Monday, April 23, 2007

Best Night Ever!

Hear Me...

Kelly Clarkson - Hear Me (Live Sessions @ AOL)

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O'Reilly Attacks Soros

Blue Angels Crash

SNL - Dress Store - Scarlett Johansson

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

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Sanjaya Malakar Scalped! Good Bye and Final Hula!

These People...

Katie Couric's Notebook: Global Warming (CBS News)

Alec Baldwin Apologizes

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 04-23-07

Who else would have defended him?

Rosie O’Donnell Defends Alec Baldwin’s Outburst

As a person who has become known for her own outbursts, I guess it isn't too shocking that she would be defending Baldwin for his little outburst. While I understand that sometimes a parent will get upset at a child, the language he used is simply not right.

“I have to admit I have cursed at my kids sometimes. Honestly, you know, I’m
like get the (expletive). He’s very much of a tortured father who feels
alienated from his own child. When he was doing Broadway he flew out one day a
week. He’s trying to connect to this kid.”

“(Basinger) defies a lot of court orders for him to
visit the child, which I think is making him crazy. Not that that’s an excuse.
He actually did go to therapy. All the things that Kim asked him to do, he did.
He went to anger management. He went to — but if she —
(Basinger) defied all
the court orders."

The clearest comment that I have seen regarding this ordeal is this. Who really is the worse parent in this mess. The one who cursed her out over the phone, or the one who is dragging her divorce through the tabloids to the shame of all those involved. Parents get upset, and parents yell, to excuse it is to act like it doesn't harm the children, it does. However, is this the sort of harm that he should pay for by not being able to see his child anymore. I personally don't think that long term denial of visitation rights would be positive for Baldwin or his daughter.

Scarlett Johansson Saturday Night Live Intro

Liberals Vs. Conservatives

Viewers Grant Killers Wish

Michelle Branch

Best Night Ever

Shooting Victim Tells How To Stop the Violence

New Friend

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