Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is there a plan B?

The Amazing Erase...

Heather Mills Falls on Her Butt - 'Dancing With the Stars'

Yes she fell on her ass, but that was after dancing a great dance.

The probability of these situations occurring is 0.0000001%

Just a warning, this is an ad, but it is funny.

Do You Know Who the Vice President is?

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 04-17-07

Michelle Obama Addresses Women for Obama Luncheon

Michelle shows that she is a good partner in campaigning for the office of president, for Barack Obama. She gives a good speech here.

Students Speak About Massacre (CBS News)


Jill's Stomach Turns Over Video Pick of the Day



Batty Britney Caught on Tape
Jenna: "I Ate Today!"
Sienna and Tommy Lee -- Snotley Crue
Doc Hocks "DannielynnBirkhead.com" for $1 Million
Avril's Sketch-y Night Out
Tara Reid's New Sidekick
Club to "CSI" Star: Who Are You? Who, Who, Who, Who? - TMZ.com
Madonna Gets Fatigued

Avril Lavigne HATES Paris Hilton
Hilary Duff Still Defending Joel Madden
Orange Skin Paris Hilton Is Not Human
Avril Loved The Picture Her Husband Took of Her

Britney’s Message To Her Fans - The Video
The Beauty That Is Gwen Stefani
Sports Fans Don’t Like Sanjaya

Conde Newsstand Nearly Out Of 'Portfolio'!
Eventually All We Will Be Writing About Is 'Portfolio'
Your 'Portfolio' Has Finally Arrived

Avril Lavigne still jealous of Britney
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee hit the beach again
Frank Rich Defends Free Speech, Family Biz
It's Raining Here, Let's Move To Portland!
Breaking: Evacuation At CAA?

Richard Gere Causes Uproar In India After Publicly Sampling The Busty Bollywood Goods
With 'Spider-Man 3' On Its Way To Theaters, It's Time For The Pants-Crapping Over 'Spidey 4' To Begin
Quoted: Why Imus and Not Rosie?

Ann Coulter Preemptively Announces She Doesn't Hate Black People
Who Wants To Be The Next Don Imus?

Sugar Shout Out: Chocolate Gadgets Are Geek Chic
Reality TV Stars Support MS
Sad Non Celebrity News: 31 Dead So Far

Marilyn Manson: Evan Rachel Wood is My Soul Mate
Breaking News: Michael Jackson Not a Terrible Parent
Shar Thing: Kevin Federline Back With Jackson?
Richard Gere Smooches Shilpa Shetty, Sparks Outrage
Breaking News: Michael Jackson Not a Terrible Parent

Spider-Man 3!
Madonna’s Back in Malawi
Paris & Josh Henderson Hit Up Saddle Ranch
Virginia Tech Shootings Update
Kellie Pickler Should Get Her Boobs Done … Er … Again

2 pull bids for Anna Nicole diaries (Associated Press)
Is it the end of Brad and Angelina? (J. Randy Taraborrelli/Daily Mail)
In Case You Missed It ... See all X17 has on your favorite celeb! (X17 Online)
Marilyn Manson Calls Evan Rachel Wood 'My Twin' (Peter Mikelbank/People.com)
Beyonce is in Japan - Wow, that's some strong glue. (Todd/IDontLikeYouInThatWay.com)
Brad: Angelina is Supergirl (Us Weekly)
Gere kiss sparks India protests (BBC)
Brad: Angelina is Supergirl (Us Weekly)
Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire at Spiderman 3 premiere looking a lot alike
Kim Kardashian Better Than Paris Hilton
Orlando Bloom Does Details Magazine
Avril Loved The Picture Her Husband Took of Her
Kirsten Dunst at the Spider-Man 3 Tokyo Premiere
Kirsten Dunst and Johnny Borrell Tries To Ignore Cameraman
Christina Ricci Skinny Candids
Heather Mills' Leg Didn't Fall Off But...
Here's what REALLY went down at Eva Longoria's Bridal Shower...

Jake Gyllenhaal & Jennifer Aniston Should Hook Up
Paris Hilton's Life & Career Should Be Over Soon
Kim Kardashian Sighting in West Hollywood
Paris Hilton is selling watches now?!
Jake Gyllenhaal Was Afraid To Do Brokeback Mountain Cliff Scene
Avril Lavigne HATES Paris Hilton
Brad and Angelina: Is it the end?
Kate Middleton Should Count Herself Lucky, The Royal Life's A Pain
Hilary Duff Still Defending Joel Madden
Hilary Duff & Joel Madden Are Friends Again
BREAKING: Details on Virginia Tech - deadliest school shooting in U.S. history
Madonna and Lourdes parade for the cameras in Malawi
Sanjaya gets booed at a baseball game
Avril Lavigne HATES Paris Hilton

EU 'unfair to UK fishing crews'
Appeal to end Philippine clashes
Einstein was right, probe shows
Spider-Man 3 premieres in Tokyo
Tribe in Pakistan security plea
Turks argue over next president
UK official queries 'war on terror'

Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S.
Gunman Kills 32 in Virginia Tech Rampage
Global Warming May Put U.S. in Hot Water
Underwood Wins CMT Video of Year Award
McCain Backs Gun Rights After Shootings
Tenn. Preacher's Daughter Testifies
Could Many of the Deaths Have Been Averted?
Students Turn to Social Networking Sites for Info
'Everyone Started Panicking and Jumping Out the Window'
Statement by Virginia Tech President
Astronaut Runs 'Marathon' in Space
Report: French Knew of al-Qaida Plot
Threats Lead Sharpton to Add Security
Nor'easter Pummels East Coast With Rain
Imported Food Rarely Inspected
$2.8 Million Verdict Against Allstate
Google, Clear Channel Ink Long-Term Deal
More Mideast States Eyeing Nuclear Power

Police Probing Earlier Reports of Virginia Tech Bomb Threats
List of Deadliest Campus Shootings in United States
Wal-Mart Regains No. 1 Spot on Fortune 500
Britney Spears More Charitable Than Leonardo DiCaprio
Arson Suspect in House Fire That Killed 5 Recently Paroled
Dozens of Girls Booted from La. Prom for Revealing Dresses.
Preacher's Daughter Heard 'Boom' on Day of His Slaying
Students Angered And Horrified by School Shooting
Parents Demand Firing of VT President, Police Chief
School Violence: Assessing Students' Mental Health
Victims of Virginia Tech Shooting
Imus Debacle Raises Bigger Issue of Our Coarse Culture
Musharraf's Survival Insures Ally With Questionable Sway
Dozens of Girls Booted from La. Prom for Revealing Dresses.

Korean-American jailed for spying
Philippines steps up hunt for missing American
Madonna in Malawi for visit with son
Cleared Duke student has hope for future
Al-Sadr ministers quit government
Va. Tech tragedy delays Gonzales testimony
Cheating: who's doing it and why

Google on the radio
How to make money without trying
Google foes want DoubleClick deal scrutiny
Comcast joins YouTube rival
CNN.com coverage of Virginia Tech shootings
Student loans: Don't get burned
IRS grants filing extension to storm victims
Storm victims get tax extension
Mandela's grandson reclaims role he renounced
Daughter, 9, describes preacher's slaying
Student captures video of shooting
Officials thought killer left campus after first shooting
Smith diaries: 'We have a buy-it-now situation'
Madonna back in Malawi to adopt?

Democrats, Fox News Channel lock horns (AP)
Yahoo expands newspaper partnership (AP)
$2.8 million verdict against Allstate (AP)
Sudan allows interim troop deployment in Darfur (Reuters)
Obamas' 2006 income put at $991,296 (AP)
Global warming may put U.S. in hot water (AP)
McCain assails wasteful spending (AP)
Questions remain after worst U.S. shooting rampage (Reuters)
Police hunt for clues after deadly campus shooting (AFP)
Gunman kills 32 in Virginia Tech rampage (AP)
Lopez, Anthony to sue National Enquirer (AP)
France warned CIA of hijack plot in 2001 (AP)
Does less trans fat make food healthier? (AP)
McCain assails wasteful spending (AP)
Macau bank says challenges U.S. Treasury ruling (Reuters)
Sudan approves U.N. support for Darfur (AP)
Former "dirty bomber" Padilla goes on trial (Reuters)
Carnage on US campus leaves 33 dead (AFP)
Regis plans April 26 return to talk show (AP)
France warned CIA of hijack plot in 2001 (AP)
Wal-Mart dethrones Exxon on Fortune 500 (AP)
Global warming could spur 21st century conflicts (Reuters)
Retail sales climb 0.7 percent in March (AP)
Google, Clear Channel ink long-term deal (AP)

Wake up, 'nappy heads' - Louisiana Weekly
When is a man too young to marry? - Times Online
Citigroup Net Income Declines 11 Percent on Charge (Update2) - Bloomberg
McClatchy Newspapers Join Yahoo's Ad-Sharing Alliance - Washington Post
Officials thought killer left campus after first shooting - CNN International
A List of Fatal Shootings That Took Place at US Schools - ABC News
Pentagon: Zubaydah denies al-Qaida link - Houston Chronicle
Wal-Mart tops Exxon Mobil on Fortune 500 - Monsters and Critics.com
Time's up for federal tax procrastinators - Virginian Pilot
Chondroitin Won't Ease Arthritic Joint Pain: Study - Forbes
Cleared Duke Lacrosse Players Could Sue - CBS News
Unusual Trip to Iraq in ’03 for Wolfowitz Companion - New York Times
Officials thought killer left campus after first shooting - CNN International

Ind. official apologizes for slavery remark
FEMA hurricane emergency plan delayed
At least 33 dead in Virginia Tech shootings
Officials: French told CIA of hijacking plot in '01
Gonzales hearing postponed due to Va. Tech shootings
'My God, there was a shooting in my dorm'
Many parents admit they bribe their kids
'This is not a black thing'
Democratic committee leaders raise four times the funds they did in 2005
Israel pauses to remember Holocaust victims, survivors
Trial of U.S. soldier to open in Rome
Slain preacher's daughter testifies

Storms put damper on US economy
Ukraine's latest revolt hews 'Blue'
US evangelicals aim to influence European law

Google Turns Up Radio
Intel Touts Its Power Chips
Slow Progress at Citi
Airlines Should See Profits
Comcast Joins NBC-News Venture
Tiny Fund Bets Big on Overstock.com
Quest Buying AmeriPath

Obama, Clinton lead early money race
Experts: Early Democratic advantage in 2008 race
Nikkei turns lower on profit taking; Canon declines
Taking account of Intel's inventories
Fired Dow Chemical execs hire lawyers known for high-profile work
Google founders veer wildly from the Buffett playbook
Gas prices rise for 11th straight week to $2.92
Internet-traffic counter comScore files for IPO
Neiman Marcus IPO may be near, report says
Yahoo expands newspaper ad deal; 12 companies now in consortium
AT&T gives up on Telecom Italia
Citigroup downgrades Mexico to underweight
Office Depot, OfficeMax shares rev up retailers
Comcast joins NBC-News Corp. video venture as distributor
Saudi investor acquires $6.6 billion stake in HSBC
Google soars on DoubleClick buy; Amazon up on upgrade
Activist funds, private-equity firms clashing more over LBOs
IRS allows taxpayers in stormy states extra time to file
Gunman rampages across Virginia Tech University
Subprime meltdown shakes builders' confidence
Oil slips, but ends above $63 as traders eye Nigeria, gasoline
Sallie Mae going private for $25 billion
U.S. stock futures boosted by strong earnings, mergers

Regarding the recent Google news (YouTube, DoubleClick, Dodgeball), Fred...
The Back to the Future IMDB page sure has a...

Is Rush Limbaugh next?
University officials waited two hours to warn campus, students say
"America at a Crossroads" veers to the right

Marine Summit Urges Greater Ocean Protection

Only Jewish Kid In Class Asked To Talk About Holocaust Remembrance Day
McCain To Send Self Back To Vietnamese POW Camp To Revitalize Campaign

A witness talks about the shooting

and why are you on the phone with MSNBC?

Real Time Overtime 4-13-07

TV Squad Daily with Brigitte: 04-16-07

Real Time with Bill Maher - Al Sharpton RE: Don Imus 4-13-07


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