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"Mary Katharine Ham shares her life-changing experience with a balanced diet in
an homage to Alicia Silverstone's nekkid PETA ad."

That Mary Katherine is such a ham.... This is a funny video.

The Campaign Spot on National Review Online

The Campaign Spot on National Review Online:

"“We cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem. And the idea that we can
keep incarcerating and keep incarcerating — pretty soon we’re not going to have
a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in
prison or dead. One of the two.”"

This statement is such an over statement it is silly. If a conservative had made a statement like this, they would have been tarred and feathered and hung before the news cameras. This is a clear attempt to play to blacks for their votes. Edwards is not only demeaning the government and whites in this statement, he is demeaning blacks. Claiming that without government help, the whole race of young men can't avoid prison or death.

John McCain on Islam, Mormonism, America as a Christian nation, his move from an Episcopal to Baptist church --

John McCain on Islam, Mormonism, America as a Christian nation, his move from an Episcopal to Baptist church --

"Presidential candidate and U.S. Senator John McCain discusses the
country's Judeo-Christian roots, explains why the prospect of a Muslim in the
White House makes him uncomfortable, and reveals that he wouldn't undergo a
full-immersion baptism until his presidential campaign is over. "

No, it didn't. It wasn't even written by Christians.

lgf: Illinois Schools Canceling Christmas and Halloween to Avoid Offending Muslims

lgf: Illinois Schools Canceling Christmas and Halloween to Avoid Offending Muslims:

"Another absolutely disgusting example of pre-emptive dhimmitude, in the name of
tolerance and multiculturalism, right here in the US: First Jell-O, now Santa."

How about we go to their countries and demand that they cancel Ramadan. The most disgusting thing about this, is that they are demanding rights in our country. These groups claim that this is about freedom, but this isn't, it is about control. They are abusing the language of freedom to control.

More Dead in Burma protests- pt 1

Robert Byrd Leads The Greek Chorus Robert Byrd Leads The Greek Chorus

"Joining Gates on the panel was John Negroponte, outgoing Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace, and about two dozen Code Pink nutters, who
couldn't, it seems, miss this for the world. If there's one thing you have to
give them credit for, it's attendance. The Code Pink gals have shown up at more
government public meetings as well as think tank meetings than most politicians
over the last few months. In fact, the only place they weren't was at Columbia
University this week. If only these ladies dogged the Iranian
terrorist-in-chief, chanting for him to get out of Iraq, as fervently as they do
to U.S. officials and realist pundits on the war, they actually might have
served a useful purpose in reducing the propaganda gains Ahmadinejad made while
in America this week. "

That would have been a bold step, and a clear message that they are concerned about the fate of Iraq. That they want the war to end, not only American troops taken out of the war. It also would have read as a message to Iran, that the movement against the war, is not a movement to support Iran. It is a shame they didn't do it.

Newt is Running is Running

"Newt would need only 14,000 of his fans to flood the site with $2,300
'pledges' in order to declare a broad public groundswell for his candidacy.
Sound far-fetched? You've seen what Ron Paul supporters do. You think Newt fans
wouldn't do the same if they believed his entry into the race depended on it?
And if Newt's people actually left the system this open -- i.e. didn't require
you to leave a credit card that could then be charged -- I guarantee this hack
would spread like wildfire on the blogs the minute the site went up. "

I don't dislike Newt anymore than I dislike the rest of the Republican field, and only slightly better than I dislike the Democrats. However, do we really need yet another person in this race. Before he joins, he should ask himself what the voters are going to ask. What is he bringing to the table that the other candidates don't have.

Paris Hilton at Club LAX

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Hillary Clinton’s Iran Vote

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Hillary Clinton’s Iran Vote:

"Wednesday’s vote on the Lieberman - Kyl resolution, condemning Iran and
allowing the designation of its Revolutionary Guards as a “terrorist” entity,
was a litmus test for candidates seeking the Presidency. The vote separated the
wise from the foolish, and Senator Clinton voted — again — for foolish. "

I agree with every statement here, but the last. Hilary made the right choice. Any other choice would be to back down to Iran, allow them to grow stronger and threaten our troops and our allies.

Daily Kos: Verizon Reverses On Pro-Choice Messages

Daily Kos: Verizon Reverses On Pro-Choice Messages:

"'The decision to not allow text messaging on an important, though sensitive,
public policy issue was incorrect, and we have fixed the process that led to
this isolated incident,' Jeffrey Nelson, a company spokesman, said in a
statement. 'It was an incorrect interpretation of a dusty internal policy,' Mr.
Nelson said. 'That policy, developed before text messaging protections such as
spam filters adequately protected customers from unwanted messages, was designed
to ward against communications such as anonymous hate messaging and adult
materials sent to children.'"

This is clearly the right and the best choice for in accord with the spirit of Free Speech. Regardless of the legal rights that the company has to limit the texts, it violates the spirit of the constitution.

Daily Kos: Grandpa Fred too tired to fundraise

Daily Kos: Grandpa Fred too tired to fundraise:

"In the second quarter, Thompson raised just $3.4 million, but his camp
blamed it on the late entry of his candidacy. So if he clocks in this full
quarter at $6 million, it will be further confirmation that he's not a real

It makes me wonder if he even wants to win this race, or is there is some other issue at work here. Does he have a plan to use this publicity for some other purpose.

Suddenly, FOX News Cares About African Americans

Daily Kos: Resolution Condemning Limbaugh to be Introduced on Monday

Daily Kos: Resolution Condemning Limbaugh to be Introduced on Monday:

"It appears that Representative (and Senate candidate) Mark Udall will be
introducing a resolution on Monday which would seek to condemn Rush Limbaugh's
obscene attack on the integrity and patriotism of American service

Is our congress stuck in such a bad place that the only things that can get done is to denounce or attempt to denounce each others speech. It wasn't the right thing when it was in response to the vile ad from MoveOn, and it isn't now.

Crooks and Liars » Fred Thompson, still clueless

Crooks and Liars » Fred Thompson, still clueless:

"Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson said Thursday he was unaware
that a federal judge had ruled last week that lethal injection procedures in his
home state were unconstitutional. Thompson also told reporters he was unaware
that the U.S. Supreme Court agreed this week to consider a Kentucky case about
whether lethal injection violates the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual
punishment. Thompson’s support for the death penalty was a major part of his
campaign platform when he first ran for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee in 1994.
Asked for his response to the recent Tennessee and Kentucky cases, Thompson
responded, “I hadn’t heard that. I didn’t know.”"

He is busy running his Hollywood campaign, how is he supposed to know about little things like this. Thompson clearly is a bad choice for president, he says that he isn't as lazy as the rumors say. This doesn't go toward making believe the rumors are just rumors.

American Thinker: A Quiet Triumph May be Brewing

American Thinker: A Quiet Triumph May be Brewing:

"There are signs that the global Islamic jihad movement is splitting apart, in
what would be a tremendous achievement for American strategy. The center of the
action is in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the very territory which is thought to
harbor Usama, and from which Al Qaeda was able to launch 9/11. Capitalizing on
existing splits, a trap was set and closed, and the benefits have only begun to
be evident."

I have no way of knowing the truthfulness of this story. It sounds real, and I want to believe it is real. No I am not silly enough to think that means it is real though - but there is no more reason to believe it isn't.

Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Breaking: White House Faults Rush Limbaugh Over "Phony Soldiers" Comment

Election Central Talking Points Memo Breaking: White House Faults Rush Limbaugh Over "Phony Soldiers" Comment:

"Perino said: 'The President believes that if you are serving in the
military that you have the rights that every American has which is you're free
to express yourself in any way that you want to. And there are some that oppose
the war, and that's okay.' Pressed specifically about Rush's 'phony soldiers'
phrase, she added: 'It's not what the President would have used, no.'"

It is good to see the White House take a solid and reliable stand on the honor of the troops. Even in the face of their own political foot soldiers.

Boy Banned From School Because Of Nut Allergy | Air America Radio

Boy Banned From School Because Of Nut Allergy Air America Radio:

"Four days into his first term at Howden School, George Hall-Lambert
was sent home by teachers because they discovered he had a nut allergy. George’s
mother, Judith Hall-Lambert, 37, said: “I am absolutely appalled. It is a
shambles. The school should be able to deal with children like George. He is
being discriminated against because he has a nut allergy. He is a bright kid and
this could really set back his education.”"

This is a hard case, it is one of those stories where if the school had allowed the child to remain, knowing they didn't have the skills to deal with it. Then something happened to the child, many of the same people would turn around and say to the school that the child should have been sent home. The school has to make sure all its students are safe, not only morally but legally in relationship to its insurance coverage. If a child were to be killed or injured at school, the insurance companies would have to pay out to the parents. Peanuts are everywhere at school, in candy, other children's lunches, and on the good equipment in the lunch room. The article claims that he had been at another school with no problem. Why take chances, when it is a child's life at risk? I support the move by the school.

10 Important Functions Performed by the Federal Reserve that You’ve Never Heard About | Currency

10 Important Functions Performed by the Federal Reserve that You’ve Never Heard About Currency

1. Standards in new technology
2. Bank examination beyond books and practices
3. Stress testing
4. Promoting economic education
5. Community reinvestment
6. Support of minority-owned institutions
7. Consumer rights protection
8. Local economy monitoring and support
9. Innovating bank protection
10. Economic research

I don't think anyone in the general population understands what the fed does.

A Blog For All: Myanmar Junta Continues Crackdown

A Blog For All: Myanmar Junta Continues Crackdown:

"Soldiers clubbed activists in the streets and fired warning shots Friday,
moving decisively to break up demonstrations in Myanmar before they could gain
momentum. Troops occupied Buddhist monasteries and cut public Internet access,
raising concerns that the crackdown on civilians that has killed at least 10
people was set to intensify. "

When I see the monks walking through the streets, leading the people, I know that the government is losing. It is a simple fact, that the people will follow their religious leaders in almost all cases, against political or government leaders. The monks are leading the march, and the government will fall.

Police: Girl shown in sex tape is safe -

Police: Girl shown in sex tape is safe -

"(CNN) -- A girl who was shown on a videotape being sexually assaulted has been
found and is safe, officials in Nye County, Nevada, said Friday."

This is great news that the girl is safe, sadly an animal is still on the loose.

Robot Chicken

'Person of interest' sought in sex video - Crime & Punishment -

'Person of interest' sought in sex video - Crime & Punishment -

"LAS VEGAS - Nevada authorities identified a man on Friday who they want to
question as they search for a young girl shown being sexually assaulted in a
homemade videotape. Chester Arthur Stiles, 37, was being called a 'person of
interest' in the search for a girl with haunting eyes who authorities believe
was 4 or 5 years old when she was raped and sexually assaulted in the explicit
video, Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo said."

Another sad story of abuse of a child. How do you find justice for this little girl, who will be scared by this for the rest of her life. This man should be left in a cell until he is put in the ground.

CBS Creates 'EyeLab' To Woo Web Surfers -

CBS Creates 'EyeLab' To Woo Web Surfers -

"CBS Corp. thinks Web surfers would rather watch a blooper reel from the sitcom
'How I Met Your Mother' than an actual episode of the show. To cater to what it
believes is the short attention span of online audiences, the network today is
launching CBS EyeLab, a digital-production studio that will create and
distribute short clips cut together from the network's most popular shows."

Why bother, people are going to make their own anyways. I think it could undermine the programing, if the writers and the actors are trying to create scenes that will be on the blooper tape.

Crooks and Liars » Ahmadinejad vs. Khrushchev

Crooks and Liars » Ahmadinejad vs. Khrushchev:

"Khrushchev disembarked from his plane at Andrews Air Force Base to a
21-gun salute and a receiving line of 63 officials and bureaucrats, ending with
President Eisenhower. He rode 13 miles with Ike in an open limousine to his
guest quarters across from the White House. Then he met for two hours with Ike
and his foreign policy team. Then came a white-tie state dinner. (The Soviets
then put one on at the embassy for Ike.) […] Had America suddenly succumbed to a
fever of weak-kneed appeasement? Had the general running the country — the man
who had faced down Hitler! — proven himself what the John Birch Society claimed
he was: a conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy? No. Nikita Khrushchev
simply visited a nation that had character. That was mature, well-adjusted. A
nation confident we were great."

Very well put.

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