel!

Jewel’s Happy To See Us! | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Ahhhh my girlfriend

Leelee Sobieski at Le Pain Quotidien | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!


Paris Hilton at Kitson | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

That is a BIG bag.

Fox is on top.

Fox Remains #2 Cabler With Top 11 News Programs |

We won't get fooled again!!!!

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Really DEATH

Toronto Star Columnist 'Wishes' Conservative Michelle Malkin Were Shot |

I admit I like Michelle. However I don't think wishing death on someone because you don't like them or their views is appropriate.

The Ruskies are starting to play ball

Report: Russia detains 29 suspected pirates -

This is an international problem. Even if the US could solve it alone, we are not in the days of the Barbary pirates, the best solution is a combined solution. Ideally something would be done to help to people of Somalia, they are the inner city of the globe at this point.

I'm not a prude, ok yes I am.

Today Show Feature: 'There's No Such Thing as Virginity' |

No virginity? The idea not having sex is worse than having sex? What are the lessons they are trying to teach young womyn. I am not the biggest supporter of wait until marriage, but at least a girl should be taught to wait until it means something, and is special. Sex isn't a game.

Ohhh That Rush

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Limbaugh to Specter: Do me a favor and take the McCains with you

Really it could be a good thing for the party for all of the above mentioned people to leave. Ultimately the Democratic party is weakened by people who join for less than ideological reasons and the Republican Party is strengthen when people who didn't share core values exit. (Same works backwards).

Colour me confused and concerned

Florida’s New Jesus Vanity Plates Allow People To Abbreviately Swear With Jesus In Background

This movie looks SCARY!


Looking for bikini pics of Ali Lohan... Is it too soon?

This Can't Be Legal

Probably not illegal, but is it in good taste?

Paris is NYPD | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Paris is NYPD | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Hasn't anyone heard of PHOTOSHOP?

Just photoshop the damn plane into an image of the Statue of Liberty

Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs

Friday, April 10, 2009

This isn't fair

I watched this interview, and she said nothing about making your man happy. What she did say was that the most important relationship I womyn has is with her children. She said there are times when you have to work, but in choosing to do so the womyn is giving up something beautiful that cannot be replaced (for mother or child).

She said a number of times, her book wasn't meant to tell womyn what they should or shouldn't do, but to praise those mothers who do stay home with their children. If you hate Dr. Laura so much you should be glad she wasn't praising you.

As for her own life, she touched on that. She acknowledged a troubled relationship with her mother. I don't see how her troubled relationship with her own mother means she wouldn't understand the importance of a mothers role.
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Hannity Aids and Abets Dr. Laura: Stay Home and Make Your Man Happy

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women,” said Madeleine K. Albright. But you know, there's also a special place in hell for women who make a whole CAREER out of telling OTHER women to stay at home – especially when that woman has a history full of personal baggage that doesn't exactly lend itself to the “family values” agenda she's peddling.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I say charge the parents

This is so heart breaking, how can someone do this to a child. The last video they show of her, she was skipping down the street alone. Where the hell were her parents, and why would they allow and eight-year-old girl to wonder around town alone. They should be charged with child endangerment. It sounds harsh, but I really think that parents need to be held accountable for watching their children better. I don't say this to in any way undermine the depth of the crime, and the punishment who ever did this to this girl.
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Police to search church in slaying of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu

(CNN) -- Police said they are pursuing leads in the death of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, whose body was found Monday stuffed into a suitcase in a dairy-farm pond near her Tracy, California, home.

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MSNBC vs Fox News

I think this makes it official, the station of the left is MSNBC, with Olbermann, Maddow and now Schultz. The station of the right is Fox News with Hannity, Beck, and O'Rielly. Of course each one is going to rail on the "bias" of the other.
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Schultz: Universal Health Care, 'I Don't Care How Much It Costs'

Ed Schultz debuted his MSNBC show this evening by calling for universal health care, saying "I don't care how much it costs."
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This again

The real truth is the for the most part the AP has pretty much become pointless. I doubt it has much life left in it, or much reason to exist.
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AP Looking to Stop Unauthorized Internet Usage?

When you visit and read a report taking the Associated Press to task for its continuous leftward bias, are you reading "stolen" AP content, or are you reading legitimate news? Is criticism of AP's work fair use? What is "fair use," anyway? Could the AP sue critics?

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Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » The Woman Loves Her Blue Jays, What’s The Problem?

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » The Woman Loves Her Blue Jays, What’s The Problem?


California tops list of most endangered rivers

I am not surprised that the Sacramento/San Joaquin river system, which is much more than a river system for the state, would top this list. It is probably one of the most abused and used watersheds in the country.
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Report lists America's 10 most endangered rivers

1) Sacramento-San Joaquin River System

Outdated water and flood management puts California's largest watershed at the top of America's most endangered rivers list for 2009. A recent breach in the delta's 1,100-mile levee system could have dire effects on surrounding ecosystems, farming and agriculture, commercial fishing and California's civil infrastructure. State and federal authorities are looking at alternative water-management strategies for the river system, which serves 25 million Californians and more than 5 million acres of farmland.

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Giant 10-Sided Bicycle? Or Really, Really Sore Balls?

Giant 10-Sided Bicycle? Or Really, Really Sore Balls?

Motorcycle Hits Car At 120km/h In Hamburg.

The tide is turning

It looks like the tide is starting to turn, I predict that it won't be long before other states start to follow suit. Once it passes a certain percentage of states, it will be easier for each state that follows.
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Vermont legislature overrides governor’s veto, legalizes gay marriage

The Legislature voted Tuesday to override Gov. Jim Douglas’ veto of a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry. The vote was 23-5 to override in the state Senate and 100-49 to override in the House. Under Vermont law, two-thirds of each chamber had to vote for override.

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It's not baby fat: Among 4-year-olds, nearly 1 in 5 is obese -

It's not baby fat: Among 4-year-olds, nearly 1 in 5 is obese -

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The end of party bickering

First of all, every president I can think of in recent memory has said they were going to go to Washington and work to end the party divide, work to encourage the parties to come together. However, it seems that it just gets worse. This is just the opening rounds of what I think it going to be another very split four years term for Obama.

On a side note, I predict republicans taking back power in at least one of the houses of congress in 2010.
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Dem Senator: Card Check will threaten health-care reform

“We’re going to have to see whether or not there’s a consensus that can be reached that makes it something that can be passed because right now there isn’t something that can be passed,” Bennet told the group at New Belgium.

He said he’s concerned by the hard feelings that are developing on the issue, among organized labor on one side and small-business owners on the other. He said those groups can be allies on many issues, particularly health-care reform, and can’t let the EFCA debate splinter relationships.

“Temperatures are running high on both sides of this. We need to make sure that no matter how this turns out … that we’ve got all hands on deck working on health-care reform because this is the year to get that done,” he said.

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Nicky is Fed Some Toast | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Nicky is Fed Some Toast | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!
I am really starting to think that Nicky is the hotter of the two sisters.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bolivia eyes lithium deposits - 05 Apr 09

SEIU Staff Union Pickets the SEIU!

New baby for Alyson

Congrats to her, and her family.
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Alyson Hannigan Welcomes a Daughter!

It’s a girl – and she shares her birthday with her mom!

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Number of guns going from US to Mexico overstated

This doesn't mean we are not responsible at least in part for the mess that Mexico is in right now. If we are not sending guns, we are sending lots of cash to pay for our drugs,.
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In Reality, Nearly Ninety Percent of Mexican Cartel Weapons DON'T Come From U.S.

Apparently, America’s love of firearms has not rubbed off on our Mexican neighbors quite as much as the mainstream media led us to believe.

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Football Fans Get Even with Riot Cops

This is why soccer rocks!

What is with this ad

It really creeps me out.
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Can someone tell me what the new Quiznos ad is all about? - VIDEO

Quiznos"Put it in me Scott..."
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Jerry’s Moment | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Jerry’s Moment | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Start your own magazine

This is a great idea, I am thinking about how I can use this to find a job.
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Sick Of Vogue? Start Your Own Fashion Glossy

With print magazines folding left and right, Hewlett-Packard has decided that it's time for some D.I.Y. publishing.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taliban Video Of A Girl Getting Beaten

NewsBusted 4/3/09

Nicky Hilton Is Happy At Chateau Marmont On Friday Night

Maher To Troops: 'At Some Point These People Are Gonna Have To Learn To Rape Themselves.'

More Poet Than Paparazzo | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

More Poet Than Paparazzo | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

I know what I wish you did last summer... JLove is hot.

Celebrity Dirt with Jackson Blue: Shanna Moakler blogs about her breakup with Travis Barker

Celebrity Dirt with Jackson Blue: Shanna Moakler blogs about her breakup with Travis Barker

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Celebrity news and entertainment from In Touch Weekly

Celebrity news and entertainment from In Touch Weekly

Couldn't it be both?

Jewel is a Rock Hard Diamond | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Jewel is a Rock Hard Diamond | Buzz Foto | Paparazzi As An Art Form!

Tracy girl seen on tape

Why is this girl walking around alone like this, I don't think she is old enough for that.
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Surveillance tape shows missing California girl skipping in alley

(CNN) -- A surveillance video of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, missing since March 27, shows the child in the mobile home park where she lives, skipping and happily swinging her arms on the day she disappeared in Tracy, California.

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Can Obama shut down the internet?

This is too much power for anyone, the internet is not American, it is international. The strength of the internet is its freedom from this kind of control.
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Can Obama shut down the Internet?

When Mother Jones and Jules Crittenden agree, isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse?  Both take a hard look at the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, S.773 sponsored by Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Olympia Snowe (R-ME).  The bill addresses the need to protect vital networks from cyber attack, but it gives a lot of power to the executive branch — perhaps too much power.  Mother Jones reports:

The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (PDF) gives the president the ability to “declare a cybersecurity emergency” and shut down or limit Internet traffic in any “critical” information network “in the interest of national security.” The bill does not define a critical information network or a cybersecurity emergency. That definition would be left to the president.

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Boston Globe going down next?

This is getting scary.
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Boston Globe's Death Is Now An Option

So this finally happened: the New York Times Co. is threatening to close the Boston Globe if the union there doesn't agree to several harsh money-saving moves. In this case, it's not a bluff.
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