Thursday, March 22, 2007


News Corp., NBC video deal leads Internet action
News Corp. and NBC link up to challenge Google's YouTube
ING reportedly hires advisers to find banking deals
Deal struck to deregulate transatlantic air travel
Dollar comes off two-year low as traders reassess Fed statement
'Open skies' pact seen as possible catalyst for airline mergers
Weak forecast pressures Barnes & Noble shares
As farmers opt for corn, cotton will climb
Oil stocks extend gains as crude barrels past $61
Light bulbs, cars, tax advice and ... subprime mortgages
Subprime mortgage crisis may leave few independent players
Did Bernanke change policy, or flub his communication?
Dollar slumps to 2-year euro low as Fed drops tightening bias
Google, eBay, GSIC lead Net stocks higher
FedEx profit falls as economy slows
Even with slowing growth, YouTube remains No. 1 video site
Top 5 political video Web sites
Starbucks Chairman Schultz backs growth plan, addresses memo
Fremont sells $4 billion in subprime loans
Starbucks signs Paul McCartney as record label debut artist
No more easy mortgage money as lenders tighten standards
Many Americans say middle class faces impossible savings task
Senate Democrats seek to add tax cuts to budget plan

Yahoo! Names Click-Fraud Czar Ratings: Top 10 Mid-Cap Stocks
10 Reasons You Aren't Rich
Gold Gets Post-Fed Lift
Google's Still on Top
KB Home Warns of Wobbly Market
H-P Buys Web-Printing Firm

The Worst Stocks in Our World
You're Going Down, GooTube
The 10 Best Places to Invest
More Soul-Searching at Starbucks
Quick Take: Google Dragged Toward Honesty
Will You Work Forever?
Protect Yourself Against Financial Wipeouts
Imagine No Prices; It's Easy If You Try

Yahoo taps click fraud watchdog
Wal-Mart workers get new bonus plan
Best Jobs in America - Top 80 picks
Rivals take on Google's YouTube
America's most dangerous states
Dirt cheap broadband grabs market share
Cell phones on a plane may not fly
Top 10 greenest companies
CSI: Subprime
Even a caveman knows ads should sell a product
Subprime: Most vulnerable markets
World's 11 coolest new products
McCartney a Starbucks star
Ford recalls 37,000 Super Duty trucks
Top 10: Fastest-growing counties

War in Iraq out lasted predictions...

California Faculty Association votes overwhelm...

California Faculty Association votes overwhelm...
Times-Standard Online - Union: CSU has $1.2B reserve

Teachers in the CSU system have voted to go on strike, what does that mean for the students?

First of all there is another meeting on Sunday, in which a settlement could be reached. The vote was not a vote for a strike but a vote to approve a strike motion.

If there is a strike, the strike would not shut down any of the CSU campuses. The agreement on both sides of this has been that the student's education is important. The form the strike will take will be what is being called, rolling strikes. Under this concept, each campus would strike for two days at a time. This could be disruptive to classes, but classes will continue. Teachers have talked about having classes in another location on those days, or in some cases where it can be done, to have class over the internet.

This is going to be an interesting debate, as many schools are operating with budget problems, and there has been talk of making cuts. Teachers are going to have to find a way to show that the CSU system can afford to pay them more. In doing so, the financial workings of the system will be exposed, and we may see some real data about the financial well being of the system come out. An example of this is the report by the union that the CSU system has a cash reserve of $1.2 billion. The administration was quick to defend itself claiming that these funds are not available for salaries, but are set aside for securing debt, and construction costs.

It would appear on Monday that the course of action should be clear on if the strike will take place.


I am - Kim Kadashian Sex Tape of the Day (Jesus Martinez/DrunkenStepfather)
Gisele Denies Pregnancy (Noelle Hancock/Us Weekly)
Britney Spears - No More Promises (
Incredible Scarlett Johansson Side Boob Video (Phil/Egotastic!)
Nicole Richie Diagnosed with Hypoglycemia (Kelly/Extra)
Mel C Rules Out Spice Girls Reunion - For Now (Carolina Escalera/
Lindsay Lohan Finds God? (Zen Pap/ ...)
Britney Tricks Paparazzi as She Quietly Leaves Rehab (Extra)
Winona Ryder is Back, and So is Her Cleavage (Phil/Egotastic!)

DNA is a D-O-N-E Deal

Paris Hilton Models 2 B Free Clothes on The Runway
Nicole Richie Collapses Again on The Set of The Simple Life
Britney Spears 'Scared Of Bankruptcy'

Katie, Posh, David Sick of Tom's Controlling Nature
Dina Lohan Lives The (Misunderstood) American Dream
Mary-Kate Realizes White Hair Best Left To Polar Bears
Is Pete Bad News For Ashlee?
Natalie Cheers on Knicks, We Cheer on Natalie
LL's Puppy Rehab Not Going As Well As Planned
Angelina Leaves Vietnam to Start Family Bonding
Scarlett's Sexy Lips Are Sealed
LL Can't Put Down Her Crackberry
Gisele's Not Pregnant, Nor Will She Be Anytime Soon

DNA-Tested Larry Birkhead Confident His Chromosomes Will Do The Babydaddy Talking
Lack Of Thumb Dead Giveaway That Paris Hilton Isn't Servicing Cee-Lo In Photograph, Says Flack
American Idol's Crying Girl: In Her Own Words
Angelina Jolie AdoptionTracker: Mission Accomplished

Bad Buzzword Alert: 'Downshifting'
New Conde Not-Blogs To Fight Uphill Battle
James Frey Settlement Website Imminent
What Is Up With: Amy Winehouse
Dina Lohan Is The Coolest Mom!
'Us' Tells The Other Celeb Mags To Bring It
Jo Piazza Leaves 'Daily News,' Celebrates With 'Cocktail'
Gossip Roundup: Angelina Jolie Applauds Pax's Courage

Lindsay Lohan's Mother is in Love With Herself
Rumer Willis Likes to Party

McCartney a Starbucks star

Jesse Metcalfe checks into rehab
Nicole Richie has low blood sugar

Impeach Bush...

Lawyer Scandal


Celebrity Dirt Short -- K-Fed's B-Day Cancelled!

Debunking myths about the

Ep. 1 Meet The Cast~~ Diary: The Rock Version

Ma Lohan

FERGIE can SPELL Glamorous! Trump can SHUT THE BUCK UP!

Heather Mills Leg Falls Off While Dancing With the Stars!!!

Heather Mills



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