Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sanjaya fans stay like to be awake at 6:30 am...

Sanjaya Malakar Hunger Strike

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John McCain...

Stand Up

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The Spin Zone

This is the twat post.

First of all a commenter posted that 'Buck' is a twat. I agree that he is a twat, but for the time being I am going to continue to post his videos because he is funny. I also think he does a good job of putting the pieces of the reality TV shows together in an interesting way.

The second twat of today is Sanjaya. I have this theory that people don't like Sanjaya. I know this isn't a shock to a lot of people, but why do so many people keep voting for him. I think it is because America hates American Idol. I think that there is a subconscious hope that if a crappy singer wins, the show will be shown for the farce that it is. Imagine if Sanjaya wins, and he puts out that album all winners, even bad ones like Ruben Studdard put out, and it bombs. Sales rank low in the thousands, as it is the worst collection of musical attempts since The Backstreet Boys stopped making music. American Idol will go on, but if the same process is continued next year, and we get another Sanjaya as a winner, then the show will fall apart. Already I think more viewers watch American Idol to see the bad singers than the good, the tipping point may have been as far back as William Hung.

Now for twats on an international level. I can see how this incident in the gulf between the UK and Iran is going to come down to an issue of terms. The UK is going to insist that the soldiers are hostages, which implies that they were taken without cause. The Iranians on the other hand are going to insist that they are prisoners, with the implication that they are being held for breaking the law. It is too soon to see how this will end, it could be pushed into a full scale conflict, if that is what the UK, US or Iranian governments want to happen. It could also just as easily be solved through diplomacy, or a raid of a small force of troops, in a snatch and run. I think that Iran is playing with fire, and that any of the players in this drama that obstruct a peaceful resolution are doing the world a disservice.

Also who ever started the big rumor, or to-do about the kiss between Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox as being such a hot lesbian kiss is a twat. The video of the kiss is now making the rounds of the gossip sites, and it is hardly hot or lesbian.

Ok that is enough for now, if you read my site, you are probably not a twat.

Sanjaya sucks...

Sanjaya Anthem

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The Universe is Expanding

Nightmare Room

Ukrainian swimmer incident at FINA World Championship 2007


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Edwards Discourages Sympathy Vote

Eddie Griffin OK After Ferrari Wreck
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Man Says Sex Change Should End Alimony
Burger King Pledges Cage-Free Chickens, Pigs
Iran Says It Will Release Female Sailor
Britain Presses Iran; Woman May Be Freed

Video of British sailors, letter allegedly from female captive surface
Body washes ashore as about 100 migrants sail to Florida
No sugar-coating this: Kids besieged by food ads
Sudan to Arabs: U.N. aid, not force, OK in Darfur
Democrats will be blamed for delays in funds for troops, Bush says

Japanese net suicide pact murderer to hang - Register
Oil Rises a Seventh Day, Climbs Near $65 on UK-Iran Standoff - Bloomberg
Arab leaders relaunch peace summit - Irish Examiner
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Iranian TV shows sailors safe, well
City bans plastic grocery bags
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Will changing jobs lead to more pay?
Senator's aide denies gun charge
Envoys: Up to 600 killed in Congo fighting
Country star dumps husband after child sex bust
Iraq pullout deadline survives Senate
Child hostages freed in Manila
Man surrenders, hostage kids freed in Philippines
Israeli police remove settlers from West Bank

Students held hostage in Philippines

GM, Beazer Homes, New Century, Citi, crude in focus
Don't expect another Bernanke-inspired breakout
Wal-Mart may shelve New York City plans
Treasurys post tepid gains as Bernanke speaks
Bernanke expects moderate growth, slower inflation
Dow Jones eliminates Venezuela from its indexes
Rate of Israelis in poverty falls, but remains near 1 in 4
American Airlines speeds up its fleet renewal plan
European shares trade weaker as oil's price surges

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YouTube Not Feeling the Heat
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Britney in church gun threat drama (
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James Blunt & Petra Nemcova: Goodbye My Lover? (Access Hollywood)
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to get plastic surgery

Courteney and Jennifer K-I-S-S-I-N-G

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Sanjaya Slaughters No Doubt Song, But Decides To Spare Gwen Stefani's Life

The Spin Zone...

Now for a wrap up of some of the days news. I am doing this all inside of the new google online word program, which makes it easy to blog directly from. It is however slow on my computer because my computer is just a slow computer. I have used it on other computers and the program works great. At any rate, I only bring that up, to say that if I have typos, you can blame the speed of which this program operates on my computer. Why use it you ask, I am trying to look at the good side of this and I think that while I need to work on typing faster, I also need to work on typing slower and learning where the keys are, this a way of doing that.

I have a number of news links that I will make an effort to post tomorrow. I have had a hard last couple days, getting a lot of things I need done, while working extra hours.

There is big news the world of gossip. James Blunt, and his model girlfriend, Petra Nemcova, have split. This news has been officially recognized by both of their reps. What is not official, is that Blunt has been dating wonder girl, Lindsay Lohan. They have been seen out and about together, and while it may be nothing it is setting off rumours that they are a hot new couple.

Talking of big break-ups. Wynnona Judd must be asking herself why. She is getting a divorce from her husband of five years, while he is being arrested for sex crimes against a minor.

In other gossip news, it is official, Nicole Kidman is with child. There have been rumours going around for a couple months that she was pregnant, but this is the first official word to be released. One blogger commented, that since stars have no privacy they should just come right out and tell everyone - "I'm Pregnant". This will be the first natural child for Kidman who has two adopted children with former husband Tom Cruise.

People are talking about the interview between Katie Couric and the Edwards family, that many thought she was aggressive in. When asked about the interview, during a round table discussion, John Edwards defended Couric for her questions. He told the audience that Couric was asking the questions that America was asking, and that they wanted answers for. It could be that this is very true, and that the backlash comes the very fact that we have those questions and we feel we shouldn't When Couric asks those questions, we project our shame onto her.

The Onion, the funnest news source in print and on the web that I have found, is making a move to get into the TV business with its own news channel. Following the brand it has become known for of course, this news channel is not going to be covering real news, satire news. If you are unaware of what The Onion is, you should check it out. Some are asking how this will be different than the comedy channel news shows with Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. I can only saw that from my own experience, The Onion has a totally different brand of humor than any of the current shows on TV right now.

A lawsuit against the actresses Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson, turns out to have been placed by the owner of one of the big photo agencies in Hollywood. The suit relates to an incident on the set of blonde and blonder where Richards found photographer taking pictures and threw their laptop off a ledge. The laptop ended up hitting an elderly womyn, who is the only person who should be suing in my book. The photo agency in Hollywood is a source of not only an endless stream of photos of the stars, but a source of money for those who take and those who sell the photos. All that money appears to be attracting attention, to an industry that would rather not have it. I expect this is not the last we will be hearing about these agencies, as someone sooner or later is going to turn the camera on them and tell their story.

Thank you for your time, have a good day. Hey if you like this site please tell a friend about it. It would be great if one day I could make a little money off it and buy a computer that was not shit.

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