Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sesame Street - 30 Rocks

Is anyone out there?

Wow, this is really true.
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Online interactions are broken down into small electronic boxes: a computer on a desk, a screen on a computer, a video playing in the center of that screen. We watch other human beings float in and out of these boxes, putting on the versions of themselves they deem most fit for public consumption. In the best circumstances, everyone, including the video star, gets at least a laugh out of it. But in the worst circumstances, the disconnect becomes so strong that we lose all sight of the small human being within the video screen.

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What can I say about Paris

I don't know why, but I am a fan.
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Paris the Bookreader

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Heartless maybe, but still hot

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Mandy is a Heartless Ex?

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Full House star splits with husband

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Sweetin’s agent, Stella Alex, says the actress is “absolutely clean” and that the couple have “come to this path in their life and she felt like this is the way she had to go. Jodie says it’s unfortunate but it’s just what has to happen right now. No more detail, only because she says she doesn’t want to be disrespectful to him.”
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Rosie O'Donnell Variety Show Promo


2008 election part of a long history

This is not a political blog. However, this is a story I couldn't pass up:
the story of how voting patterns in the 2008 election were essentially
determined 85 million years ago, in the Cretaceous Period. It's also a story
about how soil science relates to political science, by way of historical
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They're bringin Mammoths back

As long as they keep it low on the food chain, it sounds ok to me.
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If the genome of an extinct species can be reconstructed, biologists can work out the exact DNA differences with the genome of its nearest living relative. There are talks on how to modify the DNA in an elephant's egg so that after each round of changes it would progressively resemble the DNA in a mammoth egg. The final-stage egg could then be brought to term in an elephant mother, and mammoths might once again roam the Siberian steppes.

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Pics of Alyson

She is soooooo hot!
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Red Eye Hates Belgium Far More Than You

Red Eye is funny
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What did Belgium do to title="Click here to read more posts tagged RED EYE"
href="" rel=nofollow>Red Eye
's Andrew Levy?
We've never really given the country much thought, to be honest. But apparently
someone at title="Click here to read more posts tagged FOX NEWS"
href="" rel=nofollow>Fox News
' second
funniest late-night offering has been deeply offended by the nation and wants
revenge. Did you know the Belgians murdered Paddington Bear and are so stupid
they fish for cows? We're guessing that Greg Gutfeld (or one of his writers) was
either stabbed or dumped in Belgium. Or he's still not over his Chimay hangover.
(Thanks go to intern Shannon for the
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Lindsay and Sam fighting?

I hope that this isn't true, Sam has been really good for Lindsay. Lindsay has stayed clean, and out of trouble since they have been together.
"Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson "are fighting like cats and dogs," according to our source. "They fight every day, screaming, crying and yelling at each other. "Sam and Lindsay are still very much together and very much in love, but drama just seems to follow Lindsay, and Sam hates it. She deals with Lindsay every day. And every day for Sam means questioning, 'Is this worth it?'"..."Lindsay is high-maintenance and a lot to deal with," another insider divulged. "And Sam has always dealt with her. But it isn't easy." Lohan - who insists she is not a lesbian despite her relationship with Ronson - "will go straight back to guys" if she and Ronson do split, said one source. Rumors of her flirting with Chase Crawford and her ex-boyfriend Calum Best add fuel to the combustible situation."
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Paris Hilton

Just because I haven't done much gossip news lately, and nothing is more gossipy than Paris.

Well, it doesn’t take much to move on from ‘the love of your life.‘ So it seems for Paris Hilton as she exited Mr Chow restaurant after having dinner with her sis Nicky. A girls day out seemed just the ticket the day after announcing her split with Benji Madden whom Paris was crazy over for a lot longer than anyone thought. Hopefully, that pretty smile of hers is real and isn’t hiding too much pain. Breakups are no fun!

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Doctors Remove Worm From Woman's Brain


Dante Rose Pleiades's Facebook profile