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Migrants Self-Deporting In Arizona

Captain's Quarters: Migrants Self-Deporting In Arizona

"Undocumented immigrants are starting to leave Arizona because of the new
employer-sanctions law. The state's strong economy has been a magnet for illegal
immigrants for years. But a growing number are pulling up stakes out of fear
they will be jobless come Jan. 1, when the law takes effect. The departures are
drawing cheers from immigration hard-liners and alarm from business owners
already seeing a drop in sales."

This is what many on the right have suggested would be the case all along.

2008 Senate rankings -- 8/07

2008 Senate rankings -- 8/07 Here are my rankings of races most likely to switch parties at this point in time.

1. New Hampshire (Sununu - R)
2. Colorado (Open - R)
3. Virginia (Warner - R)
4. Nebraska (Hagel - R)
5. Oregon (Smith - R)
6. Louisiana (Landrieu - D)
7. Maine (Collins - R)
8. Minnesota (Coleman - R)
9. Alaska (Stevens - R)
10. South Dakota (Johnson - D)

To find out more, click on the link.

Crooks and Liars » Federal Reserve Bends the Rules for Citibank and Bank of America

Crooks and Liars » Federal Reserve Bends the Rules for Citibank and Bank of America:

"In a clear sign that the credit crunch is still affecting the nation’s
largest financial institutions, the Federal Reserve agreed this week to bend key
banking regulations to help out Citigroup and Bank of America. The regulations
in question effectively limit a bank’s funding exposure to an affiliate to 10%
of the bank’s capital. But the Fed has allowed Citibank and Bank of America to
blow through that level. Citigroup and Bank of America are able to lend up to
$25 billion apiece under this exemption, according to the Fed. If Citibank used
the full amount, “that represents about 30% of Citibank’s total regulatory
capital, which is no small exemption,” says Charlie Peabody, banks analyst at
Portales Partners. So, how serious is this rule-bending? Very. One of the
central tenets of banking regulation is that banks with federally insured
deposits should never be over-exposed to brokerage subsidiaries; indeed, for
decades financial institutions were legally required to keep the two units
completely separate. This move by the Fed eats away at the principle."

It doesn't seem that pouring more cash into the market is going to solve the problem here. This further sounds like it is setting up for an even worse crisis, where defaulted loans could destabilize the banking industry.

Michelle Malkin » Teen of undetermined immigration status jailed for TB

Michelle Malkin » Teen of undetermined immigration status jailed for TB:

"When doctors told Francisco Santos he had tuberculosis Friday, health officials
said the Gwinnett County 17-year-old refused to believe it. Then the wiry,
dark-haired youth refused to submit to any treatment. Worse, he said he was
walking out of the Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville and heading back to
his home country of Mexico, officials said. “I think he was scared,” said David
Will, attorney for the Gwinnett County Board of Health. Gwinnett health
officials found themselves in a bind. They had a person with a case of active,
contagious tuberculosis, refusing treatment and threatening to carry the disease
to a foreign country. They also were aware of the recent incident involving
Atlanta lawyer Andrew Speaker, who also has tuberculosis. After Speaker left for
his wedding in Greece, a national news conference set off an international
health scare. In this case, the Gwinnett officials acted decisively: They put
Santos in jail Friday evening, in a rare act of a government agency confining a
sick person. Santos is the only inmate in a special medical isolation cell
designed for inmates with contagious conditions. The cell, which measures about
15 feet by 20 feet, has a special ventilation system that keeps the air from
reaching other inmates."

This is going to be played as another immigrant threatening the health and safety of America. If it turns out that he is here illegally that could as easily back fire against the right and stands that they have taken. If his concern in not getting treatment was that he was afraid of being arrested and sent back, that would point towards a system that allowed medical care to be given without citizenship questions.

If he is here legally, and he is just refusing treatment, that is another matter. He does not have the right to spread disease, no matter where he was born, or what kind of legal documentation he may have.

News Hounds: Bill O'Reilly Manufactures Divisive Outrage About "High School Musical"

News Hounds: Bill O'Reilly Manufactures Divisive Outrage About "High School Musical":

"Bill O'Reilly , looking for some left/right controversy, tried to manufacture
some divisive outrage in his weekly column about Disney's High School Musical.
According to BOR, traditional Americans are 'cheering' the wholesome musical
unlike some critics. However, he never gets around to identifying these harsh
critics of wholesomeness but makes sure to suggest they are mostly 'liberals'
with this comment. 'Here's what I believe, based upon more than thirty years of
working in the media: Many critics are jaded and cynical. Most are extremely
liberal. If the property is 'edgy,' anti-American, or over-the-top offensive,
they will like it. If the writers of High School Musical had turned the dancing
kids into flesh-eating zombies, the critics would have been wowed.'"

Bill is this all in your head, do other people hear and see these people - because I don't think anyone else does?

Gates of Vienna: Sweden Gets Sent to the Woodshed

Gates of Vienna: Sweden Gets Sent to the Woodshed:

"Iran summoned a Swedish diplomat to its foreign ministry on Monday to protest
against a cartoon in a Swedish newspaper depicting the head of Prophet Muhammad
on a dog’s body, Sweden’s foreign ministry said. “Gunilla von Bahr, Sweden’s
charge d’affaires, was summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry today where she
received a protest from the Iranian government,” foreign ministry spokeswoman
Anna Björkander told AFP. The Iranian government told Von Bahr the cartoon was
“offensive to Prophet Muhammad,” Björkander said, refusing to disclose any
further details of the meeting."

You want to talk offensive, how about when the president of Iran talks about wiping Israel off the map. How offensive is it that they are investing arms and money to destabilize Iraq. How offensive is it the lack of freedoms that are given to people of other faiths in Iran?

Watching Those We Chose: Chertoff

Watching Those We Chose: Chertoff

Who could have known the Bat Boy picture was the friendly one...

Watching Those We Chose: Fox News Isn't Going to Like This...

Watching Those We Chose: Fox News Isn't Going to Like This...:

"For example, he found legal contracts from late medieval France that referred
to the term 'affrèrement,' roughly translated as brotherment. Similar contracts
existed elsewhere in Mediterranean Europe, Tulchin said. In the contract, the
'brothers' pledged to live together sharing 'un pain, un vin, et une bourse,'
(that's French for one bread, one wine and one purse). The 'one purse' referred
to the idea that all of the couple's goods became joint property. Like marriage
contracts, the 'brotherments' had to be sworn before a notary and witnesses,
Tulchin explained. "

Is there a historical record of legalized gay relationships. I don't know if these point to marriage, but they do point to a history of legally recognized gay families.

Iraq Government Claims Consensus Success - The Ag - News Summary - News in Brief - TIME

Iraq Government Claims Consensus Success - The Ag - News Summary - News in Brief - TIME:

"Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has announced a reconciliation deal
between the country's Shi'ite, Sunni and Kurdish leaders. The Shi'ite leader
made the announcement easing restrictions on Ba'ath party members on national TV
'flanked by Jalal Talabani, the country's Kurdish president, and the Sunni
vice-president, Tareq al-Hashemi,' says the Guardian. The consensus-building
agreement was forged in the wake of a week of political pressure from the White
House and U.S. senators including Hillary Clinton, Carl Levin and John Warner.
Maliki delivered a 'stinging rebuke to Hillary Clinton yesterday, telling her to
stop meddling in the affairs of his country as though it was part of America,'
writes the Independent."

While I tend to support the presidents stand on the war in Iraq, I think it should be noted that the pressure from the Democrats may be having its own effect in Iraq as well. Whatever it takes to get Iraq on its feet, solidly so that our forces can leave and not leave chaos and death.


Democracy Now Headlines, Mon. Aug. 27, 2007

Thompson: Punch ‘em today, Protect ‘em tomorrow | Air America Radio

Thompson: Punch ‘em today, Protect ‘em tomorrow Air America Radio:

"In 1981, Republican presidential hopeful, Fred Thompson was appointed as a
special counsel to investigate intelligence director, William J. Casey, which
worried the White House. According to the NY Times “the White House’s worries
were quickly set to rest by the man the Senate had chosen to get to the bottom
of the matter, Fred D. Thompson. In July 1981, just one day into his job as
special counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mr. Thompson assured the
White House that there was no “smoking gun,” documents show. He had yet to
interview a single witness.”"

Is this the kind of president that he is going to be?

Countdown: Worst Person August 27, 2007

Embattled Gonzales Resigns -

Embattled Gonzales Resigns -

"Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, one of President Bush's closest
confidants and a key architect of his controversial counterterrorism policies,
announced yesterday that he is quitting after seven months of bitter
confrontation with Congress over his honesty and his competence to run the
Justice Department. His resignation, submitted Sunday to President Bush and
disclosed yesterday, removes one of the nation's most controversial attorneys
general since the Watergate era. He will leave behind a Justice Department
battered by allegations that partisan politics has infected its law enforcement

I hope that they don't put Bat Boy Chertoff in his place.

Malkin nails Bush for cronyism

Kim Kardashian In Touch Weekly Labor Day Weekend Bash | Pop Crunch

A Blog For All: Flip Side

A Blog For All: Flip Side:

"While I've spent quite a bit of time writing about the violent triple
murder of three college students at the hands of illegal aliens and those of
indeterminate immigration status, illegal aliens and/or individuals of
indeterminate immigration status are also victims. In Jersey City, New Jersey we
learn of a truck driver who was found stabbed to death. Investigators found ID,
which suggested he was a Costa Rican immigrant. They then went to his apartment,
where they found another, different, identification. So, they don't know who the
dead man is."

I think that it is important to understand that illegals not only have the potential to put others in danger, more often than not they themselves are in danger. They cannot report crimes to the police, and there are some who would victimise them because of this. There are some who think that they are doing a patriotic duty by targeting and harassing illegals. The patriotic duty is to turn them in, we are a nation of laws.

Beyonce Unhurt After Stray Bullet Miraculously Hits Passerby Instead

Beyonce Unhurt After Stray Bullet Miraculously Hits Passerby Instead

Another Cuban custody fight simmers - Focus on Cuba -

Another Cuban custody fight simmers - Focus on Cuba -

"MIAMI - A Cuban father allows his young daughter to emigrate legally to the
United States with her mother, hoping they will find a better life. But months
later, when the mother becomes incapable of caring for the girl, he seeks to
bring the child home. "

Please not again, well it could be said that since Castro is dead doing perfectly fine but publicly withdrawn, the whole drama wouldn't get as serious.

Self-described pedophile to leave Calif. - Yahoo! News

Self-described pedophile to leave Calif. - Yahoo! News:

"LOS ANGELES - A self-described pedophile is leaving California after a
judge ordered him to stay away permanently from places where children gather,
the man told a TV station for a report that aired Sunday. 'I have to leave the
state, really, I can't live here under this Orwellian protocol,' Jack McClellan
told KABC. 'It's nightmarish.'"

This is good news for California, and bad news for where ever he chooses to go. He is from Washington state and has family there, that is where he may return. Some bloggers have promised to track his every move to keep people alert to the danger they believe he is. I will post any important information that develops.

Bill Moyers Claims White House Misleading Americans About Surge |

Bill Moyers Claims White House Misleading Americans About Surge

"Has Bill Moyers become PBS's Jack Cafferty, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell, and
Keith Olbermann all rolled into one crusading, Bush-hating, anti-war
propagandist funded by American tax dollars? "

How does Bill Moyer think of himself as being unbiased. I think he has done some good journalism, and had some honest discussions with newsmakers. However, he has attacked the president - not that he doesn't deserve it, however all he has done is attack the president. He does nothing to cover the otherside of the story like you would expect a reasonable journalist to do.

lgf: Dutch Bible Museum Goes 'Multicultural'

lgf: Dutch Bible Museum Goes 'Multicultural':

"THE HAGUE, 22/08/07 - The former Open Air Bible Museum near Nijmegen has
received 500,000 euro in subsidy from oil state Oman. With this, the museum will
expand to include a House of Koran."

Understanding is one of those rare things that serves everyone. It helps us to understand where we have things in common with people, and it helps us to understand where we have differences. The holy books from all the religions have a long history, and the bible and the Koran have a shared history. I think it is a very positive and educational step to take.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Question: If Brian Baird Used His Brain. . .

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Question: If Brian Baird Used His Brain. . .

Is this kind of attack positive, or necessary for understanding this debate?

A Blog For All: Sen. Larry Craig's Restroom Restlessness

A Blog For All: Sen. Larry Craig's Restroom Restlessness:

"Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) 'was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a
plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s
public restroom,' according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call. 'Craig’s
arrest occurred just after noon on June 11 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International
Airport. On Aug. 8, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in the
Hennepin County District Court. He paid more than $500 in fines and fees, and a
10-day jail sentence was stayed. He also was given one year of probation with
the court that began on Aug. 8.'"

Are there democrats out there committing these crimes that are not being reported, statistics would seem to say that is the case. There just seem to be a great deal of cases involving republicans coming forward.

What's on TV

What’s on Rachael Ray This Week?
What’s On Tyra This Week?
What’s On Dr. Phil This Week?
What’s On Ellen This Week?

Spector Fuckagewatch: High: Phil Spector's Lead Attorney Drops Case To Spend More Time On Showbiz Pursuits And Less Guilty Clients - Defamer

Spector Fuckagewatch: High: Phil Spector's Lead Attorney Drops Case To Spend More Time On Showbiz Pursuits And Less Guilty Clients - Defamer:

"In yet another discouraging development for accused murderer/avowed bitch-hater
Phil Spector, lead defense attorney Bruce Cutler--who so famously got things
started with a bang by hammering the phrase 'murder on their minds'
approximately 17,000 times into the jurors' skulls, then became a rarer and
rarer courtroom presence as he attended to his daytime-TV-starring
commitments--has officially stepped down from the case as of today"

Another twist in this crazy trial, the trial itself and his hair are getting in the way of the fact that a young womyn's life has been taken.

Miss South Carolina Teen USA Explains Her TV Meltdown :

Miss South Carolina Teen USA Explains Her TV Meltdown :

"Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina Teen USA, whose mangled response to a
pageant question has become an Internet sensation, will have a second chance to
answer it on Tuesday morning's Today show. 'I didn't do anything wrong,' she
told South Carolina's The State newspaper. 'I wasn't expecting [the question]. I
lost my train of thought.' "

This is the poor girl from the YouTube video that sounds like an idiot when she is asked a question about the educational system. I am sure that is a very stressful situation.

Man On Man - Jezebel

Man On Man - Jezebel:

"The Jake Gyllenhaal is gay rumor just got a lot more specific, and people
seem to really be buying into it: 'Last year Jake and his bf were arrested and
brought into the West Hollywood station after the sheriffs office was called
after catching Jake and his bf having sex in an SUV behind the restaurant Chin
Chins in LA...Jake and his bf are currently expecting a baby through a
surrogate. They used a company based in Westwood, CA. The baby is due in
September.' "

Sorry more details on the growing Jake is gay rumor.

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online : The Infectious Personality of Jason Davis The Infectious Personality of Jason Davis

Fresh Intelligence : Radar Online : The Infectious Personality of Jason Davis The Infectious Personality of Jason Davis:

"Jason 'Gummybear' Davis, the flaxen-haired, plus-size brother of oil heir
Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis, was spotted Friday by a Radar spy at the Beverly
Hills Hotel hot spot 1912, wheezing, sweating, slurring, and bleeding, looking a
hell of a lot like an undead John Belushi. The oil heir and frequent Hyde reject
appeared to have blood spots around his waist, our witness says. And although he
has claimed to have given up the sauce for nine weeks, our spy says he was all
vowels this weekend, bragging that he was starting a company that would 'put
iTunes out of business,' and explaining that he was speaking gruffly because 'I
have a staph infection.'"

A staph infection... as you read this Dina Lohan is out there wishing she had thought of that one. It is so much better than the exhaustion excuse though.

Owen gets hospital visit from Samuel | INF Daily

Owen gets hospital visit from Samuel INF Daily:

"Actor Samuel L. Jackson called in at the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles
today to visit Owen Wilson, reportedly recovering after attempting to take his
own life. Jackson told reporters he was there to visit his friend, before
cursing out the awaiting media, saying ''get the F#@* away from me.'' Temper,
temper Sammy!"

I hope that he was able to be in a better mood during his visit with Owen. It is good to see that Owen has friends that are coming to see him. Even if they are a little bitchy. Jake Gyllenhaal is Gay and Having a Baby Jake Gyllenhaal is Gay and Having a Baby:

"Former Hollywood publicist Jonathan Jaxson says that Jake Gyllenhaal is
planning to come out some time by the end of next month. Jake is reportedly
ready to come out because he and his boyfriend of several years (rumored to be
actor Austin Nichols or Chef Chris Fischer) are expecting a baby in September."

I know I posted about this already today, and I know that no one wants to think about Jake being gay. All his males fans are going to feel whimpy for being a fan of a gay actor - that's why Tom doesn't have many fans. All his female fans are going to be upset that their fantasies have been shattered. I wanted to update it, because of the news that he is having a child too... well not HAVING a child.

This Thing Looks Like That Thing - Gawker

This Thing Looks Like That Thing - Gawker

Ohhh My GOD, Bat Boy is real....

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » WHY WON’T HE JUST GO AWAY?

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » WHY WON’T HE JUST GO AWAY?:

"First it was the Super Bowl. Then came the Emmys. Now comes news that for
the first time in nearly 15 years, an American DJ will be syndicated throughout
the U.K. and on London radio. And that DJ is none that than Ryan Seacrest. "

Sounds like a great break for him, this is the job that Paula would cry over remember. I wish him luck.

Dita Von Teese Does Italy |

Lilly Allen

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Mama Hogan Issues a Statement about Nick's Crash

"'My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick
suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital. At
this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at
the hospital with John and his family. His sole concern is for the well being of
his friend. On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be
with John and his loved ones.'"

I wish them the best.

Wondering Where Jesus Is? Well, Michael Vick Found Him for You.

A Socialite's Life: Wondering Where Jesus Is? Well, Michael Vick Found Him for You.

"That's right, Michael Vick, formerly of the NFL is speaking out about his
newfound religious convictions and how he came to them courtesy of his decision
to take responsibility for his actions in connection to dogfighting. Vick made a
statement in which he apologized to various parties, including Atlanta Falcons
owner Arthur Blank, his young fans, as well as the NFL commisioner Roger
Goodell. He also expressed his desire to start steering his life into a more
mature direction. "

There is an old saying that there are no atheists in fox holes, it would appear there are not atheists in jail either.

Britney Update: All Hell Is Breakin' Loose But It's Ok Because The Dog Is Fine

A Socialite's Life: Britney Update: All Hell Is Breakin' Loose But It's Ok Because The Dog Is Fine

"All that's known right now is that it's an 'active investigation' and no
specifics are being reported. But it's ok, Bri! You might be leaving your
children out in the rain, but you've been cleared of any charges in the alleged
abuse of your dogs! The puppies are all set despite your kids being allowed to
play with Exacto knives near the electrical outlets. Keep reading for the dog
story, and for details about how her ex-manager is on the lam from the
inevitable K-Fed subpoena. Probably delivered by a man in a Mustang with bumpin'
hydraulics and fishbowl smoke coming out of it. "

A hearing was held today, Kevin's lawyer was there, Britney's lawyer was there and a representative for the county child protective services was there as well. I think that the kids should be adopted by Angelina myself.

Best Night Ever

The Gossip Fix: Is Jake Gyllenhaal Gay? at Dotspotter

The Gossip Fix: Is Jake Gyllenhaal Gay? at Dotspotter:

"There are rumors flying around that Jake Gyllenhaal will soon be
coming out of the closet. Jake, also known as “Toothy Tile” in several blind
items, is supposedly going to be on the cover of several magazines announcing
his gayness, kind of like Lance Bass."

I never put much trust in these silly gay rumors that go around. It seems that the bigger star you are, and the hotter that you are - the more rumors about you being gay. They are no doubt started by fat losers who want to feel better about themselves.

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Amy Winhouse Says Blake Tried to Stop Her from Doing Drugs

"'Blake is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other .
. . I was cutting myself after he found me in our room about to do drugs with a
call girl and rightly said I wasn't good enough for him. I lost it and he saved
my life.'"

Sounds like those scratches and cuts that he had all over himself the other day were marks from an honorable battle. The battle to save Amy Winehouse from drugs and destruction. The best of luck to her and her husband.

Access Hollywood | CONFIRMED: Owen Wilson In Hospital, Currently In 'Good' Condition | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood CONFIRMED: Owen Wilson In Hospital, Currently In 'Good' Condition Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"SANTA MONICA, Calif. (August 27, 2007) — After being hospitalized in Santa
Monica on Sunday, actor Owen Wilson is speaking out. “I respectfully ask that
the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult
time,” Wilson said in a statement to Access Hollywood today."

stars always say this, but it doesn't happen much does it. Hopefully he can pull through this, I have never been a big fan of his, but it is sad to see anyone dealing with problems like this. I wish him and his family the best.

Nick Is Going To Be Ok | Dlisted

Nick Is Going To Be Ok Dlisted:

"Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Bollea, is said to be serious but stable condition
after his speeding car hit a palm tree in Clearwater, FL last night. Nick's
friend and passenger however is still said to be on critical condition. CNN
reports that Nick's injuries are not life-threatening."

First of all it is good to hear that he is doing well. However this must mean that he is going to become a bigger star. Isn't wrecking a car, or other driving problem, part of the process of entering the A list in Hollywood now?

A Socialite's Life

A Socialite's Life: Jessica Alba Holds Grudges

"'I would like to dedicate this award to a young man who has been on my
mind for the last 19 years: Ross,' Jessica Alba, 26, told a rapt audience as she
accepted the female hottie award. 'Ross didn't love me. I was pigeon-toed, I had
a sway back, I was slightly cross-eyed, buck-toothed, I sucked my thumb.' She
added, with a laugh: 'Look at me now, Ross! Look at me now!' "

I wonder how long Jessica has been waiting to stick it to this poor guy. Who knows maybe he is happier with his mediocre life.

Guess Who's Making Out?

Someone Needs a Sandwich |

Someone Needs a Sandwich

Is she playing a dead person in her next movie, has she been hanging out with the Olsen Twins? If I were that guy I would be afraid of breaking her arm. Someone needs to feed this girl.

What Is Gis Thinking?! | Dlisted

What Is Gis Thinking?! Dlisted:
This is the line up for the new 'Dancing With Stars"...

"Aaron Carter - Methface of Methfaces
Wayne Newton - Mr. Plastic Las Vegas
Mark Cuban - Billionaire which means small dicked
Jane Seymour - Lovely
Scary Spice - Yeah...
Tori Spelling - BARF!
Jennie Garth - Take Donna Martin down!
Floyd Mayweather - Hot boxer
Richard Quest - Some nerd
Sabrina Bryan - Some ho
Helio Castroneves - Race car driver
Lou Ferrigno - The Hulk
Nia Peeples - Hotness!!! "

and maybe Gisele Bundchen.

Faded Youth Blog » Blog Archive » DAILY HOTNESS

Gabby Babble: Britney's Nannies Tell All

Gabby Babble: Britney's Nannies Tell All:

"'She drinks in front of the kids. At first, the drinks would help her
loosen up and not be so angry. But she'd inevitably drink too much and be out of
it, at which point the nannies would take care of the kids. She'll strip down in
front of staff, nannies, whomever. She'll ask, 'Do I look sexy? Do I look
pretty?' She's extremely insecure.'"

This is all probably coming right from Kevin's lawyers to a willing press.

Gabby Babble: Kylie Shows Off Some Skin In an Awful Dress


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