Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hogan Street Racing

Britney Sex Shocker

Best Week Ever

BEST WEEK EVER: The Full Episode!

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Rescue operation aims to save a wounded warrior

This is good... check it out.



Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » `CELEBRITY APPRENTICE` LACKS CELEBS:

"- Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (reality show star) - Vincent Pastore (aka “Big
Pussy” from The Sopranos) - Stephen Baldwin (one of the Baldwin brothers) - Gene
Simmons (Kiss rocker/unabashed self-marketer) - Nely Galan (former entertainment
president of the Telemundo network/executive producer of The Swan) - Marilu
Henner (best-known from the sitcom Taxi a quarter-century ago) - Carol Alt
(former actress/model) - Trace Adkins (country music star) - Nadia Comaneci
(Olympic gymnastics gold medalist) - Tiffany Fallon (Playboy Playmate of the
Year) - Jennie Finch (Olympic softball gold medalist) - Lennox Lewis
(heavyweight boxing champ) - Piers Morgan (America’s Got Talent judge) - Tito
Ortiz (Ultimate Fighting Champion/boyfriend of Jenna Jameson)"

These people aren't even close to being celebs, it is doubtful that Jenna Jameson is a celeb, her stable hand, oops boy friend is not for sure.

Nicole's Baby Shower

George Clooney Schools Paps on Driving

Brittany Murphy

Five News | Heather Mills McCartney Walks Out of Interview

Blind Item....I Guess...You Guess | Dlisted

Blind Item....I Guess...You Guess Dlisted:

"WHICH leading man has aged a bit since his last major starring role - and
so, in an effort to freshen up, got a dye job and an eye lift? Studio execs on
the sure-to-be-blockbuster movie he's in are relieved."

Duhhh Harrison Ford....

Candy Spelling: "LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOONE!!!" | Dlisted

Candy Spelling: "LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOONE!!!" Dlisted:

"Tori Spelling's mother, Candy Spelling, must be really bored with life.
Candy wrote a column for The Huffington Post on Sunday where she talked about an
article in the Los Angeles Times about Britney Spears running over the feet of
paps and a cop. Candy wrote, ' Enough. It's time to leave this girl alone. She
didn't run over the feet of the two paparazzi or one sheriff's deputy on
purpose. I've seen 'breaking news' of her driving on many networks, and I don't
think her aim is that good.'"

How do you know what Britney did or did not do on purpose huhh? Were you there, I don't think so. Honestly though, I don't think anyone really blames Britney for running over their feet, but does that mean she needs Candy coming to her defense, or attempting to. I don't see how she can defend anyone.

celebrity nation: Clooney donates cash to striking writers

celebrity nation: Clooney donates cash to striking writers:

"George Clooney has opened his wallet for his fellow artists, donating $25,000
to writers hurting from the recent strike. The actor gave the money to the New
York-based Actors Fund, which provides emergency relief for workers in the
entertainment industry. He said he plans to make periodic donations to the fund
and asked other stars to do the same. 'My hope is that people who can afford it
will take responsibility for this and help out,' Clooney said of the deed."

Maybe this doesn't need to be said, but stars stand to gain from this strike as much as writers. Not only is their contract due next year, which would mean more power for them if the studios folded to the writers. It is also the fact that as the shows with professional writers are replaced by reality shows, they need less talent in general. Remember the defense regarding Kid Nation, they weren't working because they were not talented - at least one of them seemed to be to me though.


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