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Buzz Report: Google exposes your front yard!

Rupert Murdoch Closes in on The Wall Street Journal

Trading Rosie for Roseanne? | TV Crunch

Trading Rosie for Roseanne? TV Crunch:

"With Rosie O’Donnell’s departure from “The View”, everyone wants to know who
will replace her. One of the big names under consideration is Roseanne Barr.
Now THAT is what I’m talking about. I would LOVE to see Roseanne on that

I agree, they need someone that has the same energy as Rosie on the show to replace her. I think that another comedian would fit the bill well. I don't know about where Roseanne stands on the issues, but I am sure that we will find out if she takes the job. I will keep my eye on this and pass along any news.

Democracy Now Headlines, Fri. June 1, 2007

Thanks for the Memories, Cindy

Thanks for the Memories, Cindy

Posted Yesterday

America's foremost expert on having a dead son has decided to leave the anti-war movement. Goodbye, Cindy!

Daily Kos: Obama, Selma, and Conflict

Daily Kos: Obama, Selma, and Conflict:

"Barack amazes me in this: he gives these policy wonk answers that I love
because they respect the complexity of the question and show a great
understanding of the systemic problems policy has to address. But what freaks me
out is that the crowd goes rock star crazy for these wonky answers. It's as if I
walked into a frat house and people were doing keg-stands to C-Span. I mean, I'm
really excited that they're watching C-Span and all -- but can this really be
happening? And can it last? And what am I missing? "

This is something that I wonder about. How much of the movement behind Obama because of who he is and not what he is saying. I am not saying that his message isn't good, I wonder how much his followers are listening to the message. You could say that it doesn't matter for him as long as they vote for him, but I think it works against him and they system.

It works against him because as the race gets tougher, his supporters may drift to other candidates. This could happen because they listen to what they are saying with a more critical ear, and thus absorb the message better. The second fear is the assumption of victory, the assumption that a candidate is doing well in the polls can cause people to be more relaxed about supporting that candidate.

I think it harms the system because as I have said before America isn't ready for a black president. It is ready for a president who is black. It isn't ready for a womyn president, but a president who is a womyn. If the image overcomes the message, Washington is just a few steps away from Hollywood.

NOW on the News | Cindy Sheehan Interview | PBS

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Listening to History | PBS

Paula Abdul Video

ANCHOR CHAIR STILL FIT FOR MEN By CINDY ADAMS - Cindy Adams | Celeb Gossip | Cindy Adams Gossip

ANCHOR CHAIR STILL FIT FOR MEN By CINDY ADAMS - Cindy Adams Celeb Gossip Cindy Adams Gossip:

"Her perkiness remains in memory even when disguised in those first outings to
the degree that diabetics could only watch at their own risk. Her perkiness was
what America loved. It's what brought her to the party. It's what nobody else
has. It's why she was a morning TV magnet. Tamping that down to dredge up
gravitas was like shoving Pamela Anderson into a sports bra. "

This is part of what I have been saying. This is something that works great in the morning, but doesn't work for the evening news. I have said before that it was an issue of male viewers and female viewers, but it may also be a case of timing, and what people expect at different times of the day.

I’m Not Obsessed

I’m Not Obsessed: Paula Abdul Is Pissed That Her Meltdown Was Leaked

"“I am deeply hurt and extremely disappointed that someone has taken a private
telephone conversation that I had with my representatives and released it to the
media. This is not only illegal but also highly unethical. While I don’t feel a
need to justify or explain my conversation, even as a public figure I do feel my
privacy has been violated and find this action to be unacceptable.”"

And she has the right to be, what a betrayal to take something that is so personal and release it to the media. Privacy may be dead in this country, but should there be no respect for others and their feelings?

Captain's Quarters

Captain's Quarters: Why Aren't We Arguing For Liberty?

"Well, he's done it. Hugo Chavez was already systematically silencing criticism
of his autocratic rule through threats and intimidation. Journalists have been
threatened, beaten and even killed. Now he's shut down the last opposition
television networks in Venezuela and arrested nearly 200 protesters – mostly
students. It’s a monumental tragedy and the Venezuelan people will pay the price
for decades to come. Americans are also at risk as he funds anti-American
candidates and radicals all over Latin America.
It’s equally tragic that the
U.S. is in no position to provide the victims of this emerging dictator with the
truth. There was a time, though, when Americans were on the front lines of
pro-freedom movements all over the world. I'm talking about the “surrogate”
broadcast network that included Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, often
called 'the Radios.' ...
The Radios were not some bland public relations
effort, attracting audiences only with American pop music. They engaged the
intellectual and influential populations behind the Iron Curtain with accurate
news and smart programming about freedom and democracy. They had sources and
networks within those countries that sometimes outperformed the CIA. When Soviet
hardliners and reformers were facing off, and crowds and tanks were on the
streets of Moscow and Bucharest, the radios were sending real-time information
to the people, including the military, and reminding them of what was at stake.
Then we won the Cold War. The USSR collapsed in 1991, and America relaxed.
Military downsizing began and the Radios began to reduce broadcast air time to
target countries."

This is a good point, not only in South America, but more importantly across the muslim world. Spreading what America stands for, and the ideas we stand for across the world spreads understanding. The terrorists that hate America are spreading their messages about hate, that America is an evil place. If this is the only message that they get, this is the message that they will believe. We should be giving them the message that America is a good place founded on freedom and respect for people. It shouldn't whitewash the mistakes that have been made by our country, I think dealing with them honestly will show the world how much we respect what we stand for.

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: TB Patient: 'I Really Believed I Wasn't Putting People at Risk'

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: TB Patient: 'I Really Believed I Wasn't Putting People at Risk':

"Speaker said after the CDC called him in Rome and told him to cancel his
commercial fight plans, it didn't offer him any help. Speaker says it would have
cost $100,000 to fly back on a noncommercial airline. In effect, he said, the
CDC was walking away from him and his chance for treatment at the TB facility in
'Before I left, it was made clear to me in order to fight this I had
one shot and that was here,' he said about his chances for survival. 'I had one
shot at this and if I didn't get right treatment, CDC sends testing out here, so
they can pick the right drugs to mix, and if I was somewhere where they got it
wrong, that was it, they blew my last shot.' "

It sounds to me like something is missing from his story. Did the CDC really leave him with no other options to come back to the states? From my perspective this sounds like one of those stories that someone tells you, and you feel so bad for them. However later you talk to someone else, they tell you the same story and it is similar, but different enough that you understand that there was other options. We have a military base in Germany, why not contact them about getting transport back to the US.

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » SIMI-LEBRITIES: TB Guy Looks Oddly Familiar

Best Week Ever » Blog Archive » SIMI-LEBRITIES: TB Guy Looks Oddly Familiar:

"Our first though: OH NO! Jim Halpert has TB!!!!
Our second thought? Holy
sh*t, and he’s scoring with Paris Hilton. "

If Paris gets the TB, half of Hollywood would be contaminated in a couple hours.

Paula Abdul Cry-Gate

This is funny

Someone didn't win the spelling bee...

Who is scarier part two...

TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime:

"Hollywood actor/former lobbyist/current Beltway heartthrob and, former
ineffectual Senator Fred Thompson condones perjury, obstruction of justice and
hypocrisy. First, his defense of a convicted perjurer and obstructor of justice:

I have called for a pardon for Scooter Libby. When you rectify an injustice
using the provisions of the law, just as when you reverse an erroneous court
decision, you are not disregarding the rule of law, you are enforcing and
protecting it.

Free a convicted perjurer and obstructor of justice! No
justice! No peace! Who knew Holly-Fred was a dirty, effing hippie? Must be those
Holly-Fred values."

As Thompson gets ready to run for the White House, concern is being put forth about his statements regarding the perjury trial of Scooter Libby. While it could be a grasping at straws by operatives on the left, it does raise questions about his views on the matter. He has just entered the race, I imagine that in the coming weeks we will see more of his record coming out.


ArchPundit: The Assault on Parody

"WASHINGTON - The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep
meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease.
The U.S.
Department of Agriculture tests less than 1 percent of slaughtered cows for the
disease, which can be fatal to humans who eat tainted beef. But Arkansas
City-based Creekstone Farms Premium Beef wants to test all of its cows.
Larger meat companies feared that move because, if Creekstone tested its
meat and advertised it as safe, they might have to perform the expensive test,
A federal judge ruled in March that such tests must be allowed. The
ruling was to take effect Friday, but the Agriculture Department said Tuesday it
would appeal — effectively delaying the testing until the court challenge plays
Mad cow disease is linked to more than 150 human deaths worldwide,
mostly in Britain.
There have been three cases of mad cow disease identified
in cattle in the U.S. The first, in December 2003 in Washington state, was in a
cow that had been imported from Canada. The second, in 2005, was in a Texas-born
cow. The third was confirmed last year in an Alabama cow.
The Agriculture
Department argued that widespread testing could lead to a false positive that
would harm the meat industry. U.S. District Judge James Robertson noted that
Creekstone sought to use the same test the government relies on and said the
government didn’t have the authority to restrict it."

One more reason not to eat meat if you ask me. Honestly though this is a sad story, the argument that they put up to support themselves is so weak it can't even be taken seriously.

lgf: aggressive tentacles penetrating nearly every nation on earth

lgf: aggressive tentacles penetrating nearly every nation on earth:

"I’d like to thank Charles Johnson for giving me an opportunity to talk to
his readers at Little Green Footballs about Israel.
I strongly support the wall that the Israelis have built, which has greatly reduced terrorist attacks — and believe that it’s very important for the United States to help Israel improve its missile defense in order to prevent the sort of attacks that country suffered during its war with Hezbollah last year. Incidentally, I’ve been encouraging Israel to build up her missile defense since back in 1987 as well as supporting the funding of joint missile defense technology programs such as the
Arrow program.

Additionally, while the United States should do what it can to resolve the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, it’s simply not possible for the Israelis to make peace with people who refuse to recognize their existence, kidnap their soldiers, and blow themselves up in crowds of Israeli civilians. So, until the Palestinians renounce terrorism and stop their attacks on the Israeli people, peace will be out of reach. Let me also add that I’ve been to Israel, have seen the importance of regions like the Golan Heights to their security, and believe that Israel should not be asked to give up any more land in order to make peace with the Palestinians.
I consider Israel to be America’s best ally in the Middle East and strongly support Israel’s survival as a free nation. So, if I become President of the United States, people who care about the fate of Israel can feel confident that they’ll have a friend in Duncan Hunter."

I myself don't know much about Duncan Hunter, this is a release that was sent to . It talks about his views on the state of Israel.

Who is scarier part one...

The Spin Zone

Hugh Hewitt: Can Any Immigration Bill Be Saved?

"Another day of interviews and calls, and my overwhelming sense is that the
immigration bill as drafted is as dead as dead can be. The president's speech on
Tuesday had the effect of throwing gas on the flames, and the anger has
multiplied, and it isn't nativist in the least.
Could the bill be saved?
Only if the Republican leadership comes back with a package of amendments which
it announces beforehand and insists be voted on serially and all of which must
be adopted if cloture is to be invoked on the final amended version. The choice
before the Democrats is whether they will accept genuine enforcement (the whole
fence first, big hikes in federal law enforcement beyond the Border Patrol, a
burden of proof requirement on non-Spanish speaking immigrants from countries
with jihadist networks and perhaps even for gang-age Spanish speakers etc.) What
happened over the past ten days was a huge shift against the bill so that the
amendment package must be real reform of the reform or the dead end will be
reached. John McCain knew what he was doing when he demanded a jam down --the
bill has lost support with every day of scrutiny."

As a nation I think we stand a long way from an agreement on what we want and expect from immigration. There are people who are afraid of the lose of the American culture, you might call them racists, and some of them might be, but some are just afriad of the unknown. There are people who don't want to see masses of spanish speaking people coming across the border because they fear that what is American, will never be the same. They are right, every new group changes who America is, until now most of the new groups have come from Europe, and even then they were feared.

There are also those who want the workers to be able to work, and then send them home. I think for them the fear is that a flood of low skilled workers coming into America will take away the jobs of Americans. There are a couple points to be made about this. When more people come into a community, it is true that they enter the job market as competitors. What people seem to miss is that they also enter the community in the form of shoppers going to the stores and buying houses. They don't only take jobs, they create jobs as they shop and live.

There is an honest concern for the people who are coming here. When you make it criminal to cross borders, only criminals cross borders. Many of the people who come across the desert face hardships from nature. On top of that they are being used by trafficers to make money, and the migrants have often been harmed by the people they trusted to bring them here. They will abandon them in the middle of the desert alone, steal from them and kill them if it suits their needs. It isn't fair to make people have to engage in this just to do what all of our families did.

Terror is a concern, how do we allow those into the country who are hard workers and want to build up the community and block those who would harm us. The problem is harder when you take into consideration that many of these people come from countries with little of a record keeping system. They may not have the paper work that is standard amond Americans. Is it fair to block someone from entering the country just because they came from a poor village with no hospital. On the other hand these are people who could be hiding who they are. There have been reports of migrants from the middle east using embasies in arab countries to gain access to Latin America and then coming north to the US.

There is even an enviromental issue to be considered. It isn't often talked about but if there were a fence that was built from the gulf to the ocean along the border a number of migratory animals (the nonhumyn kind), would face difficulties. As humyns we forget that there are other animals that live on this planet and we should think about them when we take actions.

This bill is dead, to be honest I didn't like it so I am glad. I have little faith that the nation can find the balance that is dearly needed to bring peace to this issue.

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: TB Patient Speaks Out; Asks Forgiveness

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: TB Patient Speaks Out; Asks Forgiveness:

"Andrew Speaker has asked for forgiveness from the airline passengers he
exposed to a rare strain of tuberculosis, and told ABC's Diane Sawyer in an
exclusive interview that he has a tape recording of a meeting with health
officials that he claims will confirm his view that it was all right to travel
in his condition.

Sen. John McCain On The O'Reilly Factor

Courtney Love & Linda Perry

Report: Bancrofts to meet with News Corp. on Dow Jones bid - May. 31, 2007

Report: Bancrofts to meet with News Corp. on Dow Jones bid - May. 31, 2007:

"NEW YORK ( -- The Bancroft family, which has a controlling
interest in the parent company of The Wall Street Journal, said it would meet
with News Corp. to discuss its $5 billion buyout offer for Dow Jones, the
paper's online site reported Thursday.
Citing a statement issued by the
Bancroft family, the Journal reported that the family plans to meet with News
Corp. (Charts, Fortune 500) to see if 'it will be possible to ensure the level
of commitment to editorial independence, integrity and journalistic freedom that
is the hallmark of Dow Jones.'"

It has been widely believed that a sale of the paper by the family to Murdoch was out of the question. It had been assumed that not on the basis of money, but on the basis of who Murdoch was the sale would be turned down. With the parties meeting it raises the question of if the sale may go through after all. Murdoch would love to get the company to assist him in launching his own business news network.

The BRAD BLOG : BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Rove Pick for US Attorney Resigned After Conyers Requested 'Vote Caging' Evidence from BBC

The BRAD BLOG : BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Rove Pick for US Attorney Resigned After Conyers Requested 'Vote Caging' Evidence from BBC:

"Tim Griffin, formerly right hand man to Karl Rove, resigned Thursday as US
Attorney for Arkansas hours after BBC Television 'Newsnight' reported that
Congressman John Conyers requested the network's evidence on Griffin's
involvement in 'caging voters.' Greg Palast, reporting for both BBC Newsnight
and Democracy Now, obtained a series of confidential emails dating from the 2004
presidential election in which the GOP operative transmitted so-called 'caging
lists' of voters to state party leaders.
Experts have concluded the caging
lists were designed for a mass challenge voters right to cast ballots. The
caging lists were heavily weighted with minority voters including
African-American homeless men, students and soldiers sent overseas. "

I don't know what to say about this news. It is getting to the point where this administration is like a giant tree, with leaves falling off dead all the time. When you look at it, you see whole branches that are dead and the ground around it is littered with fallen limbs. I doubt that it can get anything done before 2008. It is hard to know how deep the sickness has effected the tree and how widely it has spread.

Riots in Venezuela

» Calum Best Is Wise on celebrity gossip hollywood photos nip slips news drinking drugs and DUIs on The Evil Beet

» Calum Best Is Wise on celebrity gossip hollywood photos nip slips news drinking drugs and DUIs on The Evil Beet:

"“I’m a bad boy. I go out and get drunk, I get high on cocaine and I do stupid
debauched things with the wrong women. When I’m high I do wild stupid shit. I’m
a red-blooded male and I’m addicted to sex. I don’t have to be like my dad, but
I feel his blood running through my veins. I need to sort out my problems before
it’s too late.”"

Is he calling Lohan the wrong womyn to be having sex with, not that I am saying she is the right womyn to have sex with. Just we know who he has been spending his time with, and he has probably been drunk and or high while doing so.

Celebrity News!: Kim Kardashian Never Miss An Event - into GOSSIP.

Celebrity News!: Kim Kardashian Never Miss An Event - into GOSSIP.:

"Socialite Kim Kardashian never fails to attend a party better yet an
event that gives away stuff. Kim attended the Opening of the Melrose Place
Flagship Store Celebrated By Diesel."

I thought that she was the new Paris. Really though doesn't the party start when Kim gets there, you know we can't wait for Paris to get out of jail to have a party.

Best Night Ever


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