Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Only Greg would come up with something like this...

And only Greg could pull it off. I love it.

Christine O'Donnell: "I Dabbled Into Witchcraft"

No Accepted Medical Use? Three Perspectives on Medical Cannabis

What's holding back small business?

What's holding back small business?: "

Catherine Rampell has a very useful graph, displayed here, and cited favorably by Krugman and also deLong.


Afghans Vote Despite Attacks, Turnout Appears Low - ABC News

Afghans Vote Despite Attacks, Turnout Appears Low - ABC News

Is Sarah Palin running?

I'm not sure this is fair...

The media really created the problem. They are the ones who turned his whisper into a shout heard around the world. I say charge them, they no doubt made more than enough to cover the bill from their coverage.

in reference to: Pastor Terry Jones Hit with $180,000 Police Security Bill (view on Google Sidewiki)

This is the missing key in the debate...

Conservatives think about and talk about Muslims, Arabs and terrorists like they are all one in the same. However, not all Muslims in America are Arab, even in the Middle East, Iranians are not Arab, they are Persian. Americans need to develop a better understanding of Islam, and the people both here and around that world who choose that as a faith.

Sarah Palin - 2012 - Chris Matthews | Mediaite

Sarah Palin - 2012 - Chris Matthews | Mediaite

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Jon Stewart's 'Million Moderates' Rally Organized by Two Liberal Clintonistas

Jon Stewart's 'Million Moderates' Rally Organized by Two Liberal Clintonistas: "

The Washington Post promoted the dueling Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert liberal satirist rally on Saturday's front page with the blurb: "Comedy Central sets up opposing stunts in October. Your dilemma: Join Stewart's 'Million Moderates,' or Colbert 'Keep Fear Alive'?" What Post TV critic Lisa deMoraes discovered is that there are no moderates organizing this event on the last weekend before the midterm elections. Comedy Central is relying on two liberal Clintonistas.

Don't go off the reservation...

I don't think Rove should be demonised for stating what he sees as real problems with O'Donnell. We enter a scary political era when you cannot say bad things about candidates in your own party. We enter a political era lacking in truthfulness.

in reference to: » What Karl Rove Should Have Said - Big Government (view on Google Sidewiki)

Michael Moore McDonald's at Ground Zero Killed More People Than 911 Hija...

Punk A** Paparazzi to Punk A** Russell Brand: This's America Bit*h,andYo...

Palin running for president...

It still isn't clear, but making moves like this points her in the right direction.

in reference to: C-SPAN Video Player - Sarah Palin at Iowa Republican Party’s annual Ronald Reagan Dinner (view on Google Sidewiki)

How does she do it?

Paris has managed to get herself out of serous trouble again... I can only shake my head.

in reference to: Paris Hilton avoids jail with plea deal - Entertainment - Celebrities - (view on Google Sidewiki)

This is a funny video...

Click the link to watch the video. It isn't in English, but if you pay attention to politics you can see what is going on, and you'll get the joke.

I like Posterous...

It is rating below Tumblr, but I use them both and I like Posterous better.

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Happy Constitution Day: Miss me yet?

Happy Constitution Day: Miss me yet?:

Photoshop credit: Reader W.E. Messamore

Don't run...

I have to agree with Sarah Palin, the voice of the voters has said they don't want her to run. Why is she running... She claims to have people supporting her, just not enough to win the primary.

in reference to: Hot Air » Murkowski: This is one woman who won’t quit on Alaska (view on Google Sidewiki)

$9 Million for signs?

How can anyone justify spending that much money on stupid signs. Obama says it is transparency, and Republicans call it tax-payer funded propaganda. I am doing with the Republicans on this one.

Bill Maher: Obama Would Be A Better President 'If He Was Fully Black'

Bill Maher: Obama Would Be A Better President 'If He Was Fully Black':

Bill Maher on Friday said Barack Obama's problem is "he's only half black." He'd be a better president "if he was fully black.

I know you're a comedian Bill, and you say these kinds of things to get attention. But still... WTF?

INF Daily's Celebrity News Report for September 15th, 2010

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