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Cliff Schecter

Cliff Schecter:

"'We need a senator,' Pearce said. 'I think if McCain wants to be a full-time
candidate and not be at the Senate, he ought to consider resigning.'

Asked if he would prefer a Napolitano appointee over McCain, Pearce said: 'Even
poor representation is better than no representation.' "

This makes me think of what they say about eating before you go to sleep. Your body doesn't sleep well or digest the food well as it tries to do both at once. McCain, with news like this coming out of your home state, you are neither campaigning well or being a very good senator. Think about Bob Dole, who left the senate so he could run for president. Not that it helped him in his run for the White House.

Crooks and Liars » Bird Sh*ts on Bush During Press Conference

Crooks and Liars » Bird Sh*ts on Bush During Press Conference:

"As President Bush took a question Thursday in the White House Rose Garden about
scandals involving his Attorney General, he remarked, 'I've got confidence in Al
Gonzales doin' the job.'
Simultaneously, a sparrow flew overhead and left a
splash on the President's sleeve, which Bush tried several times to wipe off.
Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino promptly put the incident
through the proper spin cycle, telling ABC News, 'It was his lucky day…everyone
knows that's a sign of good luck.' "


Is Rush Limbaugh right? |

Is Rush Limbaugh right?

"This is not the first time I've heard this sentiment. Before the 2006 midterms,
a leader of a prominent national conservative organization told me flatly that
conservatives were willing to choke down their disgust with Bush till the votes
were counted, but afterward, win or lose, they would be silent no more. Sure
enough, post-election, Limbaugh and others gave vent to some of their more
unkind feelings about the president and his party. And now, thanks to
immigration reform, the volume of complaints has risen to a roar. As soon as the
details of the painstakingly negotiated bipartisan proposal began to trickle out
last week, talk radio and the right half of the blogosphere went ballistic,
saying the bill meant de facto amnesty for illegal aliens. Furious members of
the Republican rank and file began talking about last straws and using
'impeachment' and 'Bush' in the same sentence. "

The problem is that if the leadership of the Party is moving to the left on immigration in order to win support from Hispanics, how does it create trust. How does it create trust from its historical base, when much of that base is against the move to left the party is taking. Further how do you create trust among the Hispanics that see the actions you are taking, but at the same time see the hatred that comes from the base on these issues. The base in the end doesn't feel like they are being respected, and that their ideas are not being represented and move on to supporting other leaders. The Hispanics hear the words of the leaders, but I find it hard to believe it doesn't look like a trap when the base is speaking so loudly against these moves. How are they to believe that once they have voted the leaders will follow through with their actions and not follow the wishes of the base.

Oprah's Lawyers: Oprah's Dad Lies, "There Is No Book" - Gawker

Oprah's Lawyers: Oprah's Dad Lies, "There Is No Book" - Gawker:

"Vernon Winfrey claims that Things Unspoken, the book proposal with his
name on it that we have a copy of, doesn't exist. "

Someone is taking a page out of the how to publish a book guide Judith Regan style. Getting people to talk about your book, does it exist or does it not exist is the first step in selling the book to a publisher and later to the readers. I think that this book is out there some where, and Vernon is ashamed and wants to keep in under wraps until it is wrapped.

I’m Not Obsessed

What Is Lindsay Lohan Doing Having Dinner With Christina Aguilera’s Husband?

"OK, so that isn’t Jordan. But that isn’t Calum Best either! Who is Lindsay
Lohan hanging out with? Is that a relative? Good friend? Or some toy to get
Calum jealous? "

Looks like Lindsay is the new Angelina.

I’m Not Obsessed

Donald Trump To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol

"Is that what Donald meant when he said he was working on a major network show.
Will you watch the show if this ends up to be true? Doesn’t Simon basically make
the show? Can’t we replace Randy instead? "

American Idol is dead.... Long live American Idol.

Anne Heche: Coley Laffoon Craves Poker, Strippers, Porn - The Hollywood Gossip

Anne Heche: Coley Laffoon Craves Poker, Strippers, Porn - The Hollywood Gossip:

"Coley Laffoon says Anne Heche is insane.
Now, the former lesbian has
allegations of her own.
Firing back in her divorce case, Anne Heche has
asked for full custody of her son, Homer, and claims Coley Laffoon, her
ex-husband, craves porn, poker and money."

Nothing like the stories of angry Hollywood divorces to keep to blog presses running. This looks like it is going to melt down into Kim and Alec territory soon.

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » ICYMI: Hasselbeck Too “Tragically Unhip” For Alicia Silverstone To Acknowledge Her - As If!

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » ICYMI: Hasselbeck Too “Tragically Unhip” For Alicia Silverstone To Acknowledge Her - As If!:

"As most of our attention was turned towards the Rosie/Hasselbeck nuclear
meltdown yesterday on The View, you might have missed this priceless moment, in
which Alicia Silverstone is introduced as a guest, and makes sure to give huggy
hellos to everyone - except Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Guess we know which side of
the line she stands on that one."

After the smack down between Rosie and Elisabeth on The View, the internet has been buzzing about what appears to be a snub by Silverstone of Elisabeth. It is true that when she comes on, she hugs and greets everyone except Elisabeth. It is also true that as this grows, if a comment is asked for either Silverstone or her rep will down play this. It is just interesting to note how the battle is becoming all consuming, if this is a snub or not, just the fact that people find it worth talking about speaks volumes.




Mother Of Baby Put In Microwave Speaks

Iraq Bill

Obama forgets what he read when he was nine...

Colbert on American Idol

Rosie gets smacked down...

Rosie is really a rude bully and it is good to see someone that doesn't back down from her insults. She doesn't ask question, she insults people.





Judge Judy Prank Call

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