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Gabby Babble: Did Paul McCartney Hookup With Another Model?:

Gabby Babble: Did Paul McCartney Hookup With Another Model?:

"Beatle Paul McCartney has been seen slow-dancing with former supermodel
Christie Brinkley at a James Taylor concert in the The Hamptons. They were both
on vacation in The Hamptons and ran into each other at the concert. However,
Billy Joel, Brinkley's second husband, told Extra that he doubt they would
become an item. "

Sounds like someone has a weak spot for musicians. Which is fine, I have a weak spot for girls that can sing - I mean really sing like Fiona Apple and Norah Jones.

In Case You Didn’t Know » Jordin Sparks signs with Jive Records:

In Case You Didn’t Know » Jordin Sparks signs with Jive Records:

"“American Idol” Season Six winner Jordin Sparks, the show’s youngest winner
ever, has signed to 19 Recordings/Jive Records, becoming the first “Idol” winner
to join the label group."

Did it take the other idols this long to get a contract signed?

Evan Rachel Wood - “Nylon” September 2007

» Jessica Biel Has A Crush On Jennifer Aniston -

» Jessica Biel Has A Crush On Jennifer Aniston -

"The 25-year-old actress, who is currently dating Justin Timberlake, “loves” the
former ‘Friends’ star and wishes they were friends. Jessica told Cosmopolitan
magazine: “I understand being sexy, men love you, that’s great. But what’s
really important is that women want to hang out with you. “That’s what I love
about Jennifer Aniston - I watch her films and I think I love her. I really want
to be her friend! I want to play those roles so women will think that about me
too. It’s about not taking yourself too seriously."

Jennifer does have a quiet beauty that is natural and rare. Now that Jessica has said this of course, it would be good to see them in a movie together, I think they would work together well.

Tyra Banks Pees In Her Purse! Paula Abdul Has Parkinson's?!

Celebrity News & Gossip Video "The Connection"

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celebrity nation: Posh to publish style book

celebrity nation: Posh to publish style book:

"Posh Spice is going to be telling Americans how to dress. Victoria Beckham,
known for her style-setting ways more than anything else, has signed a deal with
HarperEntertainment to publish 'That Extra Half Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything
in Between.' The 'handbag-size style guide' will help women 'learn how to dress
for special occasions, shop for everyday wear and where to look for it, define
the accessory look for you,' as well as 'helpful hints for the holidays, making
the most of your wardrobe and how to feel confident and great every time you
leave the house.' Is she planning a diet book next? This woman is no fashion

Sounds like it should be a hit, Posh is a great dresser. David is a good dresser too, I wonder if she picks out his clothes for him.

celebrity nation: Is Ryan upset about Jake?

celebrity nation: Is Ryan upset about Jake?:

"Ryan Phillippe hasn't exactly offered a warm welcome to ex Reese Witherspoon's
off-again, on-again guy, Jake Gyllenhaal, according to Us mag. 'Ryan is pissed
about Jake,' a Phillippe insider says, adding that Phillippe told Witherspoon,
'he didn't want 'that guy' around their kids and then made some crude Brokeback
Mountain remark.' However, a Gyllenhaal source told the mag that 'Reese doesn't
have Jake spend the night when the kids are around.' Phillippe is rumored to be
dating Aussie actress Abbie Cornish again. 'They have been hanging out since
June,' says a source. The pair were spotted in LA's Franklin Canyon Park on
August 5."

I don't see how he has any room to be upset. He was the one who broke up the relationship by getting some on the side. Jake is a great guy, its not like Reese is dating some bum. She is a beautiful womyn, there is no reason he should expect that she wouldn't move on with her life.

Nicole Richie is Smooth |

Nicole Richie is Smooth :

"Wednesday night, Madden went to celebrate the first anniversary of the Village
Pourhouse on Third Avenue, and all was well until a party promoter wanted to
take a picture of him with a cute young woman. Our spy reports, “He said he
couldn’t, as Nicole gave him strict orders not to take pictures with other
celebrities or girls for rumor purposes.”"

This really isn't as crazy as it might seem. Anyone who reads the tabloids or the blogs knows how a rumor can get started based on just a picture. I think Nicole is just trying to be smart about her image right now.

Britney Spears Dumped |

Britney Spears Dumped :

"Sources connected to her divorce case tell us, Wasser is about to resign as
Spears’ attorney. The disso-queen, who has repped scores of stars including
Angelina Jolie and Nick Lachey, sealed the deal on the divorce late last month.
Now that the divorce is done, Wasser is done. We’re told Wasser has put Spears
in touch with other lawyers who could help the singer in her ongoing custody
battle with Fed-Ex, but Spears has become so reliant on Wasser she doesn’t like
any of the alternatives. There’s probably good reason — with Spears flipping out
before our eyes, it’s pretty amazing Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody
split in the settlement."

While I am sure that she is far from being an easy client, it is a shame that this means that Britney will be losing one more person she trusted. It isn't going to be easy for her to find a good lawyer in her ongoing custody battle with Kevin.

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents: Dunzo |

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents: Dunzo :

"While Lindsay Lohan enjoyed some outdoor activities at her Utah rehab facility,
her parents finally reached a divorce settlement. According to Us Weekly,
Michael and Dina Lohan’s divorce will be final in 60 days, with child custody to
be determined September 6."

Sounds like a fresh start for everyone. Lindsay is looking as beautiful as ever, she really has one of those faces that it is hard to stay angry with. If she gets her problems in line, she can make a come back, she still has it - I think she always will.

Hilary Congratulates Joel and Nicole | Hilary Duff

Hilary Congratulates Joel and Nicole Hilary Duff:

"Hilary Duff, who was left heartbroken after Joel Madden and Nicole Richie
started dating shortly after her relationship with Madden ended, acted mature
when she found out her ex and his new love are expecting a baby. “After they
appeared on Good Morning America, Hilary breezily texted Joel congratulations on
the pregnancy, and Joel warmly responded,” a source tells Us Weekly."

What this tell you is that Hilary has class, what it doesn't tell you is the text probably said something like, "congrats on the kid - better her than me". Does anyone think that Hilary and Joel made a good couple?

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "DAVID DUCHOVNY & MADELINE ZIMA filming an episode of their hit Showtime show “Californication” yesterday"

It will be good to see David working again.

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!

Buzz Foto LLC - Paparazzi Is An Art Form!: "FASHIONISTA EXTRAORDINAIRE Paris Hilton with her red shoes at Fred Segal"

I love the dress. but I don't know how I feel about those red shoes.

Access Hollywood | UPDATE: Will Britney Perform At The VMA's? | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood UPDATE: Will Britney Perform At The VMA's? Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LAS VEGAS, Nevada (August 17, 2007) — Will Britney Spears be making her
musical comeback on the stage of the MTV Music Video Awards? According to a
comment made today by magician Criss Angel, it's looking more and more

Britney really needs a come back right now. The chaos in her life is becoming what she is known for, more than being a great singer. I hope that this come back works out for her.

Access Hollywood | Rumer Willis: Surviving In Young Hollywood | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood Rumer Willis: Surviving In Young Hollywood Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 17, 2007) – Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s oldest
daughter Rumer may have spent some Hollywood nights hanging with Lindsay Lohan
and pals, but when Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush paid a visit to the set of
Rumer’s new film, he found a very grounded 19-year-old who is very aware – and
very cautious – of the Hollywood spotlight."

I think that Rumer has a solid chance of not falling into the Hollywood trap. There are a couple reasons to believe this. The most important are that both of her parents are stars in their own right, they don't need her to be famous, or to make them money (yeah I mean you Dina). Also her parents seem to have a strong relationship with each other, and are supporting of her. When you see stars in Hollywood fall apart, more often than not you can see that they don't have a lot of support from their family.

More Indecision From Amy Winehouse

A Socialite's Life: More Indecision From Amy Winehouse

"Amy Winehouse has pulled out of this weekend's V Festival and is heading
back to rehab. A statement released by the singer's record label yesterday
confirmed the 23-year-old has also cancelled all scheduled performances for the
rest of August."

Hey Kevin Federline, sounds like a girl of your flavor over there in Britain. Amy Winehouse is starting to act like Britney Spears, and Pete Doherty at the same time. I find it hard to believe that she is going to take this seriously, probably we are going to hear later how she was forced into rehab by her management. I hope she can get herself together, her career is just starting and she has a lot of work in front of her.

Lily Allen's In A Bag

A Socialite's Life: Lily Allen's In A Bag

"The 22-year-old pop star was dragged 50 yards down Oxford Street in a Habitat
shopping bag, then bundled into a car which sped off into the night. The singer
had spent the night at Soho nightclub Punk with about 10 friends. Despite being
advised to rest after suffering from sinusitis and strep throat, forcing her to
pull out of several European dates. Allen cancelled a handful of festival
appearances due to her 'illness' she even posted her doctor's note online to
prove it. The group left the club, walked about 50 yards to a building under
renovation and re-emerged with Lily in the bag, thwarting waiting paparazzi. "

Was she trying to cause a scene, a stunt like this only serves to generate more attention to you. The most boring pictures in the world are the stars walking down the sidewalk. The most interesting, and likely to sell is a picture of Lily Allen inside a bag. I feel bad for her friends that had to carry her.

"I continue to find the ease with which she has sacrificed her principles on everything of importance, the makeover from radical feminist to soft-focused mother and devoted wife, from V-sign-waving peacenik to hawkish warmonger, all a little chilling even for my slightly cynical tastes."

I think this is a misrepresentation of who Hilary is. She is not a war monger, she has voted to support the war in Iraq, and she has said that when she becomes president she is going to work to end that war. The two are not either or positions, if you can hold two thoughts in your mind at the same time. Supporting the troops, and helping them in their mission is her primary goal as a Senator. As a president, the primary goal is to find a resolution to this war, everyone wants a resolution to this war.

There is nothing that says that a radical feminist can't be a loving mother and wife. In some ways, that is the most radical feminism of all, claiming the right to be a mother and to have a career.

The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » Iraq Turning Into A Success As Diyala Province Transforms

The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » Iraq Turning Into A Success As Diyala Province Transforms:

"U.S. forces claimed success on Saturday in establishing their influence
and denying al Qaeda fighters control of Iraq’s Diyala River valley, one of the
main targets of an American offensive over the past several months. “We
influence the entire Diyala River valley,” Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Poppas,
commander of U.S. forces in the valley north of the town of Baquba, told
journalists in a video conference. “We have forces throughout the Diyala valley
in key critical nodes. We cross any line of communications, deny the enemy any
freedom of movement. Everything they do is watched,” he said. The Diyala River,
which joins the Tigris near Baghdad, is one of the three main fertile areas of
northern and western Iraq, alongside the Euphrates and the Tigris itself."

There is reason to hope in Iraq still. I don't know that this war is going to be a sucess, but I think it is a shame that so many people on the left seem to be rooting for defeat. There could be a break through moment at any time, and things could turn towards success. Those who rooted for failure will be left holding their hats.

Worst Person: Bill O'Reilly


Another Californicator Endorses Hillary | Redstate

Another Californicator Endorses Hillary Redstate:

"Newsom is best known nationally for openly defying California state law in
2004 by directing clerks at City Hall to sanction same-sex unions. According to
the Chronicle, Newsom's flaunting of the law made him a pariah within the
Democratic Party. Some observers credit President Bush's re-election and the
passage of constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in 11 states that same
year on a backlash triggered by Newsom's lawlessness. Why would Hillary seek the
support of a Democratic pariah?"

I don't think that Newsom is going to have that much of an effect as far as changing peoples minds about Hilary. Those who hate her, have just been given one more reason to hate her. While those that love her are given one more reason to love her. Newsom has a lot of political baggage, and isn't in my opinion the best endorsement one can get.

Who are the criminals here?

About that Force-Feeding of Gitmo Detainees - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

About that Force-Feeding of Gitmo Detainees - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime:

"Casscells watched as a half-dozen Gitmo prisoners went through the 45-minute
procedure. They were strapped into 'restraint chairs' and a L/jo-inch soft
rubber tube was fed through their noses. (Prisoners may request a local
anesthetic to ease the discomfort.) The patients ingest a tasteless high-protein
mix, and guards watch them for an hour to make sure they do not self-induce
vomiting. 'Nobody kicked or screamed,' Casscells says. Other Gitmo doctors
agree: There are seven doctors at Gitmo, and according to Casscells, none has
objected to the forced feedings.'"

Are they supposed to just let them die? Would that be better? These people are refusing to eat, and without discussing the reasons that they are there, you have to either feed them or let them die.

Talking Points Memo | Sane Rudy of Yesteryear Comes Back to Haunt Nutso Rudy of Today

Talking Points Memo Sane Rudy of Yesteryear Comes Back to Haunt Nutso Rudy of Today:

"Yesterday in South Carolina, Rudy Giuliani promised he could and would 'end
illegal immigration.' But we got video of him back in 1996 saying that's just
not possible and you've just got to accept that."

I think the only way that we are going to end illegal immigration is to make it easier to enter the country legally. People are willing to float across the gulf, walk across the deserts, crawl through tunnels and over fences. Make it easy and simple for them to enter the country legally, so that there is no reason for them to cross the desert.

Election Central Morning Roundup | TPMCafe

Election Central Morning Roundup TPMCafe:

"Democratic presidential candidates expressed strong dissatisfaction with
China's policies on a variety of issues Wednesday while speaking at the Iowa
Federation of Labor. Chris Dodd, who has called China 'an adversary' because
they take American manufacturing jobs, called for a suspension of imported toys
and food due to health safety concerns. Both Chris Dodd and John Edwards accused
China of currency manipulation, while Bill Richardson and Joe Biden advocate
raising tariffs on Chinese imports as a penalty for what they consider unfair
trading practices. Attacking China on trade plays well with labor groups, many
of whom view the country as a negative economic force that lowers wages and
labor standards while taking jobs previously held by Americans."

It is easy to attack China as the source of Americas problems. It isn't as easy to talk to Americans about their drive to run up thier credit cards with useless crap purchased at Wal-Mart and made in China. China doesn't force anyone to purchase its goods, it operates in the free market system and uses its advantages, to sell to companies looking for the best price for labor. Fact is that as much as some would like to either not accept this fact, or to change this fact, China and the United States are bound together in terms of the global market place. If we stopped buying their goods, they would lose a market that would bring loses to their economy. If they stopped selling us goods, our economy would suffer immediate inflation.

It isn't just Chinesse companies that would suffer from a down turn in the Chinesse economy. Some of the largest American companies have investments in China and would lose money in a downturn in the market in China.

There are good ways to come back, to address the problems that the American economy is having. One of them is not to place the blame on China. A good example of how we could change, and continue to remain strong can be seen in Europe.

Watching Those We Chose: The war rains down on the Yazidis

Watching Those We Chose: Rudy's Records Reveal He Spent 29 Hours At Ground Zero During The Fall Of 2001

Watching Those We Chose: Rudy's Records Reveal He Spent 29 Hours At Ground Zero During The Fall Of 2001:

"The story Russ Buettner of the New York Times has filed this morning can
best be described as good old fashioned, get down into the weeds, read public
records journalism. Buettner has determined that between September 17, and
December 16, 2001 Rudy Giuliani spent a total of 29 hours at Ground Zero. His
time at Ground Zero "

This comes no where close to the 12 hour shifts that many people were working in the aftermath of the attack.

Watching Those We Chose: Oh for the good old days of $500 hammers and $600 toilet seats!

Watching Those We Chose: Oh for the good old days of $500 hammers and $600 toilet seats!:

"A South Carolina defense contractor pleaded guilty yesterday to bilking the
Pentagon out of $20.5 million over nearly 10 years by adding hundreds of
thousands of dollars to the cost of shipping spare parts such as metal washers
and lamps. The parts were bound for key military installations, including those
in Iraq and Afghanistan. In one instance, in 2006, the government paid C&D
Distributors $998,798 in transportation costs for shipping two 19-cent washers.
Charlene Corley, 47, co-owner of C&D Distributors, used the
money to pay for luxury homes, cars, plastic surgery and jewelry, according to
court documents. 'It is a troubling case because the fraud took place during a
time of war,' said Kevin McDonald, the first assistant U.S. attorney for the
District of South Carolina. The $20 million 'that could have gone to assist our
military was diverted and used in a fraudulent manner for excessive personal

The solution to this is an open competitive bidding process. In a honestly open market this kind of scam would not have survived, because another company could have come along and offered a better deal to the military.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Two Muslim groups offer to display artist’s sketches of Mohammed as a dog after galleries balk

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Two Muslim groups offer to display artist’s sketches of Mohammed as a dog after galleries balk:

"The well-known artist [Lars Vilks] took his pictures to galleries in Värmland
and Bohuslän. Both however refused to show the drawings on the grounds that the
security risk was too great.But now two groups - the Secular Muslims in Sweden
(Semus) network and the magazine Minaret - have taken a joint decision to
exhibit the sketches…While he himself considers the drawings to be tasteless,
[Semus spokesman Hooman] Anvari is adamant that they should be put on
display.“Our intention is to create a nuanced debate around freedom of speech,
religious freedom and democracy. These issues tend to cause polarization if they
are not tackled in the right way,” he said."

This is a bold move, and one that should be applauded. Mohammed and Allah are both either big enough and strong enough that they can take some criticism, or they are not worth being worshiped. This is a good development, it should be remembered that the Christian church has its own history of violence against a number of other faiths. In time, Islam may be able to evolve away from its violent past, just as for the most part, Christianity has evolved past its violent past.

Hot Air Audio: Michelle interviews Gov. Mitt Romney

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » California Split

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » California Split:

"In case you haven’t heard, the Republicans don’t even want to wait until
Election Day to steal 20 electoral votes this cycle. The CA GOP’s law firm,
cloaked behind the admirable-sounding name Californians for Equal
Representation, is sponsoring a ballot initiative called the Presidential
Election Reform Act. If passed, it would apportion 53 of CA’s 55 electoral votes
based on the ballots in individual congressional districts rather than
winner-take-all for the whole state, thus throwing a bonus Ohioful of electoral
votes to the Republican candidate without him winning a single additional

While I understand the concerns about this being unfair, and it would unset the balance of electoral votes, since the state goes Democratic most often. I have doubts that the system as it is, is fair. When you look at a state, and county by country the vote is for one party, but the city votes for the other party - and carries all the votes to that party for the state, is that fair. The best solution in my opinion is to grant a proportion of electoral votes, in equal proportion to the raw numbers settle for each party.

This is the same small state versus large state dilemma that has haunted the country since its founding, and even before. Giving all the votes to the person who gets the most votes for the state means that there is no need to campaign in the rural areas. Rural voters don't carry enough numbers to make it worth it to go out there and share your message with them. This system on the other hand means that it can't be said to be one person, one vote. In a district of say 10 people, one vote is 10 percent of the total. In a district of 1,000 people, ten percent of the total would be 100 - one persons vote is worth 100 votes in another district. I understand the concern about the system not being fair, but I don't think this is the right way to fix it.

Daily Kos: A better way to nominate candidates

Daily Kos: A better way to nominate candidates:

"As pundits assess the various campaign strategies aimed at Iowa and New
Hampshire, few American voters are committed to these states first in the nation
status. Just 21% believe that Iowa should always have the first Presidential
caucus and just 22% believe New Hampshire should always have the first
Presidential Primary. Men are more comfortable than women with allowing these
states to retain their special status, but solid pluralities are opposed. "

It is time for a change....

Daily Kos: Michigan up for Jan. 15 primary

Daily Kos: Michigan up for Jan. 15 primary:

"Michigan could hold a statewide primary on Jan 15, if a deal reached this
morning by top Republicans and Democrats in the state passes muster with state
legislators. Michigan political sources say that Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Sen.
Carl Levin are very close to a deal with House Speaker Andy Dillon (D) and
Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R). It's not clear whether the state parties
are on board, yet, but if the legislature decides to pass a bill changing the
primary date, and then Gov. Granholm signs it, there's not much dissidents can
do. "

This is a dead end road, every move by a state pre-empts moves made by other states to be first, which creates foundation for them to pre-empt the pre-empters. Primaries in December, between Christmas and New Years - want to guess what the turn out is going to be? There is no way to win this game.

Regional primaries, on a rotating basis. Scrap the whole system and start over.

Crooks and Liars » Diebold Scrubs Wikipedia - Changes Name Of Voting Machine Division

Crooks and Liars » Diebold Scrubs Wikipedia - Changes Name Of Voting Machine Division:

"No wonder, then, that Diebold Election Systems has decided to steal a page
from the playbook of that paragon of corporate responsibility Philip Morris (aka
the Altria Group): Diebold will erase its sorry history with a simple name
change! Henceforth, when reaching for an example of mind-boggling incompetence,
please say “Premier” rather than “Diebold,” because Diebold Election Systems is
now Premier Election Systems. "

Sounds to me like a clear attempt to trick the American people, and to ditch a worn out name that no doubt has generated bad publicity. The clear difference between the move that Philip Morris took and the one that it is taking is that when Philip Morris changed its name, it reflected real changes in the company. Philip Morris changed its name because it was moving away from being a cigarette company, to being a food company - it owns Kraft and Nabisco. Diebold on the other hand really isn't changing as a company, it is still in the same market, selling the same goods.

Crooks and Liars » Running short on purple hearts

Crooks and Liars » Running short on purple hearts:

"“I can imagine, of course, with what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan,
there’s a big shortage,” Reed said. “At least, I would imagine so.” The form
letter from the Navy Personnel Command told Reed he could wait 90 days and
resubmit an application, or buy his own medal. After waiting 55 years, however,
Reed decided to pay $42 for his own Purple Heart and accompanying ribbon — plus
state sales taxes — at a military surplus store."

I bet it almost makes him feel invisible.

A Liberal Reconsiders Chavez

Captain's Quarters: A Liberal Reconsiders Chavez

"Jeb Koogler, a staunch liberal at The Moderate Voice, has defended Hugo Chavez
for a long time. He thought that Chavez intended to help the poor and
downtrodden and made excuses for his tough tactics as a necessary interlude
towards a better society. He disregarded Chavez' authoritarian impulses as
unimportant in the long run. Now Koogler says he can remain silent no more --
and wonders why his colleagues on the Left haven't made the same decision:"

There are a couple points here. One is that at some point there is little difference in the sacrifice that one makes under the religious belief that they will rewarded in the after life for making the world a better place, and the sacrifices one makes in freedoms today in order to make a future society better. One reading of Albert Camus's The Rebel is enough to explain the failure in that system of ethics. A thoughtful soul might ask themself, once the perfect state has been attained, if it was worth a single drop of blood, a single dead body that laid the foundation.

The second is that leaders say that they will give the power back, but power is never given to the people. The people have the power, and they give it to the government. The government will continue to take that power, and take as much as the public is willing to give. The government does not return power, and it will never take less power just because it has promised to do so. The only way the government is going to have less power, is when the people give it less power.

I too am bothered by the double standard that is seen on issues like this. The left will cry all day and night about how the media in this country is biased. This simply isn't true, not in the terms that they claim at least. When it comes to the media in a country like Venezuela, they say nothing. If the president of the United States attempted to change the laws so that he could run again and again - there would be outrage. Maybe outrage is too much to ask, but the left should stop supporting this tyrant at the very least. (Yeah that means you Cindy)

The Ghoul And The Fool

Captain's Quarters: The Ghoul And The Fool

"A day after the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis, Sen. Patty Murray joined other
Senate Democrats to accuse the Bush administration of failing to maintain the
country's bridges. And she had a dynamite anecdote: 'I have learned of a bridge
where school buses have to stop and let all of the children out and pick them up
on the other side because of weight restrictions.' The Hill reports that the
anecdote was quickly repeated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: 'The
children have to walk across the bridge!' he declared in outrage."

First of all, this story reeks of crap. What kind of community would allow such a thing to take place? Where is this bridge, and if the bridge can't hold the weight of the kids and the bus - how does other traffic cross the bridge? If there were any business of a substantial nature on the other side of the bridge, do they have to unload their delivers and walk them across the bridge? I don't buy this story for a second... (I wonder if they let the bus drive over first, and wait for the kids - or if the kids walk over and wait for the bus to cross)

Second, the Bush administration is not responsible for every bridge in the country. If the light goes on the corner I am not going to call and ask Bush to come and replace it. It is the cities job to maintain the lights, and if that bridge is on a city street it is the cities job to maintain it, if it is a county road - it is the counties.

John Edwards, Exploiter Of The Poor

Captain's Quarters: John Edwards, Exploiter Of The Poor

"As a presidential candidate, Democrat John Edwards has regularly attacked
subprime lenders, particularly those that have filed foreclosure suits against
victims of Hurricane Katrina. But as an investor, Mr. Edwards has ties to
lenders foreclosing on Katrina victims. The Wall Street Journal has identified
34 New Orleans homes whose owners have faced foreclosure suits from
subprime-lending units of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Mr. Edwards has about
$16 million invested in Fortress funds, according to a campaign aide who
confirmed a more general Federal Election Commission report. Mr. Edwards worked
for Fortress, a publicly held private-equity fund, from late 2005 through 2006."

A couple years ago I talked to someone about one of these subprime loans. I had thoughts of buying a house, a place to live. I knew that my income wasn't going to change drastically over next couple years though, and with payments that would be equal to what I was paying for rent, that didn't give me many options. The sales person told me about low introductory interest rates, and while that would work for the time being, it clearly wasn't going to address the question of how I would make those payments once the interest rates increased.

The story above is told to illustrate a point. The banks and other institutions that were offering this subprime loans to home buyers were irresponsible, and they will lose a lot of money for their mistakes. The people who took out the loans have no one to blame but themselves though. There was no point at which they were forced to sign these loans, they signed them of their own free will. It could be that they signed them with reckless regard for the long term effects of the loan, or maybe there was a lack of self education about the loans. In either case, they need to understand that they over extended their resources, and they should lose their houses.

I know it is harsh, but it is fair. I know they don't want to lose their homes, but I would like a home myself. Sometimes in life failure to allow people to be punished for their mistakes, is to reward them for those mistakes.

Maliki Tries Statesmanship

Captain's Quarters: Maliki Tries Statesmanship

"With the U.S. Congressional majority increasingly antsy to get out of
Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki's bold incursion into Tikrit — a city once pampered by
Saddam, its favorite son — underlined the prime minister's determination to save
his paralyzed government from collapse and prevent further disillusionment in
Washington. The sharp alteration of political course — a willingness to travel
to the belly of the Sunni beast and talk with former enemies — suggested a new
flexibility from the hardline religious Shiite. 'There is more uniting us than
dividing us,' he told sheiks in Tikrit, 80 miles north of Baghdad. 'We do not
want to allow al-Qaeda and the militias to exist for our coming generations.
Fighting terrorism gives us a way to unite.'"

This is a bold first step, and if it is followed by similarly bold steps by Maliki and Sunni leaders, a solution to the crisis may yet be found. I was disheartened by attacks yesterday, maybe in the aftermath of those attacks came awareness though. Violent solutions that are brought by the Americans are not going to work, but failure is the result of the violence of sectarian conflicts as well. The only people who gain from the violence is the terrorists in Iraq. Maliki sounds like he has honest concerns, and understanding about the kind of state they will create for their children. This is a brave step, the kind of step that the father of a nation takes.

Fed cuts discount rate - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Fed cuts discount rate - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"Fourth - and not like they listen to me anyway - but unless there is a serious
slowdown in the economy, the Fed should not lower interest rates right now. That
would simply bail-out a lot of people who got us into this mess. And frankly,
they need for the market to hand them their hat (as it were). Sometimes the only
way to learn a lesson is to swallow the bitter pill called 'responsibility.'
Lowering rates just isn't the answer."

I tend to agree with this statement. It was cheap money that got this problem started. It could be said that people got addicted to that cheap money. When the cheap money vanished, all those dependant on it started to go through withdrawals. If you are treating a drug addict, the fastest and easiest way to treat withdrawals is to give them the drug they are withdrawing from. It does nothing to address their addiction though. Lowering interest rates is not going to address the over reliance on cheap money, it will just postpone the problem. If interest rates are not increased, it can lead to inflation and lower amount of savings. Raise the interest rates and allow those companies and people that over extended themselves to suffer from their mistakes - that is what capitalism is all about.

Cheney tries (unsuccessfully) to shrug off 1994 remarks about Iraq - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Cheney tries (unsuccessfully) to shrug off 1994 remarks about Iraq - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"CHENEY: I don't, Tim. It was–and it's been talked about since then. But the
fact of the matter is, the only way you could have done that would be to go to
Baghdad and occupy Iraq. If we'd done that, the U.S. would have been all alone.
We would not have had the support of the coalition, especially of the Arab
nations that fought alongside us in Kuwait. None of them ever set foot inside
Iraq. Conversations I had with leaders in the region afterwards -- they all
supported the decision that was made not to go to Baghdad. They were concerned
that we not get into a position where we shifted instead of being the leader of
an international coalition to roll back Iraqi aggression to one in which we were
an imperialist power, willy-nilly moving into capitals in that part of the world
taking down governments. So I think we got it right, so suppose it's one of
those things that'll be debated for some time. But I thought the decision was
sound at the time, and I do today. [Meet the Press, 8/27/00]"

First of all I want to be clear that there is the possibility that this information is being leaked to the press, or rather the press is being led, by someone close to the vice president. If the statements are true, and that is how he honestly felt when he made the statements, maybe this really is Bush's war. Have you ever had a friend, that wanted to do something stupid - and you couldn't talk them out of it. In the end you work with your friend and help them, knowing you can't stop it, you hope you can limit the damage. Could it be that Cheney was in the position that he couldn't stop the war, so he got involved to attempt to make the war go right. Of course this goes against the image of Cheney as the hawk in the administration.

The only thing we know about Cheney, is that we don't know that much about Cheney.

Rick Scarborough: what's next - bestiality, crossdressing debates? - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Rick Scarborough: what's next - bestiality, crossdressing debates? - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"This week every single Democrat candidate participated in a first ever
homosexual sponsored debate carried live on a homosexual television network.
...So far this political season we have had Frosty the Snowman asking questions
over YouTube and now the 'Gay Debates' to see just which candidate is willing to
grant the most favor to a lifestyle which historical Christianity calls sinful.
What's next? The Cross Dresser Debates? Or perhaps the NAMBLA (North American
Man/Boy Lovers Association) Debates? Or here's one for the ages -- The
Bestiality Debates. Not possible? That's what I thought about our leaders
attending a debate sponsored by homosexuals twenty years ago."

What are humyn beings? Are they creatures that form relationships as expressions of love and affection. Do they create societies to assist them in their pursuit of happiness. Is the natural state of humyns to be good, decent and driven by deep emotions. Or are they craven beings that form relationships as a form of control. Are societies the bound together to form systems to keep people from following their naturally vulgar pursuits. Is the natural state of man, to be bestial, deprived beings that are purely driven by selfish lust?

What am I getting at you might wonder? Well if you believe the first, then gay relationships are another form of the expression of love between two people. Such relationships are based on many things, but most of all respect. There can only be respect between two equal beings, thus children cannot have bonds of this nature with adults - straight or gay. If you believe the second, then you believe that marriage is the only thing that keeps the beast of humynity from self destruction, and destruction of society. Gay relationships are a breech in that protection, a reversion to the primal lust that you believe drives humynity.

I see people are being good, and any healthy respectful relationship between consenting adults to be an expression of love.

Beijing 2008: Gold Medal for Hacking and Coughing | Air America Radio

Beijing 2008: Gold Medal for Hacking and Coughing Air America Radio:

"The World Health Organization’s Dr. Michal Krzyzanowski told the BBC that due
to the cities in China’s poor air quality, people attending the 2008 Olympic
Games could face serious health problems, such as severe asthma attacks. Dr.
Michal Krzyzanowski told the BBC that “All of the cities are pretty highly
polluted by European standards, but even by the standards of Asia, Chinese
cities are pretty highly polluted. The main problem in Chinese cities is air
pollution, small particles which are suspended in the air and penetrate deep
into the lungs.”"

If China is not going to face the bad publicity of athletes either passing out from the pollution or being unable to compete due to sickness, it is going to have to take strong measures. It has been testing the effect of taking hundreds of thousands of cars off the road. During the games a similar ban may be put into effect to clear the air.

Rudy: Leave My Kids Alone. For instance, my daughter, who likes Obama | Air America Radio

Rudy: Leave My Kids Alone. For instance, my daughter, who likes Obama Air America Radio:

"Republican presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani
has asked people to leave his children out of the presidential debate. His
children, who have not shown any support to their father during his campaign,
have so far hunted Giuliani on many of his campaign stops. Yesterday, in New
Hampshire, Giuliani responded to a question about his children’s lack of support
by saying “I love my family very, very much and will do anything for them. There
are complexities in every family in America. The best thing I can say is kind
of, ‘leave my family alone, just like I’ll leave your family alone. ”"

I have to say that he has a solid point here, unless there are claims that he has abused his children, something that would effect how he would be as a leader. Having a bad relationship with your children does not mean that you are going to be a bad president. Families have problems, and much of the problems are more about personalities than good or bad characters.

Accident at Mine Rescue Site Kills 3, Injures 6 | Air America Radio

Accident at Mine Rescue Site Kills 3, Injures 6 Air America Radio:

"Last night, during efforts to rescue mine workers from the Crandall Canyon
Mine, a seismic jolt occurred, which took the lives of three rescue workers and
injured 6 others."

This is really turning from a tragedy into a catastrophe. The rescue efforts continue, as the days pass that the miners have been stuck underground. Earlier today hope was revived when spaces of air and water were found in the tunnel. The spaces were found via a hole that has been drilled with the top, with a camera and mic lowered into it. An unidentified sound was also heard. The crew has been down there more than a week, even with water and air they would be in bad shape.

Who Is.... United States Democratic presidential candidates, 2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

United States Democratic presidential candidates, 2008 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Dennis Kucinich, born October 8, 1946, in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio Congressman, former Mayor of Cleveland, and 2004 Democratic primary candidate. Dennis Kucinich is known by many as 'The Peace Candidate', having received the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award. Kucinich opposed the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act. Under Kucinich's plan, United Nations peace-keepers would go to Iraq if the Iraqi citizens desire their presence. The Congressman re-introduced legislation to create a United States Department of Peace via HR 808 on February 5, 2007. He is currently campaigning to end the war in Iraq by cutting off funding, if such measures are necessary. He is the only democratic candidate who voted against authorizing President Bush to invade Iraq. He is in support of peaceful diplomatic relations with Iran, and all nations. Kucinich has received many awards praising his courage and work for peace.On December 12, 2006, Kucinich announced his candidacy at an event at Cleveland's City Hall."


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