Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conservative Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Shooting

Some statements stand on their own...

And for the contextual icing on the cake, where are the repercussions for
Rosie O’Donnell’s hateful, idiotic accusations that President Bush was
the 9/11 attacks? And her ignorant parody of the Chinese language? Or
comparison of conservative Christians to Islamo-fascist terrorists? Why has ABC not suspended
her from The View? Why has she not been frog-marched up to some radio show
apologize to 9/11 victims/Chinese-American activists/evangelical

Tom Delay talking about Imus being fired and O'Donnell not being.

If the Left takes Imus, We’ll take Rosie

Could it be True?

Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Split - The Press Has Their Fingers Crossed

In a relationship in which they are discussed it is made out to seem like they are on the edge of a divorce, the fact that the couple are seeking counseling isn't news.

The news is that they are getting that counseling from Scientology's center, and what that counseling entails.

According to Dr. Stephen Kent, “Scientology does not accept
any other form of marriage counseling. They believe that marriage problems are
all a matter of a breakdown in communication and the way to improve a marriage
is to undergo sessions with a Scientology counselor using an E-met.” The E-meter
is a form of a lie detector test that’s supposed to register thought patterns.
The source insisted, “Katie will do whatever it takes to keep the marriage
stable. So she’ll be open to Scientology counseling sessions.”
Meanwhile it is being reported by MSNBC that she is making secret attempts to get back to her previous life. The website reports that she has been talking to family and old friends and even meeting with Catholic Priests. This is contrary to her husbands well known Scientology beliefs.

Matthew Mcconaughey.. Greasy?

Sanjaya Malakar gets voted off American Idol 4/18/07

Bye Sanjaya...

Goodbye-a, Sanjaya. Don’t You Dare Cry-a.

The end of the Sanjaya Express had to come at some point, and I think that while some of us will miss the hair, we are glad that this is the end. Can you image if he had taken the prize, it would be almost as bad as when Ruben Studdard won. Yes, it is true that Sanjaya has offically been voted off the show.
It was a good run, with people attempting to vote your success because of his lack of talent. At the same time womyn were crying over his singing. We really don't know if she was crying because she thought it was good or she thought it was bad. Some people even went on a starvation diet to get him off the show.
In a departing comment Ryan Seacrest says that we will not soon forget Sanjaya. I would be willing to bet this isn't the last we will see of this phenomnon. Now it is a race to see which brand is the first to sign him as a face. The last couple years the second place finisher got more attention that the winner. Could the third place winner get more attention than the top two this year?

Keith Olbermann Slammed by RedEye over Blaming Bush for VT

This behavior is immoral

Caught on tape: Rapper thrashes, simulates sex with possible underage girl on stage Updates

I have seen this video, and it is sick. I do not see the art in mock performing a sexual act on stage to begin with. You take into account that the womyn involved is a minor and you raise real questions about it artisticly but legally and morally.

Then you watch the way that she is being treated, like a rag doll, like a object. He picks her up, flips her over. It appears at one point that he is almost throwing her around the stage. It is perverted and it shows a deep disrespect of womyn.

Kiki... wow.

and she talks about the kids playing dangerious games

Name of War Czar changed...



Stephen talks about the 'War on Terror'

The Burning of Gere

Manifesto part II

The Killers Manifesto



How soon should we bring politics into tragedy?

VENT The Best Person in the World

Ashlee Simpson

Lindsay Lohan

Dancing with The Top Model Design Genius from the Underbelly

The Spin Zone

ABC News: A Daughter Who Succeeded, a Son Who Found Trouble

Surfing around YouTube today I have found an alarming trend. There are a number of videos that appear to have been highly watched, that are very racist. One calls the shooter an invader and lists a number of incidents that have been crimes by what appear to be Korean men. As sad as the deaths of these students is, it will be even sadder if this is turned into a racial issue.

The first thought I had when I heard about the shootings was, please don't let this be a black/white race issue. With the end of the Duke case and the Imus scandal in the news, I knew another incident would be too much. While I hate to put it in these terms, the fact it was an Asian was at first good news for me.

My fear now, is how much of the racial tension around the recent incidents spreading to other races. I would hate to see the energy that has been held by some on the immigration issue, and the general race climate in this country to spark anti-Asian or Anti-Korean sentiments.

I would like to remind everyone that even with this crime, the vast majority of school shootings have been white and not black or Asian. To be honest I don't understand the logic in going on the attack racially in this case. Not understanding it is what scares me, because it makes me think this is a backlash caused by fear. I implore those of you reading this who may think I am wrong about this not being a racial issue, to think really hard about what I am saying.

If we don't embrace each other, all races, and heal from this violent act. If instead we turn to violence to defend ourselves from an enemy that isn't there. If we go down the road of violence, more innocent people will be hurt.

(note: The Videos are on YouTube, I will not post them to this blog because I will not support such hatred in fashion)


Oscar Wilde
from Quotes of the Day
"When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers."

Simon Cowell's Eye Roll After Virginia Tech Comment

Simon Cowell has said that the eye roll had nothing to do with the statement made about the shooting. It had to do with a statement made about the performers singing.

What are you going to do to bring about change?

Best Night Ever

Birkhead and Baby...

Hilary Duff



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