Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who Makes the movies


Short News

Hillary Clinton told an audience in San Francisco that she saw a role for her husband and former president, Bill Clinton, in her administration being one of diplomacy, as well as other former presidents, telling the crowd, I will continue the tradition of using former presidents" . Meanwhile she is fighting to keep the subject of the impeachment of her husband out of the discussion for the race for the White House.

The feud between Kevin Federline and Britney Spears appears to be over, Federline was seen visiting Spears at the Malibu rehab center Promises for an hour, she has been there since she was taken there by her mother after an angry incident with an umbrella on Thursday night.

Vice President Dick Cheney has said that all options are on the table in dealing with the issue of Iran and its nuclear program. While the White House wants a peaceful solution Cheney said that the use of force was not out of the question. Cheney on a trip to Asia and Austrailia has defended the war in Iraq, attacks critics of the administration and warned that threats to our national security would be dealt with. In related news, Israel is denying that it has asked for the use of Iraqi air space in the event of an Iranian attack on Israel. (Would they really ask?)

The man behind the movie, "Titanic" is claiming to have found the real tomb of Jesus Christ. The tomb was found during a construction project in the suburbs of Jerusalem, 27 years ago. The construction uncovered a cave that held the caskets of ten people, among which was casket for someone named Jesua, son of Joseph. Producer James Cameron, claims to have enough evidence to prove that the bodies in the cave is the family of Jesus, that not only did he not rise from the dead but that he was a father.

I am sorry I will not be able to put much more up tonight, I have to work early tomorrow and I am at home and my home computer works like shit. It runs very very very slow, which of course means that to get anything done it just takes that much longer, I may buy a new computer when I get my tax money but that may not happen as I have access to good computers at school and I could use my money for better things.


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