Tuesday, May 1, 2007

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 05-01-07

Bill O'Reilly

A drunk man trapped on M.C. Escher's infinite staircase

4 Year Anniversary of Mission Accomplished

Democratic Debate

Crisis in Sudan... brought to you by...

Rupert Murdoch on Your World

Rupert Murdoch Makes Bid for Wall Street Journal


J.G. Destroys Leftist Loon Rosie O'Donnell 9/11 Conspiracy

California Democratic Convention


Just a personal note to say that this weekend was very busy for me working on a group project for a class. Starting this month it is my goal to write a news post every day. I know I have said that before but I am going to focus more on getting it done. No I do not count this as the post for the first day of May. I hope you have been enjoying the videos and you will leave a comment with any feedback you have for me.

Stephanie Miller Takes Imus's MSNBC Slot

American Idol Gives Back CRAP! Sorry John LENNON! OOPS!

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 04-30-07

Fire Collapses I-80 (view from 880) PART5

Fire Collapses I-80 Connector (view fr. 580 to hayward)part1

Oakland freeway fire/collapse

FOX News Trashes ABC For Publicizing DC Madam's Clients


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