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George Clooney’s Four Month Affair With A Lapdancer

I’m Not Obsessed: George Clooney’s Four Month Affair With A Lapdancer

"Sarah Talley is claiming she secretly dated George Clooney for over four
months after they met in the Vegas bar where she lap dances. Typically, I would
laugh off a report like this. But she actually only has kind things to say about
him and makes no mention of an unwanted pregnancy. So who knows? George has to
get his groove on too you know. Here she talks about when they first met:"

That sounds like one lucky lap dancer, if this story is true.

Robot Chicken Star Wars

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Kim Kardashian Talks Trash on Whitney Houston

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Kim Kardashian Talks Trash on Whitney Houston:

"I guess the sex tape was not enough for Kim Kardashian. She is now involved in
another scandal with Ray J, but this time Whitney Houston is in the mix. The
Post Chronicle reports, Kardashian left “fiery messages on ex-boyfriend Ray J’s
voicemail about his new love Whitney Houston.” A hacker has apparently gone into
Ray J's voicemail and stolen the messages. Now, everyone will be able to hear
them in a new song. "

I don't think picking a fight with Houston is a good idea for Kim. I hope this turns out to be false.

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Kim Kardashian is Dating Diana Ross' Son

Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog: Kim Kardashian is Dating Diana Ross' Son:

"Reportedly, she was with Evan Ross at Les Deux this weekend and onlookers said
'it was definitely a date.' Evan is the son of Diana Ross, and he's EIGHT years
younger than her. Ordinarily eight years would not be a big deal, but Kim is
only 27, which puts little Evan at 19 years old. Kim, you're cutting it kind of
close aren't you?"

Wait I thought she was dating some Bush guy - no not the President or his brother.

Julia Roberts Gave Birth

A Socialite's Life: Julia Roberts Gave Birth

"Julia Roberts has welcomed her third child, a boy named Henry Daniel Moder. "

Congrats Julia

The Olsen Twins Have A Lot Of Nerve

A Socialite's Life: The Olsen Twins Have A Lot Of Nerve

"That was the figure we hear they put on photographs from their lavish
21st birthday party, which they celebrated on the weekend in Los Angeles. (They
actually hit the age of majority last Wednesday.) 'They are selling them through photo agency JPI,' says an insider."

While some sites are saying that the Olsen's should not be charging so much for photos of themselves. I would ask why they should not be entitled to earn money of their pictures - everyone else can.

Paris Hilton Enjoys Popularity in Prison

A Socialite's Life: Paris Hilton Enjoys Popularity in Prison

"'The whole facility is benefiting from her -- we all thank her,' said
Lopez. 'She's the talk of the jail -- I'd call her the top dog. People are
getting fed more and inmates like me are being let out sooner because they don't
want people around her.'"

I think this could help explain why the jail wanted to send her home. I have said it over and over again, having Hilton there means that she has lawyers that are going to be defending her rights. Defending her rights in ways that everyone rights should be, but they normally aren't.

Democracy Now Headlines. Friday, June 15, 2007

Democracy Now Headlines. Monday, June 18, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Limbaugh) - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Limbaugh) - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"I'd heard about this this morning - a memo that the Obama people were
shopping around to the press - but didn't get the full story, or the full flavor
of the story, until just a few minutes ago. I thought Obama was simply going
after Hillary for supporting outsourcing of jobs, or for Hillary being supported
by people who are in favor of outsourcing. And sure enough, the Obama memo talks
a good deal about outsourcing, though in ways that do seem to skirt the line of
racism or at least xenophobia (calling her 'HILLARY CLINTON (D-PUNJAB)') and
noting that 'Hillary Clinton Accepted Almost $60,000 In Contributions From
Employees Of Cisco Systems, Which Laid Off American Workers to Hire Indian
'Techies.'' (I was a bit uncomfortable with the use of the word 'Indian' over
and over and over again in the memo.) But I still wasn't sure that we had moved
from outsourcing to racism until we hit the paragraph about all the money and
support that Hillary has received from 'Indian-Americans.' Sure, the rest of the
memo deals with how one of Hillary's top Indian-American supporters is allegedly
a bit shady, and that's fair game, but the memo is about more than that. The
memo is clearly trying to make the point that Hillary gets lots and lots of
support from Indian-Americans, and apparently there's some kind of problem with
that. I guess because their kin back home are stealing all of our good white
jobs. (No word on whether they're sleeping with our women too.)"

Globalism should not and cannot be understood as a struggle between Americans and Indians/Mexicans/Chinesse over jobs. While there are some jobs that are lost as they move over seas, by giving jobs with real money earning potential, creates American jobs by creating a market for American goods and services. Labor is not a zero sum game, where every gain made in India is a loss for Americans, that is just not the case. I have had my reservations about Obama for a while, but this pretty much seals up the fact that I will not be voting for him.

Randi Rhodes: Chris Matthews at work to dumb us down

Jennifer loves water

Immigration Bill Headed Back to Floor | Air America Radio

Immigration Bill Headed Back to Floor Air America Radio:

"Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced
that the Senate will again take up the immigration reform bill once the body
finishes consideration of the energy bill. Under the bipartisan agreement, the
Senate will consider 22 additional amendments to the bill, split evenly between
Democratic and Republican sponsors. "

This bill should be brought back to the floor, it should be worked on and it should pass. I still doubt that there will be a compromise between the two sides on this issue. We just cannot go on with the system as it is, without making some real changes and starting to address what to do about the millions of people who are in this country illegally.

Bill Moyers Journal: Andy Stern Interview

Sneak Preview: Bush's Sept Talking Points

1st rockets since last year's war hit Israel's north - Focus on Israel/Palestinians -

1st rockets since last year's war hit Israel's north - Focus on Israel/Palestinians -

"Sunday's attack raised the possibility of an Israeli reprisal raid and a new
flare-up between the two countries. It came as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was
arriving in the United States for talks. In New York, an official with Olmert
said the prime minister was briefed about the incident. 'Israel will not succumb
to this provocation but will monitor the situation carefully,' the official
said, requesting anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation,
indicating that Israel would not hit back."

The whole region seems to be on the brink of falling into chaos. The conflict inside Lebanon, the conflict inside the West Bank and Gaza Iraq the growing tensions with Iran, and the brewing conflict between the Turks and the Kurds along their shared border. I don't know what hope for peace there is in the region, and how bad things are going to have to get before they get better. - Mike Nifong Disbarred Over Ethics Violations in Duke Lacrosse Case - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - Mike Nifong Disbarred Over Ethics Violations in Duke Lacrosse Case - Local News News Articles National News US News:

"RALEIGH, N.C. — District Attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred Saturday for
his 'selfish' rape prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players — a
politically motivated act, his judges said, that he inexplicably allowed to
fester for months after it was clear the defendants were innocent."

I think this guy could write a book on how not to prosecute a rape case. You start with a line up that makes it impossible for the accuser to pick out a suspect that could not have been involved. Follow up by withholding evidence from the defense that clears the suspects and end it all with trying to pin it on a suspect that is on an ATM camera at the time the attack is said to have taken place. Do this all on the word of a person who keeps changing her story.

ABC News: Palestinian PM Outlaws Hamas Militias

ABC News: Palestinian PM Outlaws Hamas Militias:

"The hurried swearing-in ceremony of the new Cabinet left the Palestinians
effectively with two governments the Hamas leadership in Gaza and the new
Cabinet in the West Bank led by respected economist Salam Fayyad.
issued decrees Sunday annulling a law requiring the new government to be
approved by parliament, which is dominated by Hamas, and outlawing the Islamic
group's militias."

This is probably a move that should have been taken a long time ago. The leadership of Hamas has no desire for peace with Israel, short of the peace of Israels destruction. You cannot bargain, and you cannot compromise with a group that is set on your demise. The interests of the Palestinian people as I have said many times, lies in peace. A peaceful strong relationship with its neighbor Israel is the only way that their lives are going to emerge from the poverty they are locked in now.

In taking this step Abbas is in danger of making the conflict between his group and Hamas, that much worse. However if this means the end of Hamas as a force for agitation in Gaza and the West Bank, in the end it will be the right choice. International groups, the US and Israel have already agreed to assist the new government with aid.

The small emergency Cabinet is dominated by independents, including human
rights activists and business people. Only one, Interior Minister Abdel Razak
Yehiyeh, is a member of Abbas' Fatah movement.

It is encouraging that Abbas did not fill the new cabinet with his own people but reached out to independents. I think it shows that he is honestly concerned with what is best for the people.

Moore says he didn't interview GM head - Yahoo! News

Moore says he didn't interview GM head - Yahoo! News:

"'I'm so used to listening to the stuff people say about me, it just
becomes entertainment for me at this point,' Moore said. 'It's a fictional
character that's been created with the name of Michael Moore.'"

This is an interesting thing to say, a fictional character named Michael Moore. You see that is how I feel about him to, except unlike Moore I put the creation of this fiction on his own door step. Though it may be true that some others have shaded in the edges a little.

Best Night Ever

Ocean's 13 - Ellen Barkin


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