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President Bush in His Own Words - The President struggles to bring higher thought down...

Mess O' Poromnia - Aasif Mandvi reports on horrors the Romney brothers...

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire MoJoBlog - Social Issues and Political Commentary: Gay by Choice? Yeah, What If?: MoJoBlog - Social Issues and Political Commentary: Gay by Choice? Yeah, What If?:

"My question is, does the gay rights movement really want choice to be the nexus
of the fight? Asking whether you think being gay is a choice is kind of like
asking whether you think there's life in other galaxies. Asking for an opinion
on science isn't so useful; scientifically we just don't know for sure yet.
Evidence points in that direction, sure, but, whatever your answer is, it's your
opinion, nothing more. And if the answer to that question is indeed a proxy for
belief in equal rights, as this hullabaloo suggests, then what happens if the
science ends up showing there is choice involved in sexual preference? Gary
Greenberg points out in our upcoming issue (on newsstands, or in your mailbox,
come September) that some research has shown that sexual preference is mutable."
I think that there is strong logic for not making choice the key issue in the gay debate. If it is ruled to not be a choice, then you are one step away from it being disease. The key isn't peoples actions, but how people are treated for their actions that harm no one. Even if it is a choice, people have the right to make that choice, and should have that right.

Watching Those We Chose: Spreadin' Our Freedoms Across The Globe!:

Watching Those We Chose: Spreadin' Our Freedoms Across The Globe!:

"Human rights lawyer Otto Saki told VOA that the law interferes and undermines
the enjoyment of rights enshrined in the constitution and is a sign Mr. Mugabe
wants to consolidate his power by 'any means necessary or unnecessary.' But
Communications Minister Christopher Mushowe said Zimbabwe is not unique in the
world in passing such legislation, citing electronic eavesdropping programs in
the United States"

I am not going to make this a post about if the law is right or wrong. What I am going to make this about, is how we need to think in this country how the actions our government are used by other governments around the world, or against other governments around the world. When we stand for freedom, it gives groups in other countries a model to hold their governments to. When we fail to stand for freedom, it gives the governments reason that they should not stand for it either.

Terror Firmer


lgf: Reuters Busted by a 13-Year Old

lgf: Reuters Busted by a 13-Year Old:

"News agency Reuters has been forced to admit that footage it released last week
purportedly showing Russian submersibles on the seabed of the North Pole
actually came from the movie Titanic. The images were reproduced around the
world - including by the Guardian and Guardian Unlimited - alongside the story
of Russia planting its flag below the North Pole on Thursday last week. But it
has now emerged that the footage actually showed two Finnish-made Mir
submersibles that were employed on location filming at the scene of the wreck of
the RMS Titanic ship in the north Atlantic some 10 years ago. This footage was
used in sequences in James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster about the 1912 disaster.
The deception was only revealed after a 13-year-old Finnish schoolboy contacted
a local newspaper to tell them the images looked identical to those used in the

Give that kid a job in the editing department. This is really too funny for words.

lgf: Y2K Bug Drastically Changes US Climate Data

lgf: Y2K Bug Drastically Changes US Climate Data:

"NASA has now silently released corrected figures, and the changes are truly
astounding. The warmest year on record is now 1934. 1998 (long trumpeted by the
media as record-breaking) moves to second place. 1921 takes third. In fact, 5 of
the 10 warmest years on record now all occur before World War II. Anthony Watts
has put the new data in chart form, along with a more detailed summary of the
events. The effect of the correction on global temperatures is minor (some 1-2%
less warming than originally thought), but the effect on the U.S. global warming
propaganda machine could be huge."

While there is other data that supports the global warming theory, this is one of the keystones of the debate and seeing this fall makes it harder to support. If we lived in a society that was based on science and logic, this date would mean a new discussion about global warming. However we live in a culture based on religion, this isn't going to effect most people one way or the other.

lgf: Hizballah Marketed in Ontario As 'Peaceful'

lgf: Hizballah Marketed in Ontario As 'Peaceful':

"A billboard has suddenly appeared in Windsor, Ontario, openly supporting the
genocidal radical Islamic terrorist group Hizballah, including a statement in
English about “peace” and a statement in Arabic about “fighting.”"

This is apparently something that is fairly common. Where a poster or sign will say one thing in English, a message that seems friendly, and another in Arabic. The messages in Arabic are not friendly. I don't think that a group of terrorists should be allowed to have billboards up preaching their message. Note at the bottom, that this billboard is owned by CBS Outdoor advertising. I wonder how they feel about this billboard.

lgf: Al Qaeda Camps in Pakistan Abandoned?

lgf: Al Qaeda Camps in Pakistan Abandoned?:

"The Fourth Rail interviewed a senior military intelligence official and a military officer, both of whom are familiar with the situation in the Northwest Frontier Province and wish to remain anonymous. The sources confirmed Mr. Shahzad’s information concerning the al Qaeda and Taliban camps in North Waziristan and the Taliban’s reorganization is accurate. Both sources are particularly concerned about the implications of the emptying of the camps.

Mr. Shahzad reported there were 29 al Qaeda and Taliban camps in North and South Waziristan, and all but one “have been dismantled, apart from one run by hardline Islamist Mullah Abdul Khaliq.” [Note: on October 4, 2006, The Fourth Rail reported “there are over 20 al Qaeda and Taliban run training camps currently in operation in North and South Waziristan.”] While The Fourth Rail sources verify the camps’ existence, they noted the camps have not been dismantled, but the infrastructure is still in place. “The physical
infrastructure (camps and the like) still exist, they haven’t been dismantled.
They’ve just been abandoned or are being operated by skeleton crews,” the senior military
intelligence source said, while noting “the Khaliq camp is only churning out Taliban, not al Qaeda.” ...

The emptying of the camps is a cause for great concern in the military and
intelligence communities. “We don’t know where they went to or who was in the
camps,” the military officer told The Fourth Rail.. “They are well trained,
these aren’t your entry level jihadis. They are dangerous.”“This is one of the reasons that we are worried about a major CONUS [Continental United States] attack,” the senior military intelligence source told The Fourth Rail, noting the recent influx of news of terror cells attempting to penetrate the US. “If they evacuated their bases, they almost
certainly did so out of fear of more than just the Pakistani army.” "

This does raise the concern that an attack is being planned, or is about to happen. The terrorists know that once there is an attack, those camps will become targets. By taking all the people away from the camps they are assuring that they won't be killed in a counter attack by the US.

Though it could mean that they are moving into place to take out the president of Pakistan. Laying low in the cities where they can blend in, slowly taking up positions to launch an attack from.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 3, “The Family of Imran,” verses 64-120

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 3, “The Family of Imran,” verses 64-120:

"On earth, meanwhile, the Muslims are “the best community that hath been
raised up for mankind,” while most Jews and Christians are “perverted
transgressors” (v. 110). However, the Muslims need not fear, for the Jews and
Christians are also cowards: “if they come out to fight you, they will show you
their backs” (v. 111). They are covered with shame – “except when under a
covenant (of protection) from Allah and from men” (v. 112). This, says
Bulandshahri, refers to the non-Muslims’ agreeing “to pay the atonement (Jizya)
to the Muslim state, in which case they will be accorded the rights of a
Dhimmi.” These rights are not equal to the rights of Muslims: the dhimmis must
accept subservience and second-class status (cf. 9:29) in exchange for a
guarantee of protection – as long as they do not offend the Muslims."

This sounds like the standard doctrine of a number of religions on earth. Every man thinks his wife is the most beautiful, every mother thinks that their children are the greatest. Every believer thinks that their faith is the holiest and only way to heaven, or salvation.

Democracy Now Headlines- Fri. Aug 10, 2007

Ron Paul After the Straw Poll

FOX Reporter says one thing...facts say another

American Thinker: The World of 'They're Just Kids'

American Thinker: The World of 'They're Just Kids':

"Our liberal friends divide humanity into groups with different levels of moral
responsibility for their actions, infantilizing some to one degree or another.
Last week a liberal mother called into the Hugh Hewitt show and guest host Dean
Barnett asked her what she thought about the accusations made by the New
Republic's Baghdad Diarist: Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Did she think his
accusations made against fellow soldiers in Iraq were credible? The caller
responded, as we all like to do when we don't want to answer a question, by
dodging the issue. They're just kids, she said. "

I think this is very true, it reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine a number of years ago. We were watching a film about field workers, and it was an old film - when the workers were poor white people. One of the womyn in the film said she had in the neighborhood of 13 children. When I commented on why someone would have so many kids, my friend said, "they were poor".

In the 90's it was the wars in the former Yugoslavia, and today it is the wars in the Middle East. Often you hear the same demeaning thing said about both places. People talk about the history of violence that they have, and how they have been at war forever and we can't help them.

I think these are not just liberals though, I think it is actually an easy way to escape our own moral feelings about a situation.

United States Democratic presidential candidates, 2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

United States Democratic presidential candidates, 2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Mike Gravel, born May 13, 1930, in Springfield, Massachusetts. U.S. Senator from Alaska from 1969 to 1981 and an active candidate for Vice President in 1972. He is most known for playing a key role in ending the draft during the Vietnam War through the release of the Pentagon Papers and through staging a one-man filibuster for 5 months. He is also notable for advocating a guaranteed annual income, which he termed a 'citizen's wage,' of $5,000 per person, regardless of whether the person worked. On April 13, 2006, Gravel announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. His policy announcements to date include support for direct democracy, FairTax and withdrawal from Iraq. Mike Gravel filed with the FEC in April according to various news sources.[65][66] The FEC's site has listed his reports since July.

Daily Kos: GOP Iowa straw poll results

Daily Kos: GOP Iowa straw poll results:

"1. Mitt Romney 4,516 31.6%
2. Mike Huckabee 2,587 18.1%
3. Sam Brownback 2,192 15.3%
4. Tom Tancredo 1,960 13.7%
5. Ron Paul 1,305 9.1%
6. Tommy Thompson 1,039 7.3%
7. Fred Thompson 203 1.4%
8. Rudy Giuliani 183 1.3%
9. Duncan Hunter 174 1.2%
10. John McCain 101 0.7%
11. John Cox 41 0.3%"

Full results from the Iowa Straw poll.

Daily Kos: The Ministry of Rudy

Daily Kos: The Ministry of Rudy:

"'Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be
anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the
willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal
of discretion about what you do.' "

As much as it pains me to say this, I agree with Rudy on this one. Living under an absence of laws would be living under the rule of those who were most willing and able to enforce their will on others. Laws not only limit what we can do, it limits what others can do to us. The law against stealing, means on person cannot steal, but really it is protecting the right of the person to not have things stolen.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Would another 9-11 unite us against terrorism?

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Would another 9-11 unite us against terrorism?:

"Blogging took off in the wake of 9-11 precisely because we weren’t united, even
then. There was a sort of illusory unity, but shortly after 9-11 and as it
became clear that we would have to invade Afghanistan, as the press started
reporting on the “brutal Afghan winter” and all that claptrap, that unity
started evaporating. The hard left had already started generating its anti-war
machine and the “international community” was already fretting about the US
hegemon and its mad rush to war."

I have to agree with Michelle on this one. I think that the country would be split by a new attack, and it wouldn't split into the clean divisions of left and right either. There would be those who wanted the presidents head on a stick, but that would mean groups from both the left and the right would feel like he failed in protecting us. Some groups would be ready to march into Iran or Syria or whatever country it was that was linked to the attack. The rest of the world would fear our response - while they would come forward supporting America. Other parties would be for bringing all our troops home immediately.

I can hear you assuming that the left would be for bringing the troops home, and the right would be for going to war. I think that is wrong, I think that parts of the left and the right would want the troops to return, for different reasons. Even when there are shared ends, the motivations can cause there to be a lack of unity.

Daily Kos: Giuliani is a Disgusting Liar

Daily Kos: Giuliani is a Disgusting Liar:

"His statement rang false to Queens paramedic Marvin Bethea, who said he
suffered a stroke, posttraumatic stress disorder and breathing problems after
responding to the attacks.

'I personally find that very, very insulting,' he said. 'Standing there
doing a photo-op and telling the men, 'You're doing a good job,' I don't
consider that to be working,' said Bethea, 47.

Ironworker Jonathan Sferazo, 52, who said he spent a month at the site and
is now disabled, runs a worker advocacy group with Bethea and called Giuliani's
comments 'severely' out of line.

'He's not one of us. He never has been and he never will be. He never
served in a capacity where he was a responder,' Sferazo said. - New York Daily

Battalion Chief John McDonnell, head of the Uniformed Fire Officers
Association in New York, said: 'I have a real problem with that statement. I
think he's really grasping and trying to justify his previous attempts to
portray himself as the hero of 9-11.'

Michael Palladino, head of the Detectives Endowment Association, the union
of NYPD detectives, said the mayor's record can't compare to those who spent 12
months sifting through toxic debris for evidence and human remains.

'As a result of their hard work, many are sick and injured. The mayor,
although he did a fine job with 9-11, I don't think he rises to the level of
being an equal with those men and women who were involved in the rescue,
recovery and cleanup,' Palladino said. - "

His comments that he was one of them was the wrong thing to say. He doesn't share the medical problems that many of the people who worked down there did. Even if he had shared those problems, he would have been able to get top notch treatment, which many of the responders have not been able to. He has backed down from his statement, but it damaged him, and you can't take that away.

Daily Kos: Every Mile an Obligation

Daily Kos: Every Mile an Obligation:

"Today, there more than 47,000 miles in the Interstate Highway system, built at
a cost of over $2.5 million dollars per mile. I have my qualms about the
Interstates, particularly the way they -- unlike the high-speed highways of most
other nations -- penetrate into the heart of cities, the way they advantage
trucking over other forms of transport, and the ways they've encouraged the
enormous problems of sprawl. Still, the creation of that system represents an
enormous achievement, as do all the great bridges that span rivers and harbors,
and the beautiful system of National Parks with their grand old lodges. It also
represents an enormous obligation. Politicians are all too eager to put their
names on some new stretch of four-lane, or some new bridge, and occasionally
even deign to designate some new park land. There's barely a public construction
site in this country that's not studded with signs informing you of the
officials who brought home that stretch of concrete bacon. But when it comes to
maintaining the highways, inspecting those bridges, and keeping those lodges in
repair... that's not so sexy."

Could the number one factor in the failing of the 94W bridge be political vanity. That politicians would rather spend money on new projects that could bear their name as a testimony for their deeds. I think that when they do rebuild the bridge they should make sure that it retains the name it had before (yeah plenty of bridges have names that we don't know about) or remain nameless if it were before. If they are going to name it after anyone, it should be named for one of the victims of this tragedy. I strongly believe this isn't about having enough money, it is about how that money gets spent.

Straw Poll Reaction from the Huckabee Camp

Mary Katharine Ham on the Ames straw poll

After 9/11 The Intimate Story

Crooks and Liars » FRC Claims Others Can’t Be Christian, Have Values

Crooks and Liars » FRC Claims Others Can’t Be Christian, Have Values:

"The Family Research Council is launching a project aimed at convincing its
supporters before the 2008 election that liberal politicians “are spouting
God-talk” in order to “confuse people of faith” and hide their “true agenda.”
Invoking the Religious Right’s recent favored phrase for its imagined
constituency - as well as the “Swift Boat” campaign of 2004 - the so-called
“Values Voters for Truth” campaign is an attempt to vilify liberals - and,
obviously, Democratic candidates - as enemies of Christianity who are
undertaking a conspiracy to “deceive and split values voters.” [..]"

This is disgusting fear based politics that should not be accepted by anyone. If you are voting for someone it should be based on who that person is, and what their ideas are. Religion does and should play a part in making you decision, but to claim that Democrats are some how less moral or less Christian is a blind and short sighted attack.

On a side note, it is the right that has been having so many moral scandals lately isn't it.

TSP Cut By 75% In Earlier FISA Ruling

Captain's Quarters: TSP Cut By 75% In Earlier FISA Ruling

"Now we know why the Democrats caved on the FISA adjustment earlier this month
that allowed the warrantless surveillance to proceed at the NSA on international
communications. The same reporters that blew the program's cover in December
2005 now report that a FISA decision earlier this year forced the NSA to get
warrants on purely international calls that happened to pass through American
telephony switches. That reduced surveilled traffic by 75%, which forced
Congress to act:"

This is why I think getting that bill passed was so important. While I understand the concept of privacy, I question that it should be as strong a right as some see to believe. A metal detector it could be argued is an invasion of privacy if someone has to go through one to enter a school. However, if it keeps a person with a gun out of the school, a person who might shoot and kill innocent people, where does the balance lie. I think that dead people don't have the ability to express their rights, when you kill you take away all a persons rights at once. To give up a small portion of your privacy rights seems fair.

Who insults Islam more?

I think that these protesters should be killing themselves, if they believe that Islam is so weak that it can't take an insult, or a criticism.

Atlas Shrugs: Where'd They All go?

Atlas Shrugs: Where'd They All go?:

"As the security situation in the Northwest Frontier Province continues to
deteriorate and President Pervez Musharraf's political stock continues to drop,
the US military intelligence community is 'urgently assessing how secure
Pakistan's nuclear weapons would be in the event President Gen. Pervez Musharraf
were replaced.' Meanwhile, the Taliban and al Qaeda have dispersed operatives
from the training camps in the Northwest Frontier Province and are preparing to
fight on their own terms. With the Pakistani government facing a robust Taliban
insurgency in the Northwest Frontier Province, a significant al Qaeda presence
inside the country and a violent cadre of homegrown Islamist extremists, the
security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has taken on an elevated importance. The
US intelligence community believes it has a handle on the location of Pakistan’s
nuclear warhead, but there are questions over who controls the launch codes in
the event of Musharraf’s passing. "

Al Qaeda is like that homeless person that you allow to stay with you for a few days because they are having problems. They then trash the place and throw a party which gets you in trouble with your landlord.

I have two thoughts about this. One is that the root of this goes back to when Al Qaeda and the Taliban were being attacked in Afghanistan. They were driven across the Pakistan border and the army of Pakistan allowed them to flee and take refuge there. Now they are stronger, remember it is acceptable under Islamic law to be friends with your enemy when you are weak, then you must crush them when you get stronger.

My second thought on this, talk to Musharraf, and get as much information about the location of nuclear weapons as he will give us. Use all means available to locate these weapons. If there is an attack that over throws the government, the US could launch and immediate attack on all sites in Pakistan where nuclear weapons are located - with conventional weapons to neutralise their threat.

Atlas Shrugs: Romney Takes it

Atlas Shrugs: Romney Takes it:

"AMES, Iowa -- The biggest political event of the 2007 calendar year gave
former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a victory, but the biggest winner may well
be former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who placed a surprising second."

While this holds no official meaning, it does give Romney a much needed boost in his campaign. The person who no doubt gained the most from this is Huckabee who has been seen as a second tier candidate. The bump is publicity, and the ability to bring in voters will mean more money for both of these candidates. McCain and Giuliani were not a part of the poll, we will never know if they would have ranked higher or not. Fred Thompson has yet to declare, I think this would have been his last chance. Fred can't win this race now.

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » DITA HEATS UP LATE NIGHT

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » DITA HEATS UP LATE NIGHT

That Carson has all the luck I tell you. Dita is one of the hottest womyn in the world.

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » BLONDES HAVE MORE KEANU

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » BLONDES HAVE MORE KEANU:

"Photogs recently caught up with brooding Keanu Reeves coming out of his L.A.
home — though he didn’t make getting a good shot easy — the shaggy star kept his
body in the way, trying hard to hide the mystery blonde who escorted him out."

Does Mr. Reeves have a new womyn in his life? You don't get a shot of what she looks like because he is blocking the shot. You can see that she is a blonde though, and probably a pretty blonde. In time Keanu we will see who she is, we can wait.

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » PICTURE PERFECT

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » PICTURE PERFECT

I really thinks she has great style.



"Only 16 days after giving brith to little Alexander Pete Schreiber, new mom
Naomi Watts shows off her little bundle of joy in her Brentwood, CA
neighbourhood on Friday."

Awwww, babies are so cute....

It Was Just A Matter Of Time | Dlisted

It Was Just A Matter Of Time Dlisted:

"A source said, 'Nicole was bleeding so much, it was really scary for her. They
found out she's suffering from both a hormonal and nutritional deficiency.'"

Nicole is going to have to make some real serious changes in her life, her diet and her habits if she is going to have this baby, and raise it healthy. She is going to need someone there with her, someone like the babies father, Joel. I don't see Nicole as the single mother type, I just don't know if she could handle on her own.

Keep It Pete!!! | Dlisted

Keep It Pete!!! Dlisted:

"Reportedly, Pete Doherty wants to get the tattoo he got for Kate Moss
lasered off of his body. The tattoo is said to be a heart with the letter 'K' in
the center."

You know one thing, just because you see a circle with a "K" in on his body, I wouldn't think that he is kosher. I never would get a tatoo with a girls name in it, there are few tatoos that I think are worth while when it comes to names. When you do something for your kids, that is about the only time. Get rid of it Pete, and have them lazer your face too.

How was your wedding?

I don't know what the worst part of this is. The 18 year old bride with a dress that could serve as shelter in some poor countries. Or the what appear to be 5 year old girls that are dressed like sluts have way through.


But What Does Paris Think? |

But What Does Paris Think? :

"“She’s really happy,” Hilton, 26, told People about her Simple Life costar at
Wednesday’s Helio Ocean launch party in West Hollywood, to benefit Heal the Bay.
“I just got off the phone with her. She’s so excited.” Adds the hotel heiress,
“I know she’s going to be the best mom ever.”"

If things work out between her and Joel - which seems like a really big if when you think about how long they have known each other. If she can keep herself clean from drugs, not only during the pregnancy but afterwards. Then the child has a good chance of a happy childhood, and Nicole can be a great mom. It isn't going to be easy for her.

celebrity nation: Baby Spice has baby boy

celebrity nation: Baby Spice has baby boy:

"Spice Girl Emma Bunton and her boyfriend welcomed their first child, a
boy, in London this morning. Beau, which means 'beautiful' in French, was born
at 7 lbs, 15 oz at 11:12 a.m. 'He is absolutely brilliant, and both baby and
Emma are doing fine. In fact Emma is tucking into some flapjacks and Cola-Cola
as we speak,' said Jade Jones, Bunton's longtime boyfriend and dad to baby Beau.
'We are both absolutely delighted and can't wait to take Beau home.'"

Congratulations to her and her family. - Brangelina Prefers the Vanilla - Brangelina Prefers the Vanilla:

"'I've never hidden my bisexuality, but since I've been with Brad,
there's no longer a place for that or S&M in my life.''I've never hidden my
bisexuality, but since I've been with Brad, there's no longer a place for that
or S&M in my life.'"

Has Brad tamed the infamous shrew. This actually supports a theory I have had for a while. The theory is that kinky sex is a way of making up for the fact that you don't really love the person you are having sex with. Without the emotion being there, you have to do something else to make it exciting and fun.

Fat Nicole is Back |

Fat Nicole is Back

Nicole is showing the pregnancy. Since this is the first one, she is likely to show earlier and it should be more noticeable. The fact that she had such a small frame before she got pregnant also points to her developing a rather large belly.

Lindsay Lohan Loves Rehab |

Lindsay Lohan Loves Rehab :

"Sources inside the facility say that Lindsay attends12-step every day as well
as other meetings, talks with psychiatrists and psychologists, and receives
“other medical treatment.” She is not in a private room; she has two roommates.
She spends time during the day and night washing dishes, cleaning toilets and
doing laundry. Doctors at the facility say she has been cooperative from the
get-go. As for the woman making the allegations, there are two facilities at
Cirque — The Lodge and The Studio. We’re told Lindsay and the woman were at
different facilities and there was only a short overlap. We’re told the woman
dropped out of the program days after Lindsay arrived, “against medical advice.”
Several doctors described the woman as “a problem.” We’re told the only way the
woman could have even seen Lindsay was at group meetings — she was never in a
position to even see Lindsay’s accommodations."

This is counter to the story being told other outlets that Lindsay has been a trouble maker and refused to follow the rules. Lindsay has a long way to go before this is all going to be over, and I hope for her sake that she is working with the system and not against it. She faces a number of charges, and her life is only going to be harder if she fights it.

Amy Winehouse is Bummed, but Not In Rehab |

Amy Winehouse is Bummed, but Not In Rehab :

"Last night a family friend said: “Amy has told her mum she is often
suicidal and she knows she will die young. “Janis and the rest of the family
persuaded Amy to go to the hotel to recover after her overdose. They hope that
by getting her out of the scene around Camden she will be able to see what she
is doing to herself. “But Amy is determined that she will NOT go to rehab."

Amy Winehouse is still saying "no, no, no" to rehab. Even though she told her mother that she had thoughts of killing herself. This girl really needs to get help, she has a lot of talent and there is no reason that she can't be a big success. Well there is no other reason than the drinking and drugs.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Britney has been seen with suckers a lot lately, I wonder if she is attempting to quit smoking. If she is, that is something that is a hard challenge and I wish her the best. Quiting really is what would be best for her and the kids.

Drew Carey Injured on ‘TPIR’

Drew Carey Injured on ‘TPIR’

"Sources on the set tell TMZ that today during rehearsals “Price’s” new host got
his arm caught in a game with some sort of rotating device. Wheel of misfortune!
Doesn’t sound serious though — we’re told Carey was well enough to make his
lunch appointment. When we contacted his managers, all we were told was “He’s
fine and everything’s OK.” They had no additional info."

Now that would have been worth watching.

When Carey was up for the show, I said that I thought he would make a great host. I am beginning to think I might have been wrong. I watched The Power of Ten, and it is the worst show ever, ok honestly "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?", is worse. I don't know if they show is really bad, it is bad, or if he did a bad job as host. At times he seemed very uncomfortable on the stage with the contestant.

Paris Hilton Denies Adrian Grenier

Paris Hilton Denies Adrian Grenier

"Does PARIS HILTON have a new boyfriend? The heiress spent yesterday in Malibu
with “Entourage” hottie ADRIAN GRENIER. The two hung out at her beach house and
romped on the beach. And later that night, they showed up together to show their
support for the environment at’s private screening of LEO
DiCAPRIO’s ‘11th Hour’ premiere."

While I don't know that this could said in a sexual way or not, but Paris does get around doesn't she. Some how she makes her way into all the best shows, and hangs out with all the beautiful people (except for me). Paris is under estimated by much of the media, and I think that she likes it that way. I doubt that she is seeing Grenier, my bet is that she is secretly dating Stavros still. She hasn't really been seen with a serious boyfriend since him.

Britney Spears Begs to be Paris Hilton's Friend Again | Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog

Britney Spears Begs to be Paris Hilton's Friend Again Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog:

"In a desperate attempt to salvage her image, Spears reportedly severed ties
with Hilton. But now the singer is said to be desperately seeking Hilton’s
friendship. “Britney’s dying to hang out with Paris. She’s trying to get her
cell phone number and passing messages to her through other friends,” a source
who claims to be Paris’ friends says. “Paris moved on a long time ago when it
comes to Britney. She feels sorry for her, but that’s as far as it goes!” the
‘friend’ added."

While it is understandable that some people in Hollywood would think that being friends with Paris Hilton would be bad for your image, it appears to not be the case. Britney's image and reputation has crashed to a all time low since her and Paris split as friends, which may be why Britney wants to be friends with Paris again.

Paris has a magic about her, that I don't understand. She got a DUI and went to jail, while Britney through all her crazy antics has not been charged with anything. However right now I think that Paris has a better image than Britney. Britney really needs to make a strong come back, and Paris isn't the way she should do it. One thing I know about Paris is that once you are seen as being a part of her world, you never leave. Ask Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, Kim Kardashian and others that have attained fame of their own - but are still commonly refereed to as friends of Paris.

Lauren Conrad Fires Back At Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt | Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog

Lauren Conrad Fires Back At Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog:

"Can you tell the season premiere of “The Hills” is Monday? After almost
daily rants from Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, Lauren Conrad is finally
speaking her peace. Lauren and Audrina Patridge called into the same
Philadelphia radio station that interviewed Heidi and Spencer. During his
interview, Pratt had called Lauren a “stupid girl” and “douche” and a “psycho.”
Ooooh, burn. Montag added to flames with “I never could be friends with some
lowlife like that.” So Lauren had a lot to respond to. Instead, she took the
high road for the most part."

While there are few things in the world that are more entertaining than a good old fashioned Hollywood cat fight, this is most likely staged. The show is coming to the end of the season and they need to get viewers interested. Interested in a market that is saturated with these Southern California Dramas. A fight that appears to be going on between the cast, is a great way to get viewers to watch.

Access Hollywood | Investigation Over Reported Sexual Assault At Playboy Mansion Dropped | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood Investigation Over Reported Sexual Assault At Playboy Mansion Dropped Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 11, 2007) -- Authorities dropped an investigation
into a reported sexual assault at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion because of
insufficient evidence, prosecutors said Friday. The case was submitted to county
prosecutors, and no charges will be filed, the Los Angeles Police Department
said in a statement. "

I don't think this is the end of this story, charges are dropped though. Does Hefner have enough power to keep the story from spreading anyways?


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