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Michael Moore VS Wolf Blitzer - Round II

Crooks and Liars » Gonzales’ trouble with the truth gets worse

Crooks and Liars » Gonzales’ trouble with the truth gets worse:

"As he sought to renew the USA Patriot Act two years ago, Attorney General
Alberto R. Gonzales assured lawmakers that the FBI had not abused its potent new
terrorism-fighting powers. “There has not been one verified case of civil
liberties abuse,” Gonzales told senators on April 27, 2005.
Six days earlier, the FBI sent Gonzales a copy of a report that said its agents had
obtained personal information that they were not entitled to have. It was one of
at least half a dozen reports of legal or procedural violations that Gonzales
received in the three months before he made his statement to the Senate
intelligence committee, according to internal FBI documents released under the
Freedom of Information Act."

Sometimes I think I am the last person to jump of the boat of suggesting that someone should be fired. However, I think it is time for Mr. Gonzales to go. His record is shady at best, if half the things that he has been accused of are true, he should be in jail. If none of the things are true, just the fact that the allegations are undermining the justice department and making it look like a side show for the White House, is enough that he should step down.

Crooks and Liars » Chertoff should be fired

Crooks and Liars » Chertoff should be fired:

"Still, Chertoff said there are not enough indications of an imminent plot to raise the current threat levels nationwide. And he indicated that his remarks were based on “a gut feeling” formed by past seasonal patterns of terrorist attacks, recent al-Qaeda statements, and intelligence he did not disclose. There is an assessment “not of a specific threat, but of increased vulnerability,” he added."

I am reminded of an episode of CSI New York, where one of the detectives had a hunch that one of the players was hiding something. The lead detective told him, your hunches are good, but you need to bring me evidence. I want to tell Mr. Chertoff the same thing, it is great that you have this feeling that we need be to aware as a nation of a potential attack, now go out there and find something that you can show us to make it solid. I don't want leaders who only deal with what is in the reports, they have to lead and make decisions based on their feelings. However, if you want the public to take what you are saying seriously you can't come out and say, "I have a hunch America might be attacked soon".

Romney, Giuliani Announce Their Numbers

Captain's Quarters: Romney, Giuliani Announce Their Numbers

"Republican Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign reported an estimated $15
million in primary election contributions from April through June and Mitt
Romney trailed closely behind with $14 million raised. ...
Overall, Giuliani saw an increase in his fundraising over the first quarter, when he reported
nearly $16 million in contributions. About $1 million of that sum was for the
general election."

The field is still very crowded and with an unknown sitting off stage waiting to make an entrance I think a lot of donors may be waiting for the race to settle before staking their interests. A couple days ago I posted about how Ron Paul was falling behind in the money race, and it wasn't because of his ranking compared with the other candidates, it is because the amount of cash that he has raised is not enough to wage a campaign for the White House. All the candidate to some degree are thus falling behind in the money race, it just so happens that Paul is farther back than the rest of them, well he is beating McCain.

The Honor Of Enemies

Captain's Quarters: The Honor Of Enemies

"Americans want to believe that everyone can be our friends. We would certainly
like that, and thanks to our diversity, we can relate to a wide range of
cultures and sensitivities -- but we seem to have a blind spot about values and
motivations. Not everyone wants American friendship, and even if we did abandon
Israel, they would still hate us for other, secondary reasons, such as our
support for moderate Arab oppressive states like the Saudis. The more radical
populations hate us on our own, regardless of Israel, precisely for the values
of free speech, gender equality, and religious expression that bind us to our
Israeli allies. "

I had a talk with my sister about this a couple weeks ago. America has made mistakes in the region, and Israel has made mistakes in the region. However there are forces in the region that do not want to make peace with America, and they do not want to make peace with Israel. What they want is for Israel to be wiped from the map, and for the great Satan of America to be brought to its knees. Islam means may be a religion of peace, but it is a peace of submission to their way of life.

Will Turkey invade northern Iraq? - Yahoo! News

Will Turkey invade northern Iraq? - Yahoo! News:

"ISTANBUL, Turkey - Reports that Turkey has massed a huge military force on
its border with Iraq bolstered fears that an invasion targeting hideouts of
Kurdish rebels could be imminent. But how deeply into Iraq is the Turkish army
willing to go, how long would it stay and what kind of fallout could come from
allies in Washington and other NATO partners?"

Could the middle east be on the brink of a world war, I know it might not be right to call it a world war, since I think world wars must involve all the western powers. Is the middle east headed into a deep regional conflict though, imagine if you will that Iraq and it's civil war plays the role of Spain in the second world war. Spain was a country that was torn apart by a long destructive civil war. Imagine that Turkey plays the part of Germany, moves into Iraq, to either take territory or to attack the Kurds. Iran, could play the role of Italy, creating a treaty with Turkey, since Iran has Kurds of its own that it has problems with, and a strong interest in Iraq. Saudi Arabia most likely would play the part of Britain, pulled into the war but not the focus of the war. Israel would play the part of France, there is no question that if there is a major war in the middle east, Israel more than any other country is going to be a target for attacks.

The first world war ended the Ottoman empire and the Austrian empire, while the second world war made the American empire and the Russian empire stronger. Will a third pole of power rise from the ashes of a middle east war, one that would challenge both the powers of America and Russia. On the other hand could this spell an end to the OPEC empire, which technically isn't an empire but has in the past acted like one.

This is a very scary and interesting time to be alive.

$12 billion per month - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

$12 billion per month - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"That's how much the US is paying each month to fund the wars in Afghanistan and
Iraq, with most of that - $10 billion - going to Iraq. The GOP couldn't find
money to address the health care crisis nor was it financially possible to take
action against global warming but somehow funding a war against Iraq, which had
no connection to 9/11, was possible. Worse still, the earlier predictions for
spending were not even close."

One can't help but think what ways that money could have been better spent.

The Idiot Known As Rosie O’

The Idiot Known As Rosie O’

"Rosie O’Donnell continues to bash Elizabeth Hasselbeck while on her Rosie Gay Cruise.
O’D spoke in front of a large photo of Hasselbeck with devil horns painted on the photo. She
told the group assembled that ‘(Hasselbeck’s) only f****** credit was Survivor, come
on!’ After the confrontational words Rosie said, ‘I can’t fight with pregnant people. Just go have your baby and have a nice life."

Oh Rosie, baby, isn't it time you got over this little fight. I mean I got fired last week and I am already over it. Time to pick up, move on, and show the world that you are a strong person. No one wants to hear you attack Elizabeth, or hear your pathetic claims that you can't argue with a pregnant womyn. That makes about as much sense as me saying that I can't argue with a fat lesbian.

McCain's top political strategists forced out -

McCain's top political strategists forced out -

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. John McCain's top political strategists stepped down
Tuesday from their posts with the Arizona Republican's presidential campaign that has come under fire for poor management and lackluster fundraising."

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it toll for John McCain's presidential campaign.

Olmert says does not want Gaza, West Bank divided - Yahoo! News

Olmert says does not want Gaza, West Bank divided - Yahoo! News:

"'We are not stupid. We don't want to separate Gaza from the West Bank. We know
that a million and a half Palestinians live in the Strip. How can they be
separated from the others?'"

I don't see how a Palestinian state in just Gaza could survive, and how it could represent the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people have been though enough, I think it is time for the leaders of the region to sit down at a table and form a solution to this mess. Of course that means that Hamas will have to back down from its rhetoric about destroying Israel, and it means that Israel will have to learn to trust the Palestinians, and it means that Palestinians will have to stop blaming Israel for all their problems, the rest of the region will have to stop using the conflict to their own advantage and America will have to come clean about its interests in the region. Yeah, I can see how this is going to work out already.

Hayden Panettiere: 42 More Days & Counting - The Hollywood Gossip

Hayden Panettiere: 42 More Days & Counting - The Hollywood Gossip:

"According to a fan site devoted to the underage hotness that is Hayden
Panettiere, we only have 42 days (41.5, actually) left until we can feel
slightly less dirty about discussing her."

What, I didn't know that she wasn't legal, honest officer she never told me she was 13.... oh wait that is another story all together.

Belligerent Bear: Brandon Davis Kicked Out of Wedding - The Hollywood Gossip

Belligerent Bear: Brandon Davis Kicked Out of Wedding - The Hollywood Gossip:

"Now that he’s “shed a few pounds,” oil(y) heir Brandon Davis, a.k.a. “Greasy
Bear” is apparently having trouble holding his liquor. Or he’s just a jackass.
Or both.
Spies at the recent wedding reception of his older brother - Alexander - yes, there is yet another bear - snitched that Brandon Davis caused an uproar."

I know you are wondering why I am even posting about this nobody, and I wonder too. I think I can feel his pain though, I can imagine him crying into his beer - or whatever he is drinking."I used to be somebody, I used to be able to get into clubs, I used to be photographed scratching my balls on the beach, people used to think it was funny when I made fun of Lindsay Lohan, I used to be friends with Paris Hilton, and now I am nobody".

To be honest, I think that he hasn't changed, just we got bored of his greasy hair. Best of wishes to the couple by the way, and I hope that where ever they start their new life, they are happy.

» Daniel Radcliffe Shocks Emma Watson -

» Daniel Radcliffe Shocks Emma Watson -

Common that is a picture that could shock anyone, he looks less like a student at a school of magic and more like a member of a motorcycle gang. I can see it now, Harry and the Potters, no that sounds more like a bad garage band.

Al Sharpton Attacks TMZ / Jossip

Al Sharpton Attacks TMZ / Jossip:

"Thank you Rev. Sharpton. In response to your statement questioning TMZ’s use of the term “roboho,” first and foremost, please note that we called Beyonce’s performance outfit “roboho” not Ms. Knowles herself. There is a difference. One need not know a celebrity personally to have an opinion on their wardrobe. Joan Rivers created an entire industry based on this fact.
As to accusations that our comment was racially motivated, TMZ has humorously called
into question many celebs for wearing racy outfits — regardless of their race.
In the past, TMZ referred to Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, as “poshtitute,” Hulk Hogan’s daughter a “working girl” and called Lindsay Lohan’s trashy ensemble a “HO-rror.” A tight mini-dress is a tight mini-dress! Even Kid Rock got a humorous “ho” reference in a December 2006 story, and last we checked, he was neither Black nor a woman."

First of all, when did "ho" become a racial term, and is it one that the black community wants to turn into a racial term? Second of all, doesn't Al Sharpton have better things to do with his time than defend what really is an ugly outfit. Third, he really should have done his background on this one, it makes him look like a dumbell, reading TMZ for any amount of time at all will show you the mockery that they heap on everyone. They set the tone for the news that gets pushed around the net from blog to blog.

Reporter's pool visit results in departure | Chicago Tribune

Reporter's pool visit results in departure Chicago Tribune:

"By showing up in a swimsuit along with her kids, WMAQ-Ch. 5 reporter Amy
Jacobson was treading uncertain waters without dipping so much as a toe in the
backyard pool of Craig Stebic, whose wife's disappearance Jacobson had been

For those of you out there thinking about being good reporters, a couple things have happened over the last couple weeks that make me think you should be given advice. One you do not sleep with the subject you are covering for your news organization, yeah that means you, Maria Bartiromo. Two, would be that you don't take your kids over to their house and hang out by the pool in your bikini. There is nothing your competitors would like to do more than nail your proverbial ass to the wall, don't make it easy for them.

Celebrity News!: Lily Allen Thinks Paris Hilton Is "Hideous" and "Amazing" - into GOSSIP.

Celebrity News!: Lily Allen Thinks Paris Hilton Is "Hideous" and "Amazing" - into GOSSIP.:

"Lily Allen is both disgusted and impressed by the 26-year-old heiress -
who recently spent 23 days in jail for driving with a suspended licence - at the
same time."

You know this is probably the most honest thing that has ever been said about Paris Hilton, and it probably is the way most of America feels about the young diva.

Jennifer Aniston Moving To England?

I’m Not Obsessed: Jennifer Aniston Moving To England?

"Jennifer Aniston is
reportedly all set to quit Hollywood and move to the UK to be nearer to her
British boyfriend, Paul Sculfor. That’s right, according to the latest
rumors, it seems Paul is homesick and Jen wants to escape the media and LA by
moving across the pond."

Jenn sweetie, think this over. Remember when you moved to Chicago for that man, did that make things work out between you? No, you were just further from your friends and Brad Pitt's family, oops, I mean your family. If you are moving across the pond for a relationship with a man who is using you for fame, it won't work out. If you are moving to get away from the press you should talk to Sienna Miller about how well that might work out, or ask Madonna. Well, at least you can still sell us water right?


Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots. - By Mickey Kaus - Slate Magazine

Hillary and Diana: You connect the dots. - By Mickey Kaus - Slate

In a piece of work that should have been published in The Onion as opposed to at a real news site, which I was under the impression Slate was, Kaus attempts to connect the dots between Diana, Bill Clinton and his wife running for president. He claims that Bill had bugged phones in the past, and the Diana and her lover Ted Forstmann believed their phones were bugged. Why would Bill bugg Diana and he lovers phones, because he was at one time thinking about running against Hillary for the senate in New York. I really don't see that these dots connect to form anything other than a delusion.

Gabby Babble: Keith and Nicole Will Split Up Soon

Gabby Babble: Keith and Nicole Will Split Up Soon:

"Keith Urban probably doesn't know the scary fact that once you get a
tattoo of your girl's name, the relationship is doomed. Didn't he hear that
Winona Ryder & Johnny Depp's relationship ended after Johnny got a Winona
tattoo? And the same happened to Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton.

At least he got a tattoo with her first name only. He could always try
to find a different Nicole if they break up."

Yeah, he can bond which Nicole Richie with tales about their times in rehab. I hope this isn't true though, I think Nicole Kidman deserves to have a good man in her life. Who cares if he might be gay, or that if they are the couple from the blind post, they need college students to spice up their love life. At least he isn't crazy, and he doesn't jump on couches.

Julia Stiles + Cosmo = The Following Post

A Socialite's Life Julia Stiles + Cosmo = The Following Post

I love Julia she is as fresh as green apples...

Denise Richards Is My Personal Punching Bag for No Good Reason

A Socialite's Life: Denise Richards Is My Personal Punching Bag for No Good Reason

"Star magazine is reporting that Denise has shelled out a whopping $50,000 to a
matchmaker in the hopes of finding a 30-40-year old mate, whose currently
residing in the Los Angeles area and would be cool with her kiddos."

Wanted, man for beautiful rich actress, looking for long term relationship. Must love kids, and be able to deal with the stress of the public eye.

Ok, I make fun, but there must be real problems when you are someone like Denise and you are looking for love. She is beautiful, but her career is fading, her fame is fading and she is remembered as the womyn who stole her best friends man. Of course there is also the factor that like Jennifer Anniston, any many who dates you, is going to be fodder for the tabloids. There are two ways that this is bad for these womyn. On the one hand the person who doesn't want his face on the cover of InTouch Magazine and the second the person who does.

Paris Hilton Tries Weed for the First Time

A Socialite's Life: Paris Hilton Tries Weed for the First Time

"'She took a huge puff off of a joint, then opened the door and exhaled the
pot smoke basically in my face,' one clubgoer told us."

Ok, we know it wasn't her first time trying pot, I mean this is at least the third time that she has been connected to the drug. Remember the bag of green "tobacco" that was pictured in her purse at the fashion show for example. The thing is that when you are Paris Hilton and you know that everything that you do is public, one why would you use drugs where others can see you and two lie about it. Common Paris, you have a big house, a couple big houses, go there and do your drugs.

ABC News: A City's Eyes: Do Cameras Reduce Crime?

ABC News: A City's Eyes: Do Cameras Reduce Crime?:

"In many American cities, you can bet someones watching when you walk the streets.
In the name of crime prevention and the war on terror, police departments around
the country have set up surveillance cameras to keep an eye on troublemakers. "

I really don't understand why privacy rights activists would have an issue with this. When you walk into the grocery store, you are on camera; when you go to the bank or the gas station or the mall, you are on camera. You are on camera for the security of the businesses that you visit, but also for your own security. We are talking about cameras that are in public places, what you do on the street where anyone could see is not something you should expect privacy about. While I think that this will change crime patterns as much as it reduces it, every tool that can be used to fight crime and terror should be put to use. Defenders of the cameras point to the fact, that what is seen by the cameras, is just what a cop on the street would be able to see.

Deadly Misogyny Foreshadowing: Judge Deems Phil Spector Comment About Wanting To Shoot Every Woman In The Head Relevant - Defamer

Deadly Misogyny Foreshadowing: Judge Deems Phil Spector Comment About Wanting To Shoot Every Woman In The Head Relevant - Defamer:

"He quoted Spector as repeatedly uttering an obscene phrase referring to
Tannazzo said Spector said to him, 'These (expletive). They all
deserve a bullet in their head.'"

This is testimony of a retired cop who had worked security for a couple of parties that Spector had attended. Spector was thrown out both of the parties. He says that Spector repeated this comment about womyn over and over again. I don't know what this tells us about Spector that we didn't already know, we already knew he was crazy. The statement could mean that he hated womyn, or it could mean that we was drunk, had a broken heart or both. I think that he is guilty, that he shot this womyn, but I don't think it was something that he planned, or that he intended.

Paris Hilton’s Cell Phone Number ReassignedParis Hilton’s Cell Phone Confusion | celebrities | paris hilton | celebrity sightings | star style

Paris Hilton’s Cell Phone Number ReassignedParis Hilton’s Cell Phone Confusion celebrities paris hilton celebrity sightings star style

What would you do if famous movie stars and singers started calling you at all
hours of the night? For Shira Barlow, it’s actually happening, and she’s
enjoying the free entertainment.

It all started when Barlow, a student
at UCLA, was reassigned a new cell phone number. Apparently, the digits were a
recycled Paris Hilton number, and the Barlow began receiving drunk dials between
2am and 4am from Hilton’s party friends.

While earthly justice didn't cut Paris a break, it looks like what ever high power is out there has cut her a break on this one. While I would be sure to cut out the most incriminating things (ok maybe not), I would be blogging everyday about who was contacting me and what they were saying. Can you imagine the wealth of real information that could be gained, does Nicole text her, does Lindsay, do some people send messages that are bad, and if so who. I know that we know way to much about Paris, but wouldn't it be great to know what her friends thought of her. Of course if they were close friends, they probably wouldn't be getting the wrong number.

Barroso: European Union is 'empire' (short version)

Letterman plays with Optimus Prime

The Price of Atheism

Best Night Ever

Blind Item

Hatcher seen as 'Desperate':

"Which Hollywood actor/singer couple recruit coeds from the UCLA campus to spice
up their sex life?"

Nicole Kidman and Kieth Urban? Got any ideas?

Tom Borelli Joins TYT for an Embarrassing Interview

John Gibson: Katie Couric Slaps Fellow CBS News Staffer

Paris Mobbed


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