Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » The Top 10 Ed McMahon McMoments

I posted one of the videos already, but in honor of McMahon's death here is his top ten moments according to Best Week Ever.

Retro software for sale... get your 90's era software here

A Retro Plastic Box

This is funny, but then again I am a big fan of Google Docsm and use it as often as I can.

The Rubber Room

Hot Air » Blog Archive » New York City paying 700 teachers to not teach

NPR did a good show about this. They basically pay people to sit in what they call "rubber rooms" and do nothing all day long. In theory they are there to wait until problems they may have had in the classroom are resolved. In reality some spend more than a year in the rubber room, some quit before they are released.

Young Women beaten in streets of Tehran while protesting

News Busted

Ed McMahon Raps


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