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Alanis Morissette - Forgiven

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

What a treat, it seems you never see Kelly any more.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "The Longest Journey In The World Is From Brooklyn To The Hamptons"

July 23, 2007 'Dailies' Digest

Anyone want to be Britney Spears for the day?

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 07-20-2007

Best of the Left News for July 22

Cashin' In Crew: Rising Stock Market Good for All

The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » NY Times Bureau Chief Says US Critical To Iraq Stability

The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » NY Times Bureau Chief Says US Critical To Iraq Stability:

"Well, I think, quite simply that the United States armed forces here — and I
find this to be very widely agreed amongst Iraqis that I know, of all ethnic and
sectarian backgrounds — the United States armed forces are a very important
inhibitor against violence. I know it`s argued by some people that they provoke
the violence. I simply don`t believe that to be in the main true. I think it`s a
much larger truth that where American forces are present, they are inhibiting
sectarian violence, and they are going after the people, particularly al-Qaeda
and the Shiite death squads, who are provoking that violence. Remove them or at
least remove them quickly, and it seems to me — controversial as this may seem
to be saying in the present circumstances, while I know there`s this agonizing
debate going on in the United States about this — that you have to weigh the
price. And the price would very likely be very, very high levels of violence, at
least in the short run and perhaps, perhaps - perhaps for quite a considerable
period of time."

Our troops are creating the chaos and death in Iraq according to some sources. Other sources will tell you that our troops are preventing greater chaos and death in Iraq. The problem with this debate, and thus with this war is that there is no solid way to know which is closer to the truth. The truth mostly lies in between, there is no doubt violence that is caused by our presence, and there will not doubt be different violence if we leave. We do not live in a world that affords us the chance to walk away from Iraq, with no concern for what the out come will be. What ever the unknown outcome is, we will only known by taking the step to leave, if it sets off a wave of violence and chaos across Iraq and maybe the larger Middle East, it will be too late to stop it.

Are we going to stay in Iraq forever, of course not, no one wants that. I think we owe it to the region, to our soldiers, to our selves and to the Iraqis to leave their country as stable as we can. I know that some people out there don't believe that this can be done, and I don't see why it can't be done. Iraqis in their hearts want to live in peace, we are not trying to bring peace to a people who don't want it. We are trying to stop those who are forcing war on them.

Dennis Miller Slams Harry Reid

Video: Rep. Tancredo hears from an Iowan about illegal immigration

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "The Lovely DENISE RICHARDS at the H.E.R. Luau at the Playboy Mansion last night"



Larry King - Tammy Faye 07-19-2007

Lauren Conrad: A Very Sexy Single - The Hollywood Gossip

Lauren Conrad: A Very Sexy Single - The Hollywood Gossip:

"Reality TV star Lauren Conrad, 21, is profiled as one of Us Weekly’s “Sexy
Singles” of Hollywood, and there’s certainly no doubt that it’s true.
all, The Hills star’s romantic interludes are well documented. There was the
initial love triangle with LC, Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti (who is
now with Heroes star Hayden Panettiere) on the hit Laguna Beach in its 2005

She is sexy, she is rich and she is very successful, but she is still single. Lauren who recently had a fling with Hollywood man whore Brody Jenner said “I’m going to start dating like a guy", as a solution to her dating dilemma.

Wedding Rumors For Johnny Depp And Longtime Girlfriend Vanessa Paradis

I’m Not Obsessed: Wedding Rumors For Johnny Depp And Longtime Girlfriend Vanessa Paradis

"Could Johnny Depp and girlfriend Vanessa Paradis be close to walking down the
aisle? Rumors abound that these two could be married as early as the end of
July. The couple have been together since 1998 and have two young children
together. They seem genuinely happy together so why not? More summer weddings!
We shall have to wait and see if this one is true. Maybe Johnny could get a
“Vanessa Forever” tattoo."

In part because of the length and the strength of their relationship this is idle chatter, I don't see that it is going to change much if they do get married. It will of course offer the world the great pictures of Depp in a tux though. Whatever the choice I think that they have a strong family and I wish them well.

Wannabe Big Brother Rep Hinchey Discusses Fairness Doctrine

Crooks and Liars » FOX News desperately wants the base to forget Thompson’s lobbyist activities

Crooks and Liars » FOX News desperately wants the base to forget Thompson’s lobbyist activities:

"HUME: This is not an abortion scandal, in my view. This is a billing scandal.
And what I think this tells us is…it may tell us the extent to which clients are
sometimes billed for work done by the people they engage–lawyers, lobbyists and
the rest–that is so insignificant that the person doing it, they don’t even
remember. I believe Thompson didn’t remember this, and I don’t believe he did
very much for that abortion group"

First of all Fred Thompson is not an outsider, he is an insider. Which I don't see as a problem in itself, the problem is the lie and the image that he is attempting to sell to the American people.

Second, if what they are saying here is true, then this is a trait that makes me want to not trust him to be the president. They are saying that this event was too little for him to take notice or to remember, what will be the little things that a president has to do that will be overlooked and forgotten?

I know that I have said this before, but a large part of issues like this that bother me is what I expect from a leader. I want someone who is going to stand up there and accept the responsibility for the action being taken. Without lies or twisting the facts, stand up before the people and tell them the truth about what happened, and why you made the choices you did at the time, and how you feel about those choices now. I think that is something that the American people will respect more than any amount of dodging of the issues.

IBD: Why Do Democrats Want To Help Terrorists?

Captain's Quarters: IBD: Why Do Democrats Want To Help Terrorists?

"Today's passengers have an advantage. They know what can happen. They know what
to look for. They will not be taken by surprise, and they are willing to take
action. But some in Congress would sacrifice their lives on the altar of
political correctness. ...
As a federal air marshal in Las Vegas observed: 'The
crew and passengers act as our additional eyes and ears on every flight. If they
are afraid of reporting suspicious individuals out of fear of being labeled a
racist or bigot, then terrorists will certainly use these fears to their
advantage in future aviation attacks.'"

While I want to step back from the language of these attacks, and the claims that the Democrats want to help terrorists, I think that the John Doe provision is a good idea. While those who oppose it think that informants can defend themselves in court, and the courts will protect them, many do not want to have to go to court to defend their name. If given the choice, I think not allowing information to be provided by sources that are confidential to as many parties as possible, will dissuade many from speaking up.



"LATEST: Studio bosses have denied reports LINDSAY LOHAN's next film role has
been cancelled because producers are concerned about the star's post-rehab
partying. Lohan was released from Promises rehab centre in Malibu, California on
13 July (07) and was spotted out with pals in Las Vegas just days later. But
producer ROBERT HICKMAN insists speculation the movie, Poor Things, has been
cancelled is false. He says, 'The film has not been cancelled. Any rumours
saying differently are just that - rumours.'"

This is good news for Lohan, her life seems to be moving in the right direction, unlike fellow rehab visitor Britney Spears. While rumors have been going around about Lohan and drug use, these are the kind of rumors that will continue for some time, with or without a foundation on reality. Lohan has not been seen at the clubs as much as before, and she is looking healthier than ever.

David Beckham Makes His LA Galaxy Debut

A Socialite's Life: David Beckham Makes His LA Galaxy Debut

"Despite fears that an ankle injury would sideline him for his first game,
Beckham did indeed play about 13 minutes in the second half of the exhibition
match against Chelsea. (Chelsea won, 1-0.)
'It was nice to get out there,' Beckham told reporters afterward. "

Now we will begin to see if he can bring a real sport to Americans in a way that they will develop a taste for.

Celeb Warship - Taking aim at everyone. Dear Kelly Osbourne… at

Kelly baby, you are beautiful, but you really should think about doing something different with your make up. You look like a doll, and I don't mean that in the cute way, I mean that in the way that you look like your skin is made out of plastic.

Gabby Babble: Are Posh and Becks Fighting?

Gabby Babble: Are Posh and Becks Fighting?:

"According to TOB, David Beckham spent last night alone at a hotel in Hollywood.
Their source claims that Becks was driven to the hotel in his Lincoln Navigator
with his security team, arrived a little bit before 1 am, and was spotted
drinking alone. The source also added that at approximately 4 am, one of his
bodyguards walked to the navigator and pulled out what seemed to be an
“overnight pack” which looked as though poor Becks was going to spend the night
at the hotel. Apparently, Posh was nowhere to be found. Could Posh and Becks be

I don't know which is worse in Hollywood the real fights or the rumored fights. They both seem to be hard on the relationships of the stars, which is why I have predicted that before this time next year this couple will be split. I also think that while real fights lead to rumored fights, rumored fights no doubt lead to real fights as well.

Guess Who? | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.

Bill Clinton on GMA - The Failure of Bush's Surge

Ellen's Eco Friendly House

John Travolta wears jeans to the premiere of Hairspray?

John Travolta wears jeans to the premiere of Hairspray?:

"Wife looks good, top half of John looks good, but WHAT THE HELL happened with
the freaking Wranglers, Jonny Boy!!!!"

Jeans are not style, jeans are what people wear when they are too lazy to wear something nice. You know when you see someone in jeans all the time it is because they are too lazy to think about their style. Jeans are not style or fashion, they are a complete lacking of both.

Double whammy of Drew Carey coming | TV Blog

Double whammy of Drew Carey coming TV Blog:

"Carey’s “Power of 10” arrives next month on CBS primetime, asking contestants
how they think the majority of Americans answered various questions, from the
silly (how many people don’t wear underwear) to the serious. Some of you might
be surprised to learn that 69 percent of Americans say they would call the cops
if they saw a Mexican crossing the border illegally."

You know what would make this show even better, is if the were two teams that had to compete against each other. Hey and just for fun you could make the two teams families. Since it is a competition, you could call it Family Feud.... oh wait, there already is a show called Family Feud.

Lindsay Draws Attention Away From Her Booze Bracelet (X17 Online)

This is a beautiful dress on her, I love the colours.

CBS content to appear on 400 sites - Lost Remote TV Blog

CBS content to appear on 400 sites - Lost Remote TV Blog:

"CBS execs say that’s the goal — syndicate the network’s content to 400 sites by
this fall. “CBS is all about open, nonexclusive partnerships,” CBS Interactive
president Quincy Smith said. “Just is not the answer.” The network has
already partnered with 24 sites — and spent aggressively in paid search — and
execs say the end result has been a huge surge in unique users from 21M to 134M
a month."

The easiest way to make sure that your videos are being distributed is to put them on the video sharing sites, LiveLeak, YouTube, Brightcove - in ways that they can easily be embedded in other sites. The videos that are often on my blog come from a number of these sources. I think that CBS is moving in the right direction here, the idea is about getting as many people to view your content as possible. Many of the channels and video producers include short ads on the videos, which I think most people understand. People understand that someone has to pay for the production of content.

Daily Kos: Romney Responds

Daily Kos: Romney Responds:

"Election Central contacted Romney spokesman Kevin Madden for comment,
asking if it was appropriate for the candidate to hold the sign up with the
woman. 'The governor stopped briefly for a picture with a supporter who just
happened to be holding their own sign with an alliterative play on words,'
Madden said, via e-mail. 'I don’t think it was equating or comparing anyone.'"

I have to agree that this isn't that important, it gets in the way of talking about real issues.

Daily Kos: LA-Sen: Vitter thinks extramarital affairs are grounds for resignation

Daily Kos: LA-Sen: Vitter thinks extramarital affairs are grounds for resignation:

"“I think Livingston’s stepping down makes a very powerful argument that Clinton
should resign as well and move beyond this mess,” he said. [Atlanta Journal and
Constitution, 12/20/98]"

The shoe fits a little tight when you are the one wearing it doesn't it Senator Vitter?

Britney Spears Assistant Cousin Alli Simms Releasing Debut Album | Pop Crunch

Britney Spears Assistant Cousin Alli Simms Releasing Debut Album Pop Crunch:

"Professional Britney Spears assistant/cousin Alli Sims is gearing up to
subject the listening public to more Spears Family non-singing with the the
releasing of her upcoming debut album."

Why not give her a chance, it can't be much worse than the new single that Spears it putting out, and they gave KFed an album.

Robert Byrd Barbaric

Political Lunch

Crooks and Liars » E. coli conservatism strikes again

Crooks and Liars » E. coli conservatism strikes again:

"Wednesday, in New York, a pipe installed in 1924 finally gave way and ended up
killing someone. Imagine that. They built things to last in those days, but I
doubt anyone ever dreamed that they would have to last for nearly a century."



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