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The Fashionista's

Ok, At last I have gotten to watch the second episode of The Fashionista Diaries, and I know that you either have seen this episode and the next ones already or you just don't care. I am going to go into it anyway.

Rachel - This episode didn't focus a lot on Rachel. She was working on a story for Jane about an accident she saw where some died. It sounds like it could be a good story, both her and Andrew are going to have to do a story for the magazine. Only one of them will be printed, I think that Rachel is going to win it, because of her confidence, she said that she believed she had an advantage over Andrew. The girls like her, and so do I - she is my favorite.

Andrew - Again this episode wasn't focused on Jane that much at all, there must not have been that much going on. They were probably making them pack boxes but didn't want that on the air. His story ideas shows that he doesn't know much about Jane. at first he was talking about born again virgins, but then it turned into a story about frat houses. He once again said that he didn't read the magazine, which isn't a great thing to say. He didn't seem to think that he was going to be able to do his story, he said he had no background - but he was going to try hard. He went on a date with Paris Bridgette, and it was strange. Well cover that when we talk about her.

Nicole was out of it for most of the episode. I'm not really sure what Bridgette was working on for this episode. She was working with this snobby girl that called her monkey for a while. Which is so funny, but I am getting off track. Nicole was sick, and she cried and talked about how sick she was the whole time. Her father told her not to quit, her friends just listened and ate food. Bridgette was upset that she wasn't there to help her. At the end, she cries in front of Mandie, which prompts Mandie to tell her to act more professional. Nicole asks for a second chance, and she was kind of given one. She wasn't kicked out, but she has to show that she can do it. I don't think she can do it.

Bridgette, ok now I can talk about Bridgette. Where to start. She went kept texting Andrew - working hard since Nicole isn't there huhh - and asking him about his MySpace, and then inviting him to a party. Rachel said "I didn't get invited". They go to the party and Bridgette does know people. There were a clearly strange things that happened. She got upset when he was talking to another girl, and jumped all over Andrew for it. She had to work without Nicole, to look down on, but she got looked down on by a socialite that she had to help pick out clothes. The lady kept calling her monkey. She said "I call you monkey because you have a tail". Then later she says that Bridgette is useless. The second strange moment from Bridgette was when the group was having a meeting, they are talking about calling Nicole. Andrew calls and accidental says Bridgette's name instead of Nicole's in the message. Bridgette tell Andrew, get over me. I don't know how she thinks someone can, she can't get over herself.

Tina is getting a little stronger with her voice, but she has some big differences with Janjay. They are both good and hard workers, but I think that they are both very competitive too. Tina had to man the door at a party - which made me hope she didn't pull a Nicole, which she didn't. It was a party for Vanessa Minnillo's new line of makeup. It was raining and she stood out there like a trooper doing her job. She is seems very strong and dependable. I think that it is going to be hard to choose between her and Janjay. She was told she needed to learn how to work better with others, there was a moment when she interrupted Janjay during a meeting.

Janjay, is going strong. She got to work inside, doing the make up and handing out gift bags. I think that she is going to have problems with Tina because she is very strong willed and I think Tina is too, but in a different way. She was upset about being interrupted in the meeting and though she didn't tell Tina she felt like Tina stole her idea. She isn't looking to be a star, but she does want to be the louder voice, and she thinks that her ideas are the best - which is a good thing. They told her that she needed to be tougher and not let other people take credit for her ideas.

Mandie, the boss at Seventh House is my favorite. She is so catty, but clear and firm about what she wants and expressing that. She isn't a bitch otherwise she would not have given Nicole another chance. Besides she is cute when she is being bitchy.

Shooting caught on tape

'Black Widow' is Buffalo's newest wing-eating champ -

'Black Widow' is Buffalo's newest wing-eating champ -

"The 105-pound competitive eater who goes by 'The Black Widow' bested a dozen
beefy rivals Saturday night, scarfing 173 wings in 12 minutes to win the
wing-eating contest at the National Buffalo Wing Festival. 'That's 5.17 pounds
of wings,' said Brian Kahle, spokesman for the annual Labor Day weekend event in
the city where Buffalo wings were born."

These things are so gross, but the skinny girl beat all the fat guys... good for her, I guess.

Buzz Report: $100 off an iPhone!

Three more years of South Park for sure - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

Three more years of South Park for sure - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth:

"The new extension will bring three more 14-episode seasons -- the same volume
Stone and Parker re-signed for in 2005. 'Park' is in place now through 2011,
bringing its stint at Comedy Central to 15 seasons going back to 1997. 'Three
more years of 'South Park' will give us the opportunity to offend that many more
people,' Stone said. 'And since Trey and I are in charge of the digital side of
'South Park,' we can offend people on their cell phones, game consoles and
computers too.'"

Great news for South Park fans, you have at least three more years of your foul mouthed young friends to look forward to. - Police Say Serial Rapist On Loose Near Kansas State University - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - Police Say Serial Rapist On Loose Near Kansas State University - Local News News Articles National News US News:

"Police think that a serial rapist may be targeting college-age women near the
Kansas State University campus, attacking seven women over the last seven years,
including one attack last month, according to a report in the Kansas City Star."

I don't know that they can punish a person who does crimes like this too harshly. They will catch him and when they do, I hope that they lock him away for the rest of his life.

Photo On MySpace Gets Babysitter Busted,

Two sisters fall into Arizona mine shaft; 1 dead, one injured -

Two sisters fall into Arizona mine shaft; 1 dead, one injured -

"PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) -- A 13-year-old girl who fell into a
brush-covered mine shaft while riding an all-terrain vehicle was found dead at
the bottom Sunday, and her 10-year-old sister was rescued with serious injuries,
authorities said. The girls, 13-year-old Rikki Howard and 10-year-old Casie
Hicks, were out for a holiday weekend ride around 7 p.m. (10 p.m. ET) Saturday
when their father, who was riding ahead of them on a dirt bike, noticed the
girls were missing."

This is a sad story...

ABC News: Whooping It Up On 'The View'

ABC News: Whooping It Up On 'The View':

"When Whoopi Goldberg takes over the moderator's seat at 'The View' on Tuesday,
she will become the latest co-host on the hit television show, which is part
coffee talk and part group therapy. "

Also it is part sex education. Best of luck to Whoopi joining the show, I think she will get along with the girls great.

Best of... Politics

Iraqi leaders sign unity accord

Is this success in the political process, no. It is one step closer to that success though, a step that may not have been possible without the enhanced security in Iraq that resulted from the surge.

Embattled Gonzales Resigns -

I hope that they don't put Bat Boy Chertoff in his place.

Andy Rooney Gets Pass for Racial Slur About Hispanic Baseball Players

Where's Al Sharpton, if this had been said about black players, if he had said that all the basketball players these days are named Jamal, you would hear from Al. I think that if Andy got a pass from this, it isn't because he is a liberal, so was Imus. It is because there aren't powerful Hispanic groups that will come out, like there are for African-Americans.

Talking Points Memo What About Sen. David Vitter?

I think Vitter needs to go now too. It is time to start cleaning house.

CNN's host Glenn Beck says New Orleans should not be rebuilt - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

I actually think that there is good reason to not rebuild the whole city. There are areas of the city that were in a position of such inherent danger that there is little if anything that can be done to make them safe. New Orleans amounts to being a very big sand bar, some of which lays under sea level. It doesn't make sense to me to build on such a foundation. Offer people who lost their homes funds to help them relocate. I know that some will talk about wanting to go back to their homes, and if they want to do that they should be able to. If they want to pay for it themselves.

Gates of Vienna: Swedish Flags are Burning

Not again, I strongly believe a number of things related to this issue. The first of all is that we should be sensitive to each others religious beliefs. Second is that the free expression of ideas is the most important freedom that we have as people. Third and most importantly, we cannot allow teenagers with matches and loud voices on the Arab street to control the media of the west. Honestly they shouldn't even be able to control the media of their own countries - let the adults in their countries do that.

A Freeper smacks down the Base over Craig - AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth

I have long been confused by conservatives would take such a strong anti-gay stand. Classic conservatism wants to give the government the least power that it can. What are you talking about, when you talk about the government not allowing gay couples to share in equal relationships, you are talking about the government telling people who they have the right to love. How much more powerful and intrusive could the government be?

mary katharine ham - MKH - Vent

Katie Couric Says Gen. Petraeus Will Report Surge is Working |

Katie Couric Says Gen. Petraeus Will Report Surge is Working

"I definitely got that impression. I think he concedes there's certainly areas
of Iraq that are really difficult and are true trouble spots. Al Qaeda in the
north, Shiite militias in the south of, of Baghdad. Still a lot of insurgency,
and still a lot of sectarian violence even in Baghdad. But, I believe he thinks
these are not just pockets of success, what I mentioned about Fallujah and
Ramadi. What he sees is a trend. And what he told me the trend is definitely
going up rather than down, and to continue the progress he believes is being
made so far, that the surge must continue, and the U.S., a full U.S. presence
should be here. But he did talk about geometry on the battlefield, Bob, and
about possibly drawing down some troops. But he thinks that certainly in these
areas where the surge was needed, that it needs to continue. "

Could the surge be working, could even government reform be just around the corner. This is a long hard process, but like all long hard processes there come moments when change happens at a rapid pace that was underestimated. I strongly believe that Iraq needs more time, the people in Iraq don't want to live in violence, and by giving them the ability to have a voice, by creating peace, they will demand change. There are some who will never accept any positive news coming out of Iraq, it is a shame, you can't talk to those people - there is no point.

ABC News: 'Amazing' Birth: Florida's First Sextuplets

ABC News: 'Amazing' Birth: Florida's First Sextuplets:

"It was a Labor Day weekend for the record books at a Florida hospital, where a
woman gave birth to the state's first set of sextuplets. The five boys and one
girl, weighing between 2 and 3 pounds each, were born Saturday night to Karoline
Byler, 29, of Wesley Chapel."

Congrats to the happy and much larger family. That is of course if they really did have that many kids. » Borders Open Wide: Mexican Trucks To Roll Into U.S. » Borders Open Wide: Mexican Trucks To Roll Into U.S.:

"The North American Union is a step closer to reality as our open borders
president won a victory in court when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San
Francisco late on Friday denied an emergency petition sought by the Teamsters
union, the Sierra Club and consumer group Public Citizen to halt the start of a
one-year pilot program to open the U.S. border to long haul Mexican trucks."

How would Americans feel if Mexico said that American truck drivers could not drive into Mexico. This is something that is a part of NATO and has been put off for a number of years. There are clearly problems that should be addressed, and I don't know if they have been. The deal itself needs to move forward, allowing truck drivers from Mexico to deliver into the United States from Mexico.

Mary Katharine Ham on Craig, Fred Thompson

Stephanie Miller: Tucker Carlson fight and Tom Delay

Political Lunch 08-31-07

Talking Points Memo | Rice's legacy

Talking Points Memo Rice's legacy:

"... Ms. Rice is working hard to reshape her legacy in her remaining 16 months
in office. She is cooperating with a range of authors who have lined up to write
books about her.... Although both the Kessler and the Bumiller books are
expected to be critical of Ms. Rice on many points, State Department officials
say that it is unusual for a sitting secretary of state to cooperate with so
many biographies. But then again, few of her predecessors had multiple authors
jostling to write books about them. "

Rice is an interesting person, and the way she will be viewed in history is complex. She is aligned closely with the president and the war in Iraq - among other policies. She has been loyal to the president, but she hasn't been the source of many of the problems that have been laid at her door. The war in Iraq for example started while Powell was Secretary of State. She has had an influence of her own inside the administration, which seems to be different than the policies of the president. I am sure that as information comes out about Rice we will hear more about how she actually pushed against the president. She has been a strong womyn in government and a strong African-American in government. At the end of the day, is the taint of the president so powerful that all these other things will be overlooked.

The LiberalOasis Radio Show, 9/1/07

Daily Kos: Tancredo wants US to abandon New Orleans

Daily Kos: Tancredo wants US to abandon New Orleans:

"GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) said Friday it is
“time the taxpayer gravy train left the New Orleans station” and urged an end to
the federal aid to the region that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina two years
ago. “The amount of money that has been wasted on these so-called ‘recovery’
efforts has been mind-boggling,” said Tancredo, who is running a long-shot
presidential campaign. “Enough is enough.” Citing administration figures, the
lawmaker said that $114 billion has been spent on the effort to rebuild a large
stretch of the Gulf Coast after the storm hit New Orleans in August 2005 and
claimed more than 1,600 lives. “At some point, state and local officials and
individuals have got to step up to the plate and take some initiative,” said
Tancredo. “The mentality that people can wait around indefinitely for the
federal taxpayer to solve all their worldly problems has got to come to an end.”
The lawmaker criticized in particular the amount that has been wasted through
fraud and abuse, estimated at $1 billion. "

A number of factors are always involved in any disaster. The disaster in New Orleans raises a number of questions though about the role of government in my mind. More specific the role of Federal Government. Granted it was a disaster that ranks at a level that it is impossible to find a comparable example to discuss, but I am going to try. When there was the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco, there was a great deal of damage done to the city and its infrastructure. It was able to put some strength and will into coming back, and it has. A better example might even be the city of Santa Cruz, which lost its entire downtown area. The people of the city came together, cleaned up the city, they were cut off from the outside, they didn't wait for help. The city struggled for well over ten years coming back from the loss, but it did come back.

In both of these example the federal government played a minor role in bringing the cities back. Most of the money and the effort to rebuild came from the local and state governments, as it should. The second thing is that even San Francisco did not come back over night, it was a hard road.

What do people expect, that New Orleans is going to be completely rebuilt by federal money. I don't think that the federal government owes any city that nature of salvation. It shouldn't be in the business of rebuilding, it should assist state and local bodies as they work to rebuild. The question that hangs out there in the air, is why it seems like there is so much crying and waiting in New Orleans for someone else to save them. The storm itself is an example, we blame the state and the federal government for not removing people, but what about the blame that they hold for not taking the responsibility to remove themselves. There are some who have reasons that they could not leave on their own, but that number statistically speaking is much lower than the number who stayed and waited.

If a man swims out into the ocean till he gets tired, and calls for help, should someone else swim out there and help him? If people don't leave a city that is about to be hit by a disaster because they are too lazy to do so, or just don't take the danger seriously, who is responsible for their being in danger? Should the long slow pace of rebuilding be accepted as the natural process, or should resources by put to use by government agencies to expedite the process? The questions are all related, and the way you answer one effects the way you look at the others.

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Wrong…Very, Very Wrong, Part Deux

Firedoglake - Firedoglake weblog » Wrong…Very, Very Wrong, Part Deux:

"The story is this: Pat Leahy got snookered by Arlen Specter, into delaying the
vote on Southwick so that the GOP leadership could work on Dianne Feinstein by
playing to her ego. And Leahy fell for it — even though he had the votes to shut
down the Southwick vote altogether back in July. Why didn’t the SJC simply vote
then, knowing that they could stop the Southwick nomination entirely? No clue.
Really…no freaking clue. Here’s how the behind-the-scenes blather goes: Specter
coaxed Leahy into a delay, a sort of gentleman’s agreement not to vote, and then
the GOP started whining publicly about the delay they, themselves, had asked
for…all the while using said delay to kiss up to Feinstein. Word is that both
Trent Lott and Mitch McConnell played to Di’s sense of “fairness and integrity,”
and that Lott did so by asking DiFi to give Southwick a second look see
interview. When she did so, Southwick came in and turned on the Southern
charming man wattage, and won her over with his “nice guy” persona, hideous
judicial record be damned."

Right or wrong this sounds like the nature of any political system, that it takes deals and sometimes it takes a little arm twisting and trickery to get something through. It is being condemned in this case, but if it were a case that benefited the Democrats I think the tune would be sung differently.

Gates of Vienna: Swedish Newspapers Stand Firm

Gates of Vienna: Swedish Newspapers Stand Firm:

"A leading Swedish newspaper on Saturday said the country would not apologize
for the recent publication of a Prophet Mohammed cartoon which has inflamed
devout Muslims around the world. Dagens Nyheter said in an editorial Sweden “has
a duty from now on to defend its principles and present an open dialogue.” It
said offended Muslims would not receive the apologies they are asking for.
Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda published a cartoon on August 18 depicting
the Prophet Mohammed as a dog to illustrate an editorial on self-censorship and
freedom of expression and religion. The Kabul Times, a religious Afghani
newspaper, published Saturday an article by religious leaders expressing their
indignation at this “provocation”, according to Swedish press agency TT."

You don't have to be sorry when you are right. I think that it was a mistake in the last round of this violence that the Danish government came out and said that it was sorry. Freedom of speech means living in a creative, open, and sometimes harsh world where you cannot control what people say about you. The west should not apologise to the east for sticking to its values.

Gates of Vienna: Egypt Weighs In

Gates of Vienna: Egypt Weighs In:

"CAIRO, Sept 2 (NNN-KUNA) — Egypt’s Ministry of Awqaf (religious endowments)
Saturday condemned as “irresponsible and offensive” the publication of a
caricature of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by a Swedish newspaper recently.
“Such an irresponsible act is not conducive to friendly ties between the Islamic
world and the west,” the ministry said in a statement here."

The rhetoric around this cartoon appears to be tamer than that which was circled around the last round of violence. The minister has a point here, that this isn't the best way to encourage communication between our cultures. On the other hand, if they are going to join the west, they are going to have to understand that the ideals of freedom are very important to us. There is always going to be people who will have harsh things to say about anything that is out there. Maybe the problem here is that this is being set up as one solid unit of the west versus another solid unit of the east. It is just not the case of that either the east or the west are solid units of any kind.

Gates of Vienna: The Modoggie Archives

Gates of Vienna: The Modoggie Archives

The Swedes Narrowly Avert Their Own Motoon Crisis
Modoggie #2
The Prophet as an Obedient Retriever
That Doggone Mohammed
Swedish Muslims Will Exhibit the Modoggies
Lars Vilks Dogged by Death Threats
Modoggies Make it into the Swedish MSM, But…
Oh, No! It’s Happening Again!
Sweden Gets Sent to the Woodshed
An Ironic Rondellhund
Now We Know Who’s Behind the Modoggies
Swedish Muslims Form Anti-Free Speech Committee
Pakistan Objects to the Modoggies
The OIC is Barking Now
A New Modoggie Protest in Örebro
Swedish Flags are Burning
The Cavalry of Neo-Colonialism
Weekend Modoggie Roundup
The Swedish Prime Minister is Adamant
Egypt Weighs In
Swedish Newspapers Stand Firm
Cyber-Mujahideen Attack Swedish Websites

This is a list of links from a site that has been covering this Modoggie scandal from the start. It looks like it is going to get hotter before it cools down again. It is hard to know at this point if it is going to result in the same nature of riots that the last cartoons did. Right now Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Egypt have come out against them.

lgf: Aussie Peace Groups Planning Violence

lgf: Aussie Peace Groups Planning Violence:

"MILITANT APEC protesters are secretly plotting an outbreak of violence for
US President George W. Bush’s arrival in Sydney tomorrow, distributing a
rioter’s training manual on how to wear gas masks, confront police and even
evade fares. The clandestine anarchist action, six weeks in the making, has been
dubbed “FLARE in the void” and is described as an “Anti-APEC counter

Modern anarchy is inherently violent and anti-democratic. Laws are an expression of the will of the collective. Sometimes the people change before the laws change, which means that it is the job of the people to go not to the streets to change the laws. The role of people in the people in a democratic system is to vote for leaders that reflect the changes in the population, to change the laws. The inherently violent and anti-democratic voice of anarchy is that they don't have to follow the laws - they don't have to abide by the collective will of the community. They create change not through discussion, but violence, because they don't believe in discussion. | MoJoBlog - Social Issues and Political Commentary: Too Many Warners... MoJoBlog - Social Issues and Political Commentary: Too Many Warners...:

"Virginia Senator John Warner (former husband of Elizabeth Taylor. Also
long-time head of Senate Armed Services committee) is not seeking another term.
This clears the way for Mark Warner (Virginia's super popular Democratic ex
governor; also former Nextel executive). If Mark Warner does run for the Senate
(instead of holding out for VP), he looks pretty likely to win. Unless the GOP
finds another Warner to run against him, just to totally confuse voters.Virginia
Senator John Warner (former husband of Elizabeth Taylor. Also long-time head of
Senate Armed Services committee) is not seeking another term. This clears the
way for Mark Warner (Virginia's super popular Democratic ex governor; also
former Nextel executive). If Mark Warner does run for the Senate (instead of
holding out for VP), he looks pretty likely to win. Unless the GOP finds another
Warner to run against him, just to totally confuse voters."

Could the retirement of John Warner turn Virginia to a blue state? How many people did Liz Taylor get married to by the way.

Netroots Attack Maine Newspaper Editor’s Connection to Republican Senator |

Netroots Attack Maine Newspaper Editor’s Connection to Republican Senator

"A blog posting at Daily Kos on August 24 has fired up the Netroots to point
accusatory fingers at a Maine newspaper editor whose wife works for Republican
Senator Susan Collins. "

This doesn't mean that the news in the paper is slanted towards the candidate, but it gives reason to raise questions. This editor should not be involved in any of the stories that cover Collins in any way.

A Clarifying Month | Redstate

A Clarifying Month Redstate

Numbers are only parts of the picture, it is hard to understand the total of what is going on by just looking at the numbers, but it does help to understand.

The View’s Website Has Been Revamped!

The View’s Website Has Been Revamped!

The new website looks hot...

The View Unveils New Mug!

The new mug is not...

Best of... Gossip

Report: Owen Wilson Attempted Suicide

Common breaking up with Kate isn't that bad. Ok, seriously though, if this report is accurate I hope that Owen is well. Being a star doesn't mean that you are in a world where real life doesn't exist.

MON Jake Gyllenhaal is Gay and Having a Baby

I know I posted about this already today, and I know that no one wants to think about Jake being gay. All his males fans are going to feel whimpy for being a fan of a gay actor - that's why Tom doesn't have many fans. All his female fans are going to be upset that their fantasies have been shattered. I wanted to update it, because of the news that he is having a child too... well not HAVING a child.

Amy Winehouse's In-Laws Want You To Stop Giving Her Drug Money

This sounds like a good idea, the problem is that junkies will find the money that they need for the drugs that thy need.

celebrity nation: Lindsay to get rehab visit from her dad

It will be good for them to see each other. She see's her mother from time to time and her mother is crazy, Lindsay can deal. If I were her though I would take chance to tell Micheal to stop pimping himself off my fame.

Access Hollywood Britney's Former Manager Subpoenaed In Custody Case Celebrity and Hollywood News:"

He had a good run while it lasted by Homeland Security Kevin's process servers caught up with Britney's former manager and served him papers. He has said that he will always be loyal to Britney.

Gabby Babble: Is Demi Moore Jealous Of Cameron Diaz?

That's just silly, Cameron has nothing on Demi. Demi is a strong, successful beautiful womyn, and Cameron dated Justin Timberlake.

National Enquirer May Publish Vanessa Hudgens Nude Photos; Star Mobbed In London Pop Crunch

Publish them... yikes that could be the end of her career. On the other hand it could be the start of her career, Paris got a big boost from her sex tape. Paris wasn't making a show for kids though. This is going to be interesting to watch, see if they have the pictures, and if they publish them.

Democracy Now! - Aug 31, 2007

Naked Star Bombshell

Gummi Bear = Care Bear

Drew is a Gucci mama by allaboutfashion - MyItThings Magazine

Jessica Simpson Leonardo DiCaprio Dating? | Pop Crunch

Jessica Simpson Leonardo DiCaprio Dating? Pop Crunch:

"Life and Style snitches report that Jessica Simpson was spotted smooching
Academy Award-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio during a night out on the town
at Les Deux Nightclub in Los Angeles. “They were all over each other,” gushes a
giddy club-goer."

This is wrong, how could these two be a couple? Leo is used to dating models, not Simpsons. Jessica on the other hand has dated a line of guys that look like they should be in a line-up. I can't image that this relationship will work if it is real.

Tom Brady & Gisele: Still Going Strong | Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady : Just Jared

Tom Brady & Gisele: Still Going Strong Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady : Just Jared:

"Tom Brady and supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen walk hand-in-hand
through New York’s West Village as Brady hailsl down a cab on Saturday."

There had been question that they would make it through the problem associated with Brady's child being born. This might be a lasting relationship, though I have my doubts about anyone who dated Dicaprio.

Gabby Babble: Desperate Housewives Are On Fire In A New Promo

Access Hollywood | Another Child For Brad & Angelina? | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Access Hollywood Another Child For Brad & Angelina? Celebrity and Hollywood News:

"VENICE, Italy (September 2, 2007) — Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina
Jolie are ready for another child, the actor said Sunday as he was promoting his
new film."

So this week is the new child rumor, I wonder if there is a pattern to these stories. Anyone want to put money on what will be the headlines next week, either their getting married or they are breaking up.

Jessica Simpson Has a Business Dinner Date | Splash News Online

Jessica Simpson Has a Business Dinner Date Splash News Online:

"Jessica Simpson may have been going to Ruth Chris Steak House in the
Valley last night, but her trip out wasn’t all for fun, even though it was
Saturday. The starlets brought her assistants along with her to have dinner with
ten other people in a private room. She’s wearing an awfully short dress to talk
business. . . it looks like Jess changed her hair, too."

Wonder what kind of project she is working on, I hope that it isn't another movie - she is not a movie star. Maybe she could put out another album, but the market is really crowded right now, it seems like everyone is putting out music. Maybe another shoe line, she actually seems to do well as a merchandiser

zcelebrity: Jennifer Love Hewitt

zcelebrity: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Just stopping to smell the roses...

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Top 5 Women Who Get More Beautiful With Age

I’m Not Obsessed - Celebrity Gossip » Top 5 Women Who Get More Beautiful With Age

1. Michelle Pfeiffer
2. Cindy Crawford
3. Ellen Barkin
4. Glenn Close
5. Marcia Cross

For more click the link...

Gabby Babble: Jessica Alba's Singing Now?

Gabby Babble: Jessica Alba's Singing Now?:

"Jessica Alba was spotted on her way to a recording studio in Toronto
yesterday. I wonder if what the heck she was doing going there. Maybe she was
inspired by her time with Hyori Lee."

If her voice is as hot as her body is, then watch out music world there is a new star in town. Good luck Jessica.

Gabby Babble: Prince William's Ready to Commit to Kate Now

Gabby Babble: Prince William's Ready to Commit to Kate Now:

"It looks like Prince William may be ready to get hitched to Kate Middleton
after a romantic getaway in the Seychelles. He reportedly told the Queen that
he's ready to propose according to the People newspaper. The Queen is said to
have encouraged Prince William to make up his mind about Kate so he didn't seem
indecisive. A source told the newspaper:"

They make such a cute couple, I hope that he is going to get married to this womyn. She has a beautiful face, and carries herself with so much grace in the pictures I have seen of her. I wish them both the best.

Gabby Babble: Ashlee Doesn't Look As Happy As Pete!

Gabby Babble: Ashlee Doesn't Look As Happy As Pete!:

"I wonder what was up with Ashlee Simpson while she was out shopping in West
Hollywood with Pete Wentz. He looked very happy-go-lucky, while she was a vision
of misery. Maybe the whole doom and gloom faces were just an act to get
attention or it could also be an attempt to divert attention away from her face.
She did look noticeably different in other pictures recently."

Look Ashlee is shopping with her mother again, ooops sorry that is Pete. Does this girl do anything other than shop, where is the music girl?

People Still Hire Andy Dick | Dlisted

People Still Hire Andy Dick Dlisted:

"David Stroupe said Andy Dick's performance at his Funny Bone Comedy Club in
Columbus, Ohio was the worst experience ever. David said when 41-year-old Andy
performed there last weekend he made offensive remarks, groped people, took
women into the men's room and pissed on the floor and on people."

Why would anyone invite Andy someplace on purpose, let along pay him money to come and do is mockery of humor. You know what would be funny, a two man show with Andy and Jon Lovitz, it would be slapstick humor.

GAY LOVERS?!!!!!! | Dlisted

GAY LOVERS?!!!!!! Dlisted:

"DAMN! I thought I've heard it all with this Anna Nicole saga, but Rita
Crosby claims that Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern had a secret gay affair.
BARF! In her upcoming tell-all 'Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna
Nicole Smith's Death' Rita claims that ANS and her friend, Jackie, caught Larry
and Howard with their shirts off and their pants around their ankles. Jackie
claims the two were sucking each other's dicks! "

Why fight when you can become lovers and share the child and share the money. I wouldn't put it past either one of these men that they are closet cases.


Has Jack Osbourne got a girlfriend? | Splash News Online

Has Jack Osbourne got a girlfriend? Splash News Online:

"Since losing the weight and generally cleaning up his act, Jack Osbourne
seems to be quite a hit with the ladies. We spied Jack and a mystery brunette
apparently on a date at a coffee shop in Hollywood. Although we can’t confirm
who she is and her exact relationship to Mr O, we can say that she is a

Jack seems like a really decent guy, if I were a chick I would go for him. Best of luck to you and your new girl Jack.

Owen Wilson Returns Home Under Close Watch - Owen Wilson :

Owen Wilson Returns Home Under Close Watch - Owen Wilson :

"Less than a week after his suicide attempt, Owen Wilson is back at home – and
being watched around the clock. "

It is good to hear that he is going home, I wish him and his family the best as they all go through this hard time.

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