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The BRAD BLOG : Diebold Optical-Scan System Fails in Iowa GOP Straw Poll!:

The BRAD BLOG : Diebold Optical-Scan System Fails in Iowa GOP Straw Poll!:

"While GOP candidate Mitt Romney may have walked away with a winning
edge in the Iowa Straw Poll, Diebold was true to form as their voting system
failed to count ballots correctly. As the Des Moines Register is reporting two
of Diebold's optical scanners failed and 1500 paper ballots had to be manually
recounted by hand..."

I strongly believe that since technology is never fool proof, and doesn't always work, there must be a way to check to votes. What if there is a power outage in a location where the polling station is, and all that you have is the computer voting machines. I have used optical scan ballots a number of times, and think that they are the best solution. They can be counted quickly by a machine, but they can also be recounted if there is a doubt. Also they would remain effective even if the power went out.

Hidden Earmarks A Hallmark Of The 110th

Captain's Quarters Hidden Earmarks A Hallmark Of The 110th

One hospital, Bay Area Medical Center, sits on Green Bay, straddling the border
between Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, more than 200 miles north
of Chicago. The bill would increase Medicare payments to the hospital by
instructing federal officials to assume that it was in Chicago, where Medicare
rates are set to cover substantially higher wages for hospital workers.Lawmakers
did not identify the hospital by name. For the purpose of Medicare, the bill
said, “any hospital that is co-located in Marinette, Wis., and Menominee, Mich.,
is deemed to be located in Chicago.” Bay Area Medical Center is the only
hospital fitting that description.

Any representative of the people who proclaims to be for open government and then turns around and writes laws that are willfully hard to understand in order to sneak through funding is unfit for public office. This is plain dirty politics, if any one in congress cares about reform as much as they say they do, this has to end. The problem of course is that power and money corrupt, and while it is easy to sit outside Washington talking about all the good you will do, being in the capital changes you. You get a sip of that power, and you think that one more won't hurt.

Daily Kos: Giuliani: Petty, Vindictive, Egotist

Daily Kos: Giuliani: Petty, Vindictive, Egotist

"Petty and vindictive" is the assessment of one of Giuliani’s most reliable
foils, Stephen DiBrienza, a former City Councilman from Brooklyn who in 1998 was
on the receiving end of a memorable act of mayoral pique. DiBrienza was chairman
of the Council’s General Welfare Committee, which oversaw the city’s social- and
human-services programs, principal targets of Giuliani’s reforms. One of the
councilman’s abiding concerns was the warehousing of homeless people in huge
city shelters, some of which held as many as a thousand beds. In December, 1998,
DiBrienza sponsored a bill to limit the number of beds at city facilities to two
hundred, and to require that social services be made available at the
shelters.Giuliani vehemently opposed the measure, arguing that it would require
the city to close down its seven largest shelters. The Council passed the
legislation, and he vetoed it. He said that if he was forced to close the big
shelters he would have to build new ones—and he would put them in the districts
of the chief proponents of the bill. The Council overrode the veto by a
substantial margin. The Mayor called DiBrienza a "limousine liberal" and a
"hypocrite," and the administration announced plans to open a homeless shelter
in a neighborhood in DiBrienza’s district. An eviction notice was sent to a
state-run psychiatric clinic housed in a city-owned building, with the
explanation that a homeless shelter was coming in. In addition to the clinic,
which tended to five hundred patients a week, the building contained a
senior-citizen center and a nonprofit children’s center."Think about it,"
DiBrienza says now. "Here’s a guy who would go to that length, because I beat
him on passing a law that requires smaller-bed shelters. Because we would not
blink, he would throw kids, seniors, and the mentally ill out into the street. I
mean, could I have written a better script to expose the fact of what he was?"

Another example that I am more familiar with is the shooting of a black man by the police. An undercover officer had approached the individual attempting to sell a black man some drugs, the man said no. Some how they got into a struggle and the undercovers backup rushed in and ended up shooting and killing the man. They never identified themselves as being police officers, and being that they out numbered him, deadly force seems extreme. When it hit the news, the mans history was looked into, and there was nothing that could be found as far as a criminal record. Giuliani then broke the law, by opening his juvenile records, and citing a small offense that had happened when he was a minor, almost ten years earlier. Like Bush, Giuliani doesn't believe that anything should stand in his way, including the law.

Crooks and Liars » CNBC’s Erin Burnett: We Need China’s Toxic Food And Lead Coated Toys To Keep Economy Strong:

Crooks and Liars » CNBC’s Erin Burnett: We Need China’s Toxic Food And Lead Coated Toys To Keep Economy Strong:

"“A lot of people like to say, uh, scaremonger about China, right? A lot of
politicians, and I know you talk about that issue all the time. I think people
should be careful what they wish for on China. Ya know, if China were to revalue
it’s currency or China is to start making say, toys that don’t have lead in them
or food that isn’t poisonous, their costs of production are going to go up and
that means prices at Wal-Mart here in the United States are going to go up too.
So, I would say China is our greatest friend right now, they’re keeping prices
low and they’re keeping the prices for mortgages low, too.”"

I am confused by what she is saying here, is she really saying that we shouldn't try and stop China from making toys that could poison our kids, or food that could poison us, so the prices at the store will stay low. If reading it isn't enough to believe it, it wasn't for me, click on the link to see the video.

Now to defend China a little. It produces a lot of toys, and food and clothes. It makes a lot of the things that we use in our day to day lives, and much of it is produced well. There have been concerns about some products, and China has expressed concern about safety as well. It isn't fair to attack the whole industry of a country, as big as China, with as many companies as China, based on a few incidents. How would we feel if they attack out fast food industry for a few problems that it has had?

First Day in Office 2008

Mike Luckovich, courtesy of Yahoo

This is just too funny....

Crooks and Liars » Kos on MTP: “Stop Attacking Democrats”:

Crooks and Liars » Kos on MTP: “Stop Attacking Democrats”:

"FORD: I want to do nothing more than ensure that progressive causes and
interests are advanced. I want nothing more –and I know you do as well-want
Democrats to win…We do nothing but help Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani when we argue essentially over semantics…

MOULITSAS: Will you stop going on FOXNews and attacking Harry Reid for abandoning the troops, betraying the troops? Because you just did that a couple of days ago…

FORD: Markos, in all fairness, your site has posted awful things about Jewish Americans…

MOULITSAS: That’s not true…

FORD: Your site has…now you have a site about…something about Cindy Sheehan, she uses it as a…she has a heavy presence there in talking about running against….

MOULITSAS: It’s called “democracy.” If you don’t like regular people, hundreds of thousands of people…you’re gonna have…

FORD: No, I love it…but you can’t be critical of us…

MOULITSAS: Of course…you’re not going to control hundreds of thousands of voices. Your organization has a dozen people, you CAN control that message. And you don’t need to attack Democrats."

This is a debate that is going on inside the party right now. Is the party going to continue to drift to the left towards the politics of Kuncinich and Sheehan, or is it going to return to the center where Bill Clinton was able to win. What are the core ideas of the party, and how much is the party willing to put aside some ideas to push forward others. I think that running on terms of pulling out of Iraq, is something that a lot of Americans feel good about. However, socialised medicine is still something that Americans don't trust yet. Can the party put aside its interest in socialised medicine to promote its Iraq strategy or must it cling to both?

It's hard work - Bush has taken 418 vacation days, that's nine weeks a year - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

It's hard work - Bush has taken 418 vacation days, that's nine weeks a year - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"On Thursday, Bush left for a weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine, and his family's
summer compound, Walker's Point. On Monday, he heads to his Crawford retreat,
where he has spent all or part of 418 days of his presidency, according to Mark
Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent and meticulous record-keeper.
...The presidential vacation-time record holder is the late Ronald Reagan, who
tallied 436 days in his two terms. At 418 days, and with 17 months to go in his
presidency, Bush is going to beat that easily"

I am in a place where I don't like to find myself, defending Bush. It isn't fair to say that Bush spent any number of days on vacation, in fact it could be said that he is never on vacation. Even when he is not in the White House, he is still the president and there are still matters that require his attention and decisions. Just because he is not in the White House, does not mean that he is not working, in a modern world the president is able to work from his ranch, or from Maine.

A second point is that I don't think it is fair to count days where congress is also on vacation. What is Bush going to sit in the White House with nothing to do, if congress is not in session it isn't going to be sending up bills to be signed.

Tommy Thompson drops out - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Tommy Thompson drops out - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson is dropping out of the race for the
Republican presidential nomination, a campaign official said Sunday. His
campaign released a statement saying the Republican is leaving the campaign
trail several hours after WITI-TV in Milwaukee reported that Thompson told one
of its reporters he was withdrawing. The campaign statement said Thompson
intends to take sometime off before returning to the private sector and his
nonprofit work. It said the 65-year-old says he's comforted by the fact that he
thinks he made a difference for people during his campaign."

And then there were eight - or nine, no eight the other Thompson isn't going to join the race. With Thompson out of the race, we no longer get to hear his great line, "I am Tommy Thompson, the governor no the actor". His chance were very low in winning the race, but I think that every candidate does make a difference through bringing ideas into the debates.

Rudy At Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert


The End of the Draft

Best of the week... Gossip


(Some reports claim that she is at her mom's house on Long Island.) Other reports are placing her in Utah at a rehab center. As far as I know there is no concrete proof that she is in either one of these places. When she is ready for the public again, she will come out, lets hope that she is taking care of herself and getting better.

Brett Ratner’s first sex surprise-Celebrity News Pictures and Plastic Surgery

While I am not shocked that this would happen to someone as greasy of Brett Ratner, this is a very funny tale. How bold to put something like that in a movie, knowing that the story would probably leak that it was based on reality.

Michael Lohan Displeased With Dina Lohan's Choice Of Male Companion

Listen people Michael wants to be the only man who is a bad influence on his kids, honestly though, if he can't get drunk and rant at his kids why should some other guy be able to.On a serious note though, with the troubles that Lindsay is going through right now, Dina should be more careful about who she brings into her home. Right now what the whole family needs is some stability, and you cannot have that when there are drinking and drugs involved. It is in the best interest of the kids and even Dina herself that relationships take second place. Of course it wasn't in the interest of either Dina or Lindsay when just a couple months ago, Dina was more interested in being Lindsay's drinking buddy than her mom. I think that Dina is a lush and won't be able to help herself or her family until she comes to terms with her own problems.

Kelly Osbourne Has Morals

and I thought that I loved Kelly before. This a bold move for her, which totally rocks. She is taking other steps in her career and she doesn't need the show anyway. She is beautiful, and while she doesn't get as much attention as other ladies, that works for her. It allows her to get more work done, and express her real talents.

Why Couldn't He Just Screw A Stewardess In The Plane's Bathroom Like That Classy Ralph Fiennes?: Ed Harris Pitches A Hissy Fit At Heathrow - Defamer

What do you mean I can't take a knife on the plane? Do you know who I am, I am Ed Harris, did you see my role in The Hours? Oh yeah, I guess that really isn't a strong point in my defense, he was a bit crazy.

Access Hollywood Britney's Fender Bender Victim Hits Back Celebrity and Hollywood News

How nice to find out that your car had been hit when there is a reporter at your door. Turns out that not only did Britney not leave a note for the person who's car she had hit, she made no effort to contact her. The press hounded this poor lady, calling and asking her about how she felt about her car being hit by Britney's car. The lady expressed concern that Britney felt that she was above the law, after watching the video on the internet. The lady felt like Britney's people would contact her, and the call was never made. There is a video on the link.She thinks Britney is going to be a responsible womyn, poor lady doesn't know Britney like we do, does she.

Paris Hilton Denies Adrian Grenier

While I don't know that this could said in a sexual way or not, but Paris does get around doesn't she. Some how she makes her way into all the best shows, and hangs out with all the beautiful people (except for me). Paris is under estimated by much of the media, and I think that she likes it that way. I doubt that she is seeing Grenier, my bet is that she is secretly dating Stavros still. She hasn't really been seen with a serious boyfriend since him. Hot Celebrity Gossip Hot Celebrity Gossip:

"Julia Stiles contemplates suicide whenever she is stressed, as a way to
calm her down. The actress, who plays a suicidal young woman in new period movie
The Bell Jar, confesses she uses the bizarre self-therapy method - despite
having no intention of taking her life."

Julia Stiles in The Bell Jar, is she going to play Sylvia's role. That sounds like a movie I really want to see when it comes out. She is one of my favorite actresses, and I love the book. Though she should think about the fact that in the book, the girl attempts to kill herself because she gets tired of thinking about it.

Gabby Babble: Wow Did Keira Knightley Grow a New Chest?

Paula Abdul Defends Herself

(2008) Be Kind, Rewind Trailer

Word On The Street / Jossip

Word On The Street / Jossip:

"A plucky Anderson Cooper ends up in a trash can next to three grouches, two
television has-beens and an ugly green monster. Or, as Elisabeth Hasselbeck
calls it, “My life.”"

This is the funniest thing I have read all day... I just can't help it.

Woe Is Katie / Jossip

Woe Is Katie / Jossip:

"As if Katie Couric doesn’t have enough tsuris these days, Ed Klein says in
an interview that his new book about the CBS Evening News anchor includes
details “that will knock readers’ socks off.” Of course, Klein made similar
claims before his last unauthorized biography, about Sen. Hillary Rodham
Clinton, in 2005. Though a best-seller, The Truth About Hillary was eviscerated
on both sides of the aisle for its personal attacks and reliance on anonymous

Katie seems to be the target of a strangely high number of attacks. I don't want to think it is because she is a womyn, but facts are that you don't see this level of talk about Martin Bashir or other male anchors who have just taken the top seats. Katie is strong though, she can make it through this, and her fans will love her more for it.

Gabby Babble: Can Kim Kardashian's Booty Get Any Bigger?

Gabby Babble: Can Kim Kardashian's Booty Get Any Bigger?

Have Kim Kardashian picture... will publish! Hot hot hot....

How TMZ got the shot of the week....

David Screams!

Britney Spears

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "THIS PHOTO IS BRILLIANT!"
She looks hot in this picture...

Katherine Heigl Goes Out Without Make-up

Miz Showbiz Katherine Heigl Goes Out Without Make-up

Forget the makeup she has a pretty face, but she should talk to a stylist about that outfit - yuck.

Ashlee Gets Possessive of Pete | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Ashlee Gets Possessive of Pete POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.:

"Ashlee and Pete hung around Chicago last weekend and hit up the Hard Rock Hotel
for the club owner's 40th birthday party. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like
Ashlee had all that much fun. Page Six reports: 'Simpson refused to let any girl
come between herself and her man. When female fans tried to take their pictures
with Wentz, Simpson 'got whiny and dragged him away,' a spy said.'Ashlee and
Pete hung around Chicago last weekend and hit up the Hard Rock Hotel for the
club owner's 40th birthday party. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Ashlee
had all that much fun. Page Six reports: 'Simpson refused to let any girl come
between herself and her man. When female fans tried to take their pictures with
Wentz, Simpson 'got whiny and dragged him away,' a spy said.'"

If you are one of Pete's female fans, be on the look out for his girl friend Ashlee. Seems she wants to be the only female fan in his life, and she is acting pissy to get her way. You can tell that Ashlee is a Simpson, I could see that Joe would react the same way when faced with Pete's female fans. This is all silly though, if you are going to date a rocker, even an emo rocker, you have to learn to expect it and deal with it.

MyItThings - bunnybun, Post, entertainment, It Celebrity, Lily Allen is getting her own show on BBC%2521, 80810200722446476

MyItThings - bunnybun, Post, entertainment, It Celebrity, Lily Allen is getting her own show on BBC%2521, 80810200722446476:

"What can I do it's one of those Lily Allen days, so here is another post. Lily
will be getting her own show on BBC, that would possibly deal with weight issues
of young girls. I can't wait to watch it, I'm sure she will make it cool and
fun. Don't get too excited, because it won't happen until next summer. Lily's
top priority now is her next album, and she will start the work on the show
right after it's out. So stay tuned!"

I wonder if we are going to be able to see it over here in the states at all. It will be a fun show, but will there be lots of kung-foo kicks in it? I hope so.

The Blog at » Blog Archive » Kenneth Cole and Victoria Beckham to guest star on Ugly Betty

The Blog at » Blog Archive » Kenneth Cole and Victoria Beckham to guest star on Ugly Betty:

"Victoria is set to play a bridesmaid on the show, according to Eric Mabius
(aka Daniel Meade), in an upcoming wedding on the show. While Kenneth Cole will
be playing himself at a Black & White Ball thrown in his honor by the Meade
family, looks like another fashion designer is following in the footsteps of
Valentino Garavani, who appeared as himself in The Devil Wears Prada. "

For fans of Victoria and the show Ugly Betty this is great news. From watching Victoria's show, Coming to America, I would expect it to be fun. Victoria will be an interesting addition to the show for one episode, with her style and humor. Not that I ever watch the show, since I don't have a TV.

Gabby Babble: Christian Slater's Not Partying Like He Used To

Gabby Babble: Christian Slater's Not Partying Like He Used To

“The moment I read this script I knew I had to do it. This is a fantastic,
edge of the seat, gripping story told with a wickedly funny wit. It’s a great
role, a great play and I can’t wait to get back on to the London stage - it’s
like my second home.”

Looks like Christian is joining a the growing list of stars who are moving to the stage. The scene in Hollywood and the production of movies is becoming very different than it used to be. In a rush to make movies more real, and more dynamic they are taking the humyn element out of them. I think the stage is going to become more popular as people turn back to the stage to get that humyn element. Stars are already turning to the stage as a way to express that humyn element.


Gabby Babble: Shiloh Got Angelina's Lips

Gabby Babble: Shiloh Got Angelina's Lips

She is one cute kid, and I think she did get Angelina's lips. I wonder if she is going to grow up to be a wild one like her mum.

Spot The Douche! | Dlisted

Would You Hit It? | Dlisted

Would You Hit It? Dlisted:

"In case you don't know who this sexy side of beef (more like sexy side of
25,000 cows) he's the brother of Brandon Davis aka Fat Elvis. TMZ calls him
'Gummi Bear' and I call him sex kitten or Jason Davis."

Is he lactating?

Angelina and Maddox | Dlisted

Angelina and Maddox Dlisted

Cute picture of Maddox rocking out his new 'do.

Access Hollywood | TV Legend Merv Griffin Dead At 82 | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood TV Legend Merv Griffin Dead At 82 Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 2007) – TV pioneer Merv Griffin has died at the age
of 82, According to a statement from his family, Griffin died of prostate

RIP Merv...

Access Hollywood | Security Man Serves Alli Sims Papers From Federline | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood Security Man Serves Alli Sims Papers From Federline Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 12, 2007) – Britney’s former assistant Alli Sims
has been served, Michael Sands, a publicist for Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark
Vincent Kaplan told Access Hollywood. The brunette wannabe pop singer was served
with papers at 3AM this morning, related to Kevin Federline’s custody battle
with his ex-wife Britney Spears."

Looks like Alli going to get pulled into the middle of this fight between Kevin and Britney, no doubt she is going to be called to testify about what she saw while with Spears. This is a hard place for Alli to be, having to testify against Spears or risk lying to the court. There is no doubt that there are facts that she has that are damaging to Britney.

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » ANGELINA GIVES UP SNATCH FOR BRAD

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » ANGELINA GIVES UP SNATCH FOR BRAD:

"Meanwhile, Angie, who has notoriously admitted to bedding women and using
knives during sex in the past, now says: “I’ve never hidden my bisexuality. But
since I’ve been with Brad, there’s no longer a place for that or S&M in my

Would you give up your girl friends for a chance to have a relationship with Brad Pitt - Angelina did.

Britney Spears Marijuana Morphine Laced Lollipops | Pop Crunch

Britney Spears Marijuana Morphine Laced Lollipops Pop Crunch:

"Moles at The National Enquirer tattle that Britney Spears has become an
aficionado at camouflaging her drug addiction with an assumed love of lollipops. "

While I had postulated that Britney's love of lollipops came from an attempt to stop smoking, reports are that it has a whole different reason. The Enquirer is claiming that she has taken to them because they are laced with drugs. She fell in love with them while touring in Europe, and has been buying marijuana laced pops in Santa Monica. While this could be true, it seems doubtful that she would wait three years, from the time she toured Europe, till now to start this habit.

Michael Lohan Disputes Ex-Bodyguard's Claims

Michael Lohan Disputes Ex-Bodyguard's Claims:

"Michael responds: 'It is sad to say, but Tony Almeida is a desperate and
disgruntled employee who is destitute and will do anything for money. In doing
this he has violated a confidentiality agreement which proves his lack of
integrity. Yet again, this is an instance of someone living off Lindsay and our
family for their own personal gain.' "

Michael is claiming that reports from Almeida were fabricated as a way of making money off the family. In most cases like this, the truth lies in between the stories. We all know what kind of person Michael is and Dina is, so there is reason to believe there is some foundation to the tales. On the other hand, making a situation seem worse than it actually was, is an easy way to sell books.

A word to the whole Lohan family. You are all milking your fame and money off of Lindsay, even if this person is using Lindsay to make money, that just makes him a member of the club.

Britney Spears Gets

Guess Who?

Angelina Jolie Pregnant? | Pop Crunch

Angelina Jolie Pregnant? Pop Crunch:

"Celebrity moles at Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s sixth birthday party over the weekend
are fending off Brangelina breakup rumors with reports that the underweight star
is pregnant."

These rumors don't seem to be based on much right now, but it would be nice to see them have another child. They are going to have such a huge family when they get done, if they keep popping out babies and adopting. I think that they should be fine though, they have plenty of money and more importantly, plenty of love.

Britney Spears Adopted? | Pop Crunch

Britney Spears Adopted? Pop Crunch:

"The rumor mill reports that Britney Spears implanted her famed parental
estrangement after discovering that she is adopted. "

There is one glaring hole in this rumor, and that is the fact that Britney and her sister look so much alike that they must be sisters. While it could be that both of them were adopted, that is stretching the story from unlikely to extremely unlikely. The resemblance between Britney and her mother isn't as strong, but it is there, enough that I would doubt this rumor on that alone.

» Lindsay’s Father Confirms Her Whereabouts -

» Lindsay’s Father Confirms Her Whereabouts -

"“Extra” went one-on-one with Lindsay’s estranged father Michael outside
the New York courtroom where he worked on resolving custody disputes with
ex-wife Dina, and he told us, “Utah’s not a bad place to be…it’s pretty

It was pretty much confirmed where Lindsay was, and her father might be only getting his information from the media. However, this is another piece of the puzzle that suggests that she is in rehab in Utah. If she makes a real change in her life, she can come back, people will forgive her and work with her again. It has to be a lasting change, and it has to mean avoiding people that contributed to her problems. I think that includes her mother who still has to face her own addiction problems.

Amanda Bynes the Fashionista | Amanda Bynes : Just Jared

Amanda Bynes the Fashionista Amanda Bynes : Just Jared:

"Amanda Bynes attends the pre-launch party of her new clothing line Dear. The
party took place at Sushi Samba in New York City on Wednesday."

I don't know much about Amanda, but it seems like everyone is trying their hand at design these days. Hopefully this project works out well for her, I wish her the best of luck.

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Elizabeth Arden Defends Britney Spears Ad

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Elizabeth Arden Defends Britney Spears Ad:

"Elizabeth Arden’s statement: “We recently shot Britney Spears for the print
campaign for her new fragrance Britney Spears Believe, in Santa Monica. It is
true that Britney did leave the set; however, she returned after a brief time.
Cayli was the wardrobe assistant on the shoot. We used her as a stand in so that
we could set up the lighting while Britney was off the set. When Britney
returned, we shot the national print ad with her. The only person in the
national print ad for Britney’s Believe fragrance is Britney Spears.”"

I guess you will have to be the judge for yourself. I don't think it looks like Britney, but that is just me. It could be that the photo was touched up digitally to make her look better.

After reviewing pictures of Britney, I think it is her, with a slight digital touch up.

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Do You Take Your Kids Out In Their PJs?

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Do You Take Your Kids Out In Their PJs?:

"The Barkers were seen leaving Nobu in Malibu, a restaurant they frequent about
once a week. The children were already wearing their pajamas being that it was
so late. I am sure they will pass out in the car and then Travis will place them
in bed ready to go. "

Looks like Britney Spears isn't the only person who thinks it is ok to take your young kids out to dinner with you late at night. When you have kids you have to stop living in such a way that you are the only person who matters. It isn't healthy for kids to be out that late, and parents should be able to adapt their lives for that consideration.

Gabby Babble: Babblicious Picture

Gabby Babble: Babblicious Picture

Ok, they do make a cute couple, and this picture makes me think that they might have a chance. Lets hope that they do, and it works out - for the kids sake.


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